Chilam Cheung Loses Weight in Preparation for Concert

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Appearing on Jade Solid Gold <勁歌金曲>, Chilam Cheung indicated that he was preparing for his upcoming March concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum. Although he was in a good condition, Chilam was attempting to lose more weight.

Chilam said, “Since I was born, I am in my best shape now! When I took off my shirt, I was surprised!” (Did Chilam’s wife, Anita Yuen Wing Yee, like the results?) “She said I looked like a ghost. She was happy about the results, since I am trying hard for work.”

To prepare for his concert on March 26th and 27th, Chilam attended Ekin Cheng and Faye Wong’s recent concerts to observe their performances. The other reason in attending was due to pure enjoyment. Asked whether Chilam will film another TVB series, he affirmed that he would if the right opportunity appears.

Excerpt: Orientaldaily

Jayne: Chilam has aged extremely well. In the above photo, he looks like a 20 something. Maybe having a sunny outlook in life really helps!

LOL, I am afraid of aging too! Just bought a bunch of beauty products (mainly Korean brands) at The products will take some weeks to arrive, maybe I can post reviews on after I try them! Hope to discuss more beauty-related products and skincare regimen with everyone!


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7 comments to Chilam Cheung Loses Weight in Preparation for Concert

  1. Yee says:

    He we was really good in rippling he should totally come back to TVB and film another series!! How he has a successful and enjoyable concert! Enjoy anyone who is going!!! He actully does not look like he is going to turn 40 in a couple months…

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  2. s2 says:

    LOL 40 doesnt seem that old considering kevin cheng is 42 and gigi lai is also over 40.

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  3. Funn Lim says:

    He looks good for his age.

    But he is not even remotely fat or anywhere near that. He shouldn’t lose weight. He should build muscle. Anymore thinner and he will look old. Now is the time to build a six pack.

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    • Jayne replied:

      @Funn, do remember Chilam’s topless photos when he posed for photographer, Leslie Kee a fews ago? Chilam’s body was thin, no fat in the abs, but also lacking muscle tone. It did not appear like he worked out at gym at all.

      Although he mentioned losing weight, I think he likely worked out a bit too? He has broad shoulders and height; if he has more muscle tone, he would look great.

      The problem with building muscle is that if you don’t keep it up, the muscle quickly turns to fat.

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      • Funn Lim replied:

        The problem with HK stars is they equate thin as fit and healthy. He should add muscle. I wouldn’t want to see him take his shirt off if he looks all no fat but no muscle either.

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  4. Olivia says:

    He doesn’t look 20 something to me. His features are boyish but you can see the aging on his face, lack of collagen, clarity and brightness. Most obvious are his eyes, so deep set and come across with so much experience than innocence. No matter how boyish he may act, you can tell he’s more of the Aaron Kwok generation then the Raymond/Ron/Bosco generation.

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  5. Vivien says:

    Chilam looks so young and he’s amazing in TRB. I love his character and he’s so funny and cheerful. I think his concert will be a blast success!

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