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Celebrity Twins: Mavis Pan and Shu Qi

By on March 24, 2011

Celebrity Twins: Mavis Pan and Shu Qi thumbnail

Pan Shuang Shuang (Mavis Pan) who has recently drawn the media attention on her due to her “bed photos” with famous ex boyfriend Raymond Lam, has previously been under the spotlight, not only for her acting and modeling work, but also for being compared to Taiwanese movie star Shu Qi. Mavis Pan has been nicknamed “Little Shu Qi” by audiences and the media for her voluptuous figure, slender waist and her juicy lips, which are similar to Shu Qi’s features. Pan has been mostly known for her resemblance to the Taiwanese actress rather than for her own work. Netizens have compared her to Shu Qi on various forums all over the Internet, commenting over her similar features with Shu Qi’s eyes, pouty lips and nice figure, as well as for the fact that they are both not only actresses but also models.

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  • Readers' Comments (27)

    1. nuts says:

      since when did Shu Qi have huge knockers?

      i dont think Mavis look like Shu Qi facial wise nor body anatomy. it would’ve been better for her career to associate with Shu Qi, than RL, that is now turning out to ruin her life after she got so many ppl pitchfork and all chasing her. damned by association, poor her. i change my mind and feel sorry for Mavis at the end now!

    2. Kidd says:

      Mavis is more beautiful than Shu Qi, but, I prefers Shu Qi’s look. Mavis is more standard beauty while Shu Qi’s look is more unique.

      • HeTieShou says:

        I agree and even though I don’t like Shu Qi, I have to admit that her beauty is more unique. Mavis’ look to me is more common… I wonder if she got plastic surgery to get that type of look??

      • iampheng says:

        I agree with you. Shu Qi definitely has a more unique look that’s hard to clone. Shu Qi is not a beauty in my book, but she has a certain captivating quality about her face.

        In fact, Mavis has an easily forgettable face in my opinion. I thought that other girl, Viann Zhang, is much better looking.

    3. snoopy says:

      I love that photo of Shu Qi! Very beautiful. Mavis photo is just so cheap. There is no comparison. Shu Qi wins all!

    4. Funn Lim says:

      I never liked Shu Qi, thinking her cheap but after I see Mavis Pan, I have to say

      1. she is more voluptous than Shu Qi


      2. Shu Qi far more classier than her in the poses despite her own soft porn past.

      • pandamao says:

        I think it’s an unfair comparison. Miss China took a comparison of Shu Qi at her most elegant/classy point of her career while Mavis is trying to gain momentum.

        Based on physical appearance, there are similarities and I 100% agree with you that Shu Qi is classier than Mavis.

        It’s sad that people will always associate Shu Qi with her pornographic history. She’s got loads of talent but wasn’t fortunate enough to have the finance and connections to back her up.

        Regardless – I’m extremely proud of her and would say she “came from dirt but not contaminated.”

    5. tila says:

      They don’t look anything alike. Shy Qi looks better!!

    6. Loekie says:

      I also never like shu qi. I hate here voice.

      1. Her eyes is smaller than mavis
      2. Her eyes are standing very wide, is looks very weird.
      3. Her figure is like a plane landing ‘fei kei cheung’.

      One thing is matching: full lips.

      But, we don’t know what Mavis did about plastic surgery. If she did, the doctors did it very well. She is a hot women. Is not weird that raymond fall in love with her boobs…. I mean with her ‘eyes’…:-)

    7. Aly says:

      What’s with the hype on full, big lips. I guess men find that sexy and attractive. Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway…I think they would look better if their lips weren’t so big. Same with Shu Qi, Gaile Lok, and now Mavis Pan. So not only do the men like big boobs but also big lips? Big eyes, big butt? I guess size does matter then, huh?

      • Lacult says:

        what do you think? that’s why stupid girls go out on crazy diets and plastic surgery. Another thing is that the media does play a big role in peoples judgments. Angelina is not pretty nor sexy just like Shu Qi. Not at all pretty. Julia got that biggest, widest mouth ever which is scary and a bad sign in the Chinese community. These girls are just fake please don’t go for no plastic surgeries. Don’t know why SOME guys fall for them.

      • nuts says:

        they want everything supersized, just like their drink and fries.

        • rei says:

          Thicker lips could look good or sexy only if your feature match it otherwise it’s a no no. I think Shu Qi looks prettier despite her porno history, her beauty is more natural when compare to the Chinese verson of CHER.

    8. HeTieShou says:

      I don’t get what is so special about having big and thick lips? I thought that Asians don’t like thick and big lips?? I always thought that they preferred small and thin lips? I guess it depends on the person now..

      • Lacult says:

        Small and thin lips are ugly !!! Glad I don’t have them.

        • HeTieShou says:

          They can look ok depending on the person… I think something in between is ok. Lips that are too small and thin or too big and thick are all not attractive to me…

        • HKer says:

          i reckon full lips are pretty so long as it’s mainly the bottom lip that’s thick, and the cupid’s bow is prominent. i think gaile lok’s lips are gorgeous! shu qi doesn’t have an obvious cupid’s bow so her lips look like “ma yun cheung.” meanwhile, mavis upper lip is as big as the bottom, and this just makes her mouth look massive.

    9. iampheng says:

      I also don’t think Mavis and Shu Qi look anything alike! I think that Shu Qi, while not the most attractive actress, has a sensual look about her appearance. Think Gong Li type, who is older and hotter by a wide margin lol.

      Mavis, on the other hand, is not as sensuous but is much more obviously sexual. Perhaps this is due to her sexy body abundant bikini shots. Mavis does not channel sensuality in the same manner that Shu Qi does, no contest there.

      Neither Mavis or Shu Qi can be considered voluptuous, in my opinion. Shu Qi is just thin with not a whole lot of curves and Mavis only has large breasts accompanied with a relatively slim build. Voluptuous actresses off the top of my head would be someone like Scarlett Johanssen.

    10. Pvt. Joker says:

      can’t compare to the original…

    11. Lacult says:

      I don’t think you guys need to compare Mavis to Shu Qi. If one is fake then she’s fake. There’s no comparison. How can you compare a girl wearing a lot of makeup on and looks hot to a girl that is naturally beautiful?

    12. Joey says:

      Wow…in the beginning i thot “who cares who’s been with ray…its normal…and y r ppl calling her a slut!?”….but reading abt her surgery…and seeing these pics…she definately has some insecure issues…and wants to be famous. especially if ur only 23…she’s just starting her path in life. the first pic in the middle row is scarey….SHE LOOKS SO PLASTIC AND FAKE…can’t believe ray’s taste is so bad…pretty much just looking for a bedmate. even makes me dislike him more for acting all innocent…

      • Kidd says:

        If she’s just a bedmate, Ray wouldn’t brought her to family gatherings. So, I think Ray was serious.

      • HeTieShou says:

        I wonder how these “fake and plastic” features will look when you get older?? My friend told me that they will not just sag but will look completely fake and artificial since they are not originally a part of your body…Boy, I saw it with my mom’s friend… Not a pleasant site.. Plastic surgery may give you a satisfying new look while you are young, but when you get old… You will not age well at all.

    13. Fox says:

      I somehow think Joey Yung looks like Shu Qi than Mavis Pan. Joey and Shu Qi share the same eyes. Mavis and Angelababy looks similar than Mavis and Shu Qi.

    14. Danielle says:

      Hmmmmm think I might be alone here but I like Shu Qi. I think she’s a natural beauty and very gorgeous indeed. Slim but still slightly curvy. Very good figure with nothing too exaggerated. And she does ooze classiness.

    15. lol says:

      let’s put it this way, most of these starlets are well pakaged and well marketed. i remember when shu qui first started her career in hong kong the comments about her were not pleasent at all. let’s be honest, she’s is not what you would call beautiful, i mean her eyes need a road map to connect…having said that, i have to admit that her look is definitely more memorable than most.

    16. Marianne says:

      I don’t think either of them are hot, beautiful or attractive. They both look s****!I think what most are saying about Shu Qi’s so- called uniquenss is her mouth, its in a weird shape and big..and she is sorta cross eyes.
      All Mavis can show off is her chest which is unproportional to the rest of her body.
      Both are definately not beauties.

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