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Aimee Chan Grateful for TVB to Stretch Acting Ability

By on January 22, 2013

Aimee Chan Grateful for TVB to Stretch Acting Ability thumbnail

Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) , the Miss Hong Kong turned TVB actress who hails from Toronto, Canada, can always be seen with a sweet smile and cheerful personality. Yet, when it comes to acting in a series, Aimee takes her roles very seriously and passionately.

Aimee reveals that each time she prepares for a new role, she will read the script continuously and practice her lines over and over until she begins to turn herself into that character. Similar to her breakthrough role of Oi Tai in The Last Steep Ascent<天梯>, Aimee poured herself into that role and truly felt for the character. “I feel so bad for Oi Tai and her tragic experience. Her background and mine are completely different. I feel much more fortunate because I don’t have the burdens of a family and I had a very happy childhood. When I had to get into character as Oi Tai, I had to hold back because I’m usually a very hyper person. I had to keep reminding myself that I’m no longer a happy and lucky girl, rather, as Oi Tai, I was on the verge of suicide and depression.

“During the 5 months of filming, I did become very depressed internally. I couldn’t smile and couldn’t be my usual cheerful self, so I understand why it’s so difficult for actors to sometimes withdraw themselves from their roles. Another actor taught me that I can only stay in character during filming. When I go home, I have to take a long hot bath and pop a bottle of champagne to remind myself who I really am. That’s the only way I can continue to do what I love – acting.”

Although Aimee is given more leading roles and opportunities within TVB lately, she does not let that change her outlook. “I am thankful that I can continue to act in Hong Kong and I’m really appreciative that TVB gives me a variety of roles to play, and that the producers have faith in me to let me carry on different types of roles. To be honest, I’m not especially bright and my Chinese isn’t that good, but for them to believe in me and give me these opportunities – I couldn’t be more thankful. I just hope to be the best actress I can be for the audience and play a wider variety of roles.”

With Aimee’s optimistic and happy-go-lucky personality and the right touch of luck and opportunities, she is easily on the road to stardom.

Source: Lisa Magazine via kuangaitvb.com

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  • Readers' Comments (48)

    1. airtranbay says:

      sorry, but she can’t act

    2. Mlove says:

      No…. I don’t wanna see her in any tvb series anymore. You blewed ur chance.

    3. Mr. Lee says:

      Having Moses as a boyfriend has it’s benefits……

    4. passerby says:

      Not a pretty sight.

    5. Nicole says:

      Should be acting disability instead.

    6. Fai says:

      Your depressed when acting the role….dude….I as the audience is depressed just watching you “try” to act!

      She’s just so lucky to have Moses….so many TVB actress out there who can act so much better and never got the chances that she is getting. I guess that one’s life!

      Not a very cute pic of her in this article.

    7. pepe69 says:

      she is one of the petty leng-lui which makes guys salivate…whoowhoo

    8. Bubblez says:

      Compared to some past Miss Hong Kongs, I feel like Aimee Chan cannot act at all. And I really think that if she wasn’t dating Moses, she will probably get less leading roles.

      • Sds says:

        You do know that the vast majority of past ms hk can’t act if pushed in front of a train right?

        • Bubblez says:

          Past Miss Hong Kong participants include Florence Kwok, Mandy Cho, Halina Tam..

          All of these are older but they can definitely act!

    9. shumai says:

      what acting ability??! she’s as stiff as a corpse.

    10. Daisy says:

      He Cantonese is pretty bad still… I know she’ mostly speaks in English and all but can’t she at least try to improve her canto? Like Fala speaks mandarin but her Cantonese is already 3x better than her!

    11. jasmine7 says:

      It’s always good when couples fall in love, dating, etc, but I find Moses and Aimee are flaunting their relationship and a little over the top. For some reason I find it irritating and annoying.

      Enough’s enough.

    12. lkv says:

      :)12 comments and all stated the same thing: she sucks :(


    13. LyNN says:

      She is plainly just cute. Aside to that, she doesn’t has the beauty to win her any bigger roles.

      But, she is really lucky to have Moses. That’s why she has been promoted badly despite without the look to win audience.

      As on acting skills, time will tell whether she will improve? I believe it’s a matter of opportunities for grooming which she already got the privileges from TVB.

    14. Sds says:

      Lol theres so much hate articles about aimee should b banned from here

    15. Exo jern says:

      I liked her when she was Miss HK and the year after, she had a princess look then. I still like her but getting a bit overrated!

    16. Gia says:

      I think a new requirement need to be enforce in TVB, if you can’t act at least be drop dead gorgeous !This includes guys too.

    17. Critical acclaim says:

      Aime did well in ‘The last steep ascent’. You guys who say she can’t act, are the same ones who now clamour for Charmane Sheh, who also can’t act in her early drams, like ‘Detective investigation files’, of which you conveniently forget.

      You people only know to criticise, same as you criticise Rebecca Zhu in ‘Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles’, which I find she did well there for a first timer.

      Bet in your first job, you muddled through in blurry fashion and don’t even know how to press the fax machine or coffee maker,,…

      • Josie says:

        The difference is Aimee is no longer a newbie. DIF was Charmaine’s 3rd series and Rebecca debuted in SSSS. Aimee has been in over 10 series!

        And most ppl get their first job during high school or college so they shouldn’t be complete morons who can’t function at an entry level.

      • 939393 says:

        yes, Aimee did okay in TLSA, but not enough to propel her to first-line status. How can you compare Aimee with Charmaine? Charmaine was only criticized in her first couple of years in the industry while Aimee has been in the industry for like what? seven years? I believe that 7 years of ‘training’ should enhance her acting skills into higher ground but in Aimee’s case it’s just mediocre

        • Raina says:

          Aimee was crowned in 2006. She debuted in 2008… its barely five years…..

        • sandcherry says:

          I think people have to be fair to Aimee Chan. She has improved a lot in her acting in the last two years. She acts better than Bernice Liu (at least to me). All Aimee has to work on is to slow down when she speaks. Her facial expressions and inner emotions are not bad. Aimee’s biggest problem is she speaks too fast in her dialogues and without the proper pauses.

        • 939393 says:

          well, 5 years is long considering that it’s half a decade. and hey, mandy debuted almost the same period as aimee but is already leaps and bounds ahead in terms of acting.
          yes she HAS improved, but as i said, not enough to propel her to first line status.

        • Raina says:

          I believe Mandy actually went through acting class, so she probably did learn many fundamentals whereas Aimee Chan learns from ugh herself?

        • 939393 says:

          even so, she should have taken the initiative to take up acting classes since she knows that she isn’t good enough.

        • sandcherry says:

          How about Christine Kuo? She was also filmed in 8 drama series, plus 4 movies. Do you think her acting and Cantonese are better than Aimee Chan’s?

        • sandcherry says:

          It is not Aimee Chan’s fault. It is due to TVB’s current situation, without any proper fadans, and they have to push everyone up to act 1st lead roles. Of course, some actresses (like Aimee Chan, Eliza Sam, Christine Kuo, etc.) are luckier than others (like Nancy Wu, Elaine Yiu, etc.).

        • 939393 says:

          Never have i said that Christine is better than Aimee. and Christine is considered as a newbie with only 2 years+ of acting experience, and she’s not one of the first line fadans, so it’s a wrong comparison to be made there. As far as i’m concerned, tvb did not pull everyone up to fadan status, just Aimee and Sharon. But it’s apparent that Aimee is more favoured given her numerous nominations in last year’s anniversary awards. I’m not saying it’s entirely Aimee’s fault, just that it’s undeserving of her to have risen up to her current status so soon.

      • Bubblez says:

        “You guys who say she can’t act, are the same ones who now clamour for Charmane Sheh, who also can’t act in her early drams, like ‘Detective investigation files’, of which you conveniently forget.”
        Somebody got their facts wrong. Although I’m not a fan of Aimee, I liked her role in Someday but her acting isn’t at its top yet. And I love Charmaine Sheh’s acting…

        “You people only know to criticise, same as you criticise Rebecca Zhu in ‘Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles’, which I find she did well there for a first timer.”
        Two. I found it to be good for a new actress. :/

        • sandcherry says:

          In old days, Aimee Chan would not have moved up so fast. Unfortunately, TVB has no good and solid fadans now. In order to meet with new competitions (new free TV channels in Hong Kong), they have to promote as many fadans as possible. Aimee Chan is just lucky to be there at the right timing.

    18. Carole says:

      TVB trying too hard to promote her. Sorry Aimee you really can’t act.
      Please don’t compare her with Charmaine Sheh.

    19. stmlw20 says:

      I prefer her over Rebecca ZHu big time!!! cant stand Rebecca ZHu

      • sandcherry says:

        Agree. Rebecca Zhu should not have acted such a heavy role in her debut. Without any acting training or experience, she just could not handle such a complex role, Siu Yau. Rebecca Zhu might not be a bad actress, but she should start something minor first to build up her acting skills and experience.

    20. Djojs says:

      Yes, we all know Aimee is not the greatest of actresses but I actually don’t mind her. She has a nice face to look at.

    21. le says:

      There are alot of us who’s not fond of her acting. But, she gets LOTS of publicity or else this article won’t exist.

    22. Critical acclaim says:

      Aimee is not yet of fadan standard, and rightly so. She is, however, good as a supporting actress, and for that, she should be proud of herself and her fans proud of her.

      She, being elevated to 1st tier line is not her fault, blame TVB for making all the wrong moves, she has potential and will continue improving, hang on there, keep it up, Aimee, never mind all these armchair critics…

      As for comparing with Charmaine, why not? She too can’t act in her early days and it takes her more than 5 years to show some results, she too gets a lot of flak those days, lest you forget.

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