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Elaine Yiu Admits Being an Insolent Girlfriend

By on February 10, 2013

Elaine Yiu Admits Being an Insolent Girlfriend thumbnail

Thirty-two-year old Elaine Yiu (姚子羚) has been in the entertainment industry for ten years. Possessing a hearty and talkative personality, she frankly revealed to the media that she hopes to get married soon and start a family. In addition, Elaine admitted that she was once an insolent girlfriend who was hard to tolerate.

“I want to quickly get married and have a baby. All I wish for is to have a husband with whom I am able to share a long-lasting relationship with.” In Elaine’s opinion, it does not matter if her husband is a boring man. The most important factor is not the feeling between them, but rather more about whether they are able to live together. Elaine believes two years of dating is enough. She expressed, “After five or six years of dating, we would feel like relatives and our love would turn into a responsibility. I don’t want to marry someone who feels like a relative to me!”

Speaking about her love life, Elaine revealed that she currently has a pursuer. “He is someone outside the entertainment industry. I actually don’t prefer dating someone within the industry, because I’m not used to seeing each other in the same work environment day and night. It would be so awkward if we have to film the same series!”

Apparently when Elaine was younger, she was hard to tolerate as a girlfriend. “Even though I was the one who was wrong, I would throw a tantrum! I’m not that intolerable anymore, but I’m still pretty picky and emotional. When that happens, it’s best to just leave me alone. I’ll get over it quickly!”

Elaine Yiu Resembles AV Girl?

Earlier, netizens pointed out that Elaine resembles Japanese adult-video actress, Riko Tachibana. Regarding these comments, Elaine simply laughed it off and said she does not mind. “Actually, Riko and I have the same profession. It’s just that we film different things. Perhaps the audience thinks we exhibit a similar sense. Once, I ran into a chef backstage and he said, ‘It’s Riko!’, when he saw me. He didn’t even call me Elaine! Actually, it’s not that great of a deal. It’s a way for more people to know about me.”

Currently, Elaine is filming for new drama, Unrequited Love in Two Cities <單戀雙城>, in which she portrays a singer. She expressed that in the future, she would like to try some comedic roles such as an insane woman, or roles that require her to overact.

Source: ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (24)

    1. LeilaFan says:

      Elaine have very pretty eyes, the sparkles type of eyes that bright up her whole face. Pretty girl. Love her role in Missing You with Raymond Wong, very touching .
      Much better than Mandy Wong face, lips too THICK!! Mandy face so annoying to me, always seem to be upset. Her annoying pregnant woman role in Friendly Fire was so annoying.

      • Jayne says:

        Elaine Yiu may have gotten some minor work done on her face. Her face looks more refined now than when she first entered the industry.

        • sandcherry says:

          Agree. Elaine Yiu is getting prettier and prettier. She must have done something on her face.

          Her acting is getting better and better, too. Best of luck to her in her career and love life.

      • Magic says:

        I thought Mandy’s role in FF was pretty interesting; funny at first (to me, at least. But if I met someone like her, I’d punch her face in, even if she is a woman) but quite sad after. Her acting was great as well.

      • Godon Lim says:

        Yep I totally agree. If only Elaine pursued her career more aggressively, there would be no mention of Mandy Wong. She would stump Mandy if she actually acted more in TVB.

        • sandcherry says:

          It is not quite up to Elaine Yiu to pursue her career more aggressively. It is TVB’s decision if they want to promote her. Artistes are always passive in getting roles to act, unless they have good connections from senior management to help them out.

        • sandcherry says:

          This applies to Nancy Wu, too. I think Mandy Wong will get her first lead role before Nancy Wu does.

        • joey says:

          Nancy is second lead in Food for Slaves but Mandy is only a supporting actress in On Call 2, Change of Heart, and that Bobby Esther series.

          I hope Nancy can lead in the new series with Wayne, Power, Edwin, Raymond Cho and Raymond Wong.

    2. Lyle says:

      I don’t think she did any work, as one ages of course they’re going to look different she just looks more mature than she had as Chole in RDOV.

      • H says:

        Yeah I think that even if she did do her face, it wasn’t really major. She still looks the same to me since her earlier days. (Just skinnier and more make up on the eyes)

    3. H says:

      I really hope she can become a lead actress! She’s so underrated!

    4. overrated has-beens says:

      another skin and bone hk girl….

    5. dd says:

      >netizens pointed out that Elaine resembles Japanese adult-video actress, Riko Tachibana

      Hah, nope!

    6. Karen says:

      She sounds just like her character in Revolving Door of Vengeance. Got to admit I’m prejudiced against her. She as a natural scheming look, and I cannot stand her pouty innocent look too.

    7. Fox says:

      I like the way Elaine pose in pictures very much. She has different expressions in different pictures. She remains the favour in me throughout the years due to her improvements in everything: look, acting and personality.

      • pandamao says:

        also a big fan of her .. i like the work that’s done on her face. she doesn’t have those carbon copy big japanese eyes.

        her acting is very good in ancient and modern series.

    8. P. Tan says:

      I, too, think she’s gotten to be very pretty and her skin looks good. No wonder she has a pouty look judging from what she said about herself. Her acting has improved a lot lately and I seem to like her more now.

    9. exoidus says:

      No need to look further KM fits the criteria of being an instant noodle ready to eat, LOL

    10. Exo jern says:

      I’ve always thought she resembles a duckling. Must be the eye makeup.

    11. anoninhk says:

      She is so pretty when she keeps her mouth closed. Wish she could do something with her massive front teeth

    12. ehh says:

      i like her way more than mandy wong. tvb should give elaine most improved and mandy’s roles instead. i guess it helps that mandy’s grandfather has connections and elaine doesnt.

      • sandcherry says:

        I also like Elaine Yiu more than Mandy Wong. She is more versatile in her acting. She is another one of Nancy Wu. Unfortunately, they are still supporting actresses no matter how good they are.

    13. Djojs says:

      I like Elaine and look forward to seeing more of her performances.

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