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Fala Chen, Koni Lui, and Samantha Ko Voted TVB’s Most Revealing Actresses

By on August 27, 2010

Fala Chen, Koni Lui, and Samantha Ko Voted TVB’s Most Revealing Actresses thumbnail

William Chak sweeping the awards at the Mr. Hong Kong 2010 Contest was expected. Appearing in a red deep-V gown, MC Koni Lui Wai Yee, stole the limelight for the entire evening. Ten complaints were filed against Koni’s attire, stating that it was a poor influence on children. At the same time, many insiders supported Koni, praising her good figure.

In the sea of “talented” artists, it is not easy to stand out. Singtao Newspaper asked fifty Hong Kong pedestrians which TVB actress was most “open” and revealed the most amount of skin. The results were as follows:

#1 Fala Chen

Thirty-six percent of voters chose Fala Chen as TVB’s most revealing actress. Recently, Fala has displayed an elegant image. In her early series, The Family Link <師奶兵團>, she seduced Derek Kwok Ching Hung by asking him to apply suntan lotion on her bikini-clad body. In Heart of Greed <溏心風暴>, Fala appeared in a bikini onscreen. In 2009, Fala unbuttoned her shirt and revealed her bra in The Stew of Life <有 營煮婦> before millions of Hong Kong viewers. One voter said, “There will probably be more actresses who will follow Fala’s [stripping scene], but hers was the first! Even the first generation of revealing actresses, Deborah Dik, did not go so far!”

#2 Koni Lui

After Suki Chui Suk Man got married and had a daughter, there has been an empty slot for Koni Lui to move up. Since the beginning of her career, Koni exhibited a sexy image. Possessing a pair of forty-four inch legs, many people tend to focus on the bottom half of her anatomy instead. Revealing a large amount of cleavage in the Mr. Hong Kong 2010 Contest, Koni grabbed tabloid headlines. Her uninhibited nature may be a strong challenge towards Fala’s position. Her open image in OL Supreme <女王辦公室> as an unmarried mother further heightens her image as a bold woman.

#3 Samantha Ko

Samantha Ko insists that her 34D breasts are natural and hinted at other young models receiving plastic surgery and being artificial beauties. Prior to the 2008 Miss Hong Kong competition, Samantha posed for a topless photograph. Samantha said, “I don’t remember when the photograph was taken; I have a forgetful habit!” After the Miss Hong Kong competition, Samantha is often seen flaunting her figure at functions next to Chrissie Chau Sau Na and model, Jessica C.

#4 Jeanette Leung

Jeanette Leung entered TVB’s acting class in 2007. Before completing the class, Jeanette was already cast in Best Selling Secrets <同事三分親>, pursuing a pure image. After revealing her figure in the Super Trio Taiwan special, Jeanette was often spotted in bikinis flaunting her 34C figure. In high demand by sponsors, Jeanette often appears in the newspaper and is a dark horse candidate for TVB’s Most Revealing Actresses poll.

Forty-six percent of the respondents noted that the new wave of young models were even bolder than TVB actresses. “In some pictorials, the models’ clothes are torn, as if they are being raped. Or they will have ice cream dripping on their breasts. Some models have a sexually promiscuous reputation, which is a far cry from TVB actresses!”

Among the fifty pedestrians who responded, the following were the voting results for TVB’s Most Revealing Actress:

Fala Chen 36%

Koni Lui 24%

Samantha Ko 12%

Jeanette Leung 8%

Other 20%

Source: Singtao

Jayne: I agree with the above voting results. Bernice Liu also revealed an ample amount of cleavage at two previous TVB anniversary awards, but she has been covering up more lately.

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  • Readers' Comments (92)

    1. Kidd says:

      “And yes linda has the jade girl image, and has nice roles. BUT dont u notice that evil roles are what catches more attention ?”

      No, evil roles did not always catch more attention. It depends on how the role is written. Nice roles, if written with depth can also get into the hearts of the viewers. Linda not only get nice girl roles, she get good roles that endear her to audience like her role in AJCL (one of the best written female characters in recent TVB history). You can look back into her resume. Most of the roles are likeable roles. Even her role in Gem turn good at the end.

      Also, the difference between nice roles and evil roles is, with evil roles, it depends very much of the capability actors. But, nice roles can endear an actor to the audience even of the performance of the actor is not that fantastic (of course, the nice roles also need to be realistic and not boring).

    2. advo says:

      I can’t speak for AJCL since I never did watch it, but I never found Linda convincing in HOG, MR, GOL etc. I won’t judge her for CBML until it has finished airing or at least until her role has some meatier scenes.

      She was a HUGE cry-baby in HOG and MR – and I was so annoyed by her crying! It was not so much that she cried all the time but also how she cried, which was in the exactly same way no matter the situation. And Linda has no range imo. The only time, she really ventured into a new kind of role was in GOL, and she absolutely failed in giving the character any kind of depth.

      Perhaps, an unfair comparison, but just look at how amazing Ada was at showing how her character could do questionable things yet, still have a heart. At best, I would compare Linda to Gigi Lai in the future. Gigi Lai has never been an actress that could impress me, and imo, survived solely on a combination of good roles and beauty.

      And even when Linda’s roles aren’t familiar, she never manages to give them an identity of their own. They never stand out and all her characters just flow into each other. The most extreme example is of course her characters in HOG and MR – I still don’t remember any difference aside from the fact that she was a lawyer (LOL) in the first and a doctor (LOL) in the second.

      Personal preference: I truly do like Fala’s singing better. But that’s only because Linda is absolutely horrendous. Her singing voice is terrible, she has no technique and still after so many years, her live singing is crap. At least, I like Fala’s singing voice though I don’t consider her a good singer either. Still, with some training and experience, she might yet develop into an adequate singer, there’s no such hope for Linda.

    3. choonsern says:

      linda’s voice as a singer is quite terrible. no variety at all. at least, fala did better when singing Stew of Life themesong

    4. Vivien says:

      Not only Linda can’t sing but she can’t dance, can’t chat with crowd, can’t make jokes and looks so unconfident onstage. How is she going to handle her solo concert as a singer?

      Fala on the other hand oozes with charisma.

    5. Nikki says:

      ^^ agree with Vivien. Linda really needs to work on her acting, singing, dancing and everything else. She only has the looks. but in my opinion, shes not that pretty. she does look too shy to hold a concert.
      yes, i really dislike Linda Chung.

      Props to Koni for wearing that revealing dress knowing how HK people are.

    6. pandamao says:

      Okay – what does everyone think about Myolie’s album? Do you guys like it? I know singing live, she’s shaky and inconsistent. I just wanted everyone’s opinion.

    7. Masaharu says:

      Okay – what does everyone think about Myolie’s album? Do you guys like it? I know singing live, she’s shaky and inconsistent. I just wanted everyone’s opinion

      I have no comment since Myolie is not outstanding or unique to me whether as an actress or a singer, so she does not catch my attention :).

    8. HeTieShou says:

      I have heard her sing some sub and themesongs and her singing is average. It is not good but isn’t that bad either. But compared to the average singer, she is just not as good.

      Have you guys heard Ruby Lin sing? Gosh, I just want to plug my ears. She is the worse that I have heard in my life.

    9. advo says:

      I’m not a fan of Myolie’s singing either. And I’m so tried of “singers” who can’t perform live. Anyone can sing behind a studio.

    10. Darren says:

      Sorry but i have to ask? Does the breast size system over Hongkong as to over here in the US? 34 D? I look at her pix and she looks at best a small C or biggest B size. And Jeanette Leung, She looks like she has a B size. Exaggeration much in HongKong tabloid?

    11. codliver says:

      HeTieShou, a soft voice is no crime nor is it terrible. at least to me, ruby lin is not annoying as myolie, the worst singer of them all and flaunts her bat screeching voice in our faces often. btw this is about hk artists. linda chung has a good speaking voice and that sets some potential. linda chung> myolie wu anyday.

      fala barely has anything to show, her figure is flat as a board. sorry had to say, she likes the attention way too much yet it doesnt look “sexy”, just a little desperate.

    12. codliver says:

      koni for the win in better figure and knowing her own assets. just look at their pictures above, at least somebody could be more humble and know themselves.

    13. codliver says:

      fala is just showing off her bones really.

    14. Funn Lim says:

      Fala is slim but not stick thin. I actually find her looking rather nice out of camera with her tossed (?) hair. If we are talking cleavage, of course she hasn’t any but at least they’re natural.

    15. Vivien says:

      “fala barely has anything to show, her figure is flat as a board. sorry had to say, she likes the attention way too much yet it doesnt look “sexy”, just a little desperate”

      Fala has the right proportions. Her body and face are beautiful. She also has a bright smile. She’s just confident of her body and why shouldn’t she when she got that great of a body? It’s not showing off it’s being confident about herself!

      If Linda isn’t told by TVB to sell the ‘jade girl’ image who knows she might also sell sexy appeal. She did pose in swimsuit before in MCI. Her body not great btw. She has no curves

    16. Vivien says:

      “HeTieShou, a soft voice is no crime nor is it terrible. at least to me, ruby lin is not annoying as myolie, the worst singer of them all and flaunts her bat screeching voice in our faces often. btw this is about hk artists. linda chung has a good speaking voice and that sets some potential. linda chung> myolie wu anyday”

      I never heard Ruby Lin singing but she not famous for singing. I dislike Myolie’s singing too together with Linda. Both are horrible live singers and add Kate to the equation. Kate and Linda even manage to sound bad on studio version. Some ‘talent’ there

    17. advo says:

      Excuse me, since when are you only allowed to flaunt your assets if you have big boobs? What a disgusting statement. And others could say, it’s vulgar for someone as blessed as Koni to flaunt herself that way. I do think Koni’s cleavage in that dress is too much, but I don’t judge her for it. Imo, flaunt what you got!

    18. Vivien says:

      ^ That’s true. If someone is confident about their body and it’s not overdone then go flaunt your body in the sexy and elegant way.

    19. Jayne says:

      I’ve seen Fala and Koni in string bikinis (without all that underwire and padding action found in some bras) and they both look like B cups to me. Maybe Fala is a 34B and Koni is a 36C, since Koni does seem to have a larger frame. Google Koni’s pics and you might find her in swimsuit pics without the cleavage found the above red dress.

      Koni’s boobs are lifted in the dress, thus producing more pronounced cleavage. Her dress was custom fitted for her (with all the proper corset lifting to produce this effect) versus Fala’s dress, which didn’t have this lifting action. LOL, I will post more information about their respective dresses in my JayneStyle.com site, so don’t want to give away all the details yet.

      I think Fala has a great figure and if she wore Koni’s dress custom-fitted to her proportions, she might have better cleavage effect too.

    20. Jayne says:

      I meant to type that Koni may be a 36B in the above comments.

    21. advo says:

      Looking forward to the Jayne Style section, Jayne! I do know what brand Fala’s dress is but it’s so ridiculously expensive. Otherwise, I would be tempted to buy it myself, LOL.

    22. Jayne says:

      Advo, yep all these celebrity dresses are tempting. Fala’s dress is the price of an expensive vacation or a nice wedding dress.

      I love fashion, but I’m a frugal shopper. Hope to launch JayneStyle in 2 to 3 weeks, when the final details are set! I’ve been staying up late all this week while trying to work on both sites and my poor skin is paying for it! :(

    23. advo says:

      Oh, so sorry to hear about your skin problems! But I can assure you that your hard work will really be appreciated! I always wonder what dresses and accessories Asian stars wear, but nobody seems to be able to identify them else where.

    24. SDS says:

      Actually I am sure both Fala and Koni have the same chest measurements (not sure about cup size but I don’t think there is a great difference anyway).

    25. Kidd says:

      Found this in TVB’s MCI and MHK website.

      Koni Lui – 34″ – 24″ – 35½”
      Fala Chen – 34″-24″-34″

      Yes, SDS is right. They have the same chest measurements.


    26. blazing says:

      Hi, i’m new to this blog.. was just trying to pick up from the whole singing voice topic.. Just wanted to find out what’s everyone’s opinion on Tavia’s singing.. i know she doesn’t sing much but i’m just curious what everyone thinks bcos i like her so my opinion will tend towards bias so i’d like to get some honest, objective opinions.. thanks!

    27. Kidd says:

      I like Tavia’s voice. It’s kinda unique because it’s deep. Very few female singers now have deep voice.

      As for her singing. I like her rendition of the Yummy Yummy’s subtheme song. I think she sings that song very well. But, her subsequent singing like the themesong of FTF and Salt are not that good. She definitely need some training if she wants to be a professional singer.

    28. blazing says:


      Yea, her voice is really quite unique. It’s deep but it doesn’t grate the ears..True, she will need training b4 she can be a professional singer.. Her voice was surprising very low in Salt, lower than even Steven’s.. but somehow i don’t look forward to her becoming a singer.. I don’t want her to spread herself too much.. don’t want to become jack of all trades but master of none…

    29. Funn Lim says:

      I am not sure about Tavia’s singing voice and I hope she just concentrate on acting as we have enough of actors-singers who are not good at either, I do feel Tavia’s speaking voice is very lazy sort, she drags her words and I don’t like that.

    30. advo says:

      I’m not keen on Tavia’s singing. I like her voice just fine, but singing – nah. Strictly speaking, I’m not a fan of the TVB actor-turned-singer as they are at best mediocre. Raymond is quite successful, and I quite like his singing, but I still feel that he lacks range. But Ray didn’t jump directly into singing in an instance, he actually did sing a bunch of good theme songs before taking the leap. I believe he sang the subtheme for “Eternal Happines” which is actually from 2002.

    31. Masaharu says:

      I think Tavia is a good actress, but she needs something more to be a good “leading” actress and a singer.

    32. advo says:


    33. blazing says:

      That’s true.. Hopefully she’ll keep on improving with time.. She can do some roles really well but not so smooth in others..

    34. Vivien says:

      Tavia of course need to improve but compare to other young generation actress her acting is the best. Her crying scene is the most real and best too if compared to Linda, Myolie who cant cry well.

    35. blazing says:

      Yea, she is one of the better actresses in the younger generation.. I really love her crying scenes as well, especially in MR.. very touching and very real..Linda just annoyed me with her constant crying in MR.. her character didn’t do much except cry..what a waste.. i think she does better in rebellious roles like in A Journey Called Life… I feel that’s her best performance to date.. but didn’t really watch Gem so don’t know how she was in that..The only recent Myolie performance i can remember and liked was in War and Destiny… thought she did ok in that but can’t remember if there were any crying scenes in that..

    36. Macy says:

      Please don’t bash Myolie. She is a rare gem in her generation. Not many actresses are as brave as her to do the exaggerated roles and can do as good as her.

    37. Vivien says:

      ^ Many other actresses also take on exaggerated roles but they just don’t over-exaggerate like Myolie. I don’t think Myolie is doing good, she’s being overrated. Her acting are always OTT whether in drama or comedy.

    38. Vivien says:

      “The only recent Myolie performance i can remember and liked was in War and Destiny… thought she did ok in that but can’t remember if there were any crying scenes in that..”

      Myolie was horrible in WAD. Her crying in WAD, Tai Chi are using the same styles and OTT. I watched her in BF3 and her acting is like a newbie and so unconvincing.

    39. advo says:

      @ Vivien, I don’t like Linda but it’s unfair to compare Tavia to her (and Kate, Fala) because Tavia is not really from their generation.

    40. larry m. says:

      Myolie is awful in the last TVB series. Its probably her roles was crap.

    41. Macy says:

      ^ Vivien: Your opinions are not representing for everyone.
      ^ larry m: Her roles were more crap than any roles in TVB now? I doubt so.

    42. jenny says:

      I actually find Myolie quite good as an actress. I really don’t understand why people critisize her so much as being exeggerate in all her roles. Even my dad say she is quite pretty in The Eye of the Beholder.

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