• @Cassiemissy, the drama was shown in 1999/2000 so it is 17 years ago not even 13. I read there was a sequel to the Princess Pearl drama of which Zhou Xie was part of but not Zhou Wei Ruby and Alex because they were too busy. So where was the proof that Zhou Xie was discriminated and looked down? The video clearly show that they were joking about it all. Let us not forget that Ruby was still a rookie hence it was not surprising that she felt awkward. I do not think kissing was common in the late 1990 dramas? These days... kissing seems to be a must. ;-) @melia880, yes, these deep seated ideas of woman should be submissive is outdated though the acceptance of equality in any form is still not as forthcoming in some societies. And why should Ruby apologise for her comments in the show when it was done in humour according to the theme of the talk show? In fact, Ruby added that Zhou Jie was trying too hard (ie. being too realistic). It was not like Zhou Jie lost his job because of that joke? Some haters are just creating ill feelings and discord out of nothing. Try listening to JinXing, China's sharp and witty talk show host. Her words are sharp and precise (I love her show). The comedic lighted hearted talk of Kangxi talk show pales in comparison.
  • @cassiemissy Going to generalize a bit and attribute it to the patriarchal nature of Eastern world. Many women in Asian countries get torn apart for the smallest of things (e.g. being the victim of sexual assault) while men get away with committing sexual assault. Unfortunately, sexism is very deeply ingrained into Eastern culture, no matter how "progressive" some of the more "modern" Eastern countries like HK and Taiwan think they are.
  • It's so obvious that the dude Zhou Jie is trying to make netizens remember him. I think every sane person thinks the same.. why bring this topic up after 13 years? Is he so petty that he kept that little comment from a then young actress till today? From the video, Ruby did not seems intentionally complain that he stuck his tongue out but was just responding to a question by the host? If it was not a news back then why is it a news now? Congratulation Zhou Jie for showing the world your petty side and successfully making headlines everywhere. And funny enough.. many netizens seems to side with that dude causing Ruby to suddenly gain a bunch of haters. And what's wrong with pointing at paparazzi to stop them from intruding their privacy.
  • @dreamy He still don't have weibo and still not very fond of social media. The photo was posted through his working studio Huajae by his colleague.
  • Congratulation to Wallace and Ruby! New papa and mama. So happy for them! Hopefully we will be able to get a glimpse of baby one day! ❤
  • A sweet and meaningful movie. The message is strong and clear and I absolutely love the colourful scenes throughout the movie! Nini acting is good, alternating between 17 & 28, and there's various funny moments during that change. Wallace looks absolutely gorgeous and the last scene is definitely memorable!
  • Privacy well kept. No sight of baby bumps till now. She's glowing, she looks pretty. :)
  • I really missed all the old timers... Maggie Siu, Shereen Tang etc... those days TVB dramas are talk of the town. Now they are always repeating the same group of actors/actress which act very similar characters though different setting and different storyline. Although I enjoy some of the dramas this year, none had leave a great impression on me so far. Yesterday award ceremony is just so-so. I laughed at their lame jokes but not particularly impress with the awards results.
  • @windy oh yes.. I remember the kind Consort Ling. Now this time, she's the evil one and seems to be the trigger between the already strained relationship of Qianlong and Ruyi.. I need to forget about the kind Consort Ling now haha!
  • @cassiemissy It was speculated that her hair-cutting was the trigger point, as mentioned by @windy while there was a longer version of her trying to be the sensible wife and dissuading him from something which angered him and she still went on by expressing her point through her hair-cutting. However, historians are still unable to confirm what exactly happened between them. Did he care little on selecting his next empress? Didn't know that but that probably was a result of her recent demise as well (or might not) although I don't doubt that he was sad to a certain extent of her death.
  • @cassiemissy some said it's because she cut her hair. Cutting hair in Manchu tradition is only done when older member of family passed away, so by cutting the hair Ulanara cursed both Qianlong and the empress dowager. The writer has sort of flip the coin in her novel by changing the antagonist/protagonist rule. If you still remember the kind Consort Ling from Huan Zhu Gege (time really has flies), well, she is bad guy here.
  • @bearbear That's true.. since his 1st empress died not long after he ascended the throne, their relationship are still sweet.. I read somewhere that Qianlong was so heartbroken when she died that he did not care who was chosen to be the next Empress? If according to history, 2nd Empress Ruyi was sent back with disgrace from a trip with Qianlong and eversince then, the emperor never look at her anymore, not even when she died. It was not noted in history why was she in disgrace... I've not read the novel, but let's see if the script will give a chance to Qianlong and Ruyi to prove that their love are true.
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  • Wallace first try in a thriller movie!
  • She did nothing wrong and I don't see the need to explain as if she didn't mean to comments the way she posted 2 years ago. What is 'ínnocent' image? So if someone swears, she's not innocent anymore?
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