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ATV’s 2012 Mr. Asia Winners Announced

By on November 19, 2012

ATV’s 2012 Mr. Asia Winners Announced thumbnail

From Left to Right: Jason Wong, Zhu Xiaohui, and Ruj are this year’s Mr. Asia.

After three boring and chaotic hours, we have finally the results of ATV’s 2012 Mr. Asia contest. Contestant #11 Zhu Xiaohui (朱曉輝) took the winning title, first runner-up is #12 Ruj (王凱) from Thailand, and local boy #17 Jason Wong (黃集鋒) came in as second runner-up. The show is laden with blunders and mistakes, but there were a few things that made it somewhat interesting to watch.

ATV’s Inhumane Treatment

The biggest news of the night was the withdrawal of a contestant. Contestant #7 Ivan Bi (畢萬春) had threatened to pull out from the final, but it was #2 Jason Dong (董鵬) who withdrew from the contest the evening before the show. Jason complained on his Weibo that the contestants were subjected to ATV’s inhumane treatment. Apparently, when ATV staged a live TV show protesting against additional TV licenses to be granted to new stations, the contestants were asked to play security guards at the location. Also, to promote the event, the contestants were asked to parade on a busy street in briefs only. Jason said that throughout the events, he felt that he was treated worse than an animal.

Jason later receded his previous comments and claimed he was suffering from a fever and decided to withdraw out of fear of passing out on stage. His “reason for withdrawal” was also confirmed by ATV executive, Yip Ka Bao (葉家寶). Jason’s previous postings on his Weibo were all deleted and nowhere to be found.

Program Filled With Errors

The show kicked off with ATV dancers showing poor timing and missteps. Then emcee, Gilbert Lam (林韋辰), followed with confusing lines loaded with mistakes, and he had to be covered by Berlinda Yan (顏子菲). From then on, it became a long and dull show. At one point, it became so unbearable that even the 2012 Miss Asia contestants, who were there to root for their male counterparts, became noticeably annoyed. The contestant question and answer segment was reported to be nothing but insulting to the audiences.

Accidental Exposure

There were other blunders during the show. Contestant #3, Sahil Slathia from India, apparently wore a swimsuit one size too small and accidentally revealed his pubic hair. In another segment, guest Ana R was bear-hugged by #22 Alex G from Russia. The surprise move caused Ana to respond awkwardly and inadvertently reveal part of her butt.

The contest continued to drag on with the mechanical bull riding segment which lasted for half an hour. During the segment, #24 Anthony Chang (張新威) was hit in the groin and suffered from agonizing pain. After two minutes of bucking and spinning, Louis Koo lookalike, #21 Zhang Chuanqi  (張傳奇) outdid the others and won the event. Zhang also ended up with the consolation prize in being named Mr. Fitness.

After three hours, the moment everyone had been waiting from finally commenced with the announcement of the new Mr. Asia. Winning the title, Zhu Xiaohui said that his smile and physique propelled him ahead of the other contestants. Hailing from Jiangxi, China, the 28-year-old indicated that he will likely stay and seek out opportunities in Hong Kong.

The second runner-up, Jason Wong, was stunned and did not sound too happy. The 34-year-old said he was going for the win but believes the stiffness in his performance cost him the title.



2012 Mr. Asia #11 Zhu Xiao Hui (朱曉輝); 1st Runner-up #12 Ruj (王凱); 2nd Runner-up #17 Jason Wong (黃集鋒)


Mr. Cool #7 Ivan Bi (畢萬春); Mr.Charming: #24 Anthony Chang (張新威); Mr. Fitness #21 Zhang Chuanqi (張傳奇)

Mr. Leadership: #17 Jason Wong (黃集鋒)

2012 Mr. Asia Highlights- Video



Sources: ATV.com,  The Sun

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  • Readers' Comments (25)

    1. Jayne says:

      The men are not bad looking, despite earlier press photos showing otherwise.

      #7 Ivan Bi looks a bit like Ruco Chan.
      #12 Ruj from Thailand is gorgeous!

    2. Ric says:

      And I thought Mr HK was a bad show. From the tone of this article, Mr Asia is way worse.

    3. YangGuo says:

      Yikes Ivan’s chest hair and the armpit hair. Out of everyone I only person that caught my eye is Ruj :(

    4. Jayne says:

      The contestants’ swimming briefs were also terrible design. The silver color looked flat and made them look like plain white underwear briefs.

    5. Ivy says:

      Ruj is the best looking outta all.

    6. Kidd says:

      The candidates’ quality are not bad. But, from what is written in the article, the show is quite insulting.

    7. yinnie says:

      I don’t think any of them are extremely goodlooking. Maybe I’ve been watching too many Korean dramas but wow some of the male actors are very very goodlooking :)

      • YangGuo says:

        same, although I sometimes find those males to be a bit feminine, although not to the point being a sissy. I think it’s because Hong Kong audiences has preference for men with more masculinity, cause I’ve never seen cute guys at tvb (although I used to adore Louis Koo when he was younger and before he tanned his skin). Men like Raymond Lam and Ruco are handsome but that’s because they possess charisma rather than having a pretty face.

      • KD says:

        Well of course Korean men are handsome since they have plastic surgery done from head to toes – even ordinary men pay thousands to get it done – and they are not in entertainment or movie industries.

    8. raysimpson says:

      Ha ha. The story continues… erotic photos of Zhu Xiao Hui can be found on a gay website!

      I love ATV!

      • raysimpson says:

        And more! According to Apple Daily, some (may be one or more, not going to pay for online subscription to find out) of the contestants from Mainland have visas that expired prior to the final! And ATV “failed” to report them to immigration.

        ATV strikes again!

    9. aptos says:

      It is just too bad that ATV did not do the contestants justice especially if their claims or criticisms are true. ATV will go under especially if the other free TV stations come on line. It is best that ATV gets absorb by the other stations.

    10. H says:


    11. giving says:

      good for the old gals

    12. David Ho says:

      If compare show performance, I prefer last year….more exciting.

    13. m says:

      This has to be one of the funniest articles I have read on JS — no online! My friends and I laughed so hard our sides ached. We can’t decide whether the too small briefs or the 30 minutes of mechanical bull riding was the funniest (worst). Lance thanks for a great laugh!

    14. thaiana says:

      india sahil salathia is so hot

    15. oliver says:

      i want to see india sahil salathia naked. he is yummy. hehe.

    16. oliver says:

      india should hve winner. cutie

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