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Eliza Sam Earns More Than Fala Chen?

By on March 15, 2013

Eliza Sam Earns More Than Fala Chen? thumbnail

Twenty-eight-year old Eliza Sam (岑麗香) is one of the most heavily promoted newcomers of TVB. With her sweet and cute outlook, her popularity rose quickly among the audience. Since starring in last year’s Divas in Distress <巴不得媽媽>, Eliza won the netizens’ favor with her goofy girl image. She is said to be surpassing the popularity of Christine Kuo (苟芸慧).

Possessing an extremely hardworking personality, Eliza has been filming drama after drama, while also shooting advertisements. Recently, she is filming both Sniper Attack 2013 <神槍狙擊2013> and The Hippocratic Crush 2 <On Call 36小時II> at the same time. Eliza displays her best efforts and tries to earn as much money as possible.

Earlier, Eliza filmed an outdoor scene for Sniper Attack 2013, collaborating with Eddie Cheung (張兆輝) and Kate Tsui (徐子珊). She was in a full thick sniper uniform in the burning hot weather. Although streaks of sweat rolled down her face, Eliza uttered no complaint. The group’s popularity attracted a watching crowd in no time. Filming The Hippocratic Crush 2 was much more relaxing and easier for Eliza. While shooting a scene with Him Law (羅仲謙) in Sheung Wan last week, Eliza smiled cheerfully and spoke with reporters.

Along with her two dramas, Eliza is also currently filming a sunscreen advertisement. She has become the spokesperson in both Hong Kong and mainland China, earning $700,000 HKD. Eliza is known to possess an advertisement image with her friendliness and warmth.

With her per appearance fee rising from $30,000 to $60,000 HKD, Eliza is reportedly earning even more than TVB fadan, Fala Chen’s (陳法拉) rate. With many jobs coming her way, money is not a concern for Eliza as she has already surpassed many TVB actresses’ commercial worth.

Source: Ming Pao

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  • Readers' Comments (45)

    1. reasoning says:

      good that she is earning a lot, don’t have to get other means of income.. esp going out for diners with rich old men

    2. Bubblez says:

      As a fan of hers from her hometown (and assuming what HK news is reporting is true), this is very good news to hear that she’s doing so well and is beginning to fit in! I hope that as time goes by, she will remain the same, as in have the same mentality.

      And I believe that Fala and Eliza are both pretty good actresses (:

    3. Sherena says:

      Everyone should surpass Fala. Fala suck at acting, her personality suck, and she ain’t that good looking either.
      This is my opinion so don’t argue with me about it…

      • yeung4life says:

        @Sherena: I totally agree with you. There are many other artistes that are prettier than her, but they’re either too old, too mormal or too bad @ acting (like Fala)

      • Clementine says:

        If other people choose to argue with you, it’s because they too have their own opinion to voice out- like you say lol. Just sayin’.

      • jkhgf says:

        yeah fala acting is horrible. her personality sucks? where did u hear that from? i just want to know. ><

      • michaelscotfield says:

        I wouldn’t argue w/you about it but i do want to voice my opinions? haha..
        If i have to pick, i would pick this newcomer over Fala too.
        In fact, I like this one better than Fala or that Kate woman.

      • TVBFanatic says:

        You are wrong Sherena, and that’s my opinion so don’t argue with me about it!!


      • Sherena says:

        Seriously you guys are so childish, is ridiculous. But I do agree you have the right to express your opinion, I have no right to stop your opinion but you people have no right to judge my opinion.

        • TVBFanatic says:

          If you offer your opinion up for public consumption, then you also offer it up for judgement.

          If you don’t want your opinions judged by people, don’t share them. We are all in the same boat :P

    4. Ben says:

      That’s why Fala never get awards as everyone of you describe her as “badass” actress. If there is razzie awards presentation and you can go vote for her.

    5. No Alice in wonderland says:

      Eliza is over rated. And Jaynestars keep praising her over and over and over again.

      She is complimented to the max in every single news about her on Jaynestars.
      Talk about skewness! OMG!

      This type of fast rise only leads to one rumour mill: She must be sleeping with an unknown ‘powerful man’ in the industry.

      otherwise, I see absolutely no reason for such a vertical helicopter rise, especially in the ultra competitive environment of TVB.

      But then, it is exactly the environment of TVB that fosters underhand dealings and politics, and hence sleeping..

      Having dinners with rich men is the beginning of more, unless you are living in ‘Alice in wonderland’

      • Jayne says:

        No Alice in Wonderland,

        Our website attempts to be neutral in our coverage of stars. The article is based on what had occurred at the event, the crowd’s reaction to her, and her reported earnings.

        Eliza doesn’t really have negative rumors yet, as reported by the HK paparazzi. This is probably due to current favorable reception among the HK press. For example, she is reported as being very popular among the male cast of “Sniper Attack 2013″ where the guys were falling all over her. This incident could have been reported in another fashion by the HK press where Eliza was flirting with every guy on the set instead.

      • Bubblez says:

        “This type of fast rise only leads to one rumour mill: She must be sleeping with an unknown ‘powerful man’ in the industry.”

        I’m sorry but I disagree with you. Eliza Sam is the winner of Miss Chinese International 2010. It has been three years since she won and it has only been now that she is used in TVB series. I do not feel that she’s overrated or overly promoted/used at all. She started out in minor roles and gradually had her bigger roles. She is still playing supporting roles. In my opinion, she might be following Linda Chung’s steps where Linda Chung had very few or zero negative rumours.

        • miriamfanz says:

          I disagree with “She started out in minor roles and gradually had her bigger roles”

          She had a minor role in Ghetto Justice 2 and then immediately got the big supporting role in Divas in Distress. I don’t know her means of rising up so fast, but there’s definitely no dispute that she rose up very, very quickly.

        • Bubblez says:

          Yes you are right, miriamfanz. However, I tend to think that Tracy Chu has a way faster rate than Eliza Sam. Tracy Chu was given a supporting role right away, whereas Eliza Sam had a very minor role in Ghetto Justice 2 as well as hosting TVB shows before having her first major role in Divas in Distress.

        • Bubblez says:

          And I do admit that Eliza Sam has more roles. But both Tracy Chu and Eliza Sam have rose up very quickly compared to Rebecca Zhu.

        • Puff says:

          The beauty queens are all too inexperienced and their Cantonese are horrible. In small doses they are fine, but really can’t stand them in bigger role.

        • Fox says:

          In fact Eliza waited 3 years in Txb to have the first role as a kelefe and then a second role where she did well and gained popularity. She rose up rapidly, but it doesn’t mean she was promoted fromthe beginning.

          “Linda Chung had very few or zero negative rumours.”

          Linda Chung has quite a lot of negative rumours in the beginning of her career but dun noe why from 2008, she is written as a yuk lui or an angel by reporters. She still has some negative rumours but stays in goodie side such as being cheated (?) in the relationship with the lawyer bf, etc.

          But it’s correct that Eliza’s image in newspaper is similar to Linda’s. Wonder if Eliza will put her image as a yuk lui like Linda’s or not.

        • advo says:

          @ Fox

          I think Linda – and Eliza just have better (PR) relationship with reporters so their news generally have a more positive spin.

          I like Eliza and I’m happy for her popularity and if true, her high commercial value. But all popular actors receive backlash when they become more mainstream. Eliza is still “new” and a fresh face and she’s still (appropriately) doing supporting roles. Should she suddenly become a lead, you can bet on the backlash coming in waves.

        • Fox says:

          Looking back at Linda again, many ppl hated her due to the heavy promotion, but how long can they complain? She is still in the top 5 fadans of Txb and now ppl tend to accept it. If she is still obedient to sign long management contract, very soon, she’ll have the Txb award. But if she isn’t obedient with short management contract, she will have some awards but not the BA one. Simply so. Eliza will travel through that road, if she really wants to stay with Txb.

        • Bubblez says:

          @Fox: “In fact Eliza waited 3 years in Txb to have the first role as a kelefe and then a second role where she did well and gained popularity. She rose up rapidly, but it doesn’t mean she was promoted from the beginning.”
          ^ This was what I was trying to say!
          And yes, you are definitely right regarding Linda Chung’s rumours back in 2008.

    6. Exo jern says:

      Good to hear

    7. Melted says:

      Eliza is so overrated and it’s getting really frustrating to see news of her everywhere. It’s worse than seeing articles of Raymond with his new BB. Eliza’s acting is over the top and her Cantonese is bad and what’s up with all the goddess nicknames for stars. She’s not even THAT pretty, at least not to me. I can easily name an actress who’s prettier than her and can act better than her any day. I dont have anything against her seriously but reading all these articles is making me dislike her more. Shes getting good meaty roles so easily as compared to other artistes which makes it really annoying. Most artistes played cameo roles or insignificant roles for years. Her debut role was a supporting actress, a role with more screentime than Mandy wong (who’s obviously way better and Mandy is prettier!!!).

      • simbalalala says:

        I have to agree with you. I honestly don’t get why she’s popular…
        all I know is that she rose to “popularity” with her “hot” scene in Divas in Distress. yeah yeah guy find her hot, but I don’t see it. She’s not even that pretty. I know a lot of people bash Fala now. And I’m no fan of her, but I think Fala is prettier than Eliza.
        I saw someone in the previous comment say that Eliza is starting with small roles and slowly going up. But PLEASE there are so many other artists that started small and took them at least 10 years to make it big.

        Seeing all these articles about how she’s getting big roles, I’m just like okay…because guys like you, you’re popular now…etc. She can not act! to me, she’s like Christine Kuo. Bad acting, not that pretty, bad accent, and is popular because guys find them hot…

      • lol says:

        i dont think she looks beautiful, but she’s cute in a way. her eyes look crossed though LOl it’s really weird

      • lolo3 says:

        I think she’s being promoted because she got good feedback after diva in distress. Txb only promote someone if its to their advantage.

    8. Crystal says:

      She reminds me of bernice liu. Both are bubbly but eliza is cuter and bernice was beautiful/pretty.

    9. sophia says:

      she is pretty and lucky. She is pretty lucky :)

    10. aptos says:

      Fala should not care about money as many articles state that she is wealthy due to marrying a rich spouse. As for fame, Eliza is getting a lot of press coverage…I am sure Fala is “pissed off” if she is being compared with ELiza. I know she feels that Eliza is not in the same league as her.

    11. sonia says:


    12. ebbie says:

      She’s not over-rated.
      She’s very lucky for having a role that’s fun in Divas & she did it well.
      Very likable & cute, that’s why people like her.

    13. Fox says:

      With these prices, not only Fala but also others top Txb actresses can’t compare with Eliza :). Maybe only Myolie has higher function price than Eliza’s.

      • advo says:

        Well, Myolie has the BA award right? Though, I’m quite interested in selling what rate Tavia has since I don’t think she’s very bankable – with or without her award.

        • advo says:


        • Fox says:

          Even before having the BA award, Myolie did well with prices. She is only below Charmaine and Bernice and higher than the rest.

          In each end of the year or beginning of a year, a chart of top 10 earners is often posted in newspaper. And Myolie is the only name that often appeared in top 5. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen the names of the rest in top 5 current fadans.

          The BA award dun help much with prices especially in China. In HK, maybe a little but it dun help much, especially when the awards turns the candies to most obedient kids. You know, some BA award winners even have lower price per eps in Txb than someone who haven’t had it.

      • lovekpophatetvbartistes says:

        Piss off! Magazines reported overrated and ugly Linda Chung is paid 100,000 HKD for the Food Republic function and her partner Bosco Wong at that event is paid 110,000 HKD! Green and overused Eliza Sam now already got 60,000 per event! These ugly entertainers are overpaid!

    14. advo says:

      IDK if I believe this, though I could see Eliza being quite bankable. She possess a very likable aura, especially on camera and that sells.

    15. Anna says:

      piss off Eliza Sam u suck!! Fala Chen is way better than u!

    16. blurjen says:

      who else in TVB rose so quickly as Eliza?

    17. lovekpophatetvbartistes says:

      Eliza Sam is ugly! She’s becoming the next Linda Chung! Only Linda Chung rose this fast in TVB history before without showing much talent!

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