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2011 Mr. Hong Kong, Clayton Li, Will Not Sign With TVB

By on July 17, 2011

2011 Mr. Hong Kong, Clayton Li, Will Not Sign With TVB thumbnail

After the 2011 Mr. Hong Kong Contest, Clayton Li (李晉強) said excitedly, “I’m very happy; I never thought I would receive an award!” (Why did you win?) “Perhaps I was just acting like my normal, cheerful self!” (Your smile charmed many women?) “Perhaps!”

Earlier during the preparation stages of the 2011 Mr. Hong Kong Contest, Clayton appeared with a bruised lip at one of the promotional functions. With poor Cantonese fluency, Clayton explained the injury, “Perhaps I fell and injured my lip!” He promised to change his [behavior].

Currently studying in Canada, Clayton was asked whether he will go to Hong Kong for career opportunities. Clayton indicated that he will not do so at this time, “I will go home and see my mother first. There is still one year left in my studies before I graduate. I will complete my studies before coming back to Hong Kong!”

Excerpt from Orientaldaily.on.cc

Jayne: One year is a long time and audiences may forget about Clayton Li. If he were serious about his career opportunities, now might be a better time than wait for later.

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  • Readers' Comments (31)

    1. jim says:

      good choice, yes studie more important than be artist.

      • Star says:

        I find it weird and random that he decided to join Mr.HK. First, most guys who join it hopes to somehow get into TVB and become a artiste in this industry. Second, he’s residing in a foreign country right now and have no plans to even get into this business. It seems like he just joined it for fun and didn’t think he would win. You know what I mean? Like if he really wanted to have this experience he could of at least finished his last year of study right… It’s like a waste. We all know this contest is really for TVB to look for new male artiste.

        • Star says:

          Just like previous Mr.HK winner Michael, he did it for the fun of it, or probably just to show-off? Because their performances were not great, but they had a nice body and a cute smile (Showing off?)…It seems like they did not put much effort because their speeches were terrible. I find it a pity that if they have no intention in joining the industry they should give the chance to those contestants who actually wants it.

    2. Kidd says:

      “One year is a long time and audiences may forget about Clayton Li. If he were serious about his career opportunities, now might be a better time than wait for later.”

      He should finish his study first to have something to fall back on. If he waits too long, he might not have the motivation to continue study anymore.

      He doesn’t have much opportunities even if he starts now. Mr.HK does not have a good future in TVB. Just look at the past winners and other participants.

      Might as well get the degree first, then, try acting. Nothing to lost by then.

      • Jayne says:

        If Mr. Hong Kong winners and candidates such as Clayton Li placed their education first, I wonder why he didn’t complete his studies and then compete in the contest next year? That way, given positive performance results and subsequent entertainment industry offers, he will not have to turn down the opportunity. I just find it wasting a good opportunity for Clayton to decline the opportunity if he were not serious about it right now.

        It is somewhat similar to a candidate interviewing for a job and when given the offer, to decline it, saying they have other priorities. It is as if they were only curious about what other people think of their abilities (as a confidence booster) and not serious about pursuing the job.

        • Kidd says:

          Some candidates like Michael Chu really just did it for the experience or the fun of it.

          I disagree that it’s akin to job interview. For company setting up interview, they will advertise black and white saying they are recruiting for such and such position.

          For Mr.HK, I think TVB’s first priority is entertainment and recruiting actors is second priority. Furthermore, TVB didn’t advertise ‘Recruitment for actors’ in their promo. So, people can participate for whatever reason including testing how attractive they. :P

        • Chriselle says:

          “Some candidates like Michael Chu really just did it for the experience or the fun of it.”

          And that’s probably he was so charming and relaxed that night. Many contestants get so nervous and stutter in their speech that it’s hilarious. Confidence matters a lot in this competition. When you’re too eager to win, you can’t enjoy the process and your performance goes downhill.

        • sehseh says:

          @ Chriselle

          You are right. Michael, though not fluent in Chinese was charming and energetic. I’ve already smitten with his eye smile when he introduces himself in the beginning.

          Plus, he is more intelligent (choose to resume his degree) and married his sweetheart. Not sure whether he is still in Nevada or teaching English in HK as he once said.

        • Kidster says:

          What’s wrong with him joining for the sake of joining? Hecould’ve joined this year or next year since it’s a summer thing only. And actually he’s a model back home, so this whole competition raises his profile. Either way, he won, it’s up to him whether he wants to take the prize, and you know TVB isn’t the only thing offering ‘chances’.

    3. EkinFan says:

      Thats it!

      Do you have to be born in HK to join this contest?

      Let me parade around without with my shirt off and get gazed at. 2012 Im there!

    4. random G girl says:

      i noticed that ppl in hong kong tend to have a preference over someone with an accent (from north america, not china). or can’t really speak super fluent cantonese. they appear cuter and more appealing because they carry the western/easy going/relaxed aura.

      • Chriselle says:

        Is that only when they see each other face-to-face or when they star in dramas? If it’s the former and Hong Kongers are only have a casual conversations with them, I understand since some of my friends like British/Australian accents too. If it’s the latter, it’s a bit sad to have a Chinese drama full of new actors who aren’t capable of speaking the Cantonese language. Even though TVB scriptwriters justify it with an explantation that they’ve studied overseas, that excuse becomes boring and cliched after awhile. As the years go on, it only seems like there are more artists with accents and not all of them (especially those playing minor characters) are willingly to improve their Cantonese like Fala has.

    5. Jennifer says:

      Clayton frequents gay clubs in Vancouver and is well known to be very cocky. I could see how he won though, he is very good looking.

    6. Melvin says:

      How can a Mr. Hong Kong not be a permanent resident of Hong Kong? He is supposed to represent Hong Kong right?

      • Chriselle says:

        Not really. Unlike Miss Hong Kong, Mr. Hong Kong winner don’t have the one-year duty of representing Hong Kong. However, I think in the last 1-2 years, TVB has tried to increase the Mr. HK winner at functions and events along with the Miss HK winners. But I don’t think their work is necessarily required?

        • Kidd says:

          Miss HK is also the same. This year, you get participants from Great Briton and US whose nationality is not China or HK. Aimee Chan, winner of Miss HK, was born in Toronto. Michael Tsu was also not a HKer.

          TVB doesn’t care anymore. Anyone can be MHK/MrHK. Doesn’t matter that you know nothing about HK, doesn’t speak cantonese, not born in HK or have PR in HK.

          I don’t agree with this practice, but, that’s the way it is.

        • HeTieShou says:

          It seems like the rules have changed… They used to be more strict about this and that, but it seems like they don’t care anymore which is why I think it seems like the pageants don’t mean as much as they used to anymore. It’s more of a way for someone to enter the circle if need a starting point.

    7. HeTieShou says:

      I think he made the right decision to finish his studies first so that he can always have something to fall back on just in case.He may or may not become successful in the circle, who really knows? However, I don’t think it would be based on whether he won the pageant or not. Many of the non winners seem to be more successful than the other winners as we can see with the MS. Hk pageants.

      I have always wondered, do the guys get a crown for the Mr. Hk pageant like the MS. HK pageant or not?? I know they get trophies and all, but do they get a crown and everything else that the MS. Hks get??

    8. Joan says:

      I think the results were rigged, just like last year’s MHK how Lisa Chong was placed in the top 3. Did anyone see her in Mr. HK, she’s UGLY!

      Clayton can not even introduce himself in the beginning, no one can understand what he’s saying and even at the end when he answered in English he can barely spit his words out. All he did was squint his eyes and laugh like a fool through the entire thing.

      • Joan says:

        Also he sucked during the debate part when it was down to the last 4, barely said anything.

        • Kidd says:

          All 4 sux at the debate part. The debate is a mess with two people arguing instead of debating and the other 2 can barely get a word in. Edmond Siu has weak debate points and not persuasive, Kit Fong is off topic, Clayton is unintelligible, while Hugo Lam is OTT in his presentation.

          I do not think it’s rigged. Mr.HK is not like Miss HK where a panel of judges give points based on certain criterion. Mr.HK is based on audience vote. The most popular guy wins and Clayton is the most popular guy in the competition.

    9. Funn Lim says:

      Why then join? TO prove you can win?

    10. k says:

      wow, i just wasted my time watching the show. lol it was quite a comedy show since some of their talents were quite sad. It was hilarious when they kept saying how they were “ok” or “ok jai”. haha In terms of the top 4, they should have had #1 or #12 as the winner. Although I guess Clayton has the better looks, he stuttered every time he spoke and even when he had the chance to speak in English. He just doesn’t have much confidence at all. I don’t think he’ll that successful if he does choose to be an actor, but I guess as a model. (: Oh and the outfits this year were atrocious…way too colorful imo.

    11. Eri says:

      What happened to #7??

    12. Win says:

      I’m an abc, born and raised in New York. I speak cantonese and english. maybe not perfectly the way hong kong people do, but enough to express myself. I’m currently in guangzhou and hong kong. I can’t apply to Mr.Hong Kong Contest. I need a HK ID or be a permanent resident. Who said… foreign ppl can apply?!?! give me the application for 2012 that a US passport can apply to. I’m in!!!!

    13. Win says:

      I want to be a tvb actor too, whether big or small =(

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