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Fala Chen Clarifies 2-Hour Lateness Rumors

By on December 1, 2012

Fala Chen Clarifies 2-Hour Lateness Rumors thumbnail

Although Fala Chen (陳法拉) is one the top ten finalists in the race for the TV Queen title, she is overshadowed by Tavia Yeung (楊怡) and Kate Tsui (徐子珊) this year. The eruption of Fala’s negative news, including her lateness while filming Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲宵II> may further undermine her image and chances of winning.

Recently, it was reported that Fala had been consistently late to filming, and the crew had to wait for awhile before she finally appeared. A friend of a TVB makeup artist posted on her Weibo, “Miss C is always late. The makeup artist had to wait at 5:30 AM for almost 2 hours before she showed up for her makeup. Are you vacationing or are you working? Do you know the meaning of being punctual?”

Many netizens quickly guessed that the “Miss C” referred in the message is none other than Fala, as she is the only actress in the show whose last name starts with a “C”. In addition, netizens felt that Fala already has a rich boyfriend, so she does not care too much about her job.


Yesterday afternoon, Fala was back in Hong Kong after filming in Paris, and tried to clarify herself during a phone interview. Fala told the reporter that she has been following the filming schedule most of the time. She admitted, “I was only late once or twice, but only for about 15 minutes or so, and I did not impact the filming at all.”

Fala further explained there was a miscommunication between the different crew members and the problem has been resolved. Fala said everyone worked very hard during the filming, but the cast members and the crew were united and got along very well. She is unhappy with all the recent rumors written about her in the media.

Francis Ng (吳鎮宇) and Nancy Wu (胡定欣) were both filming on location with Fala. They supported her and denied such rumors about Fala’s tardiness during filming.  Francis said, “It was a miscommunication between the production crew and the makeup artist as Fala always does her own makeup.” Nancy also agreed and explained that Fala is always professional and does not have a poor attitude. As for the incident involving the makeup artist, Nancy believes it was a miscommunication problem and said, “Every actor has their own makeup artist. Even when filming in Hong Kong, the actors might not show up at the same time with their makeup artists. As we were filming in a foreign country, it could have been a miscommunication issue. Sometimes the actors even have no need to have his or her makeup done that early in the morning.”

The producer of Triumph in the Skies 2, Au Koon Ying (歐冠英) also supported Fala  and responded, “The filming schedule in Great Britain and France had been very tight because it gets dark very early during winter. We had no choice but to start filming around 4 to 5 AM in the morning.” He further explained that the makeup artist did not post the messages on her Weibo, and only briefly mentioned the incident to her friend. After finding out it was only a misunderstanding, Fala and the makeup artist made up, and the message on the Weibo was deleted.

The friend of the makeup artist went further and apologized to Fala. She posted on her Weibo, “From now on, let’s refrain from spreading hurtful things about others.”

Source: Oriental Daily via ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (43)

    1. Victoria says:

      Fala looks gorgeous there in the above picture. And I believe Fala, Francis, Nancy as well as the rest of the crew. Glad they cleared up the misunderstanding. Poor Fala.

      • yuaida says:

        Man she is looking more and more like a true MILF……..getting better and sexier with age I guess……….

    2. rei says:

      I still thinks she use her star power to keep everyone whose working under her to keep their mouth shut. There must be some truth to the two hour tardy…late is late! I rather to be early then late when it comes to work. That’s how I determine professionalism. Fala get it together! Quit delidali around!

      • advo says:

        Fala used her star power to get Francis to support her story? LMAO.

        • rei says:

          They support her because they are friends and the thing is they weren’t the one whose waiting for two hr. It benefit them to not get into bad relationship with someone that you might work together again.

        • lol says:

          francis or not, there must be some truth to it. once or twice…which is it? if she cant even recall how many times she was late that says a lot.

        • advo says:

          @ rei

          Hahaha, that’s a good one. Because the original article stated that Francis and Fala had a fallout due to her tardiness. It’s funny how selective people read “news”.

    3. Funn Lim says:

      Clearly TVB issued a memo to those involved.

      • advo says:

        Francis too?

        I don’t get it. It is known that there has been issues with the production crew in the past, so why is it so surprising that there was a miscommunication/misunderstanding?

      • ppearl says:

        my sentiments too. :P it’s politics. no matter who, francis or no francis (i’m sure he won’t burn his bridges) they know to play by the “rules”. i doubt francis will bad-mouth tvb’s “vested interest”. ;) my sympathy to the production crew. always kena arrowed. :(

    4. YangGuo says:

      Personally I think the rumours aren’t really far from the truth, still she has been trying very hard in the recent years, she’s probably just tired. Also that lighting in the picture above really helped depict her beauty, compared to the pictures I’ve seen in google images.

    5. thewong says:

      TVB’s public relations/propaganda machine kicks into overdrive…

    6. advo says:

      People believe what they want to believe.

      • sandcherry says:

        People believe what they want to believe.
        ——————————————-It is very true ………. whether the rumour is true or not!

      • nemesis says:

        Like how some believed she wasn’t late.

        • advo says:

          Well, I don’t believe every piece of gossip I read, so I’m always critical yes. But there is a difference between not believing she was late and not believing she was late, but admitting that if she was, she was being unprofessional.

    7. Sonaan says:

      I personally dont like Fala that much! She suck at acting and I find her fake! I think there a least has a bit of truth to it, I mean there has to be something to trigger such a rumour! Or maybe I just misunderstood something about her!

    8. Moon says:

      Sorry, but the translation here is not quite right!

    9. sky says:

      The photo looks beautiful!

      TBH, I didn’t realize that I like fala this much until these rumors coming up that I really hope it won’t affect her career.

      Mid 90s to mids 2000s were my golden TVB years with actresses like Ada, Kenix, Maggie, Jessica, etc. I always feel Fala would mix in perfectly with them. I’m talking about the overall package – mature acting, beautiful, classy star vibe. She isn’t someone you label as a youngster forever even when the actors has hit 30s and been in the industry for decade! Basically, she is one of few capable young lead actresses that TVB lack in recent years.

      Despite all the rumors, I hope Fala remains focus and just films a great drama. I want to see this talented actress for a long time!

    10. Nicole says:

      so even Fala admits she’s late? What did I say? Hahaha.

      But only late for 10 minutes? Will a small employee rant on the weibo just because an actress is late for 10 minutes once or twice? Think for yourself, if your boss is only late for 10 minutes, will you complain? That’s your boss. And the hairstylist didn’t post on weibo excuse is even much more absurd. He even replied with all his buddhism replies, and even another hairstylist who is with them, called Herman, replied.

      Oh yeah, and the Sharon OU Yeung is still trying to deny all rumors of lateness. On one article she even said “NO ONE WAS LATE”. LOL

      • nemesis says:

        This article just explicitly confirmed Miss C = Fala.

        The article which Sharon tried to deny the rumours were published by Ming Pao. The Ming Pao that had insider information of the full nomination list. LOL. What does that shows?

      • RAYLEILAFAN says:

        If she’s the one responsible for managing the production of course she will try to make it seem that no trouble is brewing among the team to make the production look good.

      • advo says:

        The employee was not referring to her being late 10 min, but 2 hours so it’s a completely different matter.

        • nemesis says:

          The employee said Fala was late often, sometimes even late for 2 hours. Now Fala says she was only late once or twice and only for 15 mins.

          What Nicole is trying to say is why would the employee be so pissed if Fala was only late once or twice for 15 mins. Obviously Fala wasn’t late once or twice as she claimed.

          I don’t see how A says B is late for 2 hours almost everyday and B says I am late once or twice for 15 mins can be a result of any miscommunication between A and B. So sometimes A thinks B is late but B doesn’t think so? Maybe so if B received inaccurate info, but B receives inaccurate info so often?

        • Nicole says:

          He wants to believe everything about his fala is pure and good. LOL No point arguing with him, as he can’t see all that right in front of him, because he is an obsessive.

        • advo says:

          @ Nemesis

          It was the friend of the makeup artist – i.e. hearsay – who posted Miss C is often late. She then goes on to talk about ONE incident, she did not say “sometimes even late for 2 hours” which implies she has been late that much several times.

          Fala admitted that she could be late 10 min. a couple of times. There is a HUGE difference between being late 10 min. and 2 hours. Now do I believe something must have happened for the makeup artist to vent out to her friend – who then posted on Weibo? Yes, because people don’t usually don’t out over small matters.

          However, if you believe Fala/Francis/TVB’s side, Fala does her own makeup and therefore didn’t show up to the makeup artist. The makeup artist thinks she’s late – extremely late, so she vent out to her friend. That’s why it could be a misunderstanding. IF you want to believe it. Do I think TVB will go to such length to cover up for Fala? Maybe. Although, they haven’t in the past for people who were also late, i.e. Raymond Lam. I hardly think Fala has more clout that he does. But even if they would, does anyone honestly believe TVB can make Francis do anything, like lie for Fala? Even if they were BFFs, he does not strike me as a person who could be bothered.

          As for Nicole, well, her argument changes with every new article and focuses on the factors that support her “theories” about Fala and ignore the rest. I only wanted to clarify that she was mixing two separate issues.

        • Nicole says:

          Rofl, why would TVB need to make up a reason for Raymond being late, when he has reasons for being late, like his schedule was extremely packed (By TVB themselves)? Obviously, they only need to make up stuff when there’s no real reason.

          And you really believe that about the make up artist’s friend “posting” uh. LOL would you give your friend your password to your twitter or FB?

        • advo says:

          And their schedule overseas wasn’t extremely packed? Also by TVB themselves.

          That just show how we interpret things differently. I never thought the makeup artist’s friend posted on the makeup artist’s weibo. I interpret it to mean she posted on HER OWN weibo. I can’t read Chinese, so I can’t study the original source. If someone wants to correct me here, fine by me.

        • nemesis says:

          That friend that posted the Miss C messages on weibo is tvb’s hairstylist who styled their hair in Europe.


          That hairstylist has now deleted all his previous posts and even changed the name, so I do believe tvb went to great lengths to cover up for Fala.

          If it was just a misunderstanding, why would he even bother to do this?

    11. drama fan says:

      Um… Fala , Kate and Tavia … none of them is my favourite I was so looking forward to Triumph in the Skies II..

      Now without Joe Ma, Flora Chan and Sammul Chan but Chilam Cheung is good enough for to go for it…but Fala

      I will say no.

    12. Gar says:

      She looks beautiful in the pic. Always thought Fala and Kate were the prettiest of the current 5 fa dans.

    13. RAYLEILAFAN says:

      Fala is the prettiest among the current fa dans, but the article does confirm that the makeup artiste was talking about Fala and that she was late.

    14. sushiroll says:

      its true that she’s late. i bet they made an order on everyone including francis to say nice things about fala, when in real life she a stuck un biatch. i mean its so blatantly obvious that it’s referring to her.

    15. 5 fadans says:

      Totally agree that Fala is the prettiest one among Fala, Linda, Kate, Myolie, and Tavia, but her acting is least improved than the other four fadans. Her acting need to be improved more

    16. guwa says:

      it’s true she’s late? How would you know??? Prejudice?

    17. aptos says:

      Now Fala has finally admitted that she was late “once or twice” which really meant that she was late a few moret imes than once or twice. As for being late “15 minutes or so” meant that she was much later than 15 minutes. This admission of transgression differed from the previous articles stating that she was not late at all. Ever since when that being late for 15 minutes or more does not affect anything at all. Starting work 15 minutes later means everyone had to stay 15 minutes longer to finish up the work. Of course, the 15 minutes may not mean much to Fala but to the rest of the production crew, it does. How selfish….

    18. sushiroll says:

      cough cough. Translation: 15 minutes late really means 2 hours late.

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