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Ekin Cheng Getting Married with Yoyo Mung is a Possibility

By on May 24, 2010

Ekin Cheng Getting Married with Yoyo Mung is a Possibility thumbnail

Forty-two year-old Ekin Cheng Yee Kin normally does not speak about his romantic relationships to self promote himself. Recently Ekin collaborated with Jordan Chan Siu Chun on a Young and Dangerous film together. Ekin noticed Jordan’s changes after he and Cherie Ying Choi Yee got married in February. Several of Ekin’s close friends, such as Alex Fong Chung Shun also got married and had children.

Ekin and Yoyo Mung Ka Wai started dating in 2006 due to a mutual interest in badminton. He spoke about their relationship openly in 2008 for the first time, “I am not married and Yoyo is single. It’s normal for us to be dating. I admire Yoyo’s forthrightness!”

Last year, Ekin said bluntly that he did not want to get married. However, it appears that he may have changed his mind this year. “In the past, I thought I would never get married. But now, I will truly think about it and ask myself, ‘Should I get married?”

Asked whether Ekin preferred to hold a lavish wedding banquet or get married secretly like Charlene Choi and Ronald Cheng Chung Kei, Ekin replied, “You can critique Charlene’s work, but you can not place judgment upon her private life and marriage. Even if she lied to the public, that is her right! Even in Andy Lau Tak Wah’s case, where he was married secretly for many years, it is his personal matter.”

How would Ekin handle his own marriage? “Me? Of course I will learn from past occurrences…. Actually, I don’t mind. I will tell everyone openly [when I get married].”

Source: Tom.com

Jayne: Many men have cold feet when it comes to getting married. I am not sure exactly why…are they afraid to commit to one woman? Are they afraid of parenthood and the ensuing responsibility?

After most people get married, the next step is having children together. I think women make much bigger sacrifices in their lives when they become parents.  Yet most women are eager to embrace motherhood, while men postpone marriage and fatherhood. Is this a biological or social disparity?

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  • Readers' Comments (13)

    1. sc2010 says:

      Ekin does seem like one who has a problem with commitment. Hope age (and his friend)does change him finally.

    2. HeTieShou says:

      I personally think that it is not just Ekin that has a problem with commiting to just one person. I think a lot of people in the circle(that goes for guys and girls)have a problem with that. There are a lot of attractive people in the circle so it is very tempting. Honestly, even normal citizens are often tempted so of course in the circle that temptation is even higher.

      Anyways,IF they do get married, I wish them the best and hope that they both commit to each other.

    3. Susan says:

      yes, I am also wondering this is biological or social disparity.

    4. Moontialia says:

      I think Ekin and Gigi Leung make better couple,,, and somehow I think they will back together,,, just my though hihi

    5. Funn Lim says:

      I thought Yoyo Mung doesn’t like children?

    6. jianmei4 says:

      I thought Yoyo Mung doesn’t like children?

    7. Jayne says:

      Sometimes people change their minds about kids…. I think it is human nature or perhap’s social pressure to want to get married and start a family. Men’s social pressure to do so comes a lot later in life.

      Ekin cites his friends’ influence for his acceptance of marriage. He probably saw Alex and Jordan moving on to different stages in life, but still happy about it. Ekin seems able to accept the marriage concept now, they didn’t say clearly whether they desire children or not.

      To me, marriage and living together is about compromise. Having kids is about a lot more compromise, patience, etc. In our twenties, not everyon is as willing to compromise (we live in a very self-centered universe these days). But as we age, perhaps some men need to reach their 40s first, we become less self-centered, we see more friends starting families. There is a combination of inner self changes and society’s expectations influence upon us.

      Tony Leung had a unhappy childhood and in the past he said he didn’t want children, but that apparently changed.

    8. Jayne says:

      Into my young adult life, I didn’t like children. I thought they were troublesome. I preferred small pets more. When my sisters’ kids were born, that all changed.

      It doesn’t take much for kids to be happy. Their energy and ethusiasm for life brings on fresh take to the meaning of happiness. Their is a sense of renewal. When we see happy kids, their happiness is infectious.

      Sometimes it just takes a special kid to change your perspective in life.

    9. x says:

      i dont rly like him.

      he has wasted the precious yrs of two wonderful women.

      never rly got a good feeling abt this man anyway.

      lets hope third time’s a charm.

    10. HeTieShou says:

      I don’t think you should say that he wasted the youth of 2 women. I mean, people date and break up all the time. It is normal so I don’t think you should blame him for it 100%. No one knows what really happened behind the scenes, you can just speculate and guess only…

    11. ani raina says:

      this is what i think

      marriage? :P yuk! but besides that, i think people should get married in their 40s or 50s. why? ’cause basically you’ll feel like really settling down then perhaps….

    12. Kidd says:

      Interestingly, statistics (at least in US) shows that 2/3 of divorce is initiated by the wife.

      It’s women who want to rush into marriage, but, it’s also women who are more willing to let go of the marriage.

    13. Funn Lim says:

      Kidd, it is probably because men would want to have it all and I am sure they’re willing to stay married if given the choice of not choosing at all whilst women, women have more spine. Women do not rush into marriage, they go into it with romantic notions and ended up getting hurt badly when reality isn’t as romantic as they imagine them to be.

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