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63-Year-old Sammo Hung Caught Cheating With 21-Year-Old Actress?

By on September 12, 2012

63-Year-old Sammo Hung Caught Cheating With 21-Year-Old Actress? thumbnail

Does martial arts star, Sammo Hung (洪金寶), have romantic ties with 21-year-old Wang Qinyi (王沁宜)? According to Next Magazine, the 63-year-old soon-to-be grandfather met with the young actress for dinner and reportedly checked into a hotel together for three days, sparking speculations of the illicit affair.

A Three Month Affair?

Sammo Hung and Wang Qinyi have known each other for at least three months. In May, Qinyi flew to Hong Kong, in which she was photographed accompanied by Sammo touring the Tsim Tsa Tsui district.

It was rumored that without Sammo’s recommendation of Wang Qinyi, the newcomer would be unable to land her first leading role in mainland Chinese drama, Risking One’s Life <出生入死>.

On August 30, Sammo flew from Shenzhen to Hengdian, China to visit Wang Qinyi. At approximately 6 PM, Sammo, his assistant and chauffeur arrived at Qinyi’s filming location to pick her up. Upon seeing Sammo and his entourage, Qinyi immediately helped Sammo check in at a luxury hotel, after which the group of four headed out for dinner, staying at the restaurant until 8 PM. Upon leaving, Qinyi took care to support Sammo and help him climb into the car.

Arriving back at the hotel, Qinyi repeatedly turned her head to make sure that Sammo did not falter in his steps. After Sammo and Qinyi were settled at the hotel, his assistant and chauffeur quietly drove away from the hotel premises.

Sammo Accompanies Qinyi to Work

The following morning, Sammo diligently accompanied Qinyi to the filming set. The pair did not return to their hotel until 8:30 PM, in which Sammo appeared to be extremely tired, while Qinyi continued to be attentive to his needs.

On the third morning, Sammo left the hotel alone to pick up breakfast for Qinyi, who was already filming and would be able to be dismissed early that day. Returning back to the hotel, the pair rested until 4 PM and then drove to a nearby hotel to meet with a mainland Chinese producer. Sammo introduced Qinyi to the producer.

Qinyi then checked into a two-star hotel with the rest of Risking One’s Life filming crew, indicating the end of her rendezvous with Sammo.

Sammo’s Wife: “What Can I Say?”

After returning to Hong Kong, Sammo was not seen heading outside with his second wife, Joyce Godenzi (高麗虹), with whom he has been married for 17 years. Joyce visited her mother, who has been hospitalized, with Sammo’s son from his first marriage, Timmy Hung (洪天明) and his pregnant wife, Janet Chow (周家蔚).

A Next Magazine reporter confronted Joyce Godenzi with Sammo and Qinyi’s photos. When prompted that Sammo was photographed with Qinyi at the hotel, Joyce replied, “Were you able to take photos inside the hotel room?” When the reporter pointed out that Sammo and Qinyi were at the hotel for three consecutive days, Joyce said, “I’m not sure, what can I say?”

Joyce added that she trusted her husband and that their relationship was very good.

Source: Next Magazine #1175 via cnpanyu.com

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  • Readers' Comments (48)

    1. Cesi says:

      Sammo must be really flattered to have romantic rumor at this age lol!

    2. Trang says:

      All i can say is shame on him to cheat on his wife, and at his age!!! And … SHE’S UGLY!!!

    3. aptos says:

      Well, age does not matter. Sammo may be soft at heart to help young talent using his movie industry contacts but he knows how to use his Viagra friend to strengthen the friendship along at the same time…

    4. Fox says:

      From the pix, I’m not really sure that the conclusion can go quickly.

    5. Jen says:

      omg!!! but sammo is SO OLD!

      • Veejay says:

        any young rising star wouldn’t mind sleeping with directors which can help them to build up their career in the industry FAST even if they have to sleep with them. That’s normal for those young female artists who often sleep with director just to get a role.

        • dount says:

          It’s not normal but very very frequent for both young & established actress to always SLEEP or BED around with directors to get a role of their dreams.

    6. KD says:

      OMG!! She looks scary!! If I see her at night I know I will scream because she looks like a ghost.

    7. Meiyi says:

      I dont think Sammo is having an affair with the girl. He may be sending her back to her hotel, thats all. Like his wife said, “were you able to take photo inside the hotel room” Please dont make mountain out of mole hill like those reporters!

    8. happybi says:

      Why are people even surprised anymore? just very typical news!

    9. Applelim says:

      Can’t imagine a 21 yr old girl sees in a 63 yr old man, a man old enough to be her grandfather. Unless its stepping up in career. Sammo Hung ought to be ashamed of himself. Poor Timmo as he seems to be a nice man

    10. Lea says:

      Hence the term “Dirty Old Man”!

    11. Larry 3 says:

      nothing usual.

    12. joojaibao says:

      Its not surprising what girls would do just to be popular in the movies industry nowadays

    13. Terminator says:

      Crap! I need to throw up just by conjuring up images….LOL!!

    14. lol says:

      yuk!shame on you sammo.

    15. lingling says:

      what if she’s his long lost daughter that he only found out recently?!! lol… that would be more of an interesting write up than the same old cheating rumors. In any case, they both consenting adult and can do whatever the hell they want regarldess of how we feel about the age gap. As for the wife, her response to the reporter on the subject was odd. Either defend your husband of the scandal or keep silent if you’re taken by surprise until you find out more from him. That kind of response gave ammunitions to the ratzi.

    16. jasmine7 says:

      At this stage of his life and with a grandchild on the way, I don’t think Sammo would do anything like this to bring shame to the family.

      Let’s wait a little longer for him to response and not make a pyramid out of a sandcastle.

      • Hannahh says:

        You sound like that Tony guy

      • sandcherry says:

        In Chinese, there is a saying “Which cat does not eat fish”?

        Sammo is a man, and it is pretty hard for a man to resist a young and beautiful woman. If Sammo helped Wang Qinyi to get some roles to act, of course Wang Qinyi had to pay for it. Right? There is no free lunch these days. Moreover, I heard that Sammo had many love affairs in the past beside his 2 wives. He is like another Jacky Chan.

    17. dude says:

      He is a Playa

    18. Hannahh says:

      OMG she can be in one of those horror movie like the Ring.

    19. aptos says:

      Sexy? If a budging tummy on a 63 YO weighing over 300 lbs squashing down on 100 lbs 21 YO is considered sexy and hot to those fans, please send me where I can find a 63 YO weighing 150 lbs ordinary person. My guess the 21 YO requested to be on top.

    20. No Balls says:

      Well another spin to promote himself.

      Why bother.

    21. Funn Lim says:

      If it is true I hope his heart can keep up. I sense a heart attack.

      • josie says:

        Forget his heart. He needs to get his eyes checked first!

        • Veejay says:

          Men will “bang” anything that look “decent” enough for them. They don’t need to have someone as pretty as Michelle Reis and etc to be sex partner.. as long as the girl is decent looking, great body and YOUNG. They would bang them ;) so, Sammo just need to check his body check, to check if his body will be able to winstand such young and active partner in bed LOL.

        • HeTieShou says:

          I wonder why people Michele Reis is pretty?? I think she is attractive and all, but lacks elegance and class…

    22. Gia says:

      All i can say what a downgrade from his second wife !

    23. Maria says:

      Good grief. She looks some bizarre alien.

    24. roy says:

      When sammo needs sxx of coz he prefer sweet young thing. More juicy. Thats normal to most men.

    25. Terminator says:

      I echo those sentiments expressed about how these young Mainland b^tches always try to force these “handsome” and “young” HK guys to do things against the will.

      Wish HK is under Shari’a Law and these b^tches would have been put away…..

    26. Someone says:

      He looks much better than his young days.

    27. smile says:

      Gross me out!!! Fat and old….what’s it worth…fame. There is no way in hell that fame is worth sleeping with some old fart. But hey I’m not these young actresses…..

    28. Billy2967 says:

      Sammo is 60 not 63.

    29. DoD Favorit says:

      I think so – if his wife said he was a reliable man, then so it is. Especially, Sammo has already denied the rumors.

      • DoD Favorit says:

        And one more thing. I’m sure, that Sammo Hung – a selfless person, and he helps the young talent, not asking anything for it. If the girl is talented, then why should it move up her career ladder in the bed? Perhaps they are now good friends, and Dai Gor Dai just came to Hendyang to give moral support to Wang Qinyi.

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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