• @lmjl18 I share your puzzlement. Don't understand why the girl/"gold digger" usually get the blame and the name calling, when it takes 2 to tango. Highly doubt these rich old geezers or young heirs really believe the hot chics are in them for the love and not money. If Aaron is a no body, even with his current look (who is pretty good looking for his age), doubt he would've gotten to date these pseudo models. He knows it and he plays the game. Just as these girls know they've the assets and looks so they use it to their benefits. I don't see the "dirtiness" of it. An average or ugly-even girl who has the brain to excel in chemistry would use that asset to her advantage and go into pharmaceutical field to make the big bucks. How's that any different? If you have it, use it to make yourself successful or rich or whatever. @m0m0 Aye, you might not think your idol is a prince charming, yet you sound like believe that he deserves someone who is as pure and "clean" as damsel-distress-turns-princess; that within itself is fallacy. Regardless, it's his life. They done the deed. Who cares who marry who. It's all fascade. They'll move on and away soon enough, lol.
  • @m0m0 “cleaner girl” ??Sigh.... No wonder there's a saying that we women are our very own worst enemy ! How is she 'dirty' ? Meaning woman who use their assets (face/ body) to make a better living or a name for themselves are considered dirty ? Marrying a well to do/rich man, to have a better or desired lifestyle is gold digging unclean and dirty ? I just don't get it ... really. How have these woman hurt anyone with their choices ? The only thing these so called dirty unclean gold digging woman are guilty of, possibly being honest about their personal desires and the willingness to achieve their goals in the way they know best. Also Aaron Kwok is a fully grown man/adult. He's lived a much longer life then Moka Fang. 22 years more to be exact. He was not forced into marrying this woman. He made the choice with his eyes fully open. He's no virgin cherry boy himself. So lets stop throwing stones/labels on our womenfolk.
  • @yangrongfan A good sane, kind, non toxic and reflective post. Opinions are our own and everyone has their prerogative. But on such a happy occasion, a new life, lets try not to over speculate and just wish them good luck. Wish the baby good health filled with plenty of love and good attention. FYI I have a couple of good friends who are so blessed with very clean and almost insanely skinny pregnancies ! (So dang lucky!!) Their baby bump wasn't even visible till their last 2 months of term. They just simply look as if they've put on a wee bit of weight .... its crazy ! hahaha. The moment they popped just after 2 days whats left of their bump is just a bit of loose skin that can be easily hidden with loose clothing. So unfair isn't it. But these lucky women DO exist. But I do agree with you YangRong that this couple .... OTT !!!!! Especially HXM ! Hahahahaha
  • @lmjl18 then can I bother you to borrow a chill pill from you? Try not to be hard on those who have eyes of wisdom and not idol worshipping to the point of denial. You just give me a chill pill, hahahehe. You give me a chill pill and you take your various pills , we both will have a nice day, especially you.
  • @bubbletea You really need a chill pill.... hahahahahah Anyway my last reply to you cos you have your opinions and its very much your prerogative to do so. Still Chill. And try not to make it so personal when replies and comments differs from yours. Really have a great day ;)
  • @lmjl18 no one here, at least me ask AB to come clean or divulge anything. Just keep quiet. No comment is there for a reason. It is an insult to fans and the general po public to deny the obvious. Keep quiet. Then again, some fans blindly believe everything that comes out of their idols mouths
  • @lmjl18 oh geez, I better not use descriptive adjective, although they may be appropriate, while describing the lying , stupid actions of a celebrity. If I do, it will show how much I hate that celebrity, how bitter I am. The words are used to describe the woman's action, not AB herself. I guess all of us don't have the wits to think.
  • @lmjl18 you can burn AB at the stake. Cause I don't want to. You can also stop your attempt at being facetious cause you are not making it. Just because I am being generous with my vocab does not mean I hate AB. I am just describing what she did. Are you blind? Are you living in the Hills of No Man's Land? You write as though you don't know about the big spectacle with the plastic surgeon making a fool of himself, and of AB in public, trying to deny she never had anything done in the line webof plastic surgery. It was beyond despicable. So before you come here with your sarcasm, lay off me and learn to accept that who you worship is not all natural.
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  • @bubbletea Wow.... you really do dislike her..... a lot ! The statements you've made all sound so personal... 'shameless' 'lying' 'stupid actions'...... Having read your comments one would really think you know her and her supposed PS doctors and have real hard facts on hand...... Lets burn her at the stakes ! Duh ..... Hahahahaha
  • @peanutbutterjelly Finally a voice of reason. The who did what to their faces honestly, what's it to anyone ? To berate accuse and slam so called idols without real facts are pretty much sadder then those who follow blind. I'm no fan of Angela B but honestly beauty really is in the eyes of the beholder and to me she looks great. And seriously who do the general public take themselves for ? Demanding that the stars come clean with their personal exploits to people that they don't even know ? Come on get real ! The movie TV industry sells fiction and fantasy. We patronise it for our entertainment and a form of escapism from the daily grind of reality. So leave them be, let them do their jobs and we stick to ours and learn to be a kinder, more gracious person (even when behind a computer screen in anonymity) in our own lives.
  • @lmjl18 Reminder me of the pride in "Beetlejuice" movie...No offend, but she look like 1 scary pride..
  • @lmjl18 yeah not a good look. make him look old. I hope he lost those weight via a few month as if it's a sudden weight lost, it's not good. can affect his body and can result in hair lost etc. he need to be careful for sure.
  • @happybi My sentiments exactly. If his bio isn't a complete lie, then weighing just 62kg for a man standing at 1.8m is crazy ! Wonder how long did he take to lose those 10kg. Regardless very unhealthy and frankly speaking nothing to boast or be proud off. In fact pretty shameful to be promoting such a superficial and unhealthy image ! Everyone loves to be eye candy.....this is just taking it too far. The fact that he actually got light headed during his diet regiment was already a screaming indication from his own body to watch out. But because one's body gets used to the drastic impact of 'starving' the body adapts and 'complains' less. It is not an indication to continue ! Whats with this generation's obsession equating skinny to being beautiful/handsome ?? He looks more like a shrivelled old man than a 30 something yr old hunk !
  • @melodylai Looks like a matter of supply and demand. HK paat kwa readers seem to lap up such crap. The more acid and dirty the reporting the more sales goes up.
  • @kolo I know lol !.... 22yrs difference is pretty big.... But hey love is love right. There are no real rules for love me thinks. Unless its with a 16yr old and below..... creepy !! Now there's a rule/law for and against that !! Just pretty sad that Kevin (and I do find him so yumyum) would date some one so young. Don't know him at all except from what the press and his image PR people dishes to the public. But hey he is human and its about time he got hitched. So, good luck to him and Grace ! ;)
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