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Francis Ng and Fala Chen Dispel Rumors of Rift

By on November 25, 2012

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Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲宵II> producer, Sharon Au (歐冠英), dismissed reports of a rift between Francis Ng (吳鎮宇) and Fala Chen (陳法拉) on the film set of the anticipated blockbuster dramaas erroneously reported by Hong Kong tabloids v.

“The rumors are totally baseless,” producer Sharon Au exclaimed, “The reports were exaggerations of a scene from the drama they shared together a few days ago. Francis and Fala had previously collaborated in a film together, so they already have tacit understanding of each other. The whole production team knows that these rumors are not true. Fala’s love for acting is growing stronger, and she is a very hardworking actress. Why would Francis be angry at her?”

A crew member of Triumph in the Skies 2 confirmed Sharon Au’s statements to the media, and said, “Francis and Fala got along really well on set. Francis takes really good care of Fala, and he is also a great mentor to her.”

Francis is Fala’s Good Mentor

Fala Chen also dispelled the rumors in a long-distanced phone interview with the Hong Kong press. Fala laughed, “Francis is my idol! I will definitely do all my homework, and I will cherish all the learning opportunities he has provided me. I am very happy and blessed with this trip. Not only do I get to earn money for filming, I also get to travel to Europe as my first overseas filming experience, and I get to have my own personal teacher (Francis). Over 80 percent of my scenes for this trip will be with Francis, and he has led me well. Of course, this means that I must work even harder than before! Francis is really good at what he does. Not only is he an excellent actor, he is also very good at taking care of others. He will often pinpoint the parts I performed poorly in, and he will not hold back with the criticism. My pockets are very full!”

Francis Wants to Kiss Chilam

Francis denied the rumors in the same long-distance phone interview, and laughed, “They were all just for laughs. The tabloid reporter also apologized to us. I do curse, but never to a woman. After these rumors, I don’t think Fala and I would be rumored to be lovers next, right?”

The actor also humorously revealed that while they were filming in the town square, the crew encountered a town square LGBT kissing event. Francis laughed, “It turns out that there was a special event for gays to kiss. Too bad Chilam Cheung (張智霖) wasn’t with me at the time. If he was with me, I want to try it with him!”

Nancy Wu and Kenneth Ma are “Brothers”

In related news, Francis and Fala’s costars in Triumph in the Skies 2Nancy Wu (胡定欣) and Kenneth Ma (馬國明) are rumored to be getting back together after breaking up earlier last year. The ex-couple were often seen hanging out with each other on set, and Kenneth was claimed to be patching up his relationship with Nancy, although the actress is already in a widely publicized relationship with advertising executive, Patt Sham (沈栢淳).

Nancy clarified the rumors through her Weibo, and wrote, “The story was over a long time ago. There was no illicit relationship nor was anyone getting back together with anyone. There was only love between two colleagues and best friends. It is that simple.”

Sharon Au also stepped up to defend Nancy and Kenneth, expressing, “Nancy and Kenneth have many ‘brotherly’ scenes in the drama, which explains why they are always seen together.”

Source: Ming Pao # 2298 via kuangaitvb.com

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  • Readers' Comments (65)

    1. basiuk says:

      told ya never believe in tabloids!

      • Aiya says:

        LOL! So gullible…Celebs talk, you believe them. News reporters, you dismiss. Nice! So easy to fool.

        I’ve always gave this advice to people. Talk half from both sides, and you’ll get the truth. The truth is always somewhere in the middle. Celebs BS just as much as those media dogs do.

    2. sandcherry says:

      Ha ha! It was a total waste of time to argue with that Nicole. I have to learn to be smarter next time. I have learned a good lesson that I should stay away from some silly readers on this Forum!!!

      • Nicole says:

        Funny, the article only clarifies whether Francis cussed, but not about the other issue.

        • Teece says:

          They stated they get along really well doesn’t that already clarified everything?

        • Nicole says:

          Well, Fala may be late, and Francis can be the better man to get along?

        • Teece says:

          Lol it just seems to me you’re prejudiced against Francis. This article already stated the reporter apologized for fabricating that previous article, so to sum it up there was no such conflict going on during filming.

        • Nicole says:

          Prejudiced against Francis? Or Fala?
          This article praises Francis, and dispel the rumors that he cursed at fala. I’m referring to the news that Fala was late.

        • Teece says:

          Or Fala I meant to mention that the article where Fala was stated she was late was also written by that same reporter who fabricated the news and made it up. Besides even if she were late a couple of times I don’t think it’s a big deal, she’s a human being everyone been tardy before. I doubt Francis or anyone for that matter would think of it as a big issue.

        • Nicole says:

          today, Francis posted a weibo message about “waiting”. I think it’s quite intentional to post this message during a sensitive time.

        • Teece says:

          He wasn’t referring to anyone in particular besides there were previous accurate news on the crew where they had the cast wait for hours and misleading them to locations, shouldn’t bee too sensitive about it.

        • Nicole says:

          But the news report about Fala being late being late just came out a couple of days ago? Yet he post the waiting message just a few days after that. Of course, you can interpret what you wish of the message.

        • Teece says:

          Pew all have our own opinions I just don’t think his message was towards her at all

        • Nicole says:

          Maybe I have that interpretation from the weibo messages, because of some things I read from Fala’s weibo..
          For example:
          Although unwilling to face up to it, there’s one day when you have to own up. When the whole world tells you (about it), you have to accept, keep it in mind and change. Thanks for having you all here.
          That’s why I think Fala might have done wrong? so she has to post on it on weibo and talk about “accepting, keeping it in mind and changing”. Of course, the message was before they went to paris, so it may be a separate issue, but from the message, since she wrote about “the whole world tells her…” Maybe the crew did find something wrong with Fala, but from her tone, they probably told her in a nice way.

        • advo says:

          @ Nicole

          Wow Nicole, you certainly seemed determined to think the worst of Fala. Francis dismiss the entire report and even mentions the reporter apologised but you interpret it to mean only Francis is cleared. Francis bothered to deny the news report only to post a vague message confirmed the report on Weibo afterwards? Riiiiiiiiiiiight.

          Then you dig up some message Fala wrote on Weibo BEFORE the incident and interpret it to mean there is still something wrong with Fala (blah blah blah). Fala has admitted that she needs to brush up on her interpersonal skills because she’s a direct person and that she listens to Steven Ma’s advice regarding the issue. It is also a completely separate issue from what is being discussed in the two recent reports. Yet you insist on continuing harping on it and write about it as if it’s connected to these reports that have in fact been denied. I definitely wonder what your agenda is…

        • Nicole says:

          @advo, Sigh.. considering Fala posted that message about 3 days before the report came out, don’t you think there may be a connection? You expect her to change in a flash? Like Clark Kent?

        • advo says:

          @ Nicole

          Expect her to change in a flash? LMAO. No, but as it has been pointed out several times having a blunt personality =/= being a diva/being late/not doing your homework. Therefore I ask what connection? That her blunt personality causes reporters to make up fake reports about her?

          Why don’t you “interpret” her newest message on Weibo too?

        • Nicole says:

          You say that I’m determined to see the worst of fala, but you obviously are the opposite of only seeing the best?
          I’m just referring to an incident that even fala brought up in her weibo. As in her own words, she said that it’s something “the whole world tells her about”, it’s obviously something relatively crucial. Since this “Fala being late” issue, is currently a hot topic. Can it be related? Possibly? Can she be late more than once? Before the reporter wrote the report? Maybe?

        • exoidus says:

          But Advo, her newest msg after the news won’t have much value. You certainly don’t expect her to “add oil to fire”.

        • advo says:

          I can fully admit to being biased because I like Fala. I don’t have a problem with that. But here’s what I’ve said: I’ve agreed that IF Fala was late it was unprofessional. So I’m determined to only think the best of her?

          You on the other hand, was ready to blast her for (unconfirmed, now denied) news about her tardiness, and even brought up her good friend Steven to support your argument about how she’s rude and a diva. Then those allegations were denied by Clamine. This report clearly denied the other one, yet you think it only clears Francis’s name. That’s really… convenient.

          You dig up messages on Weibo and interpret them to “confirm” whatever ideas you have about Fala. Fala posts that “the world tells her something” must of course mean the world tells her that her diva behaviour is wrong. It couldn’t mean, the world tells her not to eat ice cream all the time because it will give you a stomach ache. It couldn’t mean the world tells her she looks fat in orange so stop wearing it? It couldn’t mean the world tells her to not be so brutally honest as some people get offended by it and will create malicious rumours about you?!

          Could what Fala talks about on her Weibo be about her hot topic that she’s tardy? Sure. Could it be confirmation that she has an issue of tardiness. UHM NO, because it was just denied by both parties… Like I said, why don’t you interpret her newest message too? Or does that not fit in with your ~compelling argumentation?

          Francis post a vague message about “waiting”, it’s a confirmation of a report that he just denied. It couldn’t be a message about that fundamentally flawed crew (your words) that has left him waiting in the past?

        • advo says:

          @ Exoidus

          But Francis’ newest message can count? And Nicole makes no mention of Francis’ old message about how someone on the team has been hurt…

        • Nicole says:

          Let’s clear things up.

          First about fala being rude. I never said “Fala is a rude person”. I said “Some people might find her rude” = offensive. Like some people might find her words offensive? There is a difference. I do think fala is a straightforward person. I definitely like that in my own world. I bet you can also tell that I speak my own mind and isn’t one to beat around the bush. So I would tend to appreciate such qualities in her on a personal level. However, I do not think that’s good in the workplace, and that was my only concern. And I can only say so from my own experience.

          2. About the tardiness report.
          Ok, look at the report above. It briefly denies the rumors, but it goes on specifically states that Francis treats fala well. and Francis specifically states he curses, but not at a woman. But there’s nothing concrete about whether Fala was late. He can very well state, no, fala was never late, but no one does, including the producer. So do you think there may still be a question mark over that point?
          She can be a hardworking actress with great passion for acting, but can she still be late? Especially since Francis is such a stickler for punctuality?

          3. The weibo message.
          Like I mentioned, it’s obviously for something crucial. Maybe you do think “eating ice cream” or “wearing orange” as something crucial.
          but it can be very much for her blunt personality as well as being tardy? You seem to insist on one, but does not accept the possibility of the other. I can think it’s for her tardiness issue, but you can think it’s for her blunt personality. You and I are both interpreting. Doesn’t make one more right or wrong than the other?

          4. About Francis’ message.
          Sure it can be. But why would he be posting about waiting for the fundamentally flawed crew, during this sensitive period?
          And I thought Francis’ message about someone being injured was more about himself, because the reports were more damning to francis? Look at the title. Francis loses his cool, but Fala keeps her cool) – that title sounds pretty positive for fala doesn’t it?, because he is someone who sticks up for himself. Like when Chilam had the news about him scolding a PA, and the news reports dragged in Francis, and he replied with a message saying ” why Mr Cheung scolds a PA, and Mr Ng has to get shot. ”
          And even Ron, who haven’t posted on weibo since the Viann fiasco, replied in support of him. Ron and Francis are close. If it’s really a message for Fala, why won’t fala give some support? All I see is both of them posting some cryptic messages ignoring the other. The rest are keeping quiet. That’s how I interpret it, of course you are free to disagree, but it does not change your view point or mine, does it?
          I honestly do not dislike Fala as a person, even though I don’t find her acting good. She’s straightforward. I like that. And I honestly think she’s a smart person (Go back and check how many mentions I’ve made of fala being smart). In fact, even though I’m a fan of Myolie, she’s too wishy-washy and accommodating, eg. in regards to her politics, I even brought it up, when the reports about her “supporting her brother in law” came up? Or I’m a fan of Linda, but I said she should speak up for herself more like Myolie or Fala?
          But I do not think liking/disliking someone has to do with how I interpret the article or weibo messages. And you can like someone who is late. Being a fan doesn’t mean that everything bad about them is absolutely untrue, or disliking someone doesn’t mean everything bad about them is true. We are all just interpreting based on the info, and we all can have our own viewpoint. So no need for you getting so worked up.

        • exoidus says:


          by simple logic NO. I shouldn’t get into this since I don’t even care abt those two, LOL

        • Nicole says:

          Btw, advo, I actually haven’t interpret fala’s latest message, before I went in to copy and paste her old message, which I have read several days back. Maybe I’d give you my interpretation when I have time? :P

        • advo says:

          @ Nicole

          You never said Fala was rude. Yet you interpreted that the fact that some people might find her rude is confirmation of her diva behaviour.

          The report: Francis said the reporter apologised. So the reporter apologised for a report that was partially true? And the reporter decided to tarnish Francis’ name for Fala’s tardiness? You can accept that Francis did not behave unprofessionally, but not give Fala the same courtesy from a report that denies the allegations towards them both? Francis says he curses but never to women. So that’s a confirmation after all? Finally, so what if Fala was late? Even the original report only talks about ONE time. So you are saying that the report made up a story about how Francis flipped out over Fala being late one time, and of course the takeaway is that Francis is innocent but not Fala?

          The weibo message: Perhaps it was for something crucial. Perhaps it was not. Perhaps it was for something crucial that was NOT a confirmation of Fala’s habit of tardiness. I can accept you interpreting it as related issues due to timing. I can however, not see a single compelling argument for why it would be a confirmation of Fala’s habitual tardiness. For once, there hasn’t been that kind of reports before. Even the recent reports speak of one single time. Second, that report has even been denied. For her tardiness to be “a crucial matter” that the world tells her about, I would assume, and I’m sure you agree that this tardiness is not a single episode? Therefore, I find it very… let’s call it… interesting that you would interpret it in the way that you did. Of course you can interpret and state your opinion in whatever way that you want. And I similarly, am in position to respond.

          Francis’ weibo: Why not? And why would he deny the report, only to post a vague message to confirm it after all? Yeah, first of all, the title might sound positive for Fala but usually people continue reading the article which paints a different picture…. Why else the overwhelming amount of comments “denouncing” Fala for her behaviour just on Jayne? Second, the Chilam incident is completely different because Francis was never even a party in the story. OK, you want to interpret Francis weibo message as him moaning to the world how he was injured? That is fine by me. You admit to the messages being cryptic yet can speak so decisively on what they mean?

          That’s how I interpret it, of course you are free to disagree, but it does not change your view point or mine, does it?

          As said above, you are always to welcome to post whatever you think. But what you think is not all there is to it, and I can post what I think in return. I certainly do not hope to change your mind. Only question the motivation behind such an — IMO — convoluted theory.

          I honestly do not care if people want to bash Fala for her acting or singing – the latter, I especially would even agree to is poor. Because I know people view acting, even singing, subjectively. However, I object to unfounded allegations against her character. Now I can of course not prevent anyone from writing whatever they want. Just like no one can prevent me from cutting through the BS.

          But I do not think liking/disliking someone has to do with how I interpret the article or weibo messages.

          Really? If that’s what you think, that’s what you think.

          Being a fan doesn’t mean that everything bad about them is absolutely untrue, or disliking someone doesn’t mean everything bad about them is true. We are all just interpreting based on the info, and we all can have our own viewpoint. So no need for you getting so worked up.

          Oh puhlease. You still seem to have the misconceived belief that I think everything Fala is holy and I’m just a worked up fan because poor Fala is being bashed. MY ISSUE is with the unfounded allegations against her character. All this BS about her being a diva etc. etc. so of course she’s late and unprepared, that is gospel and that Fala Chen must really learn to respect her elders and who does she think she is crap. Because it’s unfounded allegations. It’s plain slander. That’s all.

        • advo says:

          The rumors are totally baseless,” producer Sharon Au exclaimed, “The reports were exaggerations of a scene from the drama they shared together a few days ago.

          It denies the entire report as being exaggerations of “a scene”. Yet, it has to explicitly state – Fala Chen. Was. Not. Late. before it’s believable?

        • Kristy says:

          You guys talk like you actually know Francis or Fala. Fact is, you can believe whatever you want with these blogs or reports, but you will never know the real truth. So why are you two arguing as if you actually KNOW them personally and TRYING to convince the other person your point is more valid over the other? Both of you are only GUESSING what they mean by their posts on weibo and an unreliable news report. How pathetic.

        • Nicole says:


          These are some recent weibo post by a Hairstylist who is working with the TITS2 team in Europe, and rants about a “Miss C” being late.



          Do note that those posts were posted only today, and to my knowledge, Myolie and Nancy have already went back to HK. So who is the only “Miss” left in the team.

          This is from someone who works with them. If you still refuse to accept it, then … you are a fan who “think everything Fala is holy and I’m just a worked up fan because poor Fala is being bashed”

        • Funn Lim says:

          Translation pls!!

        • Nicole says:

          Just a quick translation for the benefit of Funn and everyone who can’t read chinese..

          Miss C, can you please respect your co-workers feelings? Are you here for vacation? Or to work? But I know that we are here to work. Don’t you even know basic punctuality?

          This entire month working overseas, for almost everyday, we have been waiting from 5:30 am for that “Miss C”, but that “her” always have to wait until around 7:20 to appear, which not only disrupt our sleep, but also the time schedule of our entire team! In the whole month, no matter how much I feedback to the “so-called” management, even those in a higher position, don’t dare to speak. From the 6th, until today, the last working day!!!

        • exoidus says:

          Nicole, still digging for ammunition to defeat yr enemies, haha.

          Pretty obvious that Miss C = Miss Chen. Well at least she didn’t use “Miss F” LOL

          Isn’t she afraid to feel the wrath of Fala?

        • nemesis says:

          Miss C or Miss F, Fala fans will probably say Miss C/F can be anyone :P

        • Nicole says:

          Never say die :P

          Maybe they will try to push it to “Miss” Chilam Cheung. :P But I bet Henry, the hairstylist, would be made to delete his post, and clarify it’s someone else in the team :P but seriously, would a PA or camerawoman, makeup artist, dare to be late for 2 hours almost everyday?

        • nemesis says:

          Lol. Let’s be more understanding to Miss C. She must have stayed up late every night planning events for everyone. :P

      • loop says:

        A very extremely smart choice Sandcherry. Very smart!

      • Linnh says:

        Hey you two, come on, but you guys had alittlebit fun?=P Take this as a battles for the best argument ;)

        • Nicole says:

          @Linnh, I always take it easy :P

        • E says:

          Lol I think it’s funny how this argument is more entertaining then other news lately and it’s more “hot” too.

          I says let have a debate all out, and we all should become actress/actor of lawyers ;)

        • ppearl says:

          lol this is entertainment on the sideline. :P btw, we really don’t know the inside scoop. for all we know, the denial report could be used to cover up the truth. teevbee can’t afford or wouldn’t wanna give Fala a bad rep eh. so, really we don’t know.

          best to just comment and not get all worked up. bad for health. ;) i wouldn’t wish that for anyone. this place for me is like a playground. come in, look see look see and take off. ;) that said, healthy “dialogue” is good bah. :)

      • exoidus says:

        Haha, you guys are still fighting, LOL.

        Not taking any side here but Nicole can be analytical. I think it’s possible to battle with her on even ground.

        Yes, Sandcherry no need to waste time and energy on this subject since it has no def. outcome.

    3. Fox says:

      Anyone watch Old time buddy? Haha, I think the MM Nancy story is so close to the “love” portrayed by Francis and Jessica in this series. But a bit different that Nancy wanted to hide it but MM told the reporters first so there won’t be a “underground love” between them later on when the company wants them to breakup. Nancy is having the good quality fish Patt now.

    4. aptos says:

      This article is “FOS” and definitely written to initiate damage control after the fact for both Francis & Fala as the more astute readership can read between the lines.

    5. sandcherry says:

      On Friday night I watched the 3rd Episode of TVB’s “Telling Maria” – Francis Ng – on Fairchild Chinese TV. After watching this episode on Francis, I had an even better understanding of Francis Ng’s personality and character. If anyone wants to know more about him, watch the 3rd episode of “Telling Maria”.

      This program is very entertaining and gives us the profiles of some top actors in the industry ……. all of them are talented artistes, but they all have very different personalities. Some are very nice and polite and do care about their images, while some don’t care of what other people think about them.

      • Summer says:

        Agreed, highly recommend this show “Telling Maria”. It’s a great show and TVB is making a part 2 about the Best Actress that include Sammi Cheng and maybe even Maggie Cheung Man yuk.

    6. so? says:

      im sure the producer was instructed to downplay it for the artists’ reputation sake(namely Fala). human personality conflicts of course will exist esp with “actors”, the ones that have big egos( Fala and Francis) are always pissing each other off, reporters are just reporting what they observed from the personalities of the two.

    7. Sky says:

      No one cares about the pix? There is a sweet feeling about it….

      • lychii04 says:

        Really? I have a feeling that I will be fast-forwarding the main couple scenes already. I can’t sense any chemistry between them. Waiting on stills from Chilam instead, and the rest of the cast. Honestly, the script and pairings of this sequel really killed it for me. Why would you bring Francis in, only to NOT pair him with Zoe again? Like WHY? Does not make any sense.

    8. Icetea_td says:

      Of course we’ll never know the real story, I meant we just heard from the media and that’s all, they can write what ever the powerful ppl tell them to report but still, is Fala always late, is Francis difficult to get along, you’ll never know. There are masks everywhere especially in showbiz

      • sandcherry says:

        Watch Ep. # 3 of “Telling Maria” and you will learn more about Francis Ng’s personality and character.

    9. Funn Lim says:

      Of course they did not have a fall out. Bad publicity is good for some noise but in the end you don’t burn the bridges.

    10. shiny says:

      nice photo of fala, don’t know if she did her hair herself or the hairstylist, hongkong.. me don’t go shopping there, ppl in hongkong don’t dress up and there’s nothing much to buy, there are 2 islands, one for the rich and the other the poor, if go shopping in the ‘rich’ island, things are not nice and expensive, better go shopping in other countries, maybe that’s why ppl in hongkong can be seen travelling a lot, housing so costly in hongkong (that’s where investors focus upon) but don’t invest in fashion, wonder why? most of the actress come from canada or america after winning some tittle there eg miss chinatown, hongkong ppl not giving enough chance to the locals, smart and talented ones migrated overseas already? or hongkong ppl actually fav those holding a foreign passport bcos that’s where they want to go too

    11. shiny says:

      betwn, notice that michelle advertised for chanel and carina advertised for miumiu, no local brands? where are the talented designers from hongkong? working in new york or france?

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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