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Episodic Thoughts: “Tiger Cubs” (Episode 1)

By on July 9, 2012

Episodic Thoughts: “Tiger Cubs” (Episode 1) thumbnail

Tiger Cubs <飛虎>
TVB Series 2012

Cast: Joe Ma, Jessica Hsuan, Him Law, Vincent Wong, Mandy Wong, Oscar Leung, William Chak, and Savio Tsang.


Guest stars: Kenneth Ma and JJ Jia

Summary:  One young cop’s throat was slit and the OCTB connects this murder with a high profile robber and his team out to rob a high profile jewelry store, complete with bombs, guns, grenades and innocent hostages. The showdown will include the SDU who must strive to take out the robbers who will kill to escape whilst protecting the innocent.

Finally I watched the 1st episode. And my impression is it is like “Slam! Bam! Thank you Mam!!” The music is non-stop. And when I say non-stop it means it never stops, shifting from one tune to another. It felt like a long promotional video for SDU aka Special Duties Unit, sounds like some special class in school. And I suppose being an introductory episode clocking in at a new format of 1-1/2 hours instead of the usual 45 minutes, it felt like a mini movie. In fact from the first scene, I felt I was watching a wide screen format mini movie with colors that are very much of those you see in movies as in darker or rather less bright. There is an attempt at cinematography, with Jessica Hester Hsuan standing on a beach I suppose during sunset. The scene was lovely to look at.

There are an abundance of men, so this is a testosterone driven movie, you see young man, old man, middle aged man, short man, tall man, skinny man, well-built man, all sorts so you can have your pick who to drool at. And all these men are almost always in uniform, another reason to drool. And they all carry small to medium to big guns, and our villains have hand grenades, homemade bombs, then there’s the big I suppose SDU jeeps (black, no less). First episode and they throw every ammunition at you, less you forget this is a series of men, manhood and adrenaline rush for men. Because the women, represented here by the detective that is Jess is stable, quiet, meticulous and slow. She stands, she observes, she makes deductions, she walks slowly, no guns. Joe Ma, representing the SDU of course has all the guns. And in a telling scene, we have the obligatory female SDU member played by Mandy Wong who is more technician than field officer and when she says she has aspirations to be the 1st SDU field officer, the guys laughed and she angrily said “Why, you think I can’t do it?” and the guy answered “We all don’t think you can do it.” Well guys, thanks for the vote of confidence. This is as sexist as TVB will let this scene be, because it quickly moves away after poor Mandy fretted a bit. But it is a sexist idea since let’s face it, Tiger Cubs is a man’s world with big guns and all. It is all about how big their guns are.

Frankly I enjoyed this episode for a simple reason; I like the mindless adrenaline rush. There is nothing subtle, nothing elegant, nothing sophisticated, just pure action after action, after a while it became rather mindless. Because everything was resolved so easily. We are introduced to one big time villain, and I say big time because his reputation or rather his stare precedes him. His downfall was rather mundane, rather blehhhhhh. That is Kenneth Ma who surely has made it into big time TVB 1st brother position for the fact that he has the honor of being the bad guy in this very 1st episode. And mind you, he was as bad as his character on paper would suggest. After all how many villains in TVB takes joy in slicing the throat of a young police officer and then his own colleague and then shooting people at random? Surprisingly he didn’t kill the colleague’s grandma, which I find … interesting. His character kills indiscriminately, no doubt. His wife, the pretty JJ Jia in a needless wig is as cruel and could fight very well too. Together they’re supposed to be this killer couple, Bonnie and Clyde if you will. They planned a heist at some local jewelry store and in the end the police tracked them down rather simply. How? This series chose to skip over the details. Just assume they used their GPS, tracking device, high tech computer stuff and oh yes, an Ipad or a tablet, whatever the brand sponsor may be. I must admit I wanted so much to watch this episode because I heard great things about Kenneth Ma and his villainous turn. You want my honest opinion?

It was no big deal. Because their characters were so basic, there wasn’t much to show for. There was no personality, we just know he loves her, she in the end betrayed him by becoming witness for the prosecution and I hope episode 2 will show his reaction because I love to see how Kenneth reacted when his most loved betrayed him so easily. Their story was so simplified that frankly all these hoo-ha over their portrayal was disappointingly overblown. Fans’ PR works way better than TVB’s PR I tell you!

Kenneth came complete with shaved head and realistic looking tattoo but his cold stare just didn’t feel chilly enough. The so called cutting or slicing of the neck was to me badly filmed. Why? The camera chose to move away when he was slicing the neck. I would very much prefer to see the slicing motion, without that motion it felt incomplete. Truth be told, Kenneth Ma hardly has any dialogue. You can count how many lines. He hardly has anything much to do except to sneer, stare, slice and shoot. It is a special guest starring role and one of a character that has more style than character development.

Note though. How crazy in Hong Kong that someone who threw grenade, shot police, etc will get only 8 to 10 years for robbery. In Malaysia, the fact that he held a gun, would  be enough for mandatory death penalty.

JJ Jia is pretty, the girl can act but only if she plays mute. The moment she opened her mouth, I can feel her nervousness at every line she delivered. She seriously needs to work on her speech because the way she speaks kills the magic of her performance which in this series is none. Again why I said so is because her character has more style than character development. She has lesser than Kenneth and that is saying a lot! All she needs to do here is pout, look bitchy and that’s about it. Again a very VVVIP performance I suppose but to read the praises heaped on her, I shook my head in disbelief. Even Hannibal Lecter had to do much more in his 20 minutes appearance to get praises for his performance. The problem with JJ Jia’s character as much as it is with Kenneth is the fact that their characters seriously lack development of any kind. And before we knew it, their story is over. I suppose maybe he will reappear for a grand finale with the way he stared at Joe Ma’s eyes towards the end, which shows at some point he might break out of prison. I hope by then there is some story development for poor Kenneth.

As for other characters, again all seems like touch and go. We have the old guys, represented by Oscar Leung and his gang, and the young ones represented by Vincent Wong, the less assured one and Him Law, the very assured one. It seems you can use 1 or 2 words label for each character which means they’re all pigeon hold in their characters and that is not good. I have nothing much to say about Vincent and Him Law’s performances except these 2 are good actors with potential. I have a soft spot for Vincent Wong and in here he didn’t disappoint in portraying a not so assured character that is bound to have some major dilemma and finally may even walk away from SDU or perhaps get better and decisive. I can see his indecision and to me that is good acting. At least he is not playing some arrogant bastard. That would be Him Law but the joke is he is just confident. I suppose he is good friends with Vincent’s character with the way they look at one another. Him Law right now is “YEAH!! YEAH!! I CAN DO IT!!!” phase which to me I thought was ok. I mean some points he made were reasonable; a well-known cruel killer/robber was carrying a young hostage away. If I were him I too will run after that guy, kill him and save the kid. This means he is better off as a detective than SDU. Performance wise, Him Law displayed the right amount of arrogance and confidence even if he looks tiny next to the many actors. I mean he is big, but Vincent Wong is much taller so he looks sorta tiny to me.

Joe Ma is ok. So far his character development is … zero. I know nothing about his character and frankly I am not interested to know further. Are all these head of departments so calm? So collected? Shouldn’t he be the one to lose control going after the killer who killed someone he knew since that boy was a kid? Shouldn’t the writer give him some emotion? He cries a little but not enough. Bland is the word. But he does look like SDU. And thank God his English is kept to a minimum.

Interestingly, it is Jess’ character that captured my interest. At first she looked bland, boring and yes usual Jess. In fact her performance is Jess. Nothing special. But her character is a madam aka detective aka investigator who is … suicidal! Yes! That is because she lost her beloved in a blast some years back, and she is deeply unhappy. She doesn’t smile. She seems to want to die when chasing after the killer, in a car, driving towards one another and she never braked. I like that aspect. That to me is different. Usually we see such characters being men whose wives died tragically but this is a reversal of role and making her suicidal to me makes her character somewhat interesting. But Jess is bland. She speaks in a monotone. She looks boring. When her character should have anger issues, she looks mildly … bored. The reason is simple. Jess is simply not a good actress. If you’re her fan, sorry but that is a painful but actual truth. She can act but she is simply just a one note one expression one facial look actress. I almost fell asleep hearing her deliver her lines and her character makes some important discoveries about the villains. Why I find her character interesting is the idea of it but the execution will depend on Jess and so far I am not impressed.

Everyone else, no comment except to say they have so little role, so little to do, so little focus, their faces become mere memories, their performance forgettable not because they were bad actors but because no focus. Way too many characters, too much focus on action which I understand why but character development for 1st episode is almost nil for all other characters except for 4 or 5 characters.

But my major peeve factor is the editing. This episode is so fast paced, it felt like time jump. One scene we have the usual intro of SDU. Next we have new recruits, jump to one training jump to a real crisis and jump to another training, each having no connection to the other. The only story to have consistency is Jess’ character but the SDU team is like one long trailer. I felt like I was watching a promo for this series, a cut and paste scene of perhaps a longer version to come. It felt disjointed. That is the one major aspect I didn’t like. For a TV series, 1 and a half hour is long, and it aims to settle one case per episode but yet it lacks in development and the editing is terrible. If it is a movie which it feels like it, it would have garnered bad reviews because it felt like one long MTV. I wouldn’t say it is shallow but it is pretty all brawn and no brains for the most part.

But that being said, the first 10 minutes was fantastic. I was immediately drawn to the story, the look and feel but when the new recruits were introduced, I fell back to earth. And when I saw the obligatory pub scene (opened by Joe’s parents by the way) and each junior buddy-buddying with the seniors such as the head himself, I was very frustrated. Typical TVB. And then everybody knows everybody and the nicknames, one I heard is called Chin Yan (in Cantonese it means bastard but in English it sounds so mild) which I shook my head in disbelief. It is just so frustrating that 1st 15 minutes had so much potential, so much promise but in the end the entire episode done in by shoddy editing, bad character development and villains I feel did not have much to be memorable.

One character was memorable and I am sure you must agree and will be memorable for the entire series; Fu Chai, the young cop whose throat was slit by Kenneth. It felt so terrible; his first duty and he was murdered so cruelly. Such a senseless death! Only 25 and in real life, such a tragedy would have happened. But I didn’t like how unemotional everybody was and the only one who showed some emotion was Him Law who didn’t even know him in the first place. I would have wished to see some police force solidarity – it is one thing to murder people but to murder a young cop on his 1st patrol duty so to speak, I am sure the real police force will be very emotional. That lack of emotion to me shows that this series in this episode at least is more concerned with style rather than substance.

Hopefully episode 2 and beyond will get the emotions, editing and character development right.

Interesting Fact

Reading Wikipedia, each episode costs $1 HKD million to make. It does look expensive, that much I will agree. And I read many were injured in the filming of this series. I am not surprised. Look at the amount of blasts and shooting and running and jumping. I feel their acting of fear or tiredness is real. There is simply not much time for slowing down, unless you’re Jess whose character is mostly standing or lying down.

This Episodic Thoughts was written by Funn Lim, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com, and was originally posted at Point2e.com.

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  • Readers' Comments (83)

    1. gold4canada says:

      I love the series! Personally, I can care less about character development, I just love the action, action, action. This series is not dragged down by too much boring love talk. I love it!

      • tvbmaniac says:

        Totally agreed!!! I’m not a fan of those typical lovey dovey romantic plot. Looking forward for the series to air on every week..

      • vivien says:

        Agreed the compact story is good

      • Gar says:

        Yes, I’m also enjoying this series very much mainly because it is action packed. I’m not into the romantic comedies either and so this series really stands out for me.

    2. Hi says:

      Seriously I disagree with your opinion so bad! You could have your own opinion but if you say that Jessica can’t act then why don’t you look at yourself! If she can’t act then you are nothing better and I’m not a her fan, I’m just saying the truth! I don’t understand why your not impressed with her acting so far! It’s really good so far and I’m really impress so stop criticizing her! Anyways, I just basically disagree with you!

      • sehseh says:

        Well technically this is Funn’s episode thoughts, so what’s wrong with voicing how she felt abt the performance in the series?

        Of course, you are entitled to disagree but not to degree demanding Funn ‘can’t say, can’t critisize’.

      • Kidd says:

        Funn doesn’t need to know how to act because she’s not a professional actress. Jess is.

        It is only logical and expected that a professional actress getting paid big bucks to act should be a better actress than a non-actress like Funn.

        • josie says:

          Hey, how do u know Funn doesn’t know how to act? :P

          Haha… maybe everyone should try to avoid writing “that’s the truth!” when they really mean “that’s my opinion!”

        • Kidd says:

          You don’t get me, do you?

          ‘Hi’ argued that Funn shouldn’t criticise Jess acting because Funn couldn’t do better.

          My last sentence to is to say that it is logical and expected that a professional actress like Jess should be a better actress than a non-actress like Funn, so, Hi asking Funn to look at her own acting is a moot point.

          Btw, I might not know for a fact whether Funn can act or not, but, I know for a fact that Funn is not a professional actress and she does not earn her living through acting.

        • josie says:

          Uh, I was being facetious. I guess my emoticon wasn’t clear enough.

        • Kidd says:

          Oh. Ok. Noted.

      • vivien says:

        I actually agree with Funn about Jessica LOL. She’s another bland Jessica and her partner Joe also has bland personality.

        The newbies Himhim and Vincent got more personalities than these two bland elder LOL

        • anoninhk says:

          i’ve only ever enjoyed jessica in one series, and that was dicey business. all her other roles have more or less been the same, no matter what the character’s background and occupation. i do think she is a bland actress, which is a shame because she seems much more fun in real life.

        • vivien says:

          During Jess time I always put Jess and Flora as the not so great ones, while Esther, Marianne, Kenix and Ada were the greater ones with more powerful acting.

      • Nancy says:

        Yes, I disagree with writer. Respect her own opinion but Jessica has been known for several best awards and widely global fans. If you said she can’t act then her awards given to be blind. She was selected in variety roles of many series and most of these series are best ones of TVB, with highest rates. In Tiger Cubs, Jessica accepted first role as detective and she acted very well. This is calm and leadership character. Her voice is sharp and on edge. She plays very well character.

    3. Hi says:

      That was to the author Funn Lim of this post!

    4. dude says:

      I enjoyed the first episode the action was good

    5. Alec Nguyen says:

      I am not surprising with the content because it belongs to Funn Lin. She actually never like Jessica’s acting skill and for sure if you never like something, you couldnt see anything good. Despite of that, I love this series in general, anything is quite good and the quality is better than the other TVB series nowadays.

      You could not say you love Jessica’s acting but the truth is she is now in the showbiz for nearly 20 years and is the top Fadan in TVB, sometimes it must have the reasons.

      • vivien says:

        Agreed that the quality is better than normal TVB series. This series will succeed to promote Himhim and Vincent because quality is good although both older experienced leads have boring acting.

    6. sehseh says:

      For me, the weakest link (performance wise) is Him Him. Yeah we know he’s aggressive and go-getter, but he talks and behaves overdrive, steroid induced redneck.

      • Funn Lim says:

        But sehseh in defense of Him Him, he is limited to what is on paper and his role is just that. Like so eager to show he is the best of the bestest best. Maybe ep 2 will give him some personality. ep 3 will give him some direction. ep 4 a story. ep 5 … death!! Shock me TVB! SHOCK ME!!

        • Funn Lim says:

          Now come to think of it the title does refer to him; as in a cub. Right now he is all meow. Hopefully later, all roarrr.

        • purplepaw says:

          well if we’re talking about being limited to what is on paper, then everyone is limited, including jessica. i don’t think she’s fantastic, but she’s also not as bad as you and many others make her seem

      • vivien says:

        I think weakest links are Joe Ma and Jessica. Their actings are bland and overshadowed by their guest stars

        • Veejay says:

          Honestly speaking, eventhough Jessica and Joe’s acting were well known to be bland and non-lively but they have their “lead” feel and aura in them which it will attracts audiences in unexplained way hehe. I’m not a big fan of Jessica neither is Joe but I’ll watch the series because I haven’t seen jess for a while and her wooden face is which I dont find her boring haha.

        • vivien says:

          Honestly Joe Ma and Jess are overshadowed by the newbies and guest stars. Comments here already showed that Himhim and Vincent got more atention than Joe, Jess and their boring acting.

        • Funn Lim says:

          That is also because this is only episode 1.

        • vivien says:

          In episodes 2-3 Oscar get the attention. Joe and Jess still boring LOL

      • vivien says:

        michael tse can only be laughing and laughing never lead alone so no. LOL in all his movies and LOO you should notice that TVB put another a-list with him

        • hmmm says:

          You really do take any chance you can get to bash Michael don’t you? But the facts are that Michael *has* led alone in a few series, including the currently-filming non-Laughing-related Justice Attack, so do wake up to the idea and keep all that silly baseless hate to yourself, thanks.

    7. Kidd says:

      I like Vincent’s portrayal of the not very confident guy too. He really portrayed his moment of hesitation and indecision well. I’m looking forward to seeing the growth in his character.

      • Funn Lim says:

        Kidd, I keep looking at Vincent instead of Him Him. For me for the time their characters gave on screen in the first episode, and Him Him has that extra minutes, somehow I just feel Vincent was the one I noticed. I personally would have liked it is they both switched roles. More challenging perhaps? But then Vincent has always played arrogant guys?

        For the female characters which you can count, whilst everyone raved about JJ whom I like but simply because I see potential in her other series, it is Jess’ character that draws me in. But a pity about the acting… this could have been a really good solid intro into the female character that Jess’ plays; someone who is deeply unhappy, suicidal but whilst at work, a professional workaholic. To me this is like a reversal from the usual female role; this sort we usually see in male characters, not female. That is the potential in this character. Seriously the most bland character had to be Joe Ma’s character, I suppose Until he gets dumped by his air stewardess girlfriend or until she dies.

        • vivien says:

          Joe Ma’s acting must be going downhill. He lacking charisma and is bland.

        • vivien says:

          I like JJ although she appear very little. JJ and KM did well!

        • Funn Lim says:

          I do like him as perhaps 2nd 3rd lead or the one next to the lead. But as the main guy leading the babies? No. That is Kong Wah. But I must admit; Joe Ma looks good in here. But then who can play his role? Bobby not believable as SDU head. Bowie is gone. Kong wah gone. And he can never play SDU head anyway. Marco Ngai can but he’s gone as well. Michael Miu is overworked. I understand TVB’s dilemma. Maybe ask Sean Lau as extra special guest star perhaps? Or everyone’s favourite, Louis Koo? Then his pairing with jess will definitely ignite some old fans’ interest.

        • Veejay says:


          I dont care about Joe since he’s lack of facial expression in almost all series.. I dont get his jokes when he jokes, I only see his mad face when he gets angry..(guess that’s the best expression he could produce).. I thought those housewives etc already killed his opportunity after the scandal of him with Rose?? Why is he still around hehe.

        • vivien says:

          wong hei will be great. He won’t be boring and bland the way Joe is.

        • Funn Lim says:

          Wong Hei will be great yes and he is gone as well BUT he will be drowned by those taller beefier guys! He can be the police detective.

        • Funn Lim says:

          Ben Wong? Can he lead? Or will we believe he is capable of betraying the entire SDU?

        • vivien says:

          Wong hei is short but he can appear strong with his great acting. Joe Ma only helped by his tall frame but acting fail.

        • Funn Lim says:

          Michael Tse? Or will audience think Laughing Gor got resurrected (yet again) and got promoted to SDU?

          Roger? No no. The way he talks is not authoritative enough.

        • Funn Lim says:

          But Wong Hei will have to keep looking up at his “cubs”.

          Normally I will agree on Wong Hei but before he left TVB his acting was at best choppy. If this was years ago I will say yes, when he was at his fittest. Now I will say no. Moreover he is gone. So no more speculation. TVB kicked him out. He is unwanted. He is thrown out! Sigh.. not only is TVB lacking old actors, now they’re lacking credible charismatic mid age actors and young actors and.. basically all ages.

          Still think Sean Lau will be perfect. Whilst not a big fan of Louis I also think Louis will be perfect. Unfortunately these actors will snub TVB as much as TVB snubs them.

        • vivien says:

          wrong box! now is right one

          michael tse can only be laughing and
          laughing never lead alone so no. LOL in
          all his movies and LOO you should notice
          that TVB put another a-list with him

        • vivien says:

          TVB actors also keep wanting to go to mainland for better script and more pay LOL. We will keep watching Moses and Moses and Aimee LOL

        • Kidd says:

          Ben Wong should be able to handle the SDU leader role well. Ben is a very versatile actor.

          But, I actually have no problem with Joe in here. I think he fit his role. He did give off the the person in authority feel.

        • vivien says:

          what Funn? Wong hei was never choppy!

        • vivien says:


          agreed. Joe lacks facial expression. SDU or not you’re still human! LOL

        • josie says:


          How about Alex fong chung sun, like in BF2?

          And I can’t stand Kong wah. That guy can only play the king or some other pampered, useless guy.

        • vivien says:

          what the heck? kong wah is among the best one from his generation!

        • skinnymocha says:

          I agree. Kong Wah’s undoubtedly one of the best. He can do comedy/drama/villianous. Even despite playing emperors on many occasions, they have all been rather varied. I sure wouldn’t mind having him back on my TV any day!

          But if you don’t like him, you don’t like him, I guess.

        • fiona says:

          I prefer not to see michael Tse in another cop or undercover or any related justice league role for a few years because he will just remind us of Laughing and Laughing again.

        • gold4canada says:

          I think Joe is the best person to portray his character. He’s got that authority look to him, his height, his build… plus he was once part of the G4.

      • vivien says:

        I haven’t seen Vincent since Carson. TVB should give him more roles. I prefer Vincent and Himhim than watching old boring acting Joe ma

        • fiona says:

          Vincent had some big supporting roles after Gun Metal Grey, among them are in one Liza’s series that has Mandy and in Wish and Switch pairing with Selena.

    8. vivien says:

      Joe Ma and Jessica’s acting were boring in this series

      • Alec Nguyen says:

        It’s a cop series and always focus on the SDU and no having too much romantic scenes. How could Jessica and Joe do differently?

      • fiona says:

        They’re quite bland but they’re not bad. Just somewhere between good and bad and as Funn said, Jessica’s role is actually interesting but maybe she choose to interpret it as the strong Jessica way.

    9. vivien says:

      Joe’s problem is his blandness. I’m not sure if Ben is ready to lead a series but he’s the right age and look for SDU.

      Roger can be a detective or normal cop. SDU should look fiercer and more muscles. Highest he can go is superintendent LOL.

      • josie says:

        Joe is the best choice. He physically looks the part and his character is not supposed to have charisma anyway. Otherwise, his gf wouldn’t have dumped him for his bff.

      • fiona says:

        Joe doesn’t wow me but I think he’s ok for this role. His acting isn’t that bad, but it isn’t that good either. It’s in the middle.

    10. Amy says:

      Such a irony they are both in fact, veterans.

    11. Hilary says:

      I think Oscar and Vincent should exchange role although Oscar looks good in that role. Never like Him Law and with his attitude of arrogance and aggressiveness in the drama is making it worse. Joe Ma looks good and convincing as SDU leader although his acting and face expression is nothing much to comment here. And i cant stand Joe Ma’s girlfriend in the drama (the air hostess) which i do not even bother to know her name, her cantonese sucks.

      • Kidd says:

        “And i cant stand Joe Ma’s girlfriend in the drama (the air hostess) which i do not even bother to know her name, her cantonese sucks.”

        This statement brings to my mind the awesome power of Oceane Zhu’s likability and adorableness. Her Cantonese is equally bad if not worse, but, I seldom heard viewers complain about her. Most viewers just adored her in ‘Sergeant Tabloid’.

        • Masaharu says:

          Kidd, I like Oceane Zhu from what I saw of her 7 Days in Life. She has a cute and lovely air onscreen, and an NG clip showed she’s a professional actress too despite being “new” :D

      • Gar says:

        The girlfriend’s real name is Christine Kuo, a former MCI. She is Taiwanese so that explains why she can’t speak Cantonese fluently. I also dislike her acting, especially when she starts speaking, it totally ruins the flow for me. I understand she’s a new actress and is trying her best but couldn’t the producer have found a more suitable actress than her? I recently watched the trailer for Ghetto Justice 2 and she plays Kevin’s ex-wife and I was so turned off by the scenes that she was in.

      • Fanna says:

        I agree that she is annoying and her acting is bad. Such poor acting is only permitted in TVB. You almost never see that in American television.

    12. Lucia says:

      Episode 1 was good and better than episode 2. I like Kenneth and JJ’s acting in episode 1. I like all the casts in this serie especially Kenneth, Joe, Jessica, Vincent, and Him.

    13. Lucia says:

      Joe has the look and is good for his role as SDU leader.

    14. Applelim says:

      I prefer Vincent to Him Law in terms of acting. HimLaw is overacting eventhough the character is supposed to be impatient and think he is overrated. Vincent has improved in his acting and doing a greaqt job with this charater.

      • fiona says:

        I prefer Vincent than Him too. Him is more good looking but Vincent has better acting. Him exaggerated his ambitious acting.

    15. bee7 says:

      Maybe try not to imply your opinion is the truth next time.

    16. fiona says:

      @Funn: I don’t agree with you about ma ming. His role maybe don’t have much to do yet since it’s only an introduction but he did brilliantly without much dialogues. He was ruthless and a handsome looking villain! I don’t know if you read the spoilers in the other news but ma ming will be back with intense action!

      • Gar says:

        I also agree with fiona about Ma Ming. The limited dialogue doesn’t bother me at all as his actions and expressions already spoke louder and conveyed more than words. There was this vibe about him which made it mysterious.

      • vivien says:

        Agreed! KM was great and badass. I love the tattoo and bald head making him really badass LOL

    17. Hannahh says:

      Ma Ming badass character was soo impressive and i hope he come back later in the story again and make it big.

    18. Tvbmaniac says:

      I just don’t understand why some who complain of exaggerated , excessive & overrated by those newbies. Yet those solid performance by the two leads are brand as ‘ bland ‘. Aren’t they supposed to be calm & meticulous as potrayed. This is just a beginning of the series. I’m sure each character will slowly develop as the plot continues. Joe & Jess are both very talented artists who have many yrs of foundation in their acting base. I believe they have their way of acting to bring it best in their respective roles. In short I watch this series because of the main leads & plot. Not because of the over execessive acting & steroid muscle by Him. Not really fond of Him

    19. CHo says:

      I believe that the character development start at approx. episode 3…it gets better as it goes along. All that equipment is actually worth a good $1 million HKD… As for the JJ Jia comment, i can truly agree…it’s like she is afraid to speak in front of the camera

      • Funn Lim says:

        I can hear her very nervous. I remember also in that dance series her legs actually hit the table but she continued on with the scene. I suppose time and some speech practice will eradicate all that. But seriously though, she has potential.

    20. Goh Suzanna says:

      Yes, I totally agree Jessica is a good actress n PLEASE look at all the years of all her performance. The one who says she can’t act, better go and hv a good look at own self in the mirror.

    21. hanson says:

      I agree with all the comments regarding Jessica’s acting.Myself in the past watched many cop drama’s primarily in English.The hour long format gives in-depth look of police but I am not complaining because; it is much better than Witness Insecurity.

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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