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Edison Chen Shows Off New Girlfriend to Godfather, Anthony Wong

By on December 11, 2012

Edison Chen Shows Off  New Girlfriend to Godfather, Anthony Wong thumbnail

Edison Chen (陳冠希) is back in Hong Kong with his new Taiwanese girlfriend, Ann Hong (洪立安),who is his ex-employee in one of his Juice shops. Photos of the two lovebirds are all over Edison’s social network pages. Edison also brought Ann to meet his godfather, Anthony Wong (黃秋生).

On Edison’s Instagram and Weibo pages, he has been proudly showing off photographs of himself and a long-haired, sweet-looking Ann. He pronounced her as his girlfriend. They were often seen in poses of loving and tender blissfulness.

Back in Hong Kong to support Anthony Wong in his new stage play, Enigma Variations <極地情聖>, Edison did not pass on the opportunity to introduce his girlfriend to his godfather. Anthony has always been supportive of Edison, even amidst Edison’s 2008 nude photo scandal. It is little doubt that they have a good relationship. Despite his busy schedule, Edison flew into Hong Kong to support Anthony in his performance last night.

Like a Family

Even though Taiwan-born Ann may not be able to understand the Cantonese play on stage, she played the ever-supportive and good girlfriend, and accompanied Edison to Hong Kong to support Anthony Wong. Meeting Anthony backstage, Ann took a “family portrait” together. In the photo, Edison embraced Ann with Anthony smiling broadly.

Although 32-year-old Edison had denied proposing to 22-year-old Ann earlier, he was definitely head over heals in love with Ann and eager to show her off!

Netizens Give Blessing

Netizens were happy that Edison found a new girlfriend. They gave Edison their blessings and some even went to the extent of giving advice to Edison. They advised Edison to not play the field anymore and cherish his current girlfriend who seems to be a nice girl.

Source: Ming Pao

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  • Readers' Comments (72)

    1. EkinFan says:

      she’s pretty cute

    2. jessie says:

      Really hope that Edison can settle down, please be the last girlfriend, because she seems like a nice girl..

      • looooooooooooooo says:

        she is a fool

        • akari says:

          Look at it this way: EDC has to stoop as low as to finding staff members of his so called “business” to sleep with and she is a nobody who is looking for her two minutes worth of fame. Even if it comes at the cost of sleeping with EDC, where would a nobody get this much attention?…..that’s all it is…..She wants a bit of fame, and decent girl would want to touch EDC…….simple as that.

        • Sweetiepie says:

          She will b the ex gf very sooonnn

    3. sky says:

      lol…EDC is the man!!! hope he comes out with another video soon hahhahahah

    4. Terminator says:

      Hope we’ll get osee some pix soon.

      • glass says:

        pix of him in his funeral aft contacting aids? haha

        • Lol says:

          Seriously? Is that necessary? Yes, the dude is a nympho who likes to take intimate pictures with his lovers (at their own will), but that’s none of our business. On the other hand for you to wish aids on someone makes you a pretty sick person, you are no better off than him.

        • glass says:

          ouch, i did not take any naughty photos of tons of girlfriends so i guess i am different from him, moreover read from somewhere edison intentionally released those xxx pic in order to get more fame and money haha man using women to get publicity, how low can he get

    5. Applelim says:

      More fool her to be his girlfriend!!

    6. Loekie says:

      He looks like Andy lau!

    7. Woot says:

      Why would people bother to wish him blissful life, etc.?? I think everyone has forgotten the dirty things he did. It’s always unfair how he’s so easily forgiven while the ladies involved in the scandal got tarnished and criticized. But Edison flourished and still worshipped by fans. Talk about justice!

      • kiki says:

        i know, wish him blissful life???
        ahha OMG, psychotic ppl. hes a player when hes already looking haggard n hes only 32 years old. look at that ugly smile, cute no more hahaa lol….

        • Larry 3 says:

          he’s a horny a-hole. :)

        • HeTieShou says:

          I really wonder if doing it too much would cause you to become haggard???

        • kiki says:

          good point but probably NOT from doing too much hahaha but he is getting uglier n uglier n hes not even that old. cant believe hes still so newsworthy and its all from women scandals. even the above godfather is an ex porno actor right? ahha damn

        • HeTieShou says:

          Thanks for the info and I agree that he looks really haggard.. Probably from all of the stress due to all the scandals and stuff…

        • TVBFanatic says:

          In regard the photo scandal.. remember, they were ALL consenting, so there was no right or wrong there. He didn’t do anything evil and was, in fact, a victim just as much as the girls were. His private photos were stolen and shared without consent.

          Does he have a bit of a problem in regard photos/young women? Looks like it, but that in itself is not a crime.

          Would I want my daughter to be anywhere near him at all? Hell no. But people vilifying him over the photo scandal have got it wrong. If anything he was just monumentally stupid for not protecting the files. The real anger should go towards the people who stole the private property.

        • Lol says:


          Well said! People do have sex, it’s a part of life. He’s young, rich and single, he can sleep with whoever he wants to…that’s none of anyone’s business. I’m sorry but from all pics the girls look like they were all having a pretty good time, and ready for their close ups. If anything they should take responsibility for their actions as well when they agreed to take those pictures with him. Btw, I’m curious…the people who call him nasty for what he did…how exactly do you guys have sex…with your clothes on?

        • Bizzybody says:

          Tvbfanatic, well said.
          He really looks haggard nowadays and don’t age well. Wonder why he didn’t go for any treatments/surgery. The girl does look sweet.

      • Cloud says:

        Look at how many supporters he has on weibo. He’s got at least a million supporters, and the majority of them are females. Society is so unjust to women. Men can make all the mistakes they want and still have tons of supporters.

    8. dd says:

      Won’t lie, Taiwanese girls are cute as hell.

      • Cloud says:

        She’s mixed with Korean. I think she got those cute Korean eyes.

        • kixbaby says:

          You mean fake/enhanced Korean eyes? Have you seen the REAL Korean eyes? LOL

        • Lee says:

          @ kixbaby, true that. Going to Seoul/Korea really made me appreciate how above average the celebrities are, even if a lot of it is post surgery (and yes, I’m aware that PS is a pan-Asian phenomenon).

        • dd says:

          Rather than accusing her of being enhanced, maybe you Han Chinese girls should step up your game.

          Mao Zedong didn’t starve off a billion serfs in the cultural revolution just so 50 or so years later their lazy descendants laugh at other people over the internet instead of improving themselves.

      • HeTieShou says:

        It really depends because I have seen plenty of Taiwanese girls that don’t look so great…

    9. Larry 3 says:

      I’ll give them a year and less before he moves to another 18 to 20-ish girls.

      • kiki says:

        n the worse thing is these young women still go for someone like him w/the kind of news thats surrounding him…isnt it just a little while ago that stupid model 16 year old dumped him or him her? n again another 10 years younger than him going for him…haha…

      • advo says:

        I thought she was too old for his taste too.

      • sophia says:

        true and seriously no offense but how stupid she is to be with this guy. he is the worst.

    10. ronald says:

      Hope there new photo of her soon. Edison, we need more picture

    11. ita says:

      for some reason edison chen look like younger version of anthony wong.

    12. Lee says:

      She looks a lot less attractive in this photo… and re: Taiwanese people, I think it has a lot to do with the fact that many people from Shandong settled in Taiwan. Shandong is famous for having the most attractive people in China – a lot of famous actresses are from there or have roots there.

      • clamine says:

        I thought Suzhou is most famous for beautiful women in China?

        • Lee says:

          That’s more of a saying than anything else. I think northern Chinese features are generally judged to be more attractive according to Western standards (height, tall noses, etc.)

        • Cloud says:

          Don’t northern Chinese in general have small eyes and flatter face? I still think people from central China are a lot more attractive because their faces aren’t that flat.

        • HeTieShou says:

          I heard that as well, but some people from Northern China have small eyes from what I have seen… However, their noses are higher…

      • HeTieShou says:

        I think regardless of where anyone is from, looks will vary from person to person…

    13. TVBfadan says:

      I think this guy has had about enough fun. Perhaps, it’s time to settle down and make a stable future for himself. With the fame and money, he can do it.

    14. Khanh says:

      He seems like to really like this girlfriend of his. He is always posting photos of her on his instragram like a lot.

      • Eunice says:

        He used to seem like he really liked his ex-gf Vincy Yeung too. Maybe it’s just for the moment.

        • kixbaby says:

          maybe he’s the type who falls in love easily.

        • Observer says:

          A leopard don’t change its spots. He plays too much that’s why he is old & haggard for his age. Of course men can get away with their misdeeds ‘cos there is always women who are foolish and desperate enough to play their games.

    15. Pyro says:

      What is there to forgive? You’ll be surprised at how many couples actually do take those kind of photos, it’s not like he forced them.

    16. smile says:

      what a silly girl

    17. dd says:

      1. Sexual relations, especially at Edison’s age back then (and even now) is healthy

      2. The only reason why everyone has their panties in a bunch is because he took pics

      3. I bet you girls won’t complain the same way if a female movie star took pics of all the guys she had sex with

    18. him says:

      Its kind of funny. He did found her new gf and at weibo everyone wishes him. But how come when gillian found her new love, everyone seems like saying bad bout her.

      • Pyro says:

        Rumors has it Gil’s new love is a publicity stunt

        • Kelly says:

          Edison been really open about his relationship with Ann while Gillian on the other hand, been extremely secretive about her boyfriend and refusing to reveal anything despite the media annoyance. Her fans also sent their blessing to her but media want details so no her relationship is far from being a PR Stunt.

      • crowd says:

        edison is a pig, he will eat anything

        • kiki says:

          hahahaha so funny but i guess its TRUE. lets see if he will ever get infected that will probably stop him ahha lol…

    19. agfags says:

      goner edison… goner… goner

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