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Ronnie Cheung: “Nicholas Tse Is A Bad Father!”; Nicholas Tse to File a Lawsuit Against Cecilia Cheung’s Younger Brother

By on July 10, 2011

Ronnie Cheung: “Nicholas Tse Is A Bad Father!”; Nicholas Tse to File a Lawsuit Against Cecilia Cheung’s Younger Brother thumbnail

Early in July, while accompanying his elder sister Cecila Cheung,  Ronnie Cheung had expressed his feelings towards his brother-in-law, saying that Nicholas Tse had been treating his sister “poorly.” He revealed that Cecilia had a miscarriage before giving birth to the couple’s second son, Quintus. Ho Lung then angrily blasted Nicholas Tse for ignoring his sister throughout her difficult pregnancy and not caring when she had a miscarriage. “Even when my sister was crying when she called him and said she had a miscarriage, he didn’t even try to console her but just said, ‘So what has it got to do with me?’ and hung up the phone! My elder sister almost broke down…Fortunately she managed to cheer herself up by focusing her energy on her son, Lucas!”

Ho Lung then went on to reveal Nicholas Tse’s bad behaviour. He claimed that Nicholas Tse had previously brought home beautiful masseurs to treat him many times, causing his sister to feel embarrassed and leave the room. Talking to The Three Weekly Magazine, he added that Nicholas has always been a bad father, refusing to stop smoking “like a chimney” in front of his sons and preferring to play video games instead of playing with Lucas. “I have seen it with my very own eyes. Nicholas was playing video games when Lucas asked Nicholas to hold him, but Nicholas was bothered and pushed his son away! My sister has always confided in me about such matters, putting up with all these actions! I am very angry people blame her when actually he did her wrong!”

Now it is said that Nicholas Tse’s Emperor Entertainment Group management company is considering filing a lawsuit against Ronnie Cheung for slander after he made his “unacceptable comments” about Nicholas Tse being a bad father and hanging up the phone to his wife when she announced her miscarriage to him, as Hong Kong-based Mingpao Weekly magazine reported.

This article was written by Miss China, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com.

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  • Readers' Comments (58)

    1. Funn says:

      Why is it that I don’t believe a single word this person is saying? I refuse to believe Nic is that way. If Cecilia ever hoped to reconcile with Nic, telling the brother to shut up will be the best way. So now it is the bad parent argument and digging up the closets for skeletons to win custody? Well Nic, all you need to do is re-download all those photos taken by Edison, have Edison testify how drugged up Cecilia was and since she was a drug junkie, she will be a drug junkie sort of argument. Must all custody fight be so dirty? And since she keeps harping on Lucas, then fine, she can have Lucas, he can have Quintus.

      As for the miscarriage, maybe Nic was that heartless or maybe there is another story to the miscarriage. Right now I still believe in Nic’s integrity as a man, husband and father.

      • itasoen says:

        Me too, don’t really believe, He should just shut up. Opening his mouth just make the situation worst.

        • Ah K says:

          Wow, Nicholas Tse’s company really meant business when they said they were considering to sue Cecilia’s brother for slander : X

          I don’t think what Cecilia’s brother had said could be true if the EEG Group even thought about sueing him. Usually, if what someone had said is the truth, the management company would just release some lame statement and urge outsiders to give the couple more time to work out their issues blahs blahs. So in this case, I do have reasons to believe that Cecilia’s brother was lying.

        • Ah K says:

          Or maybe it could be the truth BUT an exaggeration or pepperation or tamperation or distortion of the truth.

        • Funn says:

          If it is “an exaggeration or pepperation or tamperation or distortion of the truth”, then it can’t be truth can it?

        • Ah K says:


          I’m sorry to say that I don’t exactly agree, very often there are cases where words are generally taken out of context or when words from two sentences are conveniently cut out and linked together, which gives a whole new twisted meaning to the original separate sentences.

          Citing an example, “I have seen it with my very own eyes. Nicholas was playing video games when Lucas asked Nicholas to hold him, but Nicholas was bothered and pushed his son away!”

          What if it was the case where Nicholas had a long day after filming and was playing video games when Lucas asked Nicholas to hold him but Cecilia’s brother conveniently left out the front part that Nicholas had a long day after filming? Then the original truth would be slightly shifted out of context but it is still part of the truth and thereby declared by Cecilia’s brother as the “truth”.

          Or some words could be selectively replaced by Cecilia’s brother, like, “but Nicholas was bothered and pushed his son away!””

          If Nicholas was indeed bothered but didn’t push his son away but instead asked his son to move away, through Cecilia’s brother’s replacement with the word, “pushed”, yes, the original intent of the truth would be misinterpreted but can it be considered part of the truth? Yes!

          It’s okay if you don’t agree with me as this is purely my own conjecture and not expected to be shared by anyone else.

        • Funn says:

          It is then a matter of interpretation. But what is the truth here as purported by the brother?

          Let’s take the play games, refused to hug son, push Lucas away scenario. He deems it as truth that he saw Nic playing game, pushes Lucas away = bad father, uncaring father

          You say it is half truth perhaps? But you’re either pregnant or not pregnant as the Iron Lady once said. The truth insinuated here is Nic is uncaring because he pushed his son away when his son needed him most. That is what the brother saw, but is that the truth? To him maybe. Maybe he saw a push, but it may be a tiny push, but he made it out as if it is a huge big push. So this is an exaggeration or pepperation or tamperation or distortion of the truth. By the way I really like the “exaggeration or pepperation or tamperation or distortion of the truth” part! Anyway any “truth” when tempered, distorted, peppered, plus with salt, pepper and ajinomoto is not longer the truth. It does not and could not represent the truth. It is therefore an observation (like many of us are doing) but not the truth. There can only be one truth, but plenty of reasonings, explanations, etc. So how reliable is a statement which has been added on, tempered with, etc? Not reliable at all, so therefore how then can any distorted statement etc be truth?

          Not that I am saying you’re wrong, but an analysis on the analysis of words (no typo here!)

          You can’t have original truth and back up truth and other truth. There is however one truth, but explained in variety of ways.

          That’s how I see it and yes I do agree, maybe Nic had a bad day? Maybe he just really wants to play video games? Moreover it was ONE incident. One incident does not maketh consistency.

        • Ah K says:


          Good points! Point taken!

          We might not see eye to eye at times but I like that you respect my views as much as I respect yours!
          : )

        • Veejay says:


          I always like reading your comment, your english is Superb with details of elaborations and explanations always! May I ask your reality profession?

          @Ah K,
          Your statement always delighted up many posters here especially when they’re down after engaged severely in debates LOL! Love your word putting, etc :)

        • Jayne says:

          Agree with Veejay that you have a great way with words. You would make a good lawyer, journalist, news anchor, film critic, and psychiatriatrist with your no-nonsense atttitude.

    2. Suki says:

      You can’t just make up things like that, it could be true. And in case everyone forgot, Nic has gotten into trouble with things before (like the law. but not saying he is the only one as Cecilia has also).

      I think it’s exceedingly true that he knows how to play the public and keep a positive image up.

      Not defending Cecilia, but for some fans or non fans to almost blindly believe him, I think they should hold off on that a little since in the end, they do not know Nic personally.

      • Anya says:

        I agree with you. I believe at least 50% true in this.

      • Funn says:

        Which is why it is very important to make a good impression. Cecilia has only herself to blame for all the negative impression. However I do not think any of us are blindly believing in anyone. Rather than sitting on the fence, many of us are just going on our assumption; may or may not be correct but again I do not believe this person and what he said. He has special interest to say what he said, as will Nic’s family have special interest in what they said. What we can all agree on is this is not a breakup due to 3rd party but because of behaviour. Whose behaviour, that we can debate.

        • Cloud says:

          Not one party’s behavior, it’s both parties’ behavior.

        • Stephy says:

          I agree with you.
          I don’t quite like both of them but i can see that Cecilia loves the kids more than Nic loves the kids.

          1) Nic once said that he loves his wife more than his kids.
          2) ast one point,he wanted to sue the photographer who release their private wedding photo to media but at the end the photographer said that is nic the one who gave approval to let him to released the photo to media

          i guess is not because of Cecilia taken photo with edison, maybe at that time he is filming with jay chou and scare that fans, reporters or others will report or pay much attention to jay chou so he wants to steal the limelight.

          Poor Cecilia, had to endures all the pains of all the various parties.

          I may not be your fan but i will support you.

        • Chriselle says:

          If there were problems in the two’s marriage since 6 months ago, I still don’t understand why Nic said the statement that he loves his wife more than his children. That makes everyone think that their marriage is at their strongest and no one can pull them apart. And yet a month ago, they came crashing down.

          Ironically, that’s exactly what happened to Shirley and Gregory too. Everyone thought wedding bells were close, then they suddenly have a nasty break up. o.O

    3. LeilaFan says:

      Well Cecilia’s sex photos scandal with Edison Chen did in fact dragged her image down. So it is understandable that fans are on side with Nick.

      • Fox says:

        I think you haven’t read an article where have a statistic stated that 50% blv Ceci, 30% dun blv anyone, 14% deny to know more about this scandal and only 6% blv Nic :). So in fact the fans are on Ceci side more than Nic.

        • LeilaFan says:

          Yes you right, I don’t keep up with enterntainment news except here.
          I am a political debater, news I read are China political news.
          I come here because I can get entertainment news in English, helps me pratice my English too.
          Anyways, thanks for let me know the statistic.

        • Fox says:

          You are welcome.

          Lol, of course 90% ppl come here for entertainment purpose. So plz don’t think you are the only one.

          I like to read political news, too.

        • Stephy says:

          @ Leila & Fox….

          hahaha….good..i’m happy for both of u..at least nic & Cecilia news, both of u have a same thought and can be friends again.hehehe…hooray…..

          i’m learning or practicing my english from here too.

          so you guys are my English’s teachers.

        • LeilaFan says:

          We are all friends here. Overall were here to support Jaynestar website. Thanks for her hardwork and time consuming as well as putting her own money into contest and paying for domain to maintain this website for us. Thanks Jayne.

        • Stephy says:

          Yes you r right Leila…Thumb up for you Jayne.

        • Fox says:

          I have nothing to against LeilaFan in fact :). We can have different opinions on something but it doesn’t mean we can’t be friend, Stephy.

          Actually I dun noe which side LeilaFan is in Nic-Ceci matter. I’m in neutral ship, maybe Ceci a little.

    4. Fox says:

      I doubt that a real lawsuit will be sent to Ronnie Cheung because Nic’s party must consider the risks if a court is called for the matter with Ronnie Cheung. Will have more scandal and Nic’s image will be more black.

    5. Chriselle says:

      It is not only outright rude and disrespectful, also hurtful if Nic really hang up the phone of Ceci when she announced her miscarriage to him. I don’t want to believe this, but what type of husband does that?

      Agree that Ronnie should just be quiet and he’s only adding more fire by adding his comments which won’t necessarily help the situation. Don’t know if filing a lawsuit against him is the smartest right now because Nic and Ceci are fighting for custody now, right?

    6. Minami says:

      wow, really new stuff surfaces everyday, not too sure about the credibility of this guy – not a fan of Nic or Cecilia but I really hope it’s not true.

    7. jim says:

      if she really love nic, she and her brother shuldnt tarnish nic reputation, be wife must be loyal to the husband, love and trust him.

      • Veejay says:

        With Cecilia’s wild nature, it’s hard to just sit at home waiting for her husband to return from work always LOL

    8. Pineapple says:

      This Ronnie Cheung being Cecilia’s brother would obviously side with her and say that Nic is the bad guy here. I can’t really say whether Nic was a good dad or not but those photos of her with Edison must one day hurt them when they get older. Afterall, who would want a mother like her; with photos of an ex lover for the whole world to see. Definitely not a good example to give to the children. Its ok for the brother to say that Nic is not a good father. How about Cecilia not being a good mother?

    9. Miss China says:

      It seems they have been trying to blacken Nicholas’ image since a long time ago. I just don’t get it. Cecilia definetely doesnt look to be such a passive woman, why would she ever continue on staying with Nicholas and claiming that her family life’s very happy if he was as bad as they have been portraying him to be? Some people may side with her and say “Because she loved him”, but in my opinion that is not the case. It seems Cecilia Cheung has got a really good PR time. Even though she is always busy filming, it is only Nicholas who is being blamed for spending too much time away from his family. Call me traditional or small minded but I really think that since she is a mother of two she should have lessened her workload. Arent 6 projects too many? And they arent even poor to begin with. Nicholas could also take some time off filming in order to focus his energy on the kids.

      • Cloud says:

        I agree with you. Cecilia is definitely not a passive woman. She’s more aggressive than Nic, and Nic is the one that tends to withdrawl, and if he wants to punish her, he’ll just go into a silent mode. Based on their personalities, I don’t 100 percent believe in what Ronnie says.

        • Chriselle says:

          Neither Nic or Ceci seems to be good at problem solving. I Know it’s part of Nic’s nature to be reserved and guarded, but giving your the silent treatment is too cruel.

    10. LeilaFan says:

      I agree with you Miss China. Make more spend more, make less spend less. The time to spend with your son is priceless. It is not like Cecilia is poor, she and Nic have money. Even if she work less, she still can live more than comfortable life.
      I hope they work out too, they go through alot, really hope they make it this time.
      Earlier today when I search her news, I came across some awfully photos of her sex pictures. Can’t change he past, but the future is in her hands, hope she can work it out with Nic.

      • Miss China says:

        Past is just past, however the future is in our hands. It seems they have reached a point of no turning back now. If so, I just hope the kids will not be affected, being a daughter of a divorced couple, I know it can be awefully hard sometimes if the parents treat their kids as “threats” to the other partner…

        • LeilaFan says:

          I hope for last miracle. I think they should both step back and sit down and talk this throughly. Feel sad for the 2 boys have to be yank around between mom and dad, and reporters, lol!

    11. Amiee says:

      Not sure why his group is suing just now, maybe it’s cause the story got publicity? I say this cause I’ve actually read this news a bit ago.

    12. Kidd says:

      Is the girl in the white dress Kylie Kwok? The actress who played Fong Tin Ngai in MDWAV3?

    13. Lacey says:

      LOL, look who is talking? Of course R. Cheung has to stand up for his sister because he sponges off her for years. If he doesn’t support her, he will then have no more income which translates no more free traveling, no more allownaces, no more fancy cars and no more hobnobbing with the riches etc. He is a real piece of work!

    14. huama says:

      just saying, cecilia doesn’t have much ‘a-list’ celebrity friends while nic knows a lot. if they were asked to testify nic’s personality they would be a lot more credible then say…………. xiao s.

      go nic go!

      • Minami says:

        yeah, someone mentioned that the only ‘celebrity’ friends Cecilia have/ had are the ‘S’ sisters from Taiwan, so that’s not saying much haha

      • Lacey says:

        I just dun understand why Cecilia doesn’t have any “a-list” celebrity friends when she has been married to Nic for 5 years? Is she not well-received by Nic’s friends or her peers?

        • Minami says:

          this is just my speculation, maybe because Ceci has a reputation as a ‘loose’ woman and they are all worried that she might try to steal their bfs/ husbands! :D

        • Lacey says:

          @Minami – ha ha, I luv your reply. So true, so true. :0)

    15. Pineapple says:

      I must admit prior to all this publicity between Nic and Cecilia, I didn’t know very much about her, apart from those awful photos with Edison. Its probably a case of personality. There is just something about her that I don’t like. I am not talking about her past or this divorce business. Even if I had never heard of her before and then saw her at interviews or films, she just doesn’t seem the type that I would like. For example why do I like Carina Lau so much or Sheren Tang Shiu Man? Both of them just have that little “something” which made me like them very much. Maybe its because I find their personalities very similiar to my own.

      • Funn says:

        Her family background is regrettably terrible but you gotta admit, she is a really good actress. I still remember her debut, fresh, beautiful, full faced and her character interestingly fitted her real personality. Have you seen king of comedy? Darn good movie.

    16. Pineapple says:

      No, I have never seen King of Comedy. The only film I saw her in was with Louis Koo where he played a van driver and was killed very early on and Lau Ching Wan was the main star in it. Can’t remember name of that film but I enjoyed that a lot.

    17. jim says:

      @fox your are the best, be happy always.

    18. chuanxiong says:


      stephy,do you have a problem with nic loving his wife more than his children?????. If you do, you really have a big problem and need to get your priorities straight. A person’s spouse should come first followed by the children.

      • stephy says:

        @ Chuanxiong,
        Hold your gun, I guess u must misunderstanding what I’ve written.
        Nic said that he love his wife more than his kids but out of a sudden he wanted to divorce Ceci just because of his wife bump into Edison by taking some photos and chatted with him in the flight.
        The biggest insults that he can endured N forgave his wife during the Edison N Ceci sex scandal. All the readers here r puzzle about it and take it up for discussions that few months ago he said that he loves his wife more but then its turn out to be ugly?????????.

        I value all kinds of love.

    19. chuanxiong says:

      stephy, I can understand the readers being puzzled but do you guys realized that it might be more than just Ceceilia running into Edison that triggered the divorce?. It might have been the final nail in a coffin of a marriage that was already dead. There might be factors on both sides that the media and the fans do not know about. Both of them most lkely have their fair share in the breakdown of the marriage.

      There might be even things going on in the marriage that only the two of them know about that caused the marriage to crumble. It is a sad situation when a marriage is over especially when there are children involved because the children often are confused if they are babies/toddlers and if they are about four and up, they often feel it is their fault that mommy and daddy broke up. My heart goes out to Nic and Ceceilia and the children. Those two loved each other very much at one point and made two beautiful children together.

      • stephy says:

        @ Chunxiong,

        I totally agreed with your point of view becoz we r not nic or ceci themselves. that’s the reason everyone was puzzled of what was happening between them. the innocent party always will be the children.

    20. chuanxiong says:

      @ stephy

      I remember how Nic forgave Ceceilia with the Edison Chen sex scandal. I remember how Ceceilia left the children with their grandparents and drove from one end of Hong Kong to the other to see her husband and spend time with him. There was that time when he was on location filming and she went and cooked up a storm and shared the food with Charlene Choi. Do you remember that stephy?

      There are countless other times those two declared ther love for each other in a very public way. It even made me say ‘this is one chinese celeb couple who are not afraid to let the world know they love each other’. It is a shock to read about all the anger and animosity between them now. The fans are reeling in shock and I do not blame them.

      I was not a fan of either of them . It was their love for each other that drew me to them. You don’t reaaly see a chinese celebrity couple showing such public physical affection towards one another. Isn’t that so ironic……

      • Jayne says:

        Like you, I started liking Cecilia and Nic after they married and witnessed their challenges as a couple, especially the nude photo scandal and the manner in which they dealt with the scandal.

        Both Cecilia and Edison seem to be people who are unapologetic for who they are. Many people condemned Cecilia for taking such pictures and more so because she was a married woman.

        Since Nic and Cecilia had already gone through so much together, I thought they would last. However, they could survive the normal challenges found in most marriages. From bits and pieces in the news, Cecilia and Nic likely found their two young children too binding. Nic withdrew into video games more intensely and started ignoring his wife and not communicating with her. Cecilia grew increasingly resentful and perhaps said a lot of crazy things trying to get his attention and wanting him to love her more. She wanted to control him more but he withdrew. They didn’t settle their differences properly.

        Our impression that the couple were blissfully married were due to Cecilia’s blog updates, with photos of the pair eating out, Cecilia showing off pink CHANEL handbag for Valentine’s Day and constant photos of happy kids. Most people see happy kids and presume happily married parents, but that is not always the case.

        Cecilia comes across as someone with a lot of intense emotions, where love and hatred are very clearly stated. Quite extreme in her words. When she broke up with Daniel Chan, didn’t she something along the lines of wanting to cut off his head? She called Edison a hypocrite. And now Nic is “pretentious and faking his good man image.” She’s not one to spare her name-calling when angry.

    21. stephy says:

      @ Jayne.
      Love your reply Jayne. Thanks
      i’m so sorry that i cannot express well to you coz my english is not that good.

    22. chuanxiong says:

      @ stephy

      Do not worry, I understand.I agree with what you said about Jayne’s reply.

      @ Jayne

      I had no idea that that Cecilia said all those negative things. he does seem to have a very strong dominating personality.

      Yes jayne, I guess these idols can portray to the public what they want us to see. I guess they do not call them actors for nothing, hahaha.

      Like we all agree, the ones who will be the biggest losers in this divorce saga are those two adorable boys.

    23. chuanxiong says:

      I ment to say that she, Cecilia seem to have a very dominating personality, not he, haha.

    24. chuanxiong says:

      I also want to stress that Nic has a right to ignore Cecilia when she is ranting and raving. He had no right to immersed himself in his video games to the point where he ignore those two innocent children. I blame him for that.

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