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Dayo Wong and Dodo Cheng to Star in TVB Drama

By on September 25, 2012

Dayo Wong and Dodo Cheng to Star in TVB Drama thumbnail

Dayo Wong (黃子華) and Carol “Dodo” Cheng (鄭裕玲) may be reunited in a TVB drama next year! Dayo has confirmed that he will star in the project in 2013, after he completes his current stand-up comedy show.

The “Diamond Duo’s” War of the Genders <男親女愛> tickled audiences with its outrageous humor, making it a memorable classic twelve years after its initial release. The drama had peaked at 49 points and won critical and mass praise. War of the Genders producer Tsui Ching Hong (徐正康) has been invited to return to TVB, in which he hoped to fulfill audiences’ wishes to see Dayo and Dodo collaborate together once again.

Producer Tsui stated that he is currently persuading Dodo Cheng to act in the drama. “Dodo did not reject the idea. She only said it depends on the character and the script. Although I am putting myself before a big challenge, I hope it will turn into reality!”

Dayo Wong is currently brainstorming for ideas regarding his character in the upcoming drama. He has maintained in contact with Dodo Cheng since War of the Genders and the friends have no problems working together once again.

To deal with increased local television station competition, TVB has been eager to pull back the company’s former superstars to draw audiences. Andy Lau (劉德華) has been confirmed to star in an upcoming drama and Chow Yun Fat  (周潤發) will consider filming opportunities as well. Esther Kwan (關詠荷) and Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震) will also star in an upcoming love tragedy.

Source: ihktv.com

Jayne: It’s great to hear that Dayo Wong will be staging a comeback! Dodo Cheng has a wonderful timing for comedy… I hope they find an equally stellar supporting cast, as the supporting actors in War of the Genders left room for improvement.

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  • Readers' Comments (44)

    1. happybi says:

      What great news! I hope it’s true as I love Dodo and Dayo in WOG!

    2. Tommy says:

      DAYOOOOOOOOOO, my man!

    3. Addy says:

      THIS IS AMAZING. War of the Genders is my favorite sitcom, and one of my all time favorite TV shows in general. I have yet to come across someone who dislikes WOG (how can you, anyways??)

      2013 is looking great

      • Jayne says:

        I thought some of the supporting cast faltered in their acting moments in “War of the Genders” but Dayo and Dodo saved the show.

        The script was also a little rushed towards the end, as to how they realized their feelings, but these are minor complaints.

    4. Nathan says:

      Best news this year! They are both naturally talented and have great chemistry together.

    5. Larry 3 says:

      Katy Chow Hoi Mei (周海媚) also being speculated to return to TVB as well.

    6. TVBFanatic says:

      Yay for Dayo! Not so sure about Dodo… she can rub me the wrong way some times…

    7. Larry 3 says:

      DoDo and Chow Yun Fat or even Alex Man… pretty please!?

    8. kk says:

      Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Kitty Lai.
      Stephen Chow and Sandra Ng.

    9. smile says:

      I might be the only one not excited about DoDo…??? I feel like she’s kind of like a scarey Michael Jackson.

      Wasn’t much of a Dayo fan until the series w/Charmaine. Learned to enjoy his performance…. Glad to see him back

    10. HeTieShou says:

      Anything is possible.. Earlier many were saying that Dodo will not act on a series again so hope this news is true. I think anything is possible in the circle.

    11. llwy12 says:

      I think the main thing to note here is that the Dodo piece is “unconfirmed” (just like Chow Yun Fat, Kathy Chow, and the 3 Kings outside of Andy are “unconfirmed” as well). Of course anything can happen in the entertainment industry and who knows, they actually might end up going back some time down the road, but for right now, until it’s officially announced and confirmed by the artists themselves, I’m taking it as “rumor” only.

      Hmmm, I’m starting to wonder what TVB’s purpose is in ‘leaking’ all this news this early — I mean, just because TVB approaches and artist and asks them if they’re interested to come back, that doesn’t mean it’s a ‘done deal’ (though it’s often reported in the Media as such). Maybe this is their way of trying to give assurances and hopefully keep their audience pool from shrinking further?

      In any case, I’ll believe it when I see it (or in this case, when the artists themselves announce it)! :-)

      • HeTieShou says:

        Time will tell all and hopefully all of these rumours are true. It would be great if they can all come back to make a series or 2. TVB really needs their help now…

        • skinnymocha says:

          TVB needs to get their priorities straight; it’s the scriptwriting they need to brush up on!

          1. These older, well established actors probably won’t be as hesitant in coming back if they were sure the writing is top-notch (as opposed to getting their name dragged down).
          2. Better writing might increase the level of competition amongst the actors since they’ll all be vying for the good roles, therefore encouraging better acting.

          As a TVB fan, I’d love to see the likes of CYF, Andy, Dodo etc. returning, but how is that supposed to help the company in the long run?

        • llwy12 says:

          @skinnymocha: Totally agree with you! As I’ve said before, I’m actually not too excited about having all these artists come back — especially the ones from the 80s/90s whom I grew up watching — because I don’t want their names and reputations to be dragged through the mud (just look at what happened with Born Rich — I definitely don’t want history to repeat itself!). I mean, unless they’re at the Andy Lau level who actually has control over the script, everyone else will pretty much be subject to whatever script / roles TVB gives them….and knowing how TVB operates, doesn’t look like things are going to change any time soon in terms of the crappy scripts. The other factor that we should consider too is that it looks like so far that the reason why TVB is trying to bringing these big names back is because they are ratings guarantees — audiences are going to watch the series just because these artists are in them and most are not going to care if the storyline is bad….so that means there is no motivation for them to make the script good….as long as they ‘land’ the big name artist to participate in the series, they’ve pretty much already ‘won’ the battle (from TVB’s perspective that is).

        • skinnymocha says:

          1) TVB has too much ego. 2) TVB can’t be bothered. How dare we question their ethics!

          They’ll carry on feeding us all the mediocrity in the world as long as TVB monopolise the market. Why should they make more of an effort to ensure the utmost quality when they know us viewers have nowhere else to run to, eh? Hopefully that will change in time…

        • llwy12 says:

          @skinnymocha: LOL…I say bring on the new stations!

          To be honest, even with all the veteran artists who are confirmed to be returning, there are still no TVB series that I’m actually ‘looking forward’ to watching in the coming year because I just don’t have confidence that TVB is going to produce a good enough script to make the series worthwhile. Interestingly though, there are actually a few of CTI’s series that I’m ‘looking forward’ to watching (what is, when they actually get their license)…with it getting to the point where I actually prefer to watch a rival station’s series over TVB’s (even though alot of my favorite artists are still at TVB), that’s definitely not a good sign!

      • Tegan says:

        Same here, I’ve been wondering about this too recently, why there are suddenly all these rumours about these big names returning to TVB. I’d be quite surprised if all these rumoured returns actually happen down the road. I’ll believe it when I see the costuming pictures! :)

      • llwy12 says:

        Ok, so out of the list, Kathy Chow is confirmed. She will be pairing up with Eddie Cheung and Michael Tse in a cop series scheduled to start filming in December.

        So now we wait on the others…..

        • HeTieShou says:

          Kathy did make that one series with Damian not too long ago, so it is more likely that she will return. Not sure about the others… Hope to see everyone else too.

    12. Littlegalpal says:

      I LOVE DODO CHENG!…in many of the interview Dodo mentions she’s very afraid of TVB filming schedule due to lack of rest, so she prefer to host. If TVB really want her film a series they should be flexible. TVB did that for Esther Kwan while she film Best Selling Secrets and recently they were very flexible to accomodate Francis Ng. Dodo is worth it for the rating.

    13. Hannahh says:

      WOW Can’t wait for this to happen. Misses the DUO!

    14. NP says:

      I love Dodo but does anyone else think that that’s an awful picture of her?

      • Gar says:

        She’s getting thinner by the day and it really shows on her face. It’s becoming really bony. She needs to put on some weight.

    15. jasmine7 says:

      It’s a good thing to have these veterans return for a show or two. I love Dodo, CYF, Bobbie, etc. They should restrict Andy’s parts because he’s already getting too big for his shoes.

      Michael Miu made a return a few years ago and he’s still tops.

    16. Hannah says:

      Wow. TVB is really pulling their connection cards, lol

      Kathy Chow is confirmed to film a series with Eddie Cheung. Michael Tse also takes part, portraying a villain.

    17. giaht says:

      how about dodo play someone who is addict to plastic surgey… i mean the comic way…

    18. MissyLu says:

      Very happy to see Dayo Wong coming back!! I hope he can film You’re Hired part 2 though..

    19. Grace says:

      Love WOG….it’s so good. Dodo & Dayo were so great. 2013 is looking wonderful!!!

    20. Funn Lim says:

      Dayo Wong I am ok but Dodo… her face… maybe partner Dayo with another lady comedien

    21. Summer says:

      It will be perfect for both Dayo and Dodo to work together again. I love War of the Genders. It is one of my favorite shows. Even if Dodo is not confirm yet, I am still happy if it’s just Dayo, I really like how he puts a lot of his creative ideas into his show.

    22. Jupi says:

      It will be great it this is true. Really like dodo haven’t seen her acting for couple of years now =)

    23. aptos says:

      Dodo is an over the hill actress just like Liza Wang. She is pompous and is just too artifical looking for any drama except something like MCing a reality show about plastic surgery like one of the previous bloggers mentioned.

    24. skinnymocha says:

      Dodo + Dayo (with Chow Yun Fat as guest star!)

      Make it happen, drama gods~

    25. Karen says:

      Dayo!!!!! I so miss him!!! He’s so so so good! Glad he’s coming back.

    26. Lucia says:

      I don’t know the hype about WOG but my friend told me it was good. Back then, I rented a few episode of WOG and I didn’t like it.

    27. Charbydis says:

      I have to say, if this is indeed true, then TVB has great ammo against CTI. Dayo Wong is great in comedy but you really need a powerful and versatile actress to partner up with him to make comedic sparks fly! Dodo is a great choice!

      War of the Genders was hilarious!

    28. Ehem says:

      As long as Dayo is back to act in the TVB dramas. I like all the dramas he acted for TVB. “To Catch the Uncatchables”, You’re Hired and “WOG” of course. I like him very much, his acting is superb, he can really talk, a very good comedian indeed.
      Infact recently I rented “WOG” to watch all over again. I still find it most hilarious and the best sitcom. Dayo must come back and act somemore dramas, the more the better!

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