• @eggplantc @bubbletea @passingby I'm sure he is very addicted to the money, fame and attention the entertainment industry brings him. This money grubbing fame seeker is obviously only staying in the show business for the fame,fortune and high social status. There's no doubt he would have quit acting a long time ago without his achieved stardom.
  • @eggplantc Do not even waste your time trying to explain your accurate description of these words and their meaning to this imbecile, cause it does not understand, or want to understand. I believe it pays someone to do the copying and pacing. It is not capable of such simple computer skills. It pays out a lot of money then, hehehe. No wonder No wonder Psycho KS is always broke and is envious of Ruco and company.
  • @killer02 adjective Psycho is defined as someone or something that is crazy or insane. Stalking your ex-lover and killing his family pet is an example of behavior that would be described as psycho. noun The definition of a psycho is slang for a crazy or insane person. An obsessed stalker who threatens to kill his ex-lover is an example of someone who is psycho. prefix Psycho is defined as mind or mental. An example of psycho used as a prefix is in the word "psychology," which means the study of the mind.
  • @eggplantc I'm surprised this forum doesn't have a mechanism in place to detect spam. That's why killer can copy and paste its comments over and over.
  • @eggplantc @bubbletea Sick and tired of hearing about this money grubbing, pathetic fame seeker on the news all the time. This guy is way overexposed and overrated, he should just look elsewhere to earn a living but not in entertainment industry.
  • @eggplantc I know what you mean. It is trying to be smart by not attacking the other two regulars that it usually attacks, but this is the same demented creature that is going off on Ruco. Do not respond to it or its supporter, unless out of pity, hehehe. I don't think any psychiatrist, psychologist or therapist can handle this one, too far gone. If Miss Crazy wants to make money, I can help her, hehe. I can submit all the posts that Miss Thing has made to Jaynestars over the years under different usernames with different personalities to a production studio. I can also look into her life really deep. I have the means to do so. Get all the sickening dirt that was done under different personalities and all the other aspect of its life. Talk to everyone that this idiot has hurt, all the family members who disowned it, all the s..... attempts. A movie can be made. NO, make that a drama series, say 100 episodes plus some. Then the KILLER will be in the money and won't have to whine about Ruco's money. THE LASS will be FREE, and will not be a CREDITOR to proverty, but all the money in the world won't fix the the demented psychopath.
  • can someone just remove @killer02 from this forum? this person is really annoying! been reading every single news of Ruco Chan. he/her will once again pop up with those copy and paste post!
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