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“Bishonen” Daniel Wu and Stephen Fung Took Off Shirts for Rich Businessman

By on May 22, 2012

“Bishonen” Daniel Wu and Stephen Fung Took Off Shirts for Rich Businessman thumbnail

Wealthy businessman, Lau Ding Sing (劉定成), has caused an uproar by revealing that he has photographed numerous popular male actors topless. Mr. Lau stated that the men had agreed to pose for him because they were greedy for money. Mr. Lau said that Daniel Wu (吳彥祖) and Stephen Fung (馮德倫) had also stripped their shirts for him years ago! Daniel allegedly wore only a pair of swimming briefs while posing for Mr. Lau!

Aside from Him Law (羅仲謙), William Chan (陳偉霆), Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪), and countless Mr. Hong Kong participants, Mr. Lau boasted that he has been photographing handsome, muscular men since the 1970s, with more than 100,000 photos in his collection. Professing to be gay, Mr. Lau has photographed more than thousands of men, with many modeling partially or fully nude for his private pleasure.

Mr. Lau’s Fetish Featured in “Bishonen”

Director Yonfan’s (楊凡) controversial 1998 film, Bishonen <美少年之戀>, featured newcomers at the time, Daniel Wu and Stephen Fung as beautiful, gay men. To satisfy his gay lover, Terence Yin (尹子維), Daniel Wu agreed to pose in his police uniform for wealthy businessman, Joe Junior. Daniel even shared an illicit kiss with the senior actor!

It turned out that Director Yonfan had based Joe Junior’s character on Lau Ding Sing, who was consulted for the film project. Bishonen depicted Joe Junior’s character soliciting male subjects for his photo sessions on the street. Joe Junior’s character also had a fetish for taking photos of muscular policemen. These were reflective of Mr. Lau’s real life habits.

Joe Junior was not Mr. Lau’s personal choice to portray his onscreen persona. Mr. Lau preferred former TVB actor, Kong Wah (江華), to portray his character instead! Mr. Lau said, “It turned out that they cast Joe Junior instead! I’m not that old and I’m not bald! Kong Wah is much more good looking!” As a result, Mr. Lau refused to watch Bishonen.

“Daniel Wu is Very Nice!”

After Bishonen was filmed, Mr. Lau had the opportunity to meet Daniel Wu and Stephen Fung, who signed the movie poster for him. Mr. Lau said, “Daniel was not married yet!” Mr. Lau said, “I have taken topless photos of Daniel Wu and Stephen Fung!”

Mr. Lau also revealed that Daniel went to his studio to take photos. Mr. Lau spoke highly of Daniel Wu, who he praised as being open-minded and very nice. “He was topless, which is pretty common place nowadays. Mr. Hong Kong participants only wear swimming briefs!” Asked if Daniel had worn swimming briefs, Mr. Lau said, “Yes, swimming briefs!”

Mr. Lau revealed the secret as to how he was able to persuade numerous handsome actors to pose for his photo collection over the last 40 years. He said, “In this day and age, society is very open.” Mr. Lau added, “Especially Daniel Wu who is an ABC; he is very nice! Terence Yin and Clayton Li (李晉強) are also the same!” Mr. Lau confirmed that Clayton had taken photos for him in the past, “Yes, every year, I take a big family photo. All of my godsons arrive!”

Mr. Lau paid handsome fees for his photography hobby. He had paid as much as 6 and 7 figure sums to the male subjects who agreed to model for him in the past. 

Despite Mr. Lau’s claims that Daniel Wu and Stephen Fung had posed for his photos, their representatives were unable to be reached for comment.

Selective Taste

Not every fit, young actor interested Mr. Lau, who stated that he did not find “The Four Heavenly Kings” (Andy Lau, Jackie Cheung, Leon Lai, and Aaron Kwok) to be handsome. Mr. Lau said, “I do not find them to be handsome! A handsome man should look smart, have a good body, be tall and have good proportion!”

Mr. Lau elaborated on his past photo subject of Him Law, “At the time, he was not as muscular as now. He is not as dry and such a muscle man. But he is handsome and has a big chest!”

Regarding William Chan, Mr. Lau said, “During the filming of photos, he did not enter EEG yet. He was a very pure and sweet boy. He is very smooth!”

As to Raymond Lam, Mr. Lau said, “He’s too old!” When reminded that Raymond was only 31 years old, Mr. Lau exclaimed, “What? He’s only 31 years old after working for so many years?”

Mr. Lau disliked Shawn Yue (余文樂), who was regarded as a “shoe-shiner.” Mr. Lau said, “I do not like people who shine shoes! Maybe you might consider him to be handsome, but I do not admire him one bit!”

Although Mr. Lau has taken photos of some very beautiful men in the past, he was unable to recall which photo session was the most memorable among the thousands of men he has photographed. Mr. Lau said, “I do not remember which photo session is the most memorable. It is easier to recall the most memorable bed experience!”

Source: Face Magazine #261 via ihktv.com

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Jayne: Mr. Lau has photographed some very beautiful men in the past. Since has been doing this for 40 years; he has spent a fortune on his male photo models! No wonder he wants those photos back desperately, even risking his current court case.

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  • Readers' Comments (31)

    1. elin says:

      haha the comment abt raymond…

    2. Sky says:

      “”Not every fit, young actor interested Mr. Lau, who stated that he did not find “The Four Heavenly Kings” (Andy Lau, Jackie Cheung, Leon Lai, and Aaron Kwok) to be handsome.””

      come on now, we all know the reason b/c they are rich and famous when they are four heavenly king.

    3. sehseh says:

      Daniel and Stephen even took the tabloid cover pic and exchanged banters on their weibo. Lol…

      Daniel posted, “I never took those photos. Hard to say abt Stephen Fung though…”

      Stephen also posted same pic 5 mind later, I never took those photos. Hard to say abt Daniel Wu though…”

    4. Terminator says:


      The “Four Heavenly Kings” are actually 4 short ugly old duds.

    5. pe says:

      Actually they still look nice, if you are not a model yourself, you ain’t gonna look nice when you are in your late 40’s so shut the f up Terminator.

    6. raz says:

      I wonder if he really did threaten anyone in photographing for him. If he did he is disgusting. People should not black mail others especially not like this. Making fun of them is one thing but if he really forced them to do dirty deeds then I am speechless.

    7. Kidd says:

      This news make me want to watch Bishonen again. Too bad I don’t have the VCD now. I rented it from the video rental store last time. But, the store has ceased operation for a some years now. :(

      • Bishonen says:

        Go to youtube and type ‘Bishonen’. You can watch it there.

      • Bishonen says:

        By the way, I thought straight people don’t watch gay films?

        • Kidd says:

          That is a misconception. :)

          Many straight people have watched Brokeback Mountain.

          Secondly, there are a group of straight people that love reading yaoi/slash. They will also be audience of gay films, especially gay films acted by beautiful people.

          Lastly, for film like Bishonen, some people also watch it for the hot guys. :D

        • Jayne says:

          Btw, “Bishonen” Terence Yin denied that he has modeled for photographs for Mr. Lau. I wonder why Mr. Lau would go around claiming certain actors as his “camera conquests” if they did not truly happen?

    8. hcfoo says:

      Bishonen is one of my all time fav gay films. Again, I have to say this Mr Lau has good taste and he doesn’t like straight men. LOL good comments on Raymond and Shawn.

    9. Hannahh says:

      True about the 4 heavenly king,i also don’t find them good looking. Mr Lau has such a good taste in men lol but it make me kinda sick how he describe it.

      • Hannahh says:

        i want to see Bishonen movie, but can’t find anywhere to download and movie was sold out on yesasia site.

    10. Vivien says:

      didn’t mr Lau rejected Daniel wu because he’s old? LOL

    11. Vivien says:

      By the way I just realized that Daniel don’t have much expressions on most of his pics. Most are the same expression LOL

    12. tk says:

      love the comment about lam fung, i was never like him, copy cat of louis koo

    13. P says:

      makes me wonder whether edison had taken photos?

    14. Tikianna says:

      He’s got some taste in men. He knows who looks best. But the mr. Hong kings r not good looking at all. There was a second place winner that looked good from a few years back but that’s it. I like LF but too much surgery seems to brine recently. He looks different.

      Didn’t they say Shawn yu looks like Edison bak then?

      I find mr. Lau’s comment bout bed memories gagging. Wonder who he got it on with?

    15. Tikianna says:

      I think kong wah is very handsome! He’s a manly man!

    16. iawnaek says:

      Hahaha and the juicy bits keep coming out of Mr. Lau’s mouth. Keep them coming!

    17. j00ky says:

      ok.. I’m a little jealous of this guy now.. lol

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