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Eason Chan Suffers Painful Groin Injury

By on June 4, 2012

Eason Chan Suffers Painful Groin Injury thumbnail

Busily performing for his concert tour, Eason Chan (陳奕迅) managed to take a short break to return to Hong Kong recently. He was spotted going out with two friends in the Happy Valley district last night. While boarding a car, Eason accidentally swung the car door into his groin area, making him suffer one of “man’s greatest pains”! The careless gesture made Eason’s face immediately contort with pain! 

This was not the first time that Eason Chan inflicted testicular pain upon himself. In 2002, while performing before a crowd in a school in Taiwan, Eason fell off the stage due to his overly-passionate performance. He suffered a groin injury that was so painful, he was immediately rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Second Groin Injury

Last night, Eason met with two friends for a meal in the Happy Valley district. Entering a gift shop afterward, Eason grew excited while looking at the watches on display. He left the store with two small packages in hand, bouncing in animated joy with a male friend beside him.

Distracted by his own excitement, Eason miscalculated the distance between the car door and where he was standing. Eason carelessly swung the car door into his groin area, causing him to cry out due to the testicular pain! He recovered quickly and boarded his friend’s car. Hopefully, no further medical attention was required due to the mishap!

Source: Oriental Daily 

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Jayne: Hope Eason is okay and watch out for such accidental mishaps in the future.

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  • Readers' Comments (42)

    1. Justin says:


    2. Larry 3 says:

      oh nuts!

    3. Terminator says:

      Now that got to hurt.

      I guess that would help him in hitting the high notes.

    4. thewong says:


    5. Vivien says:

      Summary: Eason always get over excited and himself down there ROFL

    6. pandamao says:

      Jayne – what is happy valley’s chinese translation?

      • Jayne says:

        Happy Valley is famous for the racecourse. The area is called 跑馬地 in Chinese.

    7. Addy says:

      I hope his future children won’t be affected.

    8. Hannahh says:

      OUCH lol

      • tony says:

        There is no need for you all females to be excited with what’s happening to this guy’s implicit health.

        I am in a strong capacity to convince you all that such an inevitable force will have a little impact on his package because I strongly believe his package is hard rock (muscular) enough to withstand this trivial pressure!

        The truth implied in the news above is grossly overstretched!!

    9. purplepaw says:

      LOOL painful for him, but i sure got a good laugh out of this article haha. such a careless, and painful, mistake on his part

    10. Lady Gaga says:

      yeayhhh…. the squirrels are going to be absolutely happy – cracked “nut”(or even better – “nutS”)

      • Arynn says:

        lol, he only has a nut. The other nut has been removed due to the 2002 incident. So, NUT instead NUTS.

        • Lady Gaga says:

          hahaha… maybe the “nut” cracked in 2002 is still unripped. Needs further “frementation”….. tho’ cracked in 2002, it may still be “unedible” perhaps, 10 yrs later, the “nut” is fully ripe! LOL….. this joke is getting funnier,…. hahaha…

        • tony says:

          Do you have any written or visual evidence to prove that the other side of his nut has been removed?

          I have no ideal but it’d be nice if you could help out to enlighten me with this nut removal thing.

        • Arynn says:

          Tony, can you read chinese?

          one of the many reports:

          and he was on 康熙来了 for an interview and he mentioned bout that incident and the removal of the one nut lol. He mentioned it a lot of times on other variety shows as well.

        • Funn Lim says:

          Serious? But no harm to having more children. Look at LAnce Amstrong. I believe he also has the same condition?

        • Arynn says:

          The nut removal hasn’t affected his ability to procreate. His daughter is a proof to that. His daughter was born after the incident, which is why it didn’t really bother him i think.
          Men have 2 testicles (nuts) that produce sperm, so if one is gone, there is still the other one to do the job.

    11. Funn Lim says:

      When I saw the headline “Eason Chan Suffers Painful Groin Injury”, the first thing that came to my mind was “his wife kicked him there”!!

    12. fez says:

      what a minute, why were reporters around stalking him and the ONLY story they could report from the whole night was simply ‘eason hit his groin with a car door’ and manage to write an article about it??? so if eason didn’t have this little accident, then there will be no story. this article is kind of dumb and useless.

      • Tony says:

        I think probably the reporters are very concern about his fertility.

        Somebody here says that Eason got only one nut left. This issue is very sensitive and cannot be taken for granted. Why?

        If he breaks his another nut (the last one), I’ll be very sorry for his wife because he’ll be no more able to pregnant his wife anymore!

        In this capacity, he’s more like a gong gong or lives a life as a thai gham….

      • Arynn says:

        Lol, not all entertainment news are ‘breaking news’ or important. they have all kind of side stories or small ‘funny’ entertaining stories . So i guess this is just one of it. I don’t think they are making a big deal out of it, given the length of the news.
        It’s just “interesting” because like Tony said, he previously had issue with his testicle and this could be dangerous to the remaining one

        • Jayne says:

          JayneStars tends to feature a lot of scandals so they can be quite heavy in tone. The lighter fare is somewhat out of the norm. A bit of a breather from rape and sex scandals. Others some of our male readers might get too carried away commenting on the heavier stuff.

      • Larry 3 says:

        Well, there is other Eason story that some e-news report he is fat and out of shaped.

    13. elin says:

      lol… i dont knw to laugh or feel sorry 4 hm

    14. Lady Gaga says:

      If Eason keeps on being so careless with his groins, he will soon ended up being an eunuch (tai-kan)

    15. tony says:

      I have actually seen that there are some gals who have 3 booobs on their chest and I have also come across there are 3 nuts on a guy’s testicles.

      It’s abit strange there are many many weird things (people with extraordinary genitals) living in this earth.

      In Eason’s case, I wonder how he feels each time when he come across frends screwing up one gal after another when he himself has limited fertility capacity to do so?

    16. eason who says:

      never like this loser,glad he got hurt or perhaps it’s something he made up to boost his celebrity news. he is one ugly looking dude. loser will always find way to make news. eason u r one sorry dude,hope ur wife dumps u soon.

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