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Bosco Wong and Kate Tsui’s Passionate Kiss Sparks Romantic Rumors

By on May 14, 2011

Bosco Wong and Kate Tsui’s Passionate Kiss Sparks Romantic Rumors thumbnail

With TVB heavily promoting Kate Tsui (徐子珊), she was often rumored with her co-stars. Earlier, Kate was romantically rumored with Forensic Heroes 3 <法證先鋒 III> co-star, Ron Ng (吴卓羲). Currently, Kate was filming Lives of Omission <潛行狙擊> with Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) and shared passionate love scenes together, making it quite unpleasant for Bosco’s girlfriend, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒). Since Myolie and Bosco were often separated due to their work schedule, their relationship had allegedly lost its spark. Myolie and Kate were both heavily promoted by TVB. Shockingly, they also became love rivals!

In Lives of Omission, Bosco portrays a triad boss with a crippled leg. Wearing a black leather jacket, he possessed the air of a triad head. In one scene, Kate was chatting with a rich, wealthy man. Becoming jealous and possessive instantly, Bosco rushed forward and warned the man to stay away from Kate.

Afterwards, Bosco and Kate shared a  passionate kiss. With Bosco biting her lips, Kate had a pleasurable expression on her face; perhaps their onscreen romance had turned into real-life romantic sparks? Despite several outtakes in their kissing scene, Bosco and Kate remained in good spirits and smiled for the camera.

Kate Tsui: “The Man Butcher”

Leon Lai- After filming a commercial with Leon Lai (黎明) in 2005, Kate was romantically rumored with Leon, which caused her popularity to rise significantly.

Charles Chan- Kate was once rumored with TVB majority stakeholder, Charles Chan. Afterwards, Kate moved into a luxury home. However, Kate denied the rumors.

Kenneth Ma- After partnering with Kenneth Ma (馬國明) in Speech of Silence <甜言蜜語> in 2008, Kate was rumored to pursue Kenneth, attracted by his good man image.

Lai Lok Yi- Kate and Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿) were well-received as a couple in Moonlight Resonance <溏心風暴之家好月圓>. Allegedly, both Kate and Lai Lok Yi were interested in each other.

Ron Ng- Partnering in Forensic Heroes 3 together, Kate and Ron’s romantic rumors continued to grace tabloids, despite both parties denying love sparks.

Source: Tom.com

Jayne: Although I don’t believe in the rumors between Bosco and Kate, they shared a hot kiss in Lives of Omission. There are supposed to many love scenes between Bosco and Kate in the series!

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  • Readers' Comments (120)

    1. Vivien says:

      Thx. Agree this doesnt look like the full magz.

      I dont feel sorry for them at all. Rofl both are well known flirty people not surprise the rumour come out although it looks not true. No real proof no talk.

      • LIAng says:

        Don’t know where those mouth has already been, perhaps need lots of mouth wash, lol

    2. yuaida says:

      It’s no big deal. He’s a hot-blooded guy and she’s at an age where it’s normal to get easily aroused. Obviously, when there’s some tongue and flicking of the lips in the kiss, both parties are going to get turned on so she’s obviously getting a big wet……Normal reaction…..

      • Vivien says:

        Kate always look like someone that easily get high and aroused. She can even get high on a radio show and almost get frozen because audience complained rofl

        • Kidd says:

          I know you dislike Kate, but, you don’t have to go this low in your dissing.

          What get high on a radio show? That was a sexual health radio show that discuss topics related to sex and relationship (hosted by Sheren Teng and Zac Koo). All the guests were asked about sex related questions and all answered accordingly including Kate. Kate was unfair frozen at that time because she’s a Miss HK.

          It was a very healthy talk show.

          Honestly, if TVB want their Miss HK to maintain a prim and virginal image, don’t sent Kate to such a radio show.

        • Fox says:

          Have you ever listened to this radio show?

        • HeTieShou says:

          I wonder why there are sooo many rumours with Kate and guys??? I also wonder if it is to promote and help her get popular???Maybe it is a good thing for her in a sense???

        • exoidus says:

          3 possible options:

          1.since TVB is promoting her they have actually spread these “rumors”
          2.she is doing it herself because she wants PR
          3.that who she really is

        • Fox says:

          Because when an artist reaches to some level of fame, the reporters will focus on him/her to sell articles.

      • LIAng says:

        which part of Bosco is hot, maybe just the clothing on him, lol, he can’t act, but seems his using his selling point, thats duckgolo!!

      • Shi says:

        Kate is actually prettier now with all that plastic surgery. :D

    3. Chriselle says:

      Am I the only one who can see Bosco and Kate as a couple. Although I have reservations for both of their acting skills, I feel that their personalities are very unique and when put together, makes a very strong couple.

      At first, it’s difficult to see them together because we’ve been seeing them together for years and they’ve collaborated in both versions of War of In-Laws.

      Bosco and Kate haven’t acted as a couple before. Both Bosco and Kate has a flirtatious and sexy streak which seems to create a stronger bond between the too. Bosco’s sense of style has been evolving throughout the years and I love how he has matured into someone with insight and ambition. His acting may be lacking, but his personality is definitely there. Likewise, Kate is an independent and tough girl herself. The two matches well.

      However, I still believe that Bosco and Myolie are together since she’s seems happy. Earlier, there were rumors that she had plastic surgery on her chin and that dampened her spirits.

      Also, wasn’t there rumors that Bosco cheated on Myolie with another girl?

      I can’t imagine Kate liking either Kenneth or Lai Lok Yi. Like some said on this blog, Kenneth should go for a low-maintenance girl. Although I’m not too aware of Lok Yi’s personality, Kate doesn’t match with him physically. I can’t see him as the person whom Kate seems to want either. Someone whose mature and can care for her? Not really.

      Looking forward to their passionate scenes in Lives of Omission! :D

      • Kidd says:

        Honestly, I like them both individually. But, have never thought of them as couple. Still think Bosco is better suited with Myolie. Maybe I’m used to them as a couple liao.

        “At first, it’s difficult to see them together because we’ve been seeing them together for years and they’ve collaborated in both versions of War of In-Laws.”

        Do you mean ‘we’ve been seeing Bosco and Myolie together for years..’?

        So, in the first half of the sentence them = Bosco+Kate, while the 2nd half, them = Bosco+Myolie, right?

        • Chriselle says:

          @Kidd, Yes to both questions.

        • LIAng says:

          All I couls say is that if Bosco could get those big Myolie lips, he would be a dam lucky Virgin? I rather see Myolie kissing some other man’s actor like Lau Dan, lol

      • Vivien says:

        Kate, Bosco and Myolie are all still lacking in acting skills.

        I can’t see them as the next Nick Cheung, Sean Lau, Sheren Tang or Esther Kwan

        • HeTieShou says:

          Well Kate, Bosco and Myolie still have a lot more to learn in terms of acting and no one ever stops progressing. Even the professional actors and actresses still continue to learn so of course the ones that come later have even more to experience. But it is also true that if you don’t have the natural talent to excel in acting, time will only slightly improve your skills and not make you really good. There are some that act for many years but are still at the same level while there are some that are new but progress quickly… Talent is also in the eye of the beholder as well..

      • Vivien says:

        Rofl if Myolie did plastic surgery the surgeon must be bad. She doesn’t get any significantly prettier and I can only see think heavy makeup

        • Vivien says:

          ^ thick

        • Fox says:

          If she is prettier, you will say she has plastic surgery. When she is natural, you will say she doesn’t have plastic surgery. So how to fulfill your demand of look?

        • Vivien says:


          Hey everyone has own standard. You also don’t seem satisfied with others view Sammul as healthy weight and keep saying he’s fat.

          Gillian and Fala are pretty in my standard and they look natural.

        • Fox says:

          I don’t say that you don’t have your own beauty standard. I’m saying that both sides of Myolie’s look can’t fulfill your demand.

          I’m satisfied with SC now, I’m now agreeing 100% that SC is perfect in look :). Peace.

      • Fox says:

        Bosco and Kate acted as couple in The price of greed. Of course Kate is with SC more but Bosco and Kate also can be considered as a couple.

    4. star says:

      I like Kate, and not in a perverted way… that picture is actually quite sexy. Kate has been rumoured with so many guys lately :o … it’s not surprising that she is. I find her attractive, and she matches alot of guys. I agree with above that she would not match someone like Kenneth Ma, or Chris Lai… I personally don’t think they look that masculine. But Ron and Bosco is different. They have that masculine and sexy look to them which matches Kate, that’s probably why she’s rumoured with them. ;)

    5. cinsin says:

      Shows that Kate’s popularity is rising with all these rumours. And she can give really good expressions when kissing and love scenes lol.

      I can’t believe she’s in so many upcoming series. I’m not a huge fan of her acting.

      They should make another dancing show so she can go on it :D

    6. Funn Lim says:

      Just acting.

    7. jim says:

      kate like a guy its impossible about them having couple.

    8. TVB fan says:

      When Kate was running for MS HK, she had a lot of confidence. But over the years, she has become more and more timid especially during interviews. Although she had some fighting scenes and tough roles, majority of her roles involve being raped, being seduced, etc. They really “cheapen” her as an actress. If she wants to be a Fa-dan, she needs to set standards and limit her on-screen love scenes.

      • exoidus says:

        she has become the official bed scene actress for tvb LOL. her acting is not up to scratch and i hope she will be replaced soon be other more talented ones.

        • TVB fan says:

          Her eyes do make her look like the flirtatious type. But I guess everyone is just trying to make a living. As long as they’re not doing anything harmful to themselves and the society, they deserve a chance.

        • Vivien says:

          Many prettier and younger actresses are climbing up so someone with lack of acting skills like Kate will be replaces soon

        • Fox says:

          Let’s wait to see who will replace who.

        • Chriselle says:

          @exoidus, Haha, yes. Kate looks natural in those scenes and she delivers it with a subtlety in her eyes that others actresses aren’t capable of doing. Some either comes off as merely acting, trying too hard, or just being cheap. She seems very comfortable with her body.

        • HeTieShou says:

          It is true that you need to look good in the circle, but I don’t think that you necessarily need to get plastic surgery done. There are many that don’t get any or anything major done but they are still able to succeed. But of course some are born looking better than others so I can understand why some do and some don’t. For some, make up and other things are enough.I feel that you need to be talented and have other things as well, not just looks. If you only look good, then why not just be a model since models are famous and are judged based mainly on their looks.

      • HeTieShou says:

        Maybe she is not popular enough to require and ask for this and that?? I guess she is still struggling to gain more fame and all before she is qualified to set standards for herself???

        • TVB fan says:

          I didn’t think of it that way, but it’s very possible. When you need money to support your family and those are the only roles available, you just have to suck it up. Maybe those roles were first offered to Myolie, Linda Chung and Tavia but they rejected. Kate is the second line-up.

        • Vivien says:

          Maybe it’s the only role that she can do besides a crazy woman or emotionless cop. She’s alright as the seductress big sister in Relic of an Emissary but cringeworthy and fake as the innocent sister.

        • Fox says:

          I blv that if these roles are received by any of your favourite, you will praise how brave she is and it’ll be a breakthrough to her.

        • Chriselle says:

          @Vivien, I didn’t like her as the innocent sister, Chor Chor, either. Personally, I felt that Kate was struggling so hard to fit into the character. Both the character and actress was confused and didn’t know what she was doing.

          Also, I miss the seductive Kate’s purple and red costumes as well. Kate didn’t fit in with her concubine outfit at all. BTW, I would also think that Tsin Sam would match with the Prince of Yin more than Chor Chor. Being smarter and stronger, she can help him in many more ways than simply bearing him kids, lol. But if Prince of Yin wants someone whom is under him and whom he can protect, I suppose Chor Chor is the type. But isn’t his wife the same as well?

      • Fox says:

        Oh please. She is doing her jobs. If it’s your favourite actress(es) who have the role of slutty girl, will you say such thing to her/them or you will say they are so brave to receive these roles and have breakthrough?

    9. TVB fan says:

      Maybe because I’m a little traditional, but what happened to all the pre-marital innocence on TV. I guess I like Grace Under Fire so much, because the love relationships were so pure.

      • Chriselle says:

        @TVB fan, I really wished Bosco and Fala ended up together. Such a sad ending for the two, especially what they’ve gone through during their childhood.

        I didn’t care for any of the other characters.

        • TVB fan says:

          @Chriselle, did you miss the ending? I don’t want to spoil the ending for you… but it was a happy ending for Ah Long and Ah Fa.

        • Chriselle says:

          @TVB fan, Really? The episode got frozen right before the last minute after we all thought Fala died. Then the scene shifted to Liu Xuan and Oscar Leung. Bosco visited them. There was only one more minute and the episode froze. So I never watched the last minute and I assumed Fala died.

        • Masaharu says:

          Chriselle, you really did miss the “ending” haha.

        • Chriselle says:

          Haha, glad to know they ended up together then. :D I was quite glad I was done with the series and didn’t think the last minute mattered that much. Lol, what are the chances that I would miss it…

        • HeTieShou says:

          Actually, I don’t have really nice features and do admit that when I was a lot younger, I did want to get some plastic surgery… However, my parents objected and threatened to disown me if I did… My features are ok and I wish that I was a naturally born beauty, but even though I am not 100% happy with my features, I have learned to accept them as I got older… Therefore, I just wished that others would as well. Two of my friends have nice features but they are still not happy. However, they still would not go for plastic surgery. I guess my point is to just try to accept your features unless they are soo bad that you would need some minor plastic surgery done. With our skin, well that is something that we must accept since even plastic surgery cannot fix that…

        • Fox says:

          @ HTS: I think you posted in wrong convo :D.

          BTW, be satisfied with yourself is a good thing. However I think you should understand for artists a bit. Their asset is their look, so they have to look good. If not, there are tons of ppl who are ready to bash them whenever they look not too perfect. We aren’t artist, we won’t never understand the pressure they have with their look.

        • HeTieShou says:

          Actually, I am not young.. I bet that you are way younger than I am. I can tell you that I am Raymond and ROn’s age so you know how old I am now.. Do you consider that young??
          I actually get pretty lazy with night skin care and usually just wipe my face at most and maybe put one some scar cream if I have some minor scars and that’s it. I only use day cream with SPF because if not, my skin gets burned when I am in the sun. My skin is really sensitive to the sun. It is more for protection than for looks. Same with my lipbalm. It is for moisture and protection, not looks. I also can’t put much on my face because my skin gets overflooded easily… You should start using sunblock or something with SPF to protect your skin from the sun.
          At least you wear make up on special occasions.. I don’t even do that, but luckily no one notices or says anything…

        • exoidus says:

          Their assets should be their ACTING OR SINGING skills primary and looks should be secondary. But ofcourse in todays society and especially in the entertainment industry this is not true. That why the HK entertainment industry lacks real talents. Most of them can’t act and sing properly the good thing is that they will be gone when their youth fades away!

        • HeTieShou says:

          Yea, I think I did… But yea, I do understand that artists are a lot more pressured to look good. However, I still think that even though their looks play a part of their success, it is not all that they must have. If they are just good looking and have no talent and a variety of other things, their looks alone cannot help them much in the long run. In order to survive in the circle, you need more than looks. But what I find sad is that they have surgery done and then refuse to admit it. It is now more widely accepted, so I don’t think they need to hide it anymore. Even if they did, we can all clearly see that they did or not(unless it was something really minor).

        • HeTieShou says:

          I totally agree with you and think that their singing and acting skills should be the most important thing and looks should only be secondary. That is probably why we have all of these young celebs with nothing but pretty faces and no talent. I remember back in the days, there was more talent and looks didn’t seem to be the most important thing that people go for. Sadly, looks fade with time and once you get old and still don’t have any talent or skills, you don’t seem to have much to offer the audience anymore.

        • Fox says:

          @ exoidus: Lol, in the new world where ppl “see” more than “watch” and “listen”, look is their asset.

          Acting and singing? Unless it’s too outstanding then the look won’t be given out to judge much. I say “much” because once they become an artist, their look will be given out to judge.

          Just look at Susan Boyle. She doesn’t have look when she first starts, but when she releases the album, her look is judged by the paparazzi. You can read some articles about her bad clothing at home, about her bad look on stage and she has to go on a diet etc. somewhere.

          So look is still important. Of course, if they don’t have acting and singing skill, they can’t stay long in the industry. Same, if they don’t have the look, they can’t capture the chance.

          Not only in HK, everywhere is the same now. Here is the era of seeing media.

        • Fox says:

          @ HTS: That’s why when the artists get old, they need botox and plastic surgeries to help them to maintain their look :P.

          As for your age, I blv that makeup in special events is a way to show the respect to the events. And in some jobs, the makeup is a part of the job.

          You are even more lucky to have good skin in your 30s period.

      • Kidd says:

        @ HTS

        ” I remember back in the days, there was more talent and looks didn’t seem to be the most important thing that people go for. “

        Look at all the drop dead gorgeous actresses and actors in the 80’s and 90’s. Flora Chan is an exception not the norm. Look has always been the most important important, especially for actresses. The best case is if you have talent and looks. Then, you will last long in the industry. If you have only look and not talent, maybe your career will be shorter. But, at least, you still get that taste of being lead. But, if you have no look, you don’t even have a chance. The only route you can take is be a comedy star. This is the acting industry, past and present.

        But, I agree that in the past, music industry valued talent more. In the past, someone can make it big in the industry based on talent alone.

        • Vivien says:

          HK has always value looks. Look at Twins. Look at Cecilia Cheung. Do any of you think Cecilia get noticed because of her acting? No. Stephen Chow take her in and promote her to stardom because of her looks and because she look like Maggie Cheung. EEG won’t promote Twins if they aren’t cute.

    10. le says:

      I wasn’t into Myolie’s acting, but over the years, I have accepted her. But, I have yet to accept Kate’s acting. All she’s proven herself is sparking in romance humours. Do anyone think she has any plastic surgeries? I am sure Kate-likies will back her up and so NO!

      • kiki says:

        just as well as kate hater will raise their hand and say yes. As you see there is one passionate hater in here. So what if she has plastic surgery. Mostly all the actress have it. Why point her out, just cause you don’t like her.

        • Kidd says:

          Some people seem to think that a person’s feature will stay the same forever. If there is some change, he/she must have plastic surgery, which is nonsense.

        • Fox says:

          I think it’s perfectly ok to an artist to have plastic surgery as long as he/she doesn’t make him/herself become another person. They are artists and the audience want them to look good. That’s why cosmetic and plastic surgery exists.

        • TVB fan says:

          I agree and disagree with your statement about it being “perfectly ok” for an artist to have plastic surgery. You have to check out this site: http://dailylenglui.blogspot.com/

          All the so-called models and actresses in China look like Marvis Pan Shuangshuang– have pointy chins, double eyelids, tall nose, C-F cup chest. They’re no longer human, but replica of some video game fantasy. Can you imagine all the boys who use sites like that to set standards for their mate? These boys will be single forever unless they have the popularity and wealth like Lam Fung. Getting plastic surgery that drastic is objectifying themselves. It’s also funny to see celebrities who give birth to single eyelid babies when both parents have double eyelids.

          But I agree with you in the sense that you can only have plastic surgery when you have the money. It costs at least US8,000 to straighten teeth, few thousands for Lasix eye correction, few thousands for double eyelids…etc. That’s why looking good is a status symbol like driving an European car.

        • Vivien says:


          They all either look like Mavis Pan or Viann Zhang

        • Kidd says:

          @ TVB Fan

          ” Can you imagine all the boys who use sites like that to set standards for their mate? These boys will be single forever unless they have the popularity and wealth like Lam Fung.”

          And we are supposed to feel sorry for these boys and worry about them?

        • Fox says:

          @ TVB fan: I said “I think it’s perfectly ok to an artist to have plastic surgery as long as he/she doesn’t make him/herself become another person

        • Le says:

          If every actor/actress gets plastic surgery, then there is no such thing as natural beauty anymore, meaining what you are born with. I grew up in the 80’s, and I feel positive that back then beauties were real, you see what you get, as plastic surgeries were not common or popular back then. But, now I am sceptical of what is real beauty and what was bought with money.

        • HeTieShou says:

          I think we would eventually know who got plastic surgery and who didn’t as they get older.. Since plastic surgery is fake and artificial, the parts that were worked on will not grow with you naturally. Therefore, as they get older, those parts will look out of place and make it look like “melted plastic”, then we would know if their “beauty” was natural or not… Dodo Cheng is a good example… Some have already seen a recent picture of her her face looked like “melted plastic” due the number of plastic surgeries that she has had… I don’t think even make up can save her…

        • HeTieShou says:

          I also don’t know if it is even possible to have plastic surgery without changing yourself into another person? Isn’t that the main purpose of having plastic surgery?? You don’t like yourself/your natural look so you want to change it to look like a doll or some anime character. What I find sad is that they have had plastic surgery and then deny it constantly. It’s like if you are so ashamed of it then why even have it done in the first place??

        • Chriselle says:

          “Since plastic surgery is fake and artificial, the parts that were worked on will not grow with you naturally.”

          That sounds so scary. Dodo is an excellent example and for the last few years, I’ve seen that her nose is disfigured and make-up can’t help her hide those flaws. I wonder if she ever regretted having plastic surgery. I was surprised to learn that she received surgery since many people back then didn’t. Nowadays, her smile seems crooked because of her nose, lol.

        • Chriselle says:

          @HTS, I don’t think they’re trying to become another person, just someone whose more attractive. Perhaps those who have surgery to fix up every feature, but for those who only do the minimal as fixing up one feature does not seem to want to change themselves into another person. They just want to enhance and fix that particular feature to make it more eye-catching. Kayi Cheung and Tracy Ip both fixed their jaws and they’re looking better nowadays. They both had a squarish face before which wasn’t attractive.

        • HeTieShou says:

          Thanks for the link. The look of that girl in the picture is not natural at all and we can tell that she has had a lot done to her face. It is sad that a lot of girls want to look like someone else and don’t want to be themselves anymore.
          But of course, they have to have the money and courage as well… I personally am a big chicken and don’t know if I would go under the knife for looks. I think that when you get plastic surgery, it sort of feels like you are attacking your body with a lot of foreign chemicals and stuff, so I think that it may even affect your health in the long run. Therefore, I really wonder is it worth it in the long run since it may affect your health? Would you rather feel or look good??

        • HeTieShou says:

          I guess so, but you know I have noticed that with some people(not everyone ok?) that once they have one thing done, they get more of their features done. It’s sort of like and addiction… For example, if you got your eyes done, then you notice that your nose doesn’t match it and then you get other things done just to match it…

          Yea, Dodo is a great example of what happens when you have too much plastic surgery and what you will become down the road…

        • Chriselle says:

          They probably feel that it’s part of their job to look pretty, therefore the many cookie-cutter looks nowadays. I’m not sure if anyone whose not in the entertainment/beauty industry would care that much for their looks since that’s not what they’re selling. Some might feel that it’s worth the sacrifice to make a living. Others don’t need the beautiful face to earn the money.

        • Chriselle says:

          @HTS, It can be an addiction. Once you see how pretty your eyes are, you realize that you can do the same to your nose. I’m not very good at catching the small features that they get done unless they do a complete makeover once and for all, like Angelababy and Elanne Kong. Can you give an example of those who got addicted?

        • HeTieShou says:

          Well, I don’t know of anyone from the HK industry that was addicted to plastic surgery besides Dodo so can’t give you any from the Asian entertainment industry as examples. I saw this one lady on INside Edition that has had over 55 plastic surgery procedures done and still wants to have more in order to look like a live Barbie doll.Of course Micheal Jackson was addicted it plastic surgery as we all know. One of my mom’s friends first had her nose done and then her eyes done and then the rest of her face. But now regrets it since she is now sick because of it… I am sure that many celebs from Hollywood has had a lot of plastic surgery done as well but I don’t follow American entertainment much so can’t really give you any examples. But the point is that there are some people that do get addicted to plastic surgery.

        • Chriselle says:

          @HTS, Wow, 55? She really is addicted. Is there even that many features to fix?!!

        • HeTieShou says:

          That lady actually had over 55 plastic surgery procedures done. The last time I watched, she went in to have 2 more done so she is now up to 57 and plans to have even more, can you believe that?? It isn’t just her face that she fixed. SHe does various parts of her body and she is in her 50s but wants to be good looking and young forever. I think she has some psychological problems and needs to face reality instead of avoid it.

        • Chriselle says:

          @HTS, It would be nice and informative if the magazine pointed out all the features that she had fixed. Maybe she had one feature fixed many times? o.O

          Is she a celebrity?

          She should face reality and acknowledge that one would not be young forever. The thought that one will grow old scares me as well and it’s understandable, but I don’t think plastic surgery will make her that much younger. In her 50s, she should also realize that there’s more important things in her life, such as family and friends. Looks aren’t that important anymore when you’re in your 50s unless they’re a celebrity and people are constantly after their case. It’s understandable that young teens and adults want to get this and that fixed because they’re more superficial, but at her age, it’s a wow-factor.

        • HeTieShou says:

          The Inside Edition that I am referring to is not a magazine, but a news show. No, that lady is not a actress or celebrity. She is just a normal citizen that is obessed with being a live Barbie doll. You can go the Inside Edition webpage since I think her story is on there. I heard the host say that many of the visitors to the site said that she is crazy and needs to get some psychological help. Yea, I totally agree that when you are in your 50s, there is much more important things like your health and family worry about instead of just looks. I wonder where that lady gets money from to do all this stuff since it costs a lot of money. I think she did get some features done more than once. I remember her saying that she got her nose done quite a few times… Crazy lady…

        • Fox says:

          @ HTS: You are exaggerated all the plastic surgeries. Not all the plastic surgery makes yourself a doll or an anime character. Well, if considering like you, then don’t use cosmetic products because it isn’t your real skin’s color or your real lips’ color. And don’t use any medicine to make yourself look better. Don’t do gym, don’t go to spa, etc. The contact lense can be considered as a way to change yourself.

          There are some small plastic surgeries that don’t have much effect on the face/body of a person. Their face seems look the same as they was, don’t look like a doll or an anime character or an artist or being too unnatural. These plastic surgeries, I think perfectly ok.

          I somehow admire ppl who dare to do that many plastic surgeries. It’s hurt and have effects/risks to their body. I’m afraid of hurt so I don’t do them but they dare to do such things, they are somehow brave.

          I doubt that you don’t want to look prettier.

          As for the artists, I don’t think any of them is natural beauty. All of them need makeup (at least) and plastic surgeries. Maybe they are born prettier than other, but to maintain their look, they need these things.

        • Fox says:

          HTS and Chriselle, it isn’t crazy. Everyone love to be praised their look.

        • HeTieShou says:

          Well, I am not against plastic surgery in every case because I know that some people need it more than others for certain things…But I am against wanting to look like a barbie doll or some anime character. In case you are wondering, I do NOT wear make up at all and I don’t use that much skin care either. I only use some and it is very mimimal… I only use some SPF cream, night cream( not every night),lip balm(or else my lips gets dry and cracked), eye cream(not everyday), some pimple medicine when needed, scar cream when I have some minor little scars but that’s it..I don’t even use BB cream since that is make up. What does going to the gym have to do with plastic surgery?? Believe it or not, I still get compliments on my skin since maybe I am sort of blessed with decent skin(maybe due to genetics since I heard that my parents both had really nice skin when they were younger. In fact, I heard that my dad naturally had white skin that was like a white American, but he was Asian).

          I support minor plastic surgery if it is needed, but trust me, too much is NOT good for you. Of course, who doesn’t want to look good?? But I don’t know how many people would want to have major operations just to look better for the time being but sacrifice their health in the long run???

        • Fox says:

          Brighten in a minute is better than live in dark for the whole life. Someone really think that.

          Don’t be worried, I also don’t like how ppl make themselves doll or anime characters (that’s why I don’t admire the look of Korean stars. They are just too resemble). I’m saying that minor plastic surgeries are ok.

          Bonus, you even use more cosmetic products than me :P.

        • Kidd says:

          @ Fox

          “You are exaggerated all the plastic surgeries. Not all the plastic surgery makes yourself a doll or an anime character. Well, if considering like you, then don’t use cosmetic products because it isn’t your real skin’s color or your real lips’ color. And don’t use any medicine to make yourself look better. Don’t do gym, don’t go to spa, etc. The contact lense can be considered as a way to change yourself.”

          Fox. HTS has claimed again and again that she do no such thing. She doesn’t use make up or skin care. The only thing she use is some olay cream.

          I’m happy for her that she’s blessed with naturally beautiful skin and she most probably is blessed with very beautiful feature too seeing the way she talks about natural beauty.

          Too bad, not everyone is born naturally beautiful. People who are born naturally beautiful and don’t need to make much effort to maintain it would never understand the feeling of the ugly duckling.

        • HeTieShou says:

          Are you sure because I hardly use any compared to most people since it is not good to use too much? Trust me, it looks like a lot from the list but I use a very small amount as well.Would you count pimple medicine as a skin care/cosmetic product?? Therefore, I highly doubt that I use more than you do. What do you use?? I am just curious…

        • Fox says:

          I’m lazy so I don’t use skincare. I use makeup when I need (special events and if work requires). Lol, I even dun use day and nite skincare. Bad habit, rite?

          Uhm ok you dun like much of them. Like Kidd said, happy for you to have good skin and natural beauty.

          Young girls often have good skin.

        • Kidd says:

          @ Le

          “If every actor/actress gets plastic surgery, then there is no such thing as natural beauty anymore, meaining what you are born with. I grew up in the 80′s, and I feel positive that back then beauties were real, you see what you get, as plastic surgeries were not common or popular back then. But, now I am sceptical of what is real beauty and what was bought with money.”

          That’s the problem. The entertainment industry has always valued good looks. If you are not good looking, your chances of being lead will be very small. More so if you are an actress. So, actors and actresses who are not beautiful are stuck with secondary roles. In the past, with plastic surgery not as common and as easily available, these actors are stuck with never getting the lead.

          Actresses and actors now at least have the option to give themselves a fight chance by improving their look.

          But, I do agree that multiple Angelababy clones are boring. We need variety.

      • Kidd says:

        Which part of her that has done plastic surgery. I just watch the MCI 2005 pageant and I don’t see any big changes in her compared to then and now.

        • Funn Lim says:

          I don’t think she had plastic surgery but certainly has a kick-a** make up assistant

        • star says:

          @Funn Lim… well, i guess u can say that. Kate looks good without makeup too.. just that Makeup enhances those features, like her eyes especially. I think Kate is just naturally beautiful in a unique way.

    11. love_of_tvb says:

      This is not true! BOSCOLIE LOVE FOREVER!

    12. Aly says:

      I don’t believe the rumors either. Kate and Bosco has worked together and known each other for awile, whether it’s in Price of Greed of Don Juan De Mercado. This article is trying to stir up news cause they shared some passionate kiss scenes. Treat it as publicity for the series. I have to say that Kate and Bosco are probably one of the best “kissers” TVB. Tavia is pretty good at kissing as well. Some are so awkward at it.

    13. RayIan says:

      I’m glad there was no rumor between her and Raymond Lam when act as a couple in ‘The Four’

    14. jim says:

      yes raylan i agree with you, its impossible ray with her, ray and ron treat her like guy, and the hongkong media is so immature.

    15. TVB fan says:

      Just some random fact: I always enjoy reading Businessweek. It just strikes me that the initials to the magazine are BW. Aww… Bosco Wong has his own magazine and it’s not one of those mindless pictorial magazines. So proud of him.

    16. jim says:

      fox, i join you.

    17. macD says:

      Ah screw all those HK reporters that got nothing better to do but to write rubbish nonsensical reports base on a picture taken during filming??Seriously,they thought we reader’s EQ is that low to even believe them!According to Myo’s recent reply on this incident she seems pretty confident on her relationship with Bosco and I believe these types of reports didn’t got into their way and they’re still staying strong base on the recent news of them being caught going cycling together! :)

    18. Pineapple says:

      I am not a Kate Tsui fan and in fact thoroughly dislike her. However, I quite like Bosco so I hope that he doesn’t end up with her as I think he’s too good for her. I may be offending a lot of her fans here but thats exactly how I feel. I honestly cannot like anything about her, from her personality to looks. So whatever I read about her just seems distasteful to me!!

    19. Ting says:

      Why does she always gets to be with the hot guys? And why is she in soo many series?! =( I don’t want to see her…nor see her pair with Bosco or Ron.

    20. TVB fan says:

      Some pics of HK celebrities with plastic surgery… scroll to the middle of the site to view


      • Funn says:

        I got the shocked of my life looking at Joey Yung. She certainly upgraded herself!

        Ray looks better with some minor adjustment. Anyway just don’t overdo it.

    21. TVB fan says:

      More TVB actors with plastic surgery:


      • Funn says:

        Sometimes it is the power of makeup! I saw a Taiwanese variety show, 2 very unattractive girls transformed into very pretty girls by using purely make up, a change of eye colour and hair extension!

      • Kidd says:

        This is exactly the case of what I point out before. People expect these actors to look the same 10 years before and after and if they change a bit, they say it’s plastic surgery. It’s impossible not to change in so many years.

        A lot of the before after pictures in this link only shows

        – lost of baby fat
        – power of make up
        – different picture angle

        • Funn says:

          I wouldn’t have believed that is possible until I saw that variety program. I feel like investing in some coloured contacts, eyelashes, glue, mascara and eyeliner. Amazing transformation. Yes some did plastic surgery, I mean obvious case like square face became oval face, but most I think these days are due to the expertise in make up, don’t you think?

          Picture angle also. Amazing transformation.

    22. Fox says:

      @ HTS: If I rmb rite, most of ppl in the list of your favourite Chinese artists have good look. You say you like their talents, but I can see most of ppl see their good look more than their talents.

    23. Koolaid says:

      @TVB fan is obviously exaggerating. “All the so-called models and actresses in China look like Marvis Pan Shuangshuang– have pointy chins, double eyelids, tall nose, C-F cup chest.”

      First of all, not all models and actresses in China get plastic surgery. The pointy chin, double eyelids, and high pointy nose are common traits in Northern Chinese. Southern Chinese people, especially the Cantonese, are mixed with Austronesians, so they have a flatter nose and face. There are research studies dedicated on the differences between the Northerner and Southerner Chinese–pinning down to the average phenotype of those two groups.

      The last time I checked the statistics, Hong Kongers and Taiwanese have the most plastic surgeries done–topping Korea (surprise, surprise).

      • Funn says:

        BUT not as extreme as Koreans? Because Koreans look 100% different from their old self and no amount of make up can do that!

    24. Kaka says:

      Kate and bosco r indeed a good kisser from TVB.
      The rumors r crazy. Bosco and myolie r goin strong together and they look good as couple

      • TVBaddict says:

        yeah i’m pretty sure bosco and myolie are still strong… especially after seeing the nude pics of bosco and myolie at his apartment…

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