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Bound and Gagged,Cecilia Cheung Shockingly Abused in Viral Video Clip?

By on August 31, 2011

Bound and Gagged,Cecilia Cheung Shockingly Abused in Viral Video Clip? thumbnail

A video clip of Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) allegedly being abused was widely circulated in the mainland China yesterday. In one of the scenes, Cecilia’s mouth was gagged with a rubber ball prop and wore a visibly painful expression. Some media even linked the video clip to the 2008 sex photos scandal and mixed them together.

Towards this, Cecilia’s manager Emily retaliated and claimed that the said clip was filmed in 2006, before Cecilia  married to Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒). Emily clarified that the clip was only an artistic clip and didn’t see the fuss or understand why it had to be sensationalized by the media now. Emily also angrily criticized that the way of cooking up this piece of news was undoubtedly lame.

Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse had earlier announced their mutual decision to divorce. After officially ending their 5-year marriage, Cecilia and Nicholas embarked on their respective new lives. Initially thinking that the dust has settled and all has returned back to normal but unexpectedly, yesterday, a short clip of Cecilia suspected to have been abused, was suddenly circulated in mainland.

In the clip, Cecilia wore a camisole and black underpants, with both her hands tied behind her back. Cecilia’s head was also strapped with a black leather belt and her mouth was gagged with a ball-shaped prop. Through a close-up of the video, it could be seen that Cecilia appeared to have struggled for quite some time such that she looked on the verge of tears. Her entire back was soaked in sweat. Cecilia’s sweaty face also melted and smeared her smoky eyes makeup. In the clip, Cecilia carried an unspeakable expression, looking like she was in a state of pain.

Yesterday, a reporter mixed that clip together with the 2008 sex photos scandal in their news report and even revealed the creator of that clip to be Edison Chen’s (陳冠希) long-time buddy, famous music video director, Vernie Yeung (楊龍澄). This misled people to think that it was a series of “new undisclosed bed photos.” However, the truth was nowhere near that. The reporter called Cecilia’s manager Emily, who clarified that the clip was filmed in the year 2006, before Cecilia’s marriage, “Cecilia was just helping her friend (referring to Vernie Yeung) to film a short artistic clip. This clip had already been floating in the web since years ago. Don’t understand why it had to be sensationalized by others now!” Emily also directly criticized the act of “cooking up” news as being extremely lame.

Josie Ho and Sam Lee Also Featured in the Clip

The reporter found that Cecilia’s alleged abuse clip was actually snippets from a 1 minute and 36 seconds video uploaded online years ago. In the original video, other than Cecilia, Josie Ho (何超儀) and Sam Lee (李璨琛) were also featured in the video. Both of them were also tied up and showed pained expressions to the camera. That video was actually created to portray artists’ voices when faced with the constant pressures from the media and the paparazzi.

Cecilia’s gagged-and-bound video was already uploaded on Youtube by Josie Ho as early as February 2009. Some media even thought that that video was taken right after Cecilia’s sex photos scandal broke out in 2008. Yesterday, reporters sought clarification from Josie and she expressed, “This clip was taken many, many years ago. It befuddles me why it had to be hyped up by people in recent days!”

In fact, as the matter was seriously too long ago, Josie couldn’t think of anything in a moment until yesterday night, when Josie left a message on Weibo, saying that she finally recalled that the said clip was used as a metaphor method to bring out the theme and urged everyone not to be alarmed. Josie even highly praised Cecilia’s performance as being too vivid such that the media had to sensationalize it in the current manner, really making a fool of themselves.

Cecilia’s Assistant Bombarded and Groaned of Being Framed

On the other hand, Cecilia’s assistant and long-time friend, Andygaga, blasted on Weibo and revealed that the experimental short video which was filmed before getting married was framed as being shot after her marriage. When in fact, the video had already been broadcasted long ago. Andygaga also implied that it was totally absurd to write about it now instead of years earlier.

As for Cecilia’s short clip being sensationalized, Cecilia’s mother expressed over the phone yesterday that as she was not rhetoric enough, she wouldn’t comment. Nicholas’ manager Mani Fok (霍汶希) pointed out that Nicholas will not respond on the matter. Edison’s management company said that they have already informed Edison but since it was none of his business, they wouldn’t give a response.

Source: Oriental Daily

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com.

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  • Readers' Comments (36)

    1. edmwer says:

      Watched it. The video is quite short. It looked like a horror film trailer LOL

    2. Pvt. Joker says:

      Andygaga? Sometimes I wonder what are they smoking over there….

      Scandal being dragged up every time she gets mentioned. And that’s why that douchebag should never get a second chance.

    3. Vivien says:


      Where you watch it???? :D

    4. lara says:

      cecilia was quite emo aye…

    5. Fox says:

      SM film? SM here stands for Slave and Master, a way of sex methods. The gag ball and the tie are two tools for it. The gag ball will let the woman unable to close mouth. If you know, the slang “gag” has its original meaning from this gag ball. The way she was tied also be a part of this.

      Well, some ppl think that SM sex is exciting and better than normal sex. So the purpose of the video is what? To film an artistic film about SM and to promote SM?

      The clip was uploaded 3 month ago and it looks like an artistic film. In my opinion, Ceci’s one is the boldest.

    6. Ah K says:

      I don’t know manx. Cecilia kind of looks like Joker from Batman with her smeared makeup in the pics above.

      • Ah K says:

        And must they choose a salmon pink colored ball to stuff in her mouth? I mistakenly thought that that was her tongue from afar.

    7. Pineapple says:

      If Cecilia was a lousy actress and couldn’t make ends meet in the past then she is certainly becoming famous nowadays by all the scandals, photos and videos about her. Wonder what her children will think when they get older. I can’t imagine them to be proud of their mum.

    8. ita says:

      one messed up person. Sometimes i question about being artistic. From the above pic look more SM than artistic. Currently read about vomit art. Would you want to buy an art of someone else vomit? haha. I find all of this think just plainly stupidity. And some ppl call it an art. pshh…

      • Summer says:

        I’m an artist and I think this theme is SM and sadistic. Not artistic at all. But if that is the direction he is going for, then he succeed.

    9. Cloud says:

      The video clip was quite sadistic. She’s a sadist, and so is Vernie Yeung.

    10. uyenta says:

      omg the news is fabricating the whole thing
      i watch the video and its some artistic thing.
      im not a fan of cecillia cheung

    11. Jayne says:

      While the metaphor in the clip was that the paparazzi can indeed be suffocating, the video has heavily sadistic tones. Featuring Cecilia in her underwear, bounding and gagging her in such a S&M manner complete with gag, was it necessary? The video came across as lascivious.

      The message could have been delivered through other image such as asthma attack, drowning in pool, mental asylum, etc. Instead of S&M, which I find unsettling.

      • Cloud says:

        I totally agree with you Jane. The video seems to be made solely to fulfill the satisfaction of male’s sadistic fantasy. If they wanted to portray a celeb being suffocated by the media, they could’ve used a pillow to create a smothering effect instead of that pink ball, which only makes me think of the male’s genitalia.

      • ita says:

        i didn’t really watch the video. Look at the pic is scary enough already. Sometimes i think those who like this kind of things their thought must be really dark and it scares me.

    12. ita says:

      eh, i thought that pink thing is her tongue?.

      Just find out she used to date daniel chan for quite a long time.

    13. Pineapple says:

      Who is Daniel Chan?

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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