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Eric Tsang to Bring Andy Lau and Chow Yun Fat Back to TVB

By on September 4, 2012

Eric Tsang to Bring Andy Lau and Chow Yun Fat Back to TVB thumbnail

Due to the new competition in the Hong Kong television broadcasting industry, TVB will be filming big budget series to combat City Telecom (CTI) and Now TV.  As both companies had poached numerous TVB cast and crew, TVB now must showcase their best work to maintain its status as the number one TV station in Hong Kong. To make TVB dramas more outstanding, Eric Tsang (曾志伟) has invited Andy Lau (劉德華) and hopes to sway Chow Yun Fat  (周潤發) to film for TVB!

TVB majority shareholder, Charles Chan (陳國強) asked Eric Tsang to create a new drama with an alluring script, hoping to cast Andy Lau in the series. At the grand opening function for a karaoke establishment, Eric  revealed that he is currently working on the script for the new drama.

Andy to Inspire TVB’s Newcomers 

“I wish to bring movement to Hong Kong’s TV culture.  Andy Lau’s work and moral ethics are something that young actors and actresses can be inspired by.  His return would again bring forth a climax to TVB,” Eric Tsang stated.

Since the news of the possibility that Andy will consider filming for TVB again, numerous actresses who have previously left TVB hoped to return to collaborate with him.

Regarding the status of the new series, Eric disclosed that he has been in discussion with Andy regarding the script.  The script will be written to suit Andy with the series length to be range between 30 to 40 episodes.  As they have a mutual understanding, Eric hoped that Andy would return to TVB.  Eric acknowledged, “As several other popular and successful movie stars started out from TVB, he wished that they would return to the TV station.  This would be an enormous encouragement to the new actors and actresses.”

Money is Not Top Priority for Andy

Eric divulged that Andy’s decision on whether or not to film the TVB drama would be not based on the filming fees.  “Our discussion does not revolve around money.  If we had discussed money first, then the conversation would be difficult to continue. Maybe everything is aligning in our favor.  Andy has agreed that we should discuss the script first.  Andy is only interested in a meaningful series. If it’s worth it to film, money would not be the priority. Only the success of the drama would matter!”

TVB Represents Hong Kong

In Eric’s point of view, TVB has an important role in Hong Kong.  “It’s different from other places.  Hong Kong only had one TV station therefore. TVB shows represented Hong Kong. This is the reason why everyone wishes to revert back to the old ways.  In the past, in order to understand Hong Kong’s culture, one can watch TVB series.”

Eric added, “I want to drive Hong Kong’s TV culture again!  Everyone is working hard to achieve this.  I hope that the efforts made would translate to success!

Eric Wishes to Invite Chow Yun Fat

In addition to Andy Lau, Eric hoped to bring Chow Yun Fat  (周潤發) back to TVB.  Eric continued, “If I’m able to bring back one star using my sincerity.  I have confidence to bring many, many more stars back to TVB.  Andy Lau and Chow Yun Fat are both responsible people.  If they feel that it’s necessary, they will return.”

The script for the new drama will not be ready until next year. With Eric Tsang’s high ambitions, it will definitely take more time to perfect!

Source: ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (82)

    1. pearl says:

      will love a collaboration between Chow Yun Fatt and Carol Cheng. *happy dance* ;)

      • AC says:

        Carol already gave a statement that she will not film a series again, even if it’s Chow Yun Fat. I think she’s happy just hosting now.

        • skinnymocha says:

          Shame. I would love to see a Miss Mo meets Chow Yun Fat. She’s played a lot of those demure, rich girl types back in the early days, so it would be a nice change up.

        • pearl says:

          aiyoh…really eh? too bad for me. :cry: :cry:

        • NP says:

          You never know… I bet the opportunity to work with Chow Yun Fat will get a lot of actors who would otherwise not come back to do a drama. He might be able to play the “friendship” card with her.

          Felix Wong did a drama because Michael Miu asked. I can see it happening.

      • llwy12 says:

        @NP: Actually, the true credit for Felix agreeing to return to TVB to film Gun Metal Grey goes to Chow Yun Fat…Felix and Michael revealed on their Green Room interview back in 2010 that they were on a hiking trip with Fat Gor one time and he was the one who told Felix he should go back and film a series for TVB…Michael was the one who put the ‘plan’ into action by persuading Felix to film the series together with him because he knew Felix most likely wouldn’t do it otherwise (well, technically, it was Michael’s wife Jamie who did the ‘persuading’, but doesn’t make much difference I guess…LOL).

        Oh and speaking of Andy Lau…..we actually ALMOST got a chance to see him do a cameo on GMG. Andy visited Michael and Felix on the set while they were filming and prior to one particular scene that was being filmed in the cafe at TVB City, the 3 of them were sitting around chit-chatting when Michael and Felix were called to shoot the next scene (in the cafe)….they asked Andy (half jokingly) since he was just going to sit there, why don’t they include him in the scene…he said ok, he can be one of the random guests sitting at one of the tables…but then when it came time for the actual shoot, Michael and Felix decided not to let him do the scene because they didn’t want him to ‘steal their thunder’ (since people would probably pay more attention to Andy than to them…hahaha)….

        Anyway, if we’re talking ‘relationship’ with TVB, it’s highly likely that Andy and Fat Gor will both be willing to return (Fat Gor especially, since he still has a certain fondness for TVB even after all these years)…but whether it actually happens really depends on their schedules as well as how good a script Eric and them are able to come up with…that’s the piece that is uncertain at this point….

      • looooooooooooooooo says:

        CYF and andy lau have not won TV king . TV king pure gold statue award is pure gold

        • skinnymocha says:

          They haven’t? Haha, I find that amusing.
          Kevin = TV king
          Moses = TV king
          CYF and Andy = none? But we all know who’s the winner here.

          Despite being such big stars, the pair of them strike me as rather grounded people and wouldn’t turn down the chance to help TVB just because “television is below them” now. The problem is no one wants to have their name dragged through the mud if the writing is poor. But the chances of them returning are MUCH bigger than Tony Leung’s. (Not that I find Tony has a big ego, but because he’s always been a bit of an anomaly. I miss him in comedies…)

    2. skinnymocha says:

      Ooh, I’d love to see this!

      But TVB, focus on the script before anything else!

    3. Funn Lim says:

      It won’t be the money since TVb can’t afford them both but it will be Eric’s friendship card.

      But can Andy and Chow Yun Fatt adapt again to TV after so many years in movies?

      • shu says:

        their name and fame is to great to go back to tvb, so i dont think they will go back, maybe they will if tvb is in state of collapse,

    4. Anon says:

      What kind of script will TVB give them?

      • The Other Justin says:

        the typical TVB script given to all the lame actors in this generation. 99% of the TVB script is stupid. They recast the exact same actors for nearly all the series and if the two (andy and chow yun fat) are smart, they would not come back to do any TVB series.

        Stick to movies, they are too good for TV.

    5. Hannah says:

      30-40 episodes? Does Andy want to star in that many episodes? It’s a grand production and all, but the filming is tough.

      Haha. I bet the old and new fadans are dying to film with Andy. Let’s see who Eric wants to use.

    6. Jupi says:

      I really hope this is true and nothing to get attention from different sponsors. And Eric really need to write a good script if he want to stare both Andy and Jow yeung fat. I really wonder which actress will be the lucky one to be paired up with them.

    7. Linnh says:

      Cool, If he get those two back together, then it will be awesome.

      • Linnh says:

        I would love to have Angie Chiu playing with Chow yun fat. untill today i still love them playing in the bund.

    8. Fox says:

      72 Tenants TV version?

    9. AC says:

      From what they’re saying, it seems like they’re leaning towards making a series about Hong Kong culture or its history. This seems like a subject both Eric Tsang and Andy Lau cares about.

      I can imagine him aiming for another film actress (maybe Anita Yuen or Sandra Ng) to be the female lead and casting a bunch of different TVB actors for the rest of the roles. Basically, just like his Chinese New Year movies. lol

    10. smile says:

      is this really possible…all talk.

    11. sky says:

      wishful thinking on Eric Tsang…..

    12. Ice says:

      That would be awsome, love to see Andy in a series. Not a fan of Chow Yun Fat though.

      Wasn’t there talk to bring back Louis Koo and Gallen Lo in Tiger Cubs?

      I remember some of the films back in the 90’s Nicky Wu, Leon Lai, Ekin Cheng… those were the days…. now it’s all about Raymond Lam and Bosco Wong… although they are quite fit too…

      At least they can act better than Ron Ng and all the newbies Lai Lok Yi etc…

    13. gia says:

      How about bring all 80’s people back

      tony leung, michael miu, Kent Tong, etc
      Carina Lau, Kitty Lai, Maggie Tsang, Yammie Lam, Carol Cheng etc


    14. elin says:

      omg sndra ng.. would luv it. louis koo, esther kwan, gallen lo,tony leung jus name a few

    15. NP says:

      Sheren Tang as their female lead would be realistic.

      Kathy Chow and maybe Maggie Siu… I think we need a pretty lady in her 40s to match these guys. The current leading ladies are like “lang mui” next to these guys.

      • Jack says:

        I’d kinda like to see Kathy Chow. She’s one of the most beautiful 40-something old women I’ve seen. Plus, her acting has improved since her early TVB days. I like Maggie Siu but I haven’t liked her recent roles lately (unless, they write a good character role for her).

      • pearl says:

        i like Maggie Siu ;) ok, maybe i can come up with my own wish list? can i have Fatt gor with Maggie Siu and Myolie with Andy? :oops: * keeps fingers and toes crossed * :P

        • Aznlaydee says:

          Maggie Siu I don’t like but agree Myolie should pair with Andy.

        • Hannah says:

          Gross. Myolie with Gallen was already stretching. No to TVB’s current fadans. If it does happen, then someone outside of TVB can costars with Andy and CYC. It’s very likely that Eric will invite a movie star actress.

        • vivien says:

          Not surprised if TVB want to put Myolie to pair with Andy or CYF to promote her to topper level. She’s already pairing with Wayne in new LTS series next year LOL

        • Linnhie says:

          I really like Myolie, but IMO then she aint in the level where TVB should promote her to the topper level yet. She still aint in the level of becoming a veterans.

          But as you say Vivien, it looks like TVB really want to promote her to the top level, so the chance is there.

        • llwy12 says:

          Eric already said that the female lead pairing opposite Andy will be another ‘big name’ star — which means that none of the current TVB fa dans qualify….just like someone else stated below, my guess is that Eric is going to cast another movie actress who may have worked for TVB previously as well…

        • Veejay says:

          I hope its not Anita Yuen or Sandra Ng again whom Eric likes using them in his movies. Neither Anita and Sandra can carry out such young appeal anymore..

        • jacq says:

          myolie casts together with andy?

          Frankly, no chance at all! The difference is like between a heaven and a mud.

          Seriously no joke.

        • vivien says:

          Myolie isn’t looking that young herself but acting disparity might be. The miscast in looks will be if Andy paired with JJ or Rebecca who will look like his daughters LOL

        • skinnymocha says:

          Ooph. If you’re 50 years old or so, you’re considered a veteran and likely to be playing parental figures – or older. If you’re a big star like Andy Lau, you get romantic roles instead…

          But seriously, at least cast someone from their generation/or of similar age. I don’t mind large age gaps – especially in real life – but it would just be weird to cast a current fadan as the lead. Anyway, is this even a romance? And I think I’ll wait until I see the cast confirmed… (Please don’t disappoint.)

        • Veejay says:

          Look at what happened to Louis Koo and Sammy on their winter love story movie? They got booed because netizens said they can passed for the roles like dad and mommy but still playing young lovers..

      • Samantha Fong says:

        I am all out for Sheren Tang!

    16. Hannahh says:

      wow i’m really looking forward to this.

    17. Grace says:

      I would love Carol Cheng back if Chow Yun Fatt is back- that’ll be like the greatest thing ever- & please give them a happy ending & a great script!

    18. Aznlaydee says:

      Andy looks old. Is Chow Yun Fat putting on weight? I’m looking forward for all these blockbusters

    19. Jack says:

      If Andy Lau or Chow Yun Fat came back to shoot a series with TVB, that would be AWESOME. I don’t know how could they film on certain locations without being mobbed, especially if CYF is there.

      • Jack says:

        If CYF did come back to shoot a series, I wonder if Danny Lee would make an appearance even though he primarily works in film. He’s not exactly a retired actor and he’s still living in HK.

    20. Y2K says:

      I hope Chow Yun Fatt and Andy will start in TVB version of God Of Gamblers with Chow as God and Andy as Knight with Stephen Chow as Saint of Gamblers with Louis koo as devil of gamblers a bad guy ,Ekin as hoe nam member while Michael Tse as lung 7 plus Kevin as law ba.

      • sandcherry says:

        I don’t think it will be possible. It is too much to cast so many biggies in one drama series.

        • skinnymocha says:

          But it’s sad to know that this sort of thing would have been possible in the past…

          Anyway, I hope Eric doesn’t pick idols/singers/models to be part of the series…

    21. Tvb SG fans says:

      I really hope that they will do a good tvb series n gain back the interest of their viewers.. With the collabration of the invited experience stars n young potential stars it will form a spiking transformation. Maybe they can understand more on Korea way of acting which many viewer has swift to watch korean show instead of hong kong series…

    22. Applelim says:

      I simply cannot believe this report is true or will materialise!! Andy Lau and Chow Yun Fatt will never come back to TVB nor TVB will afford their fees

      • Jen says:

        It would be easier for TVB if they were to approach celebrities who were having financial problems for the past few years, say Jackie Cheung for example. What happened to Leon Lai?

      • llwy12 says:

        @Jen: What financial problems? Jacky just finished a 146 show concert tour in May — the amount of money he earned with those shows is enough to last him a lifetime (though it’s not like he needed money prior to that anyway).

        Btw, no chance at all that Jacky would film for TVB….he may be on hiatus right now resting after his concert, but he’s got several projects coming down the pike that will keep him busy anyways.

    23. Loekie says:

      I prefer lead actress for Andy Lau:

      1. Sharon Tang
      2. Ada Choi
      3. Kathy Chow
      4. Jessica Hsuan
      5. Kenix Kwok
      6. Gigi Lai

      • shu says:

        i prefer actress for andy lau

        1 chan yuk lin
        2 rosamund kwan

        and for chow yun fat

        1 dodo chen yuk ling
        2 cherie chun cho hung

      • Primrose says:

        Can I add Maggie Siu to the list? I remembered she filmed a drama 天狼劫 with Andy Lau many years ago and Andy was said to be smittened with her. Would love to see them collaborate again.

    24. Bee says:

      Are they going to guest star or be in a full series? Can they stand TVB’s 22 hour per day working schedule?

    25. Jen says:

      Why would a BIG star like Andy Lau want to film for TVB. I highly doubt they can afford his fees.

    26. Fanmail says:

      I believe that big star for female lead is Carina Lau. It was something that got mentioned in one of the interview during the recent Miss HK. Someone can trace back.

      • llwy12 says:

        @Fanmail: Actually, Carina would be my guess as well…though a few other possibilities (if we look at ‘big name’ movie actress + willingness to film series for TVB) would be Anita Yuen, Sandra Ng, and Teresa Mo…

    27. apple says:

      Aiya ! good match for Andy still “Mun Loi” Sheren Tang number one fadan.

    28. llwy12 says:

      Actually, the reports out there are misleading….technically, Andy isn’t “returning” to TVB to film a series. Both the series that Wong Jing and Eric Tsang are proposing are not being produced directly by TVB — they’re being filmed by outside production companies and TVB is only a collaborating party who buys the rights to the series (sort of similar to what ATV used to do with some of their series).

      This explains why ‘big stars’ such as Andy Lau and Deanie Ip are willing to come back and film — they won’t be subject to TVB’s restrictive policies like all of the other artists are.

    29. apple says:

      These old actors can come up a movie just like “Expandable II” just right for the muzium lol.

    30. nnoono says:

      nnoono says:

      September 5, 2012 at 9:20 pm

      Nic Tse is very impressive
      his business mind and his ambition !!!

      the other side of Nic Tse

    31. Kidd says:

      No need movie actress. Rebecca Chan, Angie Chiu or Jamie Chik can be paired with Chow Yun Fatt. They are from the same generation and they have played lovers before. It will be a good reunion.

    32. exoidus says:

      Just forget abt female leads and make this a “brokeback” series between Wai Chai and Fat Gor during the Tang dynasty, haha

    33. Dick Chan says:

      I have a lot of respect for Andy Lau, but in all honesty, I think what he is saying is complete crap. True he would love to film a TVB series, but he is only doing it because he is best friends with Eric Tsang. If it was another producer, I highly doubt he would show sincerity to act again. I hope he doesn’t do it out of money, but as sincerity and same with Chow Yun-Fat, but otherwise, I am not gonna buy it

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