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Charlene Choi: “Nothing Can Hurt Me Anymore!”

By on October 27, 2011

Charlene Choi: “Nothing Can Hurt Me Anymore!” thumbnail

Twins was established a decade ago and group members, Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) and Gillian Chung (鍾欣桐), have experienced numerous turbulences. When Charlene’s marital status to Ronald Cheng (鄭中基) was revealed, their simultaneous divorce was unveiled before the public, leading to a double repercussion. No wonder Charlene noted that the worst has already passed and that she was no longer afraid of anything in life!

Charlene and Louis Koo (古天樂) appeared at a celebratory banquet for I.T.’s Maison Martin Margiela store opening. I.T.’s founder, Shum Ka Wai (沈嘉偉), was also in attendance. With the current temperature in Beijing dipping to 5 degrees Celsius, Charlene wore the latest fall fur fashion at the banquet. Admitting that she was afraid of the cold temperatures, Charlene affixed six heating pads to her body to stay warm. When she entered the indoor venue, Charlene started sweating profusely. Charlene said, “When I was inside the car, I could not breathe properly; I wanted to die! It was a lot better when I walked outside.”

Feeling the Most Liberated In Her Entire Career

Charlene shared the details of her hectic upcoming schedule, “In November, Twins will perform in Shanghai as part of their world concert tour. We had performed in Guangzhou, China and the United States earlier. The world concert tour will continue in 2012. In March, we will perform in Zhongshan, China and another location. In addition, we will have to record our Cantonese music album and rehearse for the upcoming concert performances.”

Asked what style her new album will feature, Charlene said, “The album’s theme will center upon freedom. Over our 10-year career, Gillian and I felt the most liberated and happy in the last two years. I experienced an unhappy stage in my life and the worst period has already passed. There is nothing worse that can occur anymore, which is why I am very happy now. Nothing further can hurt me [to that extent] anymore. Earlier, Gillian and I released separate music albums and met different music producers and technicians, so we can introduce them to each other.”

“William Chan Is Very Mature”

Charlene revealed that her thinking has matured immensely, “I was not old enough in the past and dwelled on many things, wishing I was more mature. Now that I have matured, I have to get in touch with my inner child instead.” (William Chan 陳偉霆 helps you get closer to your inner child?) “Although he is only slightly younger than I am, he is very mature. I will ask him for help on many matters.” (Can you elaborate on such instances?) “It’s difficult to say; something has to happen first.”

Asked whether numerous vendors sought Charlene and William to appear at joint promotional events together due to their dating status, she replied, “There are a few offers. We told our company, EEG, and the outside world, that we do not prefer to do so. We filmed several ads together; however, they were arranged prior to our dating.”

In addition, Charlene’s mainland series will be shortly broadcast in Italy, upon which she expressed a great sense of honor.

Source: Orientaldaily.on.cc

Jayne: Charlene seems very happy since dating William Chan. 

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  • Readers' Comments (29)

    1. josie says:

      Who wouldn’t be happy, w/ cutie pie william as a bf?

      I’m still surprised charlene and William don’t do couple events since they should be quite lucrative. I respect them a lot more than the double Chan’s who say they want privacy and yet are total sell-outs.

    2. Fox says:

      I still have a strong thinking that they are fake couple. Whenever they refer to each others, I don’t feel the love.

      • josie says:

        Sa-Will or double Chan’s? Or both?

        I think William is very smitten w/ ah Sa.

      • lemon says:

        William is very smitten with Ah Sa. He gets awfully happy whenever talking about her. There is really no benefit to fake their relationship as Ah Sa is very popular, probably the most popular and valuable female actress in HK at the moment. On the other hand, William is the next Nicholas Tse! I actually feel sad for them considering the unneccessary pressure of how she is more successful/popular/richer than him.

        • Fox says:

          Ah Sa: Get out of the news about the marriage with Ronald very fast.

          William Chan: Get famous so fast.

          These things are benefits.

          However, josie is right. At least they are not like the MeMo couple so they are fake or real, I don’t care. I still like them.

      • HeTieShou says:

        I thought that I was the only one that felt that way…

    3. gwen says:

      ah sa can’t act she is lucky to be so popular

      • HeTieShou says:

        I think her acting is ok but then again, it is not just her since how many actors and actresses are really talented and can really act??? Not that many… People are popular due to other reasons like luck, connections, timing, and so many other things. You can be really talented but yet not get anywhere.

    4. sara says:

      I agree with @gwen that she can’t act. I also think Twins in general can’t really sing. Not really sure how they got so popular (looks maybe?). But I do have to say that many singers now and days can’t really sing or aren’t up to the great level as those in the past.

      Their voices aren’t anything spectacular, and IMO, when they sing live, it’s kinda bad. They should just stick with the studio help if they’re gonna keep singing.

      • Jayne says:

        Who in Hong Kong pop music do you consider to be great singers from the past?

        I’ve been listening to a lot of oldies on youtube while posting at night. Dave Wang’s voice is heartbreakingly beautiful, even on my cheap speakers. :)

        • sara says:

          Honestly, @Jayne, I would say just about anyone from the past. And yes, I agree, Dave Wang really does have a beautiful voice! I enjoy listening to him also. Others like Danny Chan, Priscilla Chan, Anita Mui, Roman Tam, Adam Cheng, Sam Hui, Jacky Cheung etc. Oh and my one my favorites is Teresa Teng.

          As you can see, it really ranges. But some people now, like Twins, just can’t compare. I’ve also seen a little of “The Voice” and I literally cringe when I hear some of these people sing…

        • Jayne says:

          The legendary singers from 1980s and 1990s left a lasting legacy, who truly had singing talent. However, the music composition for numerous popular hits (from Alan Tam to Jacky Cheung’s songs) were actually from Japanese composers, thus the music companies only filled in Chinese lyrics and adapted it accordingly to the singers’ style. The lyrics were more meaningful and as much an enjoyment as the voice behind it.

          The music companies also put more long-term strategy in developing a singer’s style. For example, in the early 1990s, Polygram had many of the industry’s biggest singers: Alan Tam, Jacky Cheung, Leon Lai, etc. All three men are huge stars, but they managed to produce songs for each singer that matched their style, which led to quite distinct results, although all three sang love ballads.

          I think the singers from these days are more performers, as looks supercede their singing talent. The majority are “karaoke singers” and while the voices may be okay, there is no distinctive style.

          I like most of the singers you mentioned. Teresa Teng’s voice is like butter, so smooth and harmonious. Faye Wong’s pitch is quite similiar to Teresa’s too. My favorite Teresa song is 但願人長久, which is very poetic and hauntingly beautiful. Amazing that they were able to set the ancient poem to music so well.

          I also like Alan Tam a lot. Youtube has lot of oldies uploaded, especially if you check out the user “MrMusical1980″ he has over a 1,000 MVs.

          I listen to different music depending on my mood. Teresa and Dave’s music would be what I listen to when I am in a deep, reflective mood. I also like New Age music, such as Jia Peng Fang’s erhu style. Sometimes melancholy, sometimes uplifting, but nevertheless very inspirational.


          Ironically, I also like rap and dance music, when I need more upbeat music, or rather don’t wish to think too hard. :)

        • Kidd says:

          For heart breaking voice. Listen to Danny Summer (夏韶聲). That guy’s voice is really heart-breaking. I can only take him in small doses. I don’t think I can listen to a whole album of his songs in one go. Too sad. But, he’s a great singer. You can really feel the song he sings.

          I don’t know how to appreciate Anita’s voice when I was younger. The only song of hers I used to like is ‘Heart Debt’ (心債), the song she sang very early on in her career. I find her voice too deep for my taste. But, now that I’m older, I started to appreciate her singing and voice more. I still prefer her slow songs more than her fast songs. Her voice is beautiful when she sings slow songs.

        • Kidd says:

          @ Jayne

          HK music industry in the 80’s and 90’s not only borrow melody from from Japanese songs. They also borrow from Thai and Malay songs. The melody of 結他低泣時 (Danny Summer) and 無聲的吉他 (Jacky Cheung) was originally from a Malay song ‘Fantasy Bulan Madu’ composed by M.Nasir.

        • Jayne says:

          I feel the same way as you about Anita Mui. Although many people like her music and her voice carries strength, I generally prefer higher pitches in female singers. One exception is probably Paula Tsui.

          I heard the 1980s music fleetingly as a child, but revisited the songs and listened closely to the lyrics more recently, which make the songs more meaningful.

          An appreciation for the arts, including music, comes with age. As we get older, we’ve acquired a higher standard or more trained ear, making it easier to identify true talent.

        • Jayne says:

          Since music is a sensory experience, it has a great impact on our mood. Uplifting, relaxing or New Age music is great in de-stressing and has wonderful healing properties. :) Do you like Kitaro?

          I also like the light sounds of Country music, which is crossing pop genres anyway.

        • claimine says:

          @Jayne An appreciation for the arts, including music, comes with age. As we get older, we’ve acquired a higher standard or more trained ear, making it easier to identify true talent.

          Totally agree. Esp. on singing techniques.

          Though I like Teresa Teng well enough, I like Feng Fei Fei (鳳飛飛)and Jenny Yan Lei more. Recently, I revisited Feng Fei Fei’s songs on youtube and listened to her live concerts. Indeed as I listened to her sing this very poignant song “掌聲響起” live and seeing her misty eyes, I felt your words ever more about artistes’ looks may fade but their talent make them stay beautiful in the eyes of their fans. This live singing was not as good as the studio version, but her heartfelt singing moved me more.

          I love er hu too along with the Chinese bamboo flute. (笛子) My two absolute favorite Chinese music instruments more than pipa or guqing.

        • claimine says:

          【掌聲響起】鳳飛飛 in concert

        • Kidd says:

          @ Jayne

          I used to like Kitaro. But, now, I don’t like. Can’t explain. Just a change of taste I guess.

        • sara says:

          @Jayne, I am so glad you showed that song! I agree, and it is one of my favorites. Ironically, I had actually been listening to it again for the past week. Everything about it, (melody, voice, lyrics) is sensational.

          And yes, I’ve heard about that. I agree that the success is due in part from the singers themselves (with their fantastic voices) and also the composers. Together, we get the awesome long lasting treasure that surpasses time.

          Also, thank you for the suggestion with Jia Peng Fang, it was soothing and enjoyable.

          Lol, nothing wrong with rap and upbeat music, I also enjoy some fast pace music when in the mood for it, along with many other styles. It’s just some things, I don’t get how or why people love so much.. (ex. Twins)

          I will take a look at MrMusical’s page! Thanks for the recommendation. I don’t think I mentioned him, but I also enjoy listening to Alan Tam. Great voice.

        • Jayne says:

          @Sara @Claimine @Kidd

          Since we are discussing great female singers, I have to mention another of my favorite songs by So Yui (酒干倘賣無). The song is “shattering” and powerful to say the least and tugs at my emotions each time I hear it! It gives a soaring feeling, as epic as music gets.


          There is a mutual symbiotic relationship between performing artists and fans, in which their music or acting, give us considerable joy. Although the artists do not get a chance to know of our existence as we get to know them, our support of them is equally important.

          Claimine, on the subject of an artist growing old, although the looks may fade and some fans may discontinue their support along the way, there are always new fans that may come along, such as our rediscovery of classic singers like Feng Fei Fei and Yan Lei.

          The talented ones continue to inspire us for years and when we revisit their works at different points in time. Such is the lasting power of music, which can be appreciated for decades to come, even after the singers are no longer alive. They have already made a permanent mark in the world, much like a good piece of literature, which can be reread many times and the emotional response still powerful.

          An artist may not have a long lasting career or mass popularity forever, but I think each fan’s experience with their favorite artist is a very personal experience. If we have supported them for many years and we are able to witness their maturation over the years, which I consider to be a fan’s privilege. I don’t focus on whether that artist has gained weight or gotten more wrinkles, really this shouldn’t detract from my enjoyment of their talent. If so, then I was more attracted by their physical package or wanted to just join the bandwagon of supporting the popular or trendy artists.

          So an artist, much like a great author, leaves an imprint and lasting legacy among their true fans. The longer we have enjoyed their works, the more honored and grateful I feel that they entered my life, since they have the ability to inspire and lift my spirits. Indeed I feel very privileged to have known them all these years.

          My support of artists from the 80s and 90s will always exist!

        • claimine says:

          I love that song “酒矸倘賣無”, a childhood favorite song of mine, though I did not know its singer until I just now checked it out on youtube. So have you watched 酒矸倘賣無’s movie, “搭錯車” ?

          How far back do you listen to old songs? Mine was as far back as the 1930’s singers: 李香蘭 (Li Hsiang Lan aka Yoshiko Ōtaka aka Shirley Yamaguchi aka Ri Kōran ) & 周璇, just to get the different feel of songs through the ages and be transferred back to the past.

          Admittedly I first checked up on 李香蘭 because Steven Ma won his singing competition singing his rendition of Jacky Cheung’s song, “李香蘭”. And fascinated by her matahari background, I read “The China Lover” By Ian Buruma, a novel supposedly inspired by her. Anyway, nobody can sing the classic song “三年” as soulfully as she http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICL061nPcA8

          Though Teresa Teng popularized “何日君再來”, 李香蘭 was its original singer and she sang it with the coquettish flavor of its time. Same song but different feel of its time.

        • Jayne says:

          Yes, I watched (搭錯車) as a child. Although the plot was a little contrived, the actor who portrayed the role of the father was quite good. Although I was very young at the time, I remember my eyes misting when the father was hospitalized. Despite this, I think the music outshines other aspects of the film. Here is more information from Wikipedia if you are interested:

          From my local radio, I have heard the music of 李香蘭 and 周璇. A DJ from cwcb radio station is a big fan of the classic music from the 1930s and 1950s and I used to listen to his program. The nice thing about the singing style of that era is that it truly emphasizes the singer’s voice, rather than the music accompaniment. Whether light-hearted or soulful, the emotional delivery seems to be key which is why people still listen to their songs these days. I like the song “三年” as well. 姚莉 ‘s rendition of 春風吻上我的臉 is quite nice, has a slight flirtatious quality to it, hehe makes me think of Shanghai nights and ladies dancing in their qipaos.


          I think every era has stars that are worth revisting. And nice to know what our moms or grandmothers may have listened to in their past.

        • Kidd says:

          @ Jayne

          That’s why I like english oldies as well. Beside the nice melody, you can also hear the singer’s voice clearly. I always prefer songs over plain music because I like to hear the singer’s voice and listen to the lyrics of the song.

          I like Zhou Xuan’s voice. She has a very distinct voice. Kinda childlike.

      • Lol says:

        It’s call smart marketing. Do you know the amount of money record companies put in to make these mediocre singers famous…A LOT!

    5. ada says:

      Love Charlene, not her singing though….lol….. She’s so cute. She’s great in movies!

      Think they are a great match!

    6. gwen says:

      charlene is cute and pretty maybe that is why she has a lot of fans…each time i see any of her movies i groan…she just can’t act..she is always the cute and pretty one with the squeeky voice ugh gillian is a bit better in her acting..as for singing i had not a clue cos i have never heard them sing.

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