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Elva Ni Denies Dating Bosco Wong

By on July 31, 2012

Elva Ni Denies Dating Bosco Wong thumbnail

Hong Kong tabloids recently claimed that Bosco Wong’s (黃宗澤) infidelity is the reason to why he broke up with his girlfriend of 8 years, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒). Bosco’s three rumored mainland Chinese girlfriends, Liu Yan (柳岩)Tiffany Tang (唐嫣), and Song Xinni (宋新妮), all actresses from The Woman Above the Bread Tree <麵包樹上的女人>, have denied any romantic linkage with him. Adding to the list of denials is Elva Ni (倪晨曦), a former winner of the 2005 Miss Toronto Chinese Pageant.

Elva first met Bosco in 2006, who was a guest performer at the Miss Toronto Chinese pageant. Bosco openly praised her beauty and managed to get her phone number. Elva also posted an intimate photo of her closely hugging Bosco on Facebook. Tabloids alleged that the pair briefly dated after Elva won the pageant.

Yesterday, Elva attended a Thai boxing event with TVB actors, Raymond Wong (黃浩然), Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿), and model, Zelia Chung (鐘浠文). Elva denied the tabloid’s allegations and clarified, “I met him when we worked together in Toronto, but I have not contacted nor met up with him since coming to Hong Kong.”

However, Elva was not angered by the accusations. She praised Bosco instead, “He’s really polite, treating everyone really well.” When asked if Bosco treats all girls very well, Elva nervously said, “I don’t know.”

Elva also added that her ideal type is someone who is filial.

Liza Wang Says Bosco and Myolie’s Break-up Was Handled Well

Liza Wang (汪明荃) attended a radio interview earlier to promote an upcoming contest to recruit new Cantonese opera performers. Liza, who previously worked with Bosco and Myolie in the War of In-Laws <我的野蠻奶奶> franchise, was said to be the ex-couple’s matchmaker. Although Liza is saddened by their breakup, she praised the couple’s maturity, “They are both mature adults, and I think they handled [the break-up] really well.”

In related news, Liza’s new comedy drama, A Chip Off the Old Block 2 <巴不得媽媽…> will be airing in late August. She expressed that she will be busy promoting the drama, and will not have much time to perform in other Cantonese opera concerts.

Source: On.cc, On.cc

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  • Readers' Comments (43)

    1. Veejay says:

      Is it only me or did I sense some plastic here?

      BTW, i find her quite pretty..alot prettier than Myolie..sorry Myo’s fans but these “plastic” dolls are so taking over your bfs

      • Veejay says:

        Also where are those hugging pics?? i wanna see them lol

        • Jayne says:

          The above header photo is a hugging photo with puckered lips.

        • Veejay says:


          thanks, Bosco does looked like he wanted to kiss her so much up there in the pic.. No wonder Myolie made such a drastic action. Who can stay calm if you see your bf/husband doing that to another woman?

        • TVBaddict says:

          Hey Jayne,
          Did you see what Myolie wrote on her Weibo blog? She re-weiboed (not sure what the word is…) a piece of news that Apple sent her about Eric being a third party with intimate pictures from the drama they filmed.


          Those pictures are clearly stills from the drama, I’m sure everyone is clear where these came from. It’s enough, it’s really enough. There’s no need for there to be a new story every day, there’s no need for this neverending harm. It doesn’t mean I’m stupid just because I’m not telling everyone but I really do hope that you guys can let us go! Yes?

          Sorry that was a really bad translation but you guys get the point haha…

        • Jayne says:

          Thanks for the message. Yes, I saw the message and will post the news later today. Stay tuned….

        • brandon says:

          Jayne and TVBaddict:

          “Please let us off!” says Myolie Wu

          HONG KONG: These days, wherever Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu goes, questions about her high-profile breakup with her actor boyfriend Bosco Wong follow.

          Both parties have remained tight-lipped about what caused their recent split, though they stressed that no “third party” had come between them.

          But that has not stopped Hong Kong tabloids from speculating just what went on between the two, with some suggesting that Wong had strayed after getting involved with a busty Chinese actress he had worked with in a drama recently.

          Others claim Wu wanted out after she developed feelings for Taiwan actor Eric Huang, on the set of the new drama they starred in.

          However, Wu, who has been hounded by Hong Kong paparazzi lately, spoke out against the various tabloid reports about her split with Wong, in a micro blog post on Tuesday.

          “Enough, really, it’s enough. Let’s not have a different version (of what caused their breakup) every day, and not continuously cause hurt.

          “I don’t say anything but it doesn’t mean I am mute … Please let us off! Okay?” said Wu.

          Wu and Wong have been dating for eight years and was widely viewed as one of the golden couples in Hong Kong showbiz, until they revealed last week that they have decided to call it quits.


      • lol says:

        Sorry Veejay Myolie is prettier than this plastic girl

        • Hannahh says:

          110% agreed!

        • Veejay says:


          Just look at Bosco’s gesture, he looked like he’s trying to eat that girl up.. just look at that horny face of his LoL

        • jasmine7 says:

          9 out of 10 (those still thinking that sex sells) mainland actresses seems to have the ‘knife’ treatment (i.e. plastic surgery) in one way or another…..nose, eyes, jaws and 1000% boobs. No doubt the result looks good but they all look alike. Take a peek at China Entertainment News where many pose for magazine covers, all too willing to show their ‘career lines’. At least HKG actresses reserve a bit of modesty. If your bf only likes you for your boobs (boobs maniac like Ron and LF), then you have a problem.

      • TVBFanatic says:

        A man can be made to look exactly like that girl through PS. You would also find him attractive over Myolie?

        I say no to plastic girls.

    2. vivien says:

      Bosco and medusa Kate also did these this puckered lips pic last year! Someone find the pic quick! LOL Kate =Elva Ni?

    3. vivien says:

      Elva is pretty and sounds nice. Tony you might like her. Where is Tony.

    4. Hannahh says:

      Elva look plastic! Yes very pretty indeed!

      • lol says:

        Pretty but plastic and looks biatchy. At least her plastic product is better than this we know who TVB fadan.

    5. Melinda says:

      Does anyone know who will be in A Chip Off The Old Block 2? :)

    6. Jackie says:

      Is that her in the white tank top? She looks beautiful there, but she looks plastic in the picture with Bosco. Does anyone know how old she is?

      • lol says:

        That picture with Bosco is in 2008. She must’ve done some more work to her face after that.

        • Cee says:

          From what I know, she hasn’t done any work to her face. She actually has a twin sister and she’s equally pretty. Make-up, lighting and photoshop can do wonders. And I believe during that time when rumours started about her and Bosco, she was already dating someone.

    7. Flower says:

      Who are you trying to fool. Of course she has work done on her face espeically the second photo she looks like one of the Japanese comic character. Yes…make up does wonder but not to the point where your jaw line and nose looks super unnatural. Not convincing to me at all!

    8. stranger says:

      i’m pretty sure elva isn’t plastic either. it might just be the angle for the second picture.

      and yeah, i saw the pictures she took with bosco back in 2008 before it became a scandal. they were just playful pictures taken with him, maybe bosco had intentions but elva was (or maybe still is) in a steady relationship back then. i doubt elva would’ve posted those photos if they were in a affair, they were just more “hey, look guys i met bosco!” pics posted on her fb.

    9. LindingInHtown says:

      Myolie>Korean/Japanese/Taiwanese bubble gum girls.

    10. lychii04 says:

      Yeah ill be pretty annoyed at this pic if I were myolie.

    11. Gar says:

      Just wanted to clarify that Elva won the Miss Toronto Chinese Pageant in 2005, not 2008 as specified in the above article. Christine Kuo actually won in 2008.

    12. cchiki says:

      She looks natural. Miss Toronto can’t be too shabby.

      More photos of her pageant days in 2005:


    13. violet says:

      I would be fuming MAD if my bf ever takes that kind of pic with another girl!Seriously what on earth was he thinking? He’s attached but still goes around taking intimate pictures with other girls? I really wonder how did Myolie look pass this matter 4 years ago!

      P.S: Read this from msn news.
      “Myolie completely lost it and broke up with him over the phone. Bosco knew that she wasn’t joking and immediately flew back to Hong Kong to apologise. He knelt down and cried but Myolie stood firm.”
      Wow look how far the rumors can go?Crying and begging on his knees?Seriously?

      • TVBFanatic says:

        Myolies friends were keeping her informed of his activities eh? it would seem Myolie has spies out around Bosco :P

    14. NP says:

      I don’t know about PS but I don’t think she’s very cute. Her nose and jawline are too thin. Not enough flesh on her face, IMO. I think Myolie is way pretty and I’m not even a fan.

    15. Natalie says:

      Nowadays all these plastic barbies look all the same … Viann/Mavis/Angelababy … they are not the first and they will not be the last .. Wonder what they will look like years from now when gravity starts to takes its toll .’Myolie wins hand now . She looks 100 % real without doubt . And I m not really a fan …

      • lol says:

        I loathe these plastics Viann, Mavis, Angelababy. I agree. 100% natural wins in the end. Go Myolie.

    16. Eunice says:

      I’m from Toronto, so I’ve watched Elva participate in the Toronto pageant in 2005. At the time, I thought she was definitely one of the prettiest contestants. Since she was originally already a pretty girl, and her current appearance is not really a drastic change from before, I will not accuse her of getting plastic surgery done. Makeup can really do wonders these days.

      The above picture of her with Bosco is from 2008, when she was a host for an event for the Miss Toronto pageant. I think she probably just had heavy makeup on in that picture. I believe that she probably didn’t date Bosco. I mean, he just stayed in Toronto for a few days, is it realistic that they can begin a relationship so fast? I think Bosco was just being his flirty self. Elva probably didn’t know his rumours with Myo back then, since her primary language is Mandarin and she didn’t know much about HK entertainment.

      I am Myo’s fan. The first time I heard about the rumours between Bosco and Elva, I was angry with Bosco, but not Elva. He is too flirty and really can’t give his girlfriend a sense of security.

      • Jane says:

        I’m also from Toronto too and I’ve watched Elva participate in the Toronto pageant in 2005 as well. In fact I have a friend who actually went to the same high school as she did. She also has a twin sister who looks very much like her. I don’t think she got plastic surgery either or has done anything to her face. I think makeup does wonder too and I admit that she looks a lot prettier now than she was before. And I agree with you 100%. He can’t possibly have dated her since they’ve only meet/been together for a couple of days when he came to be a special guest former for the Toronto pageant show.

        I also have a friend who met Bosco 2 times when he came to Toronto. First time was for the miss Toronto pageant show and the second time was for Taste of Asia in Scarborough. My friend has also taken pictures with Bosco as well and they were even hugging in the pictures. I think Bosco may not neccessarily be “flirting” with his fans but he’s just being friendly and open to them. From what my friend told me, he treated every fan the same way when they requested to take pictures with him. He would even do silly and funny poses with them too. My friend even sang karaoke with Bosoco and along with a bunch of other fangirls too. She said he was a really nice and friendly idol. I think Bosco tries to be silly and playful in pictures taken with fans just for the fanservice and to really just be nice. I don’t think he did them for any bad intentions. At least my friend didn’t feel like he was flirting with her at all the both times she met him.

    17. Eunice says:

      By the way, the first time I saw Roxanne Tong, I thought she reminded me of Elva Ni. Anyone think so too?

    18. deci says:

      Two different photos of Elva Ni.



      Two different Photos of Liu Yan



      You’ll find more of Liu Yan’s old and new photos on this page.


      I find it really sad Bosco was duped into thinking these girls are actually worth jeopardizing his 8 year relationship over. I would consider Myolie very pretty to the average person. Even if she doesn’t possess ideal features, she is much prettier than any of these other girls prior to their surgery.

    19. lise says:

      Jayne! Please confirm based on the photos from the links whether or not Elva did plastic surgery. It must be make up, age and angle like Michelle Reis. They didn’t do it.

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