Rainie Yang to Soar on “Angel Wings” on August 23

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With a new album release nearly every year since her singing career began in 2005, Taiwanese actress/singer Rainie Yang (楊丞琳) will continue the trend when she releases her eighth studio album, Angel Wings <天使之翼>, on August 23.

According to Rainie, Angel Wings is the album with which she was the most satisfied during the recording process. Although the album’s ten tracks are all of different styles, she is fond of each and every one, and she shared that it felt as if she were acting out a different drama when she recorded each song.

The title track, “Angel Wings,” is the theme of the entire album and is meant to celebrate love of all kinds. A beautiful blend of ballad and rock ‘n roll styles, “Angel Wings” is characterized by piano instrumentals, along with an arrangement of string instruments, bass, drums, and guitar. When recording this track, Rainie would sometimes shift from illusory softness to unrestrained fervor, thus displaying her vocal prowess in expressing her mood. According to the album’s producer, the hope is to show listeners and fans that Rainie has gone through a complete change in her attitude toward emotional music.

Tracklist for Angel Wings:

01. Angel Wings <天使之翼>
02. Abducted by Oneself <被自己綁架>
03. Loneliness is a Type of Sense of Security <孤獨是一種安全感>
04. Bravery is Good <勇敢很好>
05. Turned Upside Down <顛倒>
06. Unblessed Happiness <不被祝福的幸福>
07. Clever-clever <小聰明>
08. Fish Gills <魚鰓>
09. A Bit of Rest <一小節休息>
10. Hurried Life <匆忙人生>

“Angel Wings” MV

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Rainie Yang to Soar on “Angel Wings” on August 23

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    1. bear says:

      i missed her youth and fun concept. she’s getting boring with these slow songs. they are nice but nothing unique.

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    2. green tea says:

      does she have a boyfriend?

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      • HeTieShou replied:

        Heard that she is dating Wang Zi from JPM but they refuse to admit it. However, I think it is obvious that they are dating… I hate it when celebs lie even though they are caught red handed. They must think the public is blind and stupid or something.

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        • asdjfl;ajksdf; replied:

          she never lied or admitted anything though….she just kept quiet about it, which i respect her for

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    3. green tea says:

      ok thxs.dont know much about taiwanese celebs except jay chou, jolin, shu qi.

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