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Andy Lau’s Daughter Born on May 9th!

By on May 9, 2012

Andy Lau’s Daughter Born on May 9th! thumbnail

The highly anticipated birth of Andy Lau’s (刘德华) daughter finally arrived! Andy’s wife, Carol Chu (朱丽倩), allegedly gave birth to a 6-pound baby girl at Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital! TVB actress, Carol Cheng (鄭裕玲), announced the good news that Andy became a father on May 9th on her program! The Weibo online community was flooded with celebrities and fans congratulating Andy. Jordan Chan (陈小春)  even uploaded a photo of a baby girl, who was strongly suspected to be Andy’s beautiful “Little Dragon Girl”!

Since 50-year-old Andy Lau announced that his wife, 46-year-old Carol Chu, successfully became pregnant last year, fans were ecstatic over the news. Although it was initially reported that her due date was in June 2012, Carol was photographed with an increasingly growing belly recently.  It was reported that after consulting with feng shui masters, Andy and Carol selected an auspicious date and hour for their first baby to be born.

Fans Eager to See Andy Lau’s Daughter

Last night at 10 PM, Jordan Chan posted a mysterious photo of a pretty newborn girl, without writing any captions to explain who the baby was. Due to the timing of Jordan’s post on Weibo, fans were quick to speculate that the baby may in fact be Andy Lau’s daughter! Many fans even found a strong resemblance in the baby’s features to Andy Lau–bearing the same large eyes and straight nose!

To clear up any misunderstandings, Jordan’s wife, Cherie Ying (应采儿) clarified on Weibo that the photo of the baby girl was their friend’s daughter! It was a misunderstanding due to Andy Lau’s fans overly eager to see photos of his newborn daughter.

Ada Choi (蔡少芬) wrote excitedly on Weibo, “That’s great! My idol’s daughter is born! I wish their entire family the best! Hope that the baby girl is healthy and his wife has a speedy recovery!”  

Andy Lau Does Not Respond to Calls

Andy Lau was an intensely private person that did not always share his personal milestones with the public. In fact, Andy Lau kept his marriage to Malaysian heiress, Carol Chu, a secret for more than a year after the couple obtained their marriage registration in 2008. 

The media has been unable to reach Andy or his manager to confirm the birth of his daughter. Meanwhile, a growing mass of reporters gathered outside the Hong Kong Santorium & Hospital, eagerly awaiting the appearance of Andy.

Sources: Sina.com.cn, ifeng.com, QQ.com

Corrections: This article was updated on May 10, 2012 at 6:41 PM to clarify that the above photo of the baby girl is not Andy Lau’s daughter, a fact confirmed by Cherie Ying on Weibo. In addition, it was initially reported that Andy’s daughter was born on May 8th, but her birth date was on May 9th instead.

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Jayne: Congratulations to Andy and Carol! Although Andy did not confirm this news yet, if Carol Cheng announced it on her program, it is likely true. In addition, Carol’s recent photos revealed a huge belly, thus it is highly possible that already gave birth!

The origins of Jordan Chan’s photo is uncertain. If this is truly Andy’s daughter, she is beautiful and looks just like daddy!

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  • Readers' Comments (18)

    1. EkinFan says:

      grats to andy!

    2. Addy says:


    3. piggybjorn says:

      congratulation for the arrival of new dragon baby girl. She has same Chinese zodiac with me. ^^

    4. Cisi says:

      omg!!! ANDY’S FINALLY A DAD!
      congrats! :D

    5. missy says:

      I doubt thats the baby, but it does have his nose. LOL!

      Babies are so cute, congrats to the new parents.

    6. HeTieShou says:

      If that is Andy’s baby, congrats to him and Carol and he is finally a father! But I thought she would not give birth until June. I think it is kind of silly to try to give birth unnaturally just to pick a good time and date. I believe that if it is naturally like that then it would be more valid, but if you purposely choose a date hoping that it will guarantee a good birthdate for your child then I really wonder if it is even valid anymore??

      • kenonic says:

        Andy Lau is one of the biggest star that is still shine after so many years in showbiz. Congratulation to both of them.

      • exoidus says:

        Congrats Andy!

        Yeah, who knows if feng shui is for real and if it will work when it’s not natural.

    7. Lol says:

      Congrats to my first idol :)

    8. Melanie says:

      Congrats to Andy!!!
      I doubt the picture is his daughter. He has been so secretive about his entire life but if it is she is so precious

      • toto says:

        i know it’s funny how he COVERS up everything and now at this age its all OPEN haha…sigh…

    9. Meiyi says:

      Congratulation to Andy & Carol!
      ★ ♪ \ (⌒ ▽ ⌒) / ★

    10. toto says:

      wow, Andy Lau certainly looks his age here.

    11. Jayne says:

      Jordan Chan’s wife, Cherie Ying, stated on Weibo that the baby girl is not Andy Lau’s daughter. It is a photo of their friend’s baby.

      I have made this correction in the article.

      • fez says:

        lol rumor went viral. Any baby born around these couple of days is potentially Andy’s daughter. Well with Andy’s security and private life, i doubt we’ll see any photo leaked out of the baby. unless of course its authorised by Andy himself.

    12. Lady Gaga says:

      Papa Lau,CONGRATULATIONS! Fatherhood is taxing but the rewards are sweet!

    13. apple says:

      This baby indeed is Andy’s daughter, her eyes look exactly like him but nose & mouth more like mother.

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