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Celebrity Twins: Cecilia Cheung and Gong Mi

By on January 3, 2011

Celebrity Twins: Cecilia Cheung and Gong Mi thumbnail

Gong Mi, an upcoming young actress, which started off by joining the chinese singing competition “Happy Girls” (2009), first caught the media attention for bearing a striking resemblance to Hong Kong thirty-year-old actress, Cecilia Cheung. She was quickly nicknamed “Little Cecilia” and her name became a hit in various online forums. Gong Mi was accussed of having undergone cosmetic surgery to make her face look similar to Cheung’s face. Netizens kept commenting over Gong Mi’s similarities to Cecilia Cheung rather than commenting over her singing abilities.

When interviewed, Gong Mi expressed “”I’m not going to deny my pleasure to hear that”. She went on to deny rumors of plastic surgery, saying “My parents gave me what I have and any change to that would be disrespectful to them.”

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  • Readers' Comments (34)

    1. iampheng says:

      She has an uncanny resemblance to Cecilia Cheung, I agree. I didn’t notice the resemblance as much when Gong Mi was in “Strange Tales 3″ though but that may be due to the ancient setting of the series.

      In the pictures, it’s almost eerie how alike they look…

    2. Funn Lim says:

      Wow, the eyes is similar!

    3. Nina says:

      oh wow. The pictures you posted make them really look like twin.

    4. JN says:

      Gong Mi might be her long lost sister (if you know what I mean)

    5. Lacey says:

      I cant even tell which one is Cecilia! its scary how theres a lot of people that look alike!

    6. Darren says:

      Cecilia still twice beautiful than her!!!

    7. EkinFan says:

      Time for Nick Tse to start over with this non tainted version of cecilia

      • Funn Lim says:

        Nic isn’t so hot either. He went to jail for being a chicken over one road collision. Which was good for him. Rumours has it he was beaten in there? All I know is after he came out of prison he was actually more mature, he stopped behaving like some wannabe rock star. He is tainted too. So why the double standard?

        • EkinFan says:

          Being a chicken over a road collision > Millions of HK males with their pants off in front of a computer looking at your wife

    8. Jayne says:

      Ekinfan, what do you mean by tainted? You seem to advocate a guy having as many women as he can. So a woman can’t do the same without labels?

    9. Jayne says:

      Ekinfan, in fact Nic’s love for Cecilia seems to be stronger than ever. In the February edition of Harper’s Bazaar, it was mentioned that Nic regards Cecilia as one of the strongest people he knows. Without having read the interview, I presume it refers to her courage in facing difficult situations, including the nude photo scandal.

      If a man had numerous lovers before marriage, it is unfair to expect his wife to be “pure” and virginal. Set a standard and values that should be shared by both.

      • Funn Lim says:

        Which is why Nic has my vote as the best husband of the year. Any man in his situation would be forgiven for dumping the wife but he did not, he stuck by her and in turn show the world how mature and masculine he is. Cecilia is a very very lucky woman.

        • Kidd says:

          I have to add in Bobo Chan as another lucky woman. Her fiance also stood by her during that difficult time and they are still together now as far as I know.

      • EkinFan says:

        Unfortunately Jayne, You cannot set a standard that applies to both. That is the gender roles of our society and although it can be unfair, that’s how it is. Men with multiple partners = Stud/Playboy (attractive) reverse that with women = Slut/Homewrecker (unattractive). That’s just the way it is.

    10. jo says:

      I dont even know which one is Cecilia! The resemblance is striking!

    11. Jayne says:

      Ekinfan, those are unfair perceptions and labels set by men. So a man can sleep around with a woman, but consider her “tainted” to marry? This set of double standards is so old school.

      I think it’s fine for a woman to enjoy her share of lovers before marriage. Not irresponsible and promiscous sex, but sex that usually goes along with a normal relationship. Yes it’s embarrassing to have nude and sexual photos posted online, but fortunately Nic Tse looked beyond his pride and male ego. Many people (men and women) have a sexual past, but the only difference is that Cecilia’s activities are for the world to see because she is a famous celebrity.

      Edison Chen’s genitals were displayed for the world to see and many netizens were very cruel, commenting on his size. I think inside, many people possess a mean streak and like to bash others and create demeaning labels to make themselves stand apart.

    12. Jayne says:

      Although society may have certain demeaning labels and unfair male/ female expectations, that does not mean we have to accept them, especially when it comes to our personal relationships.

      It is the same when it comes to racial judgements. Many of our parents may have racial bias and gender expectations because they were born and raised in different times. But do we have to adopt the same bias as our parents or what society has decided to stamp for us? Aren’t we old enough to decide for ourselves and look beyond those labels?

      Everyone else, does your bf/ gf’s sexual past make him/ her a less desirable partner?

    13. HeTieShou says:

      Sorry Ekinfan, your perceptions are way too sexist and old school You need to be more fair and equal these days…

      Gong Mi does look like Cecilia Cheung… I still wonder if she did get plastic surgery?? Of course, she would not admit it even if she did.

    14. EkinFan says:

      I would love to look beyond the labels and unfair expectations, but unfortunately Jayne that’s not what the public thinks. Look at the media glamorize men that are sleeping around and scrutinize women that sleep around. Look at all the crap Bernice was getting. I wish we could change the views, but it ain’t happening.

      My views too old school? Asian society is all about old school traditions. You’re telling me that a man wouldn’t prefer a virgin to marry over a girl with a promiscuous past?

      • Funn Lim says:

        “You’re telling me that a man wouldn’t prefer a virgin to marry over a girl with a promiscuous past?”

        Well admittedly this is true, who you want as a girlfriend is different from who you want to marry. But let me ask you this; how would you know where she’s been to and who she’s been with if she chooses not to tell you? Does it even matter. If you wish to marry a virgin, sorry to say, you have to turn paedophile because these days most aren’t. Shouldn’t value be more on heart and personality rather than her past? Like women’s values of men should be heart and personality rather than wallet?

        Yes Bernice got a lot of slack NOT because she supposedly slept around, no, it was because of Moses who is well liked.

        Cecilia and many others in those amateur porn videos… all of us has a past. if you wish to marry a woman without a past, start at conception then.

        I don’t disagree with your views, you’re right in how society works but that doesn’t mean that’s how things should be. How do you define promiscuous? In the end whoever you married, who is devoted to you, loves you, treats you well and is kind to others, whatever their past may be, it shouldn’t matter. If you mind you much, then such a relationship shouldn’t be pursued and you move on, so that another lucky guy could have that wonderful girl. Which is why I respect Nic Tse and in a way Cecilia herself. She has matured. Nic Tse proved to be a man of his word and more. They personify the old school asian values; a loving mother/wife/daughter in law and a stoic strong protective son/father/husband.

    15. Kidd says:

      @ EkinFan“I would love to look beyond the labels and unfair expectations, but unfortunately Jayne that’s not what the public thinks. Look at the media glamorize men that are sleeping around and scrutinize women that sleep around. Look at all the crap Bernice was getting. I wish we could change the views, but it ain’t happening.”

      Doesn’t seem like you are trying very hard to change or even want to. Despite you professing that you ‘would love to look beyond labels’ and ‘wish we could change the views’, you are doing the exact opposite.

      Your quote from another article.
      “just men being men, keep it up Law but next time don’t forget to put a password lock on your phone. Jesus player you gotta know all the tools of the trade if you want to juggle multiple women.

      Please don’t blame the media and the public. The public and the media didn’t put a gun to your head to force you to think this way. You yourself contributed to the glamorisation of men sleeping around by making statements such as above.

      Funny how you make the public and society responsible for your thoughts and belief.

      Not asking you to change your view since you have the right to think however you wants. Just don’t blame the society, tradition and public for what you choose to think.

      • Kidd says:

        Also contributed to the scrutinization of women that sleep around by giving statements like this.

        “Time for Nick Tse to start over with this non tainted version of cecilia”

    16. CY says:

      @ EkinFan

      While I prefer the traditional values of not having premarital sex, I believe that there shouldn’t be a double standard. If the guy is allowed to do so and be considered a stud in your words, why can’t a woman do the same? These labels of women who have slept around is just an outdated, chauvinistic view of narrow minded, egotistic and hypocritical men. After all, what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

    17. Judy says:

      @ Ekinfan – Cecilia does what millions of other girls do in a relationship, she was just unfortunate and stupid enough to video tape herself doing it. But to each his own… good luck finding a pure virginal bride!

      Back to the original topic, I’ve seen before and after pics of Gong Mi. To me, it looks as if she’s redone her eyes and nose. She looks great, but it is kinda freaky and a little disturbing to purposefully alter your natural self to look like someone else. It’s really a shame because I feel like everyone is beautiful in their own way, no need to try and imitate others.

      • HeTieShou says:

        Thanks for the info and I must say that I had a feeling that Gong Mi did have some kind of plastic surgery done because her face doesn’t look natural to me. IF she did indeed have plastic surgery just to look like someone else, I feel that is sad because I believe people should be themselves instead of trying to look like someone else. Everyone is unique in their own way. Also, it would sort of make her a hypocrite since she said that if she altered anything then she is disrespecting her parents. I wonder how her parents feel??

    18. SweetyPie says:

      Wow, what’s up with the posts? Are we not here to discuss the similarities between Cecilia and Gong Mi?! What’s with the whole scandal crap…Why the need to trash Cecilia (Ekinfan)? If you don’t like her, then move on.

      So glad that Nichloas and Cecilia continue to prove that true love does win all.

    19. Eh??? says:

      There is a reason why the article is called “Celebrity Twins” and not “Celebrity Moral Ethics”

    20. HeTieShou says:

      I guess once something like the big Edison Chen photo scandal happens to you, it is hard to completely erase it.

    21. j00ky says:

      wow… I cannot tell them apart at all @@

    22. kara says:

      Difference between Gong Mi and Cecilia? Cecilia has a bad ass bush!

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