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Daniel Wu and Kevin Spacey’s “Inseparable” in Theaters on May 4th!

By on May 1, 2012

Daniel Wu and Kevin Spacey’s “Inseparable” in Theaters on May 4th! thumbnail

Daniel Wu (吴彦祖) and two-time Oscar winner, Kevin Spacey’s new movie, Inseparable <形影不离>, will be released in theaters in China on Friday, May 4th. Facing incredible stress in his marriage with Gong Beibi (龚蓓苾) and at his engineering job, Daniel Wu, entered his darkest hour and was ready to quit life. Saved by Kevin Spacey, Daniel forged a friendship with the American expatriate, with the duo policing the streets as unlikely superheroes.

Riddled with black humor and references to the superhero film genre, Inseparable deconstructed the increasingly stressful lives of professionals in China’s rising metropolises. In the film, Kevin Spacey’s character represented the last sliver of hope in Daniel Wu’s life, appearing in his hour of greatest need. Will Kevin be able to help Daniel collect the remaining shards of his broken life or will he continue to spiral towards an emotional and mental breakdown? 

Inseparable was produced, directed, and written by Dayyan Eng (伍仕贤), who was born in Taiwan, educated in the United States, and currently working in mainland China. Inseparable marked the first time an American actor of Kevin Spacey’s visibility appeared in a wholly Chinese-financed movie. At early screenings, Inseparable received positive praise from critics for its clever story and dark humor.

Kevin Spacey was full of praises towards Inseparable costar, Daniel Wu. Kevin said, “He is very serious about his work and does not keep up with appearances. He is also a great dart player! I also like to support new actors; what reason is there not to like him? I believe that good directors in western countries will soon realize that Daniel Wu is one of the most outstanding actors of his generation! Western directors will likely give very good roles to Daniel Wu, who has long been famous in Asia. It is not without reason that he is a big star!” Expressing the desire to film in China again, Kevin Spacey was full of confidence towards the emerging Chinese film market.

As the world’s second largest box office, China offered many untapped opportunities for Hollywood directors and actors. Recent films featuring the partnership of Chinese and American talent include the casting of Christian Bale in director Zhang Yimou’s (張藝謀) The Flowers of War <金陵十三钗> about the Rape of Nanjing, as well as Adrien Brody and Tim Robbins in director Feng Xiaogang’s (冯小刚) 1942 <一九四二>, a film about the widespread Chinese faminine that occurred in 1942.

Watch Trailer for “Inseparable”!

Sources: Eastday.com, Sohu.com, Sina.com.cn

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Jayne: This is only the beginning of the merging of more Chinese and American film talent. As China’s box office increases in commercial strength, there will be more Hollywood stars in Chinese movies and Chinese stars in Hollywood movies. This will be a wave for the future! :)

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  • Readers' Comments (23)

    1. smurf120 says:

      Totally reminds me of Kick-Ass – really want to watch this movie.

    2. Canto says:

      I am glad they’ve got Daniel Wu. He is westernized, can speak English, tall, hunky and acts reasonably well.

      They should have gotten him a few years ago when he was younger and at his prime.

      But well, better late than never!

      Yes, I agree with Jayne and is looking forward to more collaborations with Hollywood and Chinese stars. Hopefully they move away from stereotypes of Asians as thugs, vases or stupid.

      With China boosting up as a world economic power, Chinese are gaining entry into the world stage in an unprecedented way for our future generations.

      I was glad really glad when I saw Chinese models fronting international brands Loreal and Maybelline ads a few years ago. Yeah, it’s good exposure for the world to know more about Chinese beauty. After all Chinese culture has a long cultural history and the Four Great Beauties.

      • Ben says:

        I agreed, I remember him especially when he co star with Jackie Chan in The New Police Story. May be he can be considered
        playing a villian role in Iron Man 3 movie since he can speak good english.

        • Masaharu says:

          I fell for Daniel in Purple Storm. His manly beauty mesmerized me at that time..hahaha.

          Daniel’s screen presence made me “left” and “forget” Aaron Kwok. He was alone in my bias list for a couple of years(with exception of some Japanese actors that sits lower ranked in my bias list:e.g Takashi Sorimachi) until I was affected by Takeshi Kaneshiro and discover Bosco. Later on many many others join them(I listed before..)hahaha…including Sorimachi who rose again when I “revisit” GTO.

          Daniel’s western conduct and English language profiency will make him suitable for Hollywood-Chinese collaboration films. He was also in Jackie Chan’s “Around the World in 80 days”.

    3. Ma says:


    4. Jack says:

      I love Kevin Spacey!!

    5. Funn Lim says:

      Actually there has always been such a merger except with less well known american actors who are equally as talented, but not big box office draw. This is normal. Whilst I like Kevin Spacey, he is hardly a lister in terms of box office. Until I see huge box office star, this is one of those quirky star choices who may be more attracted to the script than the filming fees.

    6. Funn Lim says:

      Can I ask a silly question?

      ” It is not without reason that he is a big star!” ”

      Is Daniel THAT big a star in Asia? Is he a huge box office draw say like Andy Lau? Or is this more hype than reality? No doubt he is famous but BIG star is a huge statement to make.

    7. fez says:

      how come the trailer doesn’t have any sound

    8. The truth says:

      Hopefully Chinese directors will Chinese guys as the hero and foreigners as villians and geeks,nerds,asexuals,losers in future possibly collaboration productions.

    9. exoidus says:

      Kevin Spacey is a great actor and I think this will be funny with him acting like a lame hero, hehe.

    10. Kidd says:

      “Western directors will likely give very good roles to Daniel Wu, who has long been famous in Asia.”

      I doubt it. Daniel does not have the typical Asian/Chinese look that Hollywood favours. Ever notice that most Asian actors who did well in Hollywood all have stereotypical ‘Asian’ look.

      • Funn Lim says:

        No Asian actors have ever done well in Hollywood, frankly speaking. Depends on what you mean by well. There is still a prejudice against Asian actors, which they do not diferentiate between japanese, chinese, korean. Right now Koreans are in favour, and any asian with fair skin to hollywood will make a convincing korean it seems.

        I am sorry to say I don’t see Daniel breaking into Hollywood but at least a little of Hollywood came to Daniel in the form of Kevin Spacey and it is a good thing because Kevin Spacey is a fantastic actor and it is for Daniel a great opportunity to learn from the master at work really close by.

    11. fez says:

      Speaking of Asians in Hollywood, anyone watching Nikita? I find Maggie Q is pretty good – her acting and stunts (which she performs herself) is quite good. Better than when she was filming those crappy hk movies.

      Maggie Q’s Nikita is doing quite well in Hollywood on US Television. Made a lot of Mikita fans. I think she’s the first Asian female lead to make it big in television. (second if you count Lucy Liu but she wasn’t the first female lead).

      At least ppl in America now know who Maggie Q is – she’s appeared on Letterman and Lopez night shows a few times.

      • Kidd says:

        Good for Maggie Q. I used to not like her. She was quite wooden in her first movie. But, I recent saw clips of her some movie/series she acted in and her acting improved a lot. I like her now.

      • Funn Lim says:

        I saw a bit of Nikita and I felt she was too skinny. Acting wise, no comment. Never liked her as an actress, never will. And may I suggest one of the reasons why that series is doing well is because of the skimpy outfits she has to wear? But then I will want to reiterate so are all those american series, so what she is doing is nothing over and above what the atypical american series is doing anyway.

        By the way Lucy Liu may not have been the first female lead but you can count her as one of the very few asians to make an impact, whether I like her or not. Maggie is still starting.

    12. Lena says:

      Love Kevin spacey. But the rest of the actors n movie sucks. Skip it

    13. Micheal says:

      Skip it. This movie is for Chinese market.
      Only they will enjoy daniel Wu looks.

    14. elin says:

      i like daniel snce he first startd out… wll catch ths mvie def

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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