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  • The cinematic feel is nice. I guess TVB is finally catching up with the times but I'm not sure if I'm really feeling the story. It's just another cliche feud between office colleagues drama.
  • @jingxi2943 Hahaha I agree. TVB kicks it up a notch and tries too hard on character aesthetics for every qing dynasty drama that surrounds the theme of feud between the king's mistresses.
  • Congrats all three! Although she wasn't my personal choice for the winner, she still has her own supporters that are very happy for her and I respect that.
  • Very happy for her, she deserves it. Still looking great after all these years as well
  • @fadoo oh so her dad is not Chinese? She doesn't looked mix.
  • @orchid123 His instagram photos look more winner worthy. I just found him on there and instantly thought, is this even the same guy I saw during the competition??! Maybe it's the editing but dang ..
  • @janice That is usually the case and unfortunately Crystal is probably going to be one of them too. Not because I don't see potential in her (I actually quite admire her confidence and how natural she spoke compared to the most of the contestants) but during one of the interviews after the competition, she mentioned that the reason she studies nutrition is because of her sick brother. She felt bad that she couldn't do anything to help him directly so she decided to pursue a career that can help promote healthy living in other people. I don't think she will give up something she sounds so passionate about.
  • @birchgirl Yes thats it! I agree Tiffany looks better all around but I guess because Crystal was born/raised in Hong Kong and was already "sort of" famous on social media for swimsuit modeling, she would have more local supporters. Only HK citizens were allowed to vote so any supporters of Tiffany overseas (Tiffany came from LA) that wanted to vote for her simply couldn't
  • @fadoo Well, both the 1st and 2nd runner up have curvier bodies, are not as skinny, and are taller. I think it has to do with the fact that Crystal just looks too "small". When she is wearing the winner's cape, it looks like it is swallowing her a bit. I think she would look better if she can (at all) gain a few pounds. I felt the same way when Shirley Yeung won MHK in 2001 as well. She is also very petite. Shirley is cute, but I thought the first runner up should've won, because she's prettier and has a better body. I slightly felt that way about MHK 2013 Grace Chan (who is also scrawny and not that tall), but she has one of the best faces in MHK history and sounded very articulate in the competition, so I couldn't argue her position. If she wasn't drop-dead gorgeous, she wouldn't have had that "flair" either.
  • @fadoo MHK is still a "beauty pageant". And to me, as long as it still exists, a beauty pageant should always be more about looks. If people want to compete more about smarts and knowledge, they should join a trivia or IQ game show. But obviously, the best combination is someone who is beautiful and smart--someone who seems to have it all. I wouldn't want a winner who is ugly, but smart...it just isn't what a "beauty" competition should be mainly about.
  • Forgive me, I totally forgot that there was a special panel of guests who were there to judge the contestant's performances so that they can have a shot at signing with TVB.
  • Just looks alone, I actually prefer the runner ups to the winner. Crystal is pretty but I agree with one of the comments regarding her not having the miss HK flair. I do have to say that I think the overall quality of this years contestants is pretty impressive compared to last year. Also, I think the Q&A/improv segment kind of loses purpose once the public audience becomes responsible for the top 3 placements. There isn't an award to recognize good performance in the category either. I'm sorry but I think the public tends to be more biased towards looks alone rather than a good balance between looks and performance. Then again, who am I kidding. The pageant world has always been more leaning towards looks.
  • Based on media appearances, I'm going to have to guess either #2 Tiffany, #6 Crystal, #7 Bonnie, or #8 Mandy are going to place in top 3. Imo Bonnie has the best headshot photo which means she could be awarded miss photogenic and like almost every year, miss photogenic =auto win (I know, it's rigged). Crystal and Mandy both speak very confidentally during media appearances so I'm sure they are going to do well when their wits are tested during the competition. Tiffany has the most balanced figure and not to mention tall too which is a great advantage for her. She also has a very sweet smile.
  • Looks cheesy. At least come up with a title that maybe ties with the plot to draw away from the excessive emphasis on the theme around ice. Like it's not already obvious enough or something...
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