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Edison Chen Hopes Gillian Chung and Cecilia Cheung Find Happiness

By on February 7, 2013

Edison Chen Hopes Gillian Chung and Cecilia Cheung Find Happiness thumbnail

Blissfully in love with his new Taiwanese girlfriend, Ann Hong (洪立安), Edison Chen (陳冠希) also hopes that his ex-lovers, Gillian Chung (鍾欣桐) and Cecilia Cheung (張柏芝) will also find love and happiness.

It has been five years since the nude photos of Edison, Gillian and Cecilia had rocked the entertainment world, with each suffering heartbreak and finding love once again.  Marrying and divorcing Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) in the time span, Cecilia still believes in marriage and hopes that she can have a daughter in addition to her two sons. Cecilia also recently admitted that she has a new pursuer. Gillian Chung is currently dating Korean movie producer, Kwon, who is known as an attentive and caring boyfriend.

Asked about Gillian and Cecilia’s recent relationship developments, Edison said, “I rarely read the news. I hope that each person, and not only the two of them, can happily find a person to love.”

Edison also added that finding someone to love meant more than money to him. “I am not working in this industry caring about how much money I make. When I go home and there is someone there to accompany me, that is already a great joy. Money is only a figure. Happiness cannot be purchased with money.”

Last summer, Edison fell in love with his own employee, Ann Hong, who had worked at a Juice clothing store in Taiwan. Since dating Edison, Ann no longer works and often accompanies him on business trips to the United States. The couple was photographed French kissing on the streets, with reports suggesting that Edison was eager to marry the 22-year-old this year.

Appearing a promotional event, Edison denied the wedding rumors. Did Edison consider Ann to be a potential wife? “I actually don’t know. This question is asked too early and it’s unfair to ask me such a question.”

With the upcoming Lunar New Year, Edison may fly to Taiwan to spend with Ann, since he does not have a habit of spending the holiday with his family. As for Valentine’s Day, Edison said he did not have plans yet. “I need a few days to think about it more as I want to make my girlfriend happy.”

Source: QQ.com, 21CN.com

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  • Readers' Comments (41)

    1. sky says:

      it’s always good to see him….hope he would release new video or pix soon lol..

    2. Godon Lim says:

      Still remember his scandal to this day. It was quite entertaining, but not a big deal anymore. They make mistakes and they learned and moved on, thats the important thing. Also, of course he would say money is not a big deal, since he has enough for retirement and beyond his generation…

      • onearth says:

        I know, it was around the New Years too…I remember my friends were saying wow, never even knew this douchebag can attract that many women. Yes, it’s certainly NOT a big deal now when all these asian reportings on cracking up on who secretly get married. I think the biggest shock back then was the fans of Twins, Gillian who had this perfect, sweet n innocent image which was probably broke alot of fans back then haha…lol…n that BOBO woman who was NOT at all popular, i wonder whatever happened to her as well since we almost never hear from her before or after the incident.

    3. onearth says:

      Who doesn’t he fall in love with? as long as they are female and young no? Everytime there are pictures of him, he just gets uglier n uglier.

    4. Jack says:

      If he really looks like that in real life, I have to say that he has not aged well.

    5. YangGuo says:

      My god! that image, he really did not age well, I used to remember he was really handsome in Initial D. It looks like all the drugs and partying had finally took a toll on him.

    6. smileyy says:

      not sure how long ah gil and the korean guy will last. sad how edison chen and the girls chose to ruin their lives

      • Nelly says:

        Gillian’s relationship is in its eighth month and their wearing couple rings. The relationship look sincere and real to me.
        Its good to know Edison wish the girls true happiness but I wonder if he’s telling the truth about not knowing the current developments of Gillian and Cecilia’s love lives. Even if he don’t read newspapers somebody told him about it.

      • Lol~ says:

        I’m also not sure how long Gil n her Korean BF would last too becuz it seems that she is way more into him than he is into her. She has been traveling to Korea to stay with him and is hardy working these days. He has also been living with her when he comes to HK. Gil’s friends don’t even know much about her BF, Sa met him once and Joey never met him. Gil should take the relationship slow and not give him her everything yet. I think she’ll end up with a heartbreak again cause she so infatuated. I laugh whenever she says she wants to stay low profile with her BF but she ends up telling the media all these personal things about her relationship: 1. The promise ring (sounds childish n so teenager) 2. Him sleeping at her house 3. Him buying her such a rare bag

    7. Lyle says:

      Actually that’s not his most recent pic , that was like months ago he just held a SSUR collab party, he’s doing pretty good. His clothing line is prob one if the most successful ones in HK.

      The scandal is old news no one really care, no one is truly ever innocent we’re all human beings and judging one another wont do you any good. It’s great to see him up and about with all the negative news and scandals around him and he’s still able to move on positively, he’s an inspiration to me. No matter how hard he fell he’d still able to get back up again its not easy to do and I applaud him for that. I know real EDC fans can understand this especially the younger generation like myself where we made a lot of mistakes judged by others.

      I guess it’s mostly those on the Internet that degrades him, I met him so many times in LA whenever he collabs with Stussy on his clothing line having openings he’s genuinely a really nice guy..at least he’s real and not fake like most HK celebrities are he doesn’t try to preserve he’s good image or pretend to be someone he’s not to satisfy everyone. Besides he never wanted to be an idol which was why he was frozen by EEG in the past, he really just want to be himself and not some poster boy the HK media portrays him to be.

      • boom says:

        he didn’t fall as hard as those ladies in the pix, btwn he got support from his money loving parents

        • Lyle says:

          Again with the whole rich parents thing, just because he was born in a family with more privileges than others it doesn’t mean he don’t work just as hard. Those girls were of legal age and gave their consent, they got support too while EDC took all the blame when the one you should blame is the hacker who committed the crime.

        • Cloud says:

          In traditional cultures, females always fall the hardest when these kinds of incident happens. Edison was called “the man.” He has a double-digit millions of followers on weibo. I see tons of messages from both males and females praising him like god.

        • Lyle says:

          I think those type of traditions are in the past and should stay that way like how women are incapable of doing things men can’t. He has a lot of supporters but not because he slept with those girls, it’s how he handled the situation and still be able to move on.

      • Cleo says:

        I didn’t follow this matter when it occurred but it’s not true that ‘ no one is ever innocent’ – I think people wanted to be angrier with him but his wrongdoing was mitigated because those photos were posed, correct? It’s not like that Justin Lee guy in Taiwan who was drugging his photo subjects.

    8. ebbie says:

      I just wish he stop mentioning all his X lovers in any interviews! It’s not fair for them!

    9. dd says:

      >Edison Chen (陳冠希) also hopes that his ex-lovers, Gillian Chung (鍾欣桐) and Cecilia Cheung (張柏芝) will also find love and happiness.

      It’s still funny because he was the guy that ruined Cecilia’s marriage and Gillian’s career

      • Haha says:

        As Lyle said, it was the hacker who ruined ALL their lives.

        • dd says:

          1. Wasn’t a hacker, was a dude who took his pics from the computer which Edison saved his pics on

        • dd says:

          2. He shouldn’t have given the computer to the computer shop if his goddamn sex pics of 10 celebs were on it. What the hell.

        • Exo jern says:

          old news. move along.

        • Haha says:

          The photos were already deleted from the computer, but somehow the technician dude managed retrieve the files, save, and post them.

        • Haha says:

          Yeap, not a hacker but essentially someone who did the same thing, destroying everyone’s careers involved.

        • Lyle says:

          HE is a hacker considering EDC had already deleted those photos prior to sending his laptop to the technician and the fact that the technician actually went through the trouble and time to retrieve those files and save it just shows how much of an a** he is, same goes for those that took the time to look through those photos.

          I doubt he ruined their marriage, they and problems way before that. Besides they hooked up when she was single theres nothing wrong with two single ppl hooking up, they both knew it was casual. Besides Nic once said he knew EDC way better than any of us since they went to school together, he knew it wasn’t intentional and claimed they;ll always be friends. Even though they don’t hang out together it doesn’t necessarily means they have bad blood on one another.

          Gillian was a grown adult, she knew what was going on. It’s not like he deliberately flaunt those pics around, someone committed a crime and invaded his privacy. If he did flaunt those pics around then all respect will be lost but he didn’t, he’s a victim of an invasion of privacy just like the others. The only reason he’s blamed for it cause the pics were retrieved and stolen from his possession.

          It’s like saying if you took pics with your significant other and someone took those pics from you and post it all over the internet and they said you ruined their lives, it’s not reasonable to say that.

        • Cloud says:


          From Nic’s recent interview, he said he doesn’t know if they could be considered friends since Edison is not part of his circle. Also, from Gillian’s interview she was more angry to find out that he was cheating on her with other women during the entire time they were together than the racy pics.

        • Lyle says:

          He also said in the same interview he’s not the type to keep in touch with ppl, he’s not the social type. Even though it doesn’t prove they hate each other. With Gillian it doesn’t really matter anymore she’s clearly moved on it’s just the media that won’t stop bugging about it. I bet in the next few days there will be headlines in the news where she is asked about Edison’s good wishes to her, it’ll never end, HK is too much of a conservative city to handle and accept that kind of scandal.

        • dd says:

          For the record, you can easily recover deleted files with software easily downloadable from the net.

          I used it after losing my uh…private hard-drive due to a crash.

        • Lyle says:

          I just don’t think it’s professional if you we’re given a Job position then abuse your own regulations. It’s like saying if you trusted your lawyer with you case but then he tells everyone about it, it’s suppose to be confidential. He saved it then sent it out to a few of his friends…he’s still at fault either way not EDC.

    10. chiki says:

      still don’t get why some people blame this dude for everything. everyone involved was a grown up and gave consent.

      if he stored the photos, so what? it’s his freakin computer. blame the hacker who spread the photos for monetary gains.

      he wishes them happiness, let’s move on. geez.

      • Cloud says:

        He had the pics and should’ve been more careful. You don’t get immunity for being ignorant. And you don’t get sympathy if you were being a coward by turning off your phone and flew to another country. The ladies were much to be blamed as well, but Edison’s behavior during the incident put a sour taste in some people’s mouth.

        • chiki says:

          he deleted them, the hacker retrieved them. how can he more careful?? such word rarely exists anymore in the entertainment world.

          he left. didn’t you read that the HK mafia was after him? who in the right mind would stay in a country where everyone is after their head?

        • Cloud says:

          Then please explain the time he flew to the U.S. when his scandal with Cammi broke out. He has history of running away when problems occur.

        • Lyle says:

          He was scheduled to attend a festival movie premiere, besides the was nothing to explain besides the fact that they were in a relationship and either she or someone uploaded those photos, it was pretty obvious he doesn’t have to explain every single thing going on in his personal life. Zachary Efron never explained about those photos he received from Vanessa, it’s just the media making a huge deal out of his personal life.

      • Cleo says:

        I think that he wanted to take photos in the first place and even though the girls he duped posed for the photos – he was in the position of power to make them do it – “tum” them so he is responsible because a good guy wouldn’t do that

        • Lyle says:

          Do you have any idea how common it is to take intimate photos with your partner? It’s not unusual,more than half of the population does it. It’s like that saying where everyone goes it, just no one talks about it. He was just one if the few unlikely ones to have them stolen and exposed to others. Sure he of proposed the idea but that doesn’t make him bad lol

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