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Bosco Wong and Linda Chung Heavily Promoted in 2013 TVB Calendar

By on September 17, 2012

Bosco Wong and Linda Chung Heavily Promoted in 2013 TVB Calendar thumbnail

After a two-year hiatus due to budgetary cuts, TVB decided to resume its calendar shoot. The shooting for the 2013 calendar has already begun, with a star-studded list of celebrities to please the fans!

In the January month, Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), Raymond Lam (林峯), Aimee Chan (陳茵媺), and Kate Tsui (徐子珊) will be featured. Bosco did not feel that the calendar placement meant heavy promotion for him.  “Every month is important. Of course, I am happy to have the opportunity to film for the calendar.”

Due to the popularity of Witness Insecurity <護花危情>, the pairing of Bosco and Linda was well-received by the audience. Bosco indicated that he would like to partner with Linda once again.

Linda added, “Although we are not a real-life couple, it is good that the audience liked the pairing. I am very lucky; I had partnered with Raymond Lam on many occasions and now there is a refreshing feeling with Bosco. In the coming year, I would like to have more partnership opportunities as onscreen lovers.”

In the month of February, Michael Miu (苗僑偉), Roger Kwok (郭晉安), Michael Tse (謝天華), Tavia Yeung (楊怡), and Fala Chen (陳法拉) will be featured. The status of the artists were apparent as they will be placed during the festive Lunar New Year holiday. Michael Miu joked, “I lost out. February only has 28 days!” Asked if it has been two years since TVB has its last calendar shoot, Michael replied, “I do not remember. It’s a good thing, with a new boss on board now. On the day of filming the calendar, I was working and asked urgently to return for the shoot. I was unaware of the arrangements for the calendar.”

Roger Kwok added that the TVB calendar was a highly prized commodity by many. “The calendar production has been halted for two years, which made me uncomfortable while sitting and eating! The TVB calendar is very representative. Each time, it is shot beautifully and with great care.”

Source: ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (139)

    1. vivien says:

      Why is Aimee put there? Why? Out of place! LOL

      • Anon says:

        Just because? haha

      • Hannah says:

        Should have put her with Moses, lol

        • Linnh says:

          lol I was to write the same, They always show their love for each other in the public all the time, so why not just put them together at the calender too :P

        • Kidd says:

          When she was put with Moses, you guys will be complaining that they are always put together.

        • Anon says:

          I actually thought Aimee will be with Selena or Natalie group. It’s random for her to be with these four who’re at another position.

        • Hannahh says:

          Moses n Aimee together on the month of Feb for valentine lolz puke

        • Linnhie says:

          I was sarcastic about this Kidd. I actually rather see her with another person then with him all the time.

      • lol says:

        Because to TVB Aimee is already a first line actress alhough she never lead a series and still not accepted much.

        • Anon says:

          Urm do you mean that now Aimee has rise above Selena and Natalie? I have always take these three at the same level of acting and recognition.

        • Magic says:

          @Anon Yes, Aimee has risen above Selena and Natalie.

          I actually didn’t mind Aimee when she first started. But since her and Moses’ relationship, they’ve been overexposed. They’re everywhere and it’s really annoying.

          Her and Moses being a couple probably had some type of influence to her over promotion, even though she is worse than Selena and Natalie in terms of acting (my opinion, obviously).

          And I’ve disliked Moses ever since the Bernice and Moses business. Tch

    2. flora says:

      Bosco and Linda look matching together in WI and in this picture :D

    3. smile says:

      aww i wonder where myolie will be placed..she’s the only one of the top 5 fadans not in jan or feb :(

      • flora says:

        She has a higher position than the other fadans because she’s the only one holding the TVB Queen award. So while Tavia and Fala are coupled with older men she might be with Kevin or might be promoting TITS2 with Kenneth Ma and Ron Ng.

        • Hannah says:

          The two Michaels and Roger are established first line actor. Not bad to be featured with them.

          By the way, Sonija is leading a few pageant ladies for August.

        • lol says:

          Correct. Myolie is the only one with the Best Actress award so it’s understandable that she’s put together with former TV Kings.

      • ppearl says:

        i read in weibo that Myolie will be placed with Wayne Lai and Moses Chan but didn’t indicate the month though.

    4. AC says:

      I’m excited for the calendar!

      I don’t really think the month matters, it’s more important that you actually make the calendar! It’ll be interesting to see who’s included in the other months and who’s left out.

      • lara says:

        Every month is important. Of course, I am happy to have the opportunity to film for the calendar

        Bosco is right. I also don’t think any month is more important and they must be happy enough to make it in but TVB might place more importance in the anniversary month November.

        He looks handsome and that mini bowtie is cute. Of course this WI couple is cute.

    5. Funn Lim says:

      So CNY is more important than Xmas? What about national holiday? Dumpling day? independence day?

      All the fight over some months. Jan is no more important than dec.

    6. Hannah says:

      Back then, the placements did matter. November was for top siusangs and fadans; January for new promoted artists; February for old/veterans. Also, artists featured in the same month usually have a series coming out.

      Apparently, that changed over time.

    7. AC says:

      I just realized that this will be the first year that Wayne will (probably) be in the calendar! A lot has changed in 3 years.

    8. Suzevil says:

      Im excited to see this! I’ve always loved seeing the pictures for these. I want to know which artists Myolie will be in the picture with!

      • llwy12 says:

        Not sure what month Myolie will be representing, but the latest is that she will be grouped together with Wayne Lai and Moses Chan (which makes sense, since both are former TV Kings). She’s scheduled to shoot the calendar picture on the 23rd, so probably will find out more then in terms of whether there will be others in the same group.

        The month of April will be represented by Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Him Law, Vincent Wong, Edwin Siu, Jason Chan, and Chris Lai. Photo shoot already completed for this group.

        • AC says:

          Oops, didn’t see that you posted this info already.

          April seems to buy the male-oriented month, and August will probably be the female with the Miss HKs.

        • llwy12 says:

          @AC: No worries! :-)

          I’m wondering if November will be the TV King and Queen month then? If that’s supposed to be the ‘most important’ month for TVB (due to the anniversary thing), then having former TV Kings and Queens head up the picture for that month is appropriate….plus it looks like TVB is doing the photo shoots in order somewhat, since the January, February, and April months are already done (I’m assuming March is as well)? So since the 23rd isn’t until next week, makes sense that it could be for later months of the calendar? Though probably also depends on the artists schedules….

        • AC says:


          It’s possible that they might be grouped together because of the TV King/Queen thing. Maybe Kevin Cheng will be in this group too if it fits into his schedule. If it’s Myolie with all guys, I can imagine them all dressed in suits since she has short hair right now.

        • Suzevil says:

          Ooh, thanks for the info llwy12! You always know so much. =)

          @AC: I would LOVE it if Myolie is dressed in a suit with all of the guys! It would look so powerful and I think she pulls off the masculine look very well.

        • ppearl says:

          oops, sorry, didn’t get to your post and i responded earlier but thanks. ;)

        • lol says:

          A lot of fans have praised Myolie as handsome after she cut her hair tomboy style. Besides she has proven how hot she can be in a suit in TVB anniversary a few years ago. She looked more handsome than the guys. I love that she always stand out from normal girls.

        • llwy12 says:

          Hmmm…I have a feeling that November will probably be the TV King and Queen month (well, at least the most recent Kings and Queens)…not 100% sure, since all of my previous TVB calendars are in storage right now (didn’t think TVB would reinstate this so soon…LOL), but I vaguely recall that in the most recent years (2009 and 2008 for example), November usually featured TV Kings and Queens…

          @AC: I think you’ll probably be right in that Myolie might be grouped with the guys (TV Kings) because if we think about it, she’s the only TV Queen who is still active with TVB right now and also officially signed to them (I’m not counting Dodo or Liza, since they represent the veterans group and traditionally they’re not grouped with the younger TV Kings and Queens).

          Looks like we’ll find out soon enough…

        • Fox says:

          Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Him Law, Vincent Wong, Edwin Siu, Jason Chan, and Chris Lai — no girl? Month of bromance?

    9. Daisy says:

      Ick why Aimee? I guess I should get used to it not like theres a choice :(

    10. skinnymocha says:

      That’s not a very flattering photo of Linda, is it? She looks so darn… grey.

      I’m looking forward to seeing all the over-Photoshopped pictures. If memory serves me right, haven’t LF, Linda, Bosco and Kate been grouped together before? And hopefully Ruco will keep his glasses on!

    11. joojaibao says:

      Eeeesh why is KATE TSUI pic even on the calander ArrrggghH….

    12. AC says:

      April will be Kenneth Ma, Ron Ng, Him Law, Chris Lai, Edwin Siu, and Benjamin Yuen.

      Myolie will be with Wayne and Moses. Not sure what month or who else will be in there.

      • llwy12 says:

        Vincent or Benjamin? I guess it doesn’t matter, since both will likely be in the calendar anyways.

        I’m actually surprised that Kenneth is amongst that group — given his popularity this year, I feel that he is on a slightly higher level than the others in that group, so I thought he might be in the same group with like Bosco or maybe even Raymond…or perhaps that he would be paired with Tavia in the same group given the popularity of their Yu Tao pairing in THC….not sure what happened — the ‘grouping’ for April just seems a bit random….Kenneth seems out of place in this group…

        • AC says:

          I think you’re right actually. It should be Vincent. For some reason, the image of Liza Wang with 6 guys from the 2009 calendar came to mind as I was listing it so that’s why I typed Benjamin. http://www.spcnet.tv/news/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/dec.jpg

          I think putting Kenneth in this group is to show that he is in a higher level so that they can put Kenneth and Ron in the center and leading the other guys? I think this just leaves Ruco and Raymond Wong out of their other first line siu sangs to fill out the rest of the months. Maybe they will be grouped with Joey, Alice, Elena, and Kristal for an ATV month. lol

        • Anon says:

          I don’t think April is random. It’s the month TVB featuring the future siu sangs. Kenneth and Ron might be to lead at the centre.

        • lol says:

          The April siu sang theme has Kenneth, Ron, Him, Vincent, Edwin, Jason and Chris Lai.

          It’s a machoman photoshoot filmed in a shipyard. Benjamin Yuen, Oscar and William Chak don’t seem to be included.

        • Hannahh says:

          I Still have that calendar hanging in my room and that same month too lol

        • Anon says:

          I missed the “ATV month” comment earlier. That’s genius and hilarious in a sarcastic way if they really grouped the ATV artistes together.

        • DC says:

          Where is Oscar and Benjamin? Hopefully they will be grouped with Nancy and Mandy LOL.

        • Aznlaydee says:

          Looking forward for Myolie’s photoshoot.

        • Aznlaydee says:

          Ron..he and Toby Leung just got caught kissing and hugging intimately in the pool under alcohol influence in Hainan island. Here is the news.


        • Aznlaydee says:

          Toby and Ron drunken intimate scenes in the pool. http://i.imgur.com/cjctK.jpg

        • Kidd says:

          Wow, that is one big wok.

        • vivien says:

          Ron and Toby WTH!

        • josie says:

          Whoa, Toby is crazy! Her husband is cuter than Ron. And who is the other guy in the hot tub w/ them?
          BTW, Toby may have been drunk but it looks like Ron was drinking a Coke. He just is being Playa Ron.

        • Veejay says:

          Is that a recent news of toby and ron? Or its an old news? I knew Toby was a bit of westerner character but didnt know she still behave like that after married..

          And Ron..oh my..he just can’t keep his legs “tight” for a man!

        • vivien says:

          From the article this is recent. It happened during their trip of filming TITS2 in Hainan and for some reason Ron and Toby drank too much and the rest is somehow maybe Ron ended up hugging Toby’s TITS. Unlucky for them too that paparazzi manage to take pic. WTH! Toby is a married woman!

        • vtechbaby88 says:

          Stephen Wong is the third party in that picture. This news should be new because it’s just published today.

          It could be the angle because Toby is quite open with her friends.

        • Nicole says:

          *cough*cough* if Toby can do this while she’s married. Then you believe her old rumors with Bosco now?

        • Veejay says:

          haha I always believe there is something on going between Toby and Bosco, always knew Toby is very open to her friends and she can really party hard too.. As for Bosco, he has always been a party animal to me and surrounded by pretty girls..so its not that suprising if they really had a fling before too.

        • Nicole says:

          I meant vivien and those bosco fans, who think Myolie fans were just believing everything bad about bosco. I didn’t believe the rumor about Liu Yan because, even though she had big boobs, she didn’t seem that type from her interview. However, I believed the one with Toby (the rumor from Next Magazine? or 3weekly can’t remember..), because she seems to be THAT TYPE.

        • lol says:

          Ron thinks with his little wiggly Ron. What a dumb guy to get caught with someone’s wife and has proofs again.

        • lol says:

          Toby is a despicable wife to behave like this. I can’t believe Stephen is involved too. This means it’s a threesome intimate hugging and kissing and two of them are MARRIED?!

        • lol says:

          How will Ron and Toby deny now since there are PIcTURES? I never liked Toby in first place now it makes me dislike her more. She has a husband forgodsake.

        • Veejay says:

          Stephen who? that french guy?? He’s a married man!!

        • lol says:

          黄长兴 is Stephen Wong or Huynh right? Yes he’s married!

        • fiery says:

          Ohno Ron Toby. Can’t even use excuse of “no picture no talk” now because there are pictures. Are there pictures of Stefan fooling around with Toby?

        • Fox says:

          Hmm, maybe they’ll claim it’s a scene in the series?

        • lol says:

          Exactly fiery, now the excuse of ‘No picture no proof’ is out but Fox is right maybe they will claim it’s a scene from the series which will mysteriously disappear when TITS 2 aired.

      • Anon says:

        April seems like a month of heavily promoted guys right now. Kenneth and Ron might be at the centre leading the pack. Female fans will love April then hehe.

        • Fox says:

          If MM is going to topless in this April page, I don’t think female fans will anticipate it. He needs clothes.

        • lol says:

          This remind me that Ron is the only guy wearing clothes in a pool picture Myolie posted. Covering something?

          Funny that when he got drunk later at night he forgot to cover up his body and went all topless to play with Toby.

      • Anon says:

        Myolie is with the #1 brothers of TVB which I assume confirmed her position as #1 fadan?

        • AC says:

          Well, technically, Liza Wang will always be the #1 fadan. haha

          I think Myolie’s “#1 fadan” status was confirmed by her position in the group photo that was taken earlier and she’s the only signed female with the Best Actress award.

        • Yuyu says:

          Myolie is #1 fadan of the younger females. Liza is #1 fadan of the older females.

        • Anon says:

          From the calendar, the ranking among the five is:
          #1: Myolie – placed with TVB Kings
          #2: Tavia and Fala – placed with TVB veteran/mature artistes
          #3: Linda and Kate – placed with TVB young hotshots

          The calendar has hidden meanings, folks :P

        • lol says:

          Your listed rankings for the five are spot on Anon. The calendar indeed carry deep message about everyone’s position.

        • subtleness says:

          I like wat ur analysis Anon.. But yuck at Aimee’s position. She does not deserve those young hotshots

        • Anon says:

          I forgot that Aimee was there too. I personally still feel Aimee, Selena and Natalie belongs to a level for their own.

        • Fox says:

          #3: Linda and Kate – placed with TVB young hotshots

          Sorry, but they aren’t young anymore :P.

        • Fox says:

          Young in Txb’s dictionary.

          This dictionary is even worse in the terms related to women. Such as “Young love” = love between 30++ woman and 40-50++ men; “Young maid” = 30++ look 40++ maid.

        • Nicole says:

          Young Maid = supposed to be 20+, cast 30+, looks like 40+ LOL

        • Fox says:

          20++? Not 18?

      • lol says:

        Myolie with Wayne and Moses makes a powerful mix. They’re all Best Actors and Actress winners so I wonder if they will be in Nov.

    13. Danny says:

      I want sheren, ada, esther and jessica in it!

    14. TN1 says:

      I love January, it’s the New Year of coz! Bet November is for the veteran ones’. Don’t think those pics are used for the calendar.

    15. apple says:

      Bosco always has good sense of replying questions “Every months is important” he looks handsome & cute in the above pix.

      • Anon says:

        I notice this too. He always manage to answer provoking and tricky questions with firm and good sense. Good EQ I think. I agree he looks cute but too bad can’t have bts pictures of Lam Fung and Bosco together. I love bromances.

        • Fox says:

          If you want, I can give you some. Bromance they had in 2 series: LWOLAP and GTL. Although I worship 2R more but BoRa isn’t bad :P.

    16. Sand says:

      When r the calendars usually up for sale? And where can i buy them when in hk?

    17. Hannahh says:

      i hope i can get my hand on those calendar

    18. Grace says:

      I like Bosco & Linda pairing… they were good in WI!!!
      But By putting Aimee in their group 1 does it mean that 2013 will be her year? TVB will promote her heavily????

    19. hazel says:

      Aww too bad! Tavia should have been on the january month calendar. Tavia should trade places with Aimee. I mean come on isn’t even on the same level as all of them plus she isn’t even a fadan.

    20. Hannah says:

      The placements of the artists are seem random, lol

    21. salamander says:

      Oh Bosco and Linda look sweet and cute together in the picture.

    22. purplepaw says:

      hm i wonder if oscar leung’s in this as well? since vincent wong and him law are apparently in it as well..and i really hope i can manage to get this! they used to give these calendars out for free at the vhs tape shops that rented out tvb shows in NYC, but those shops are long gone..

      • DC says:

        I really hope Oscar will be in it, because two years ago (?) TVB took photos for their managed artists, and after having Oscar’s photos taken, none of them were published!

        But since he’s well-received by the audience this year, I’m sure TVB won’t ignore that.

      • Fox says:

        I think he’ll. Hope so.

      • lol says:

        Him isn’t a managed artiste and still included among the upcoming future siusangs so I think Oscar won’t be left behind since he’s popular in TC.

    23. shoshotah says:

      when is the calender coming out? i can’t wait to see them. so it has been on hold for 2 years no wonder i don’t see it and there is no connection with me and tvb. y is linda with raymond lam again?

      i just realized that bosco has very sexual lips and a nice nose but the eyes are off. linda always looks good.

      where do you guys watch these tvb films? i can’t catch up. it’s going too fast. i want to watch so many linda chung series but i can’t catch up to her. slow down linda.

    24. fiery says:

      Linda is wearing too much powder. Must be because she has bad skin condition.

    25. Queen says:

      Hmmm.. Bosco has attractive lips, nice nose and a pair of Korean eyes.

    26. llwy12 says:

      For those interested, here are scans of the previous years’ calendars (1998 to 2009) courtesy of HK Channel’s Weibo (sorry, some of the images are small, so can’t really make out some of the artists in the pics…but it’s better than nothing I guess): http://photo.weibo.com/1686300145/wbphotos/large/photo_id/3372378719984677?refer=weibofeed

      Wow, looking at the calendars from the past decade, things sure have changed!

    27. rgte says:

      idk why, but i just dont find bosco to be attractive. his lips is black, cause he smokes too much. and he’s getting thinner these days.

      • solaris says:

        I think beauty lies on behalf of the beholder and is subjective. I think Bosco is not a traditional handsome man but he has something attractive about him whenever I saw him in movies or series and his acting is more than competent!

    28. blurjen says:

      how can i get a copy of the calendar?

      tvb ought to do a screensaver

    29. solaris says:

      Yeay Bosco and Linda comeback after Witness insecurity! I love Bosco’s acting and Linda is so sweet looking :D

    30. Fox says:

      Second time of 4 LF, Bosco, Linda, Kate together in a calendar. Old? They are in Jan again, double old.

      Why don’t have a little change? I don’t mind if LF isn’t in Jan, Feb, Nov – important months blah blah but with pretty young girls. Not saying that Linda and Kate are not pretty (not saying that they are very pretty, too), but I want him to be with the MHKs, lolz.

      Linda added, “Although we are not a real-life couple, it is good that the audience liked the pairing. I am very lucky; I had partnered with Raymond Lam on many occasions and now there is a refreshing feeling with Bosco. In the coming year, I would like to have more partnership opportunities as onscreen lovers.”

      Linda is already forgetful at the age of nearly 30? Lolz, she paired up with LF twice and Bosco twice, how fresh it can be, lolz?

    31. what says:

      seriously man. Aimee is either sleeping with the right person or she has some powerful connections.

    32. kk says:

      no comments on other artists but aimee chan???? i shall never forgive moses for that never ever lol.

    33. Danny says:

      Aimee replaced Bernice! I will miss Bernice!

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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