Gaile Lok Appears With Plump Face And Tummy Bulge; Hints Of Giving Birth Next Year

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Gaile Lok (樂基兒) and Leon Lai (黎明) have always been lovers of keeping things low profile, such that they didn’t even announced their marriage initially. The normally sexy and hot Gaile looked out of shape and far from usual yesterday, sporting a tummy bulge and an unshapely body. Gaile confessed to have gained 5 kilograms and even hinted of giving birth next year, causing rife speculations that she may be pregnant!

Since the couple secretly registered for their marriage in the United States in 2008, there had been plenty of rumors that Gaile and Leon successfully conceived a baby but all were proven to be false in the end. Returning from a vacation in the United States earlier, Gaile went to the Central district to attend the Tsumori Chisato 2011 Spring-Winter Collection Fashion Show (under the I.T. brand) and performed a catwalk. She looked plumper than usual and aside from that, needed assistance while walking up the stairs in her 6 inch high heels. In fact, as early as April, Gaile’s body underwent several changes and in addition to yesterday’s plumper body figure, the suspicions that she was pregnant only grew stronger!

No Intentions To Diet Down

Shut out from the public’s eye for a month or so, Gaile has yet to announce news of her pregnancy. However, she admitted that she gained 5 kilograms and even declared that she had no intentions to lose weight. It appears that she was trying to gain weight for her unborn infant, “Previously, I made a trip to America for a few months. Because my sister graduated from college and our family came together under one roof and everyone was very happy. Since the food was good, I ate a lot and naturally gained 5 kilograms! I have no intentions to lose weight. I’m currently happy with the way I am, since there isn’t much fashion shows from boutiques. Also, it’s hard to diet down back to my former figure and furthermore since I’m getting older, there is no need to be stick thin.” (Does Leon prefer you to be fat or thin?) “He has no particular preference, being healthy and happy is of the utmost importance.” Gaile however refused to comment whether Leon had joined her during her holiday in America.

When mentioned about the issue of babies, Gaile admitted that there were plans to have one and even hinted that she could become a mother anytime next year, “We are taking it one step at a time. (Are you keeping fat to distribute some nutrients to the baby?) “It is best to lose as much weight as possible prior to having a child because after giving birth, it would be really hard to lose all that weight.” (Is it stressful to have a baby?) “No, I haven’t tried that yet! If I’m pregnant, I will say, I’m extremely honest and truthful.”

When asked whether Leon was holding a concert performance again, Gaile replied, “It  seems like there’s plans but I don’t know for sure yet.” (Are you taking aside some time to conceive a baby?) “Maybe at the end of year?” (Are you anxious to?) “No, I’m not anxious. I can afford to wait one or two more years.”

Criticized Rumors That She Cannot Conceive As Being Harsh

With regards to rumors that she cannot conceive, Gaile criticized those rumors as being harsh, “I cannot stop them from writing what they want but one moment they said I was infertile and the next moment they said I was pregnant. Those people don’t even know me personally but wrote non-factual stuff about me, isn’t that kind of harsh of them?” (Leon will be unhappy upon reading the papers about this?) “No, he won’t. He’s immune to it already as everyday people write things about me, repeating the same things like speculating that I cannot conceive and that I’m pregnant.”

During the fashion show, the organizer arranged for Gaile to appear, bringing a little kid out with her as the closing act.  Since the little kid couldn’t show up, the act was cancelled and Gaile thus walked the fashion show alone. In other news, Leon was in Macau yesterday night, appearing as the guest performer for renowned singer Chen Si Si (陳思思). other celebrities spotted at the concert included Mandopop singer, Jay Chou (周杰倫).

Source: The Sun

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Gaile Lok Appears With Plump Face And Tummy Bulge; Hints Of Giving Birth Next Year

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  • 30 comments to Gaile Lok Appears With Plump Face And Tummy Bulge; Hints Of Giving Birth Next Year

    1. Ah K says:

      From the way Gaile answered the reporter’s query whether she was keeping fat to distribute some nutrients to the baby, she sounded like a seasoned pro, like someone who has done their research on losing weight during and after baby birth and Gaile’s persistence on not to lose weight seems rather odd, especially considering that she used to be a top-notch model and models tend to be very anxious about any form of weight gain since the modeling world is a competitive one, thus it is very hard to believe that she is not pregnant or perhaps Gaile just feels that she is settled in life now that she was officially Mrs Leon Lai?

      I think Gaile will eventually try to lose the weight if she’s pregnant (probably with slimming endorsements?) as with a hubby as rich (co-owner of Amusic with artistes such as Janice Vidal) and famous as Leon Lai, one would probably be worried that he would ditch her like he did to Shu Qi and go for other younger and hotter lass out there, especially if she isn’t as attractive as she was before.

      Login or Register before you can reply to Ah K
      • Ah K replied:

        But then again Gaile is known to be a liberal Westernized girl, who even openly admitted to having had breast implants before (but took it out later due to health issues), so I doubt she would lie about not being pregnant? However, maybe Gaile was requested by Leon not to reveal her pregnancy until the baby was in it’s third trimester? (Chinese superstition that one would lose/miscarry the baby if the pregnancy is revealed too soon)

        Login or Register before you can reply to Ah K
        • LeilaFan replied:

          Haha, Chinese superstition. We in USA, as American don’t superstition over stuff like that. All women in USA pregnant would announce to their family. If the supertition is true then I guess all population in USA will died since they all have miscarry, LOL!
          I’m Chinese, and when I was pregnant, my husband told everyone in our family. And my son born fine, so there not all superstition are true.
          I always thought Gaile Lok look better than this, this recent pic make her look bad.

          Login or Register before you can reply to LeilaFan
        • Ah K replied:


          Lol! Maybe this Chinese superstition isn’t valid in Westernized countries? Or maybe it’s just a baseless myth as you said, I’m not sure myself but seeing cases like Kelly Chen who did not heed the superstition of not revealing till the third trimester and announced the pregnancy in her second month and sadly, only to lose her twin girls soon after, call me superstitious but I rather believe in it than not to believe (:

          And LeilaFan, wow, I didn’t know you were already a mother! Haha you used QQ so I thought you must be very young to be so hip, haha again my misconjecture (:

          Login or Register before you can reply to Ah K
        • Judy replied:

          I don’t think it is simply a chinese superstituion.. usually the pregnancy is not stable until the third trimester… miscarriage is more common before then.

          Login or Register before you can reply to Judy
        • HeTieShou replied:

          I agree but sadly the overly superstitious people are really old fashioned(like my mom). In the US, the more modernized people don’t believe in it, but the old fashioned people still do.When my sister in law got pregnant, she told our family right away and my nephew turned out fine. It is a myth that sadly many still believe in… My friend refused to tell everyone that she was pregnant until she was at least 3 or 4 months along… It just varies from case to case since there are some that still experience miscarriages even after the 3 to 4 month period.

          Login or Register before you can reply to HeTieShou
        • Ah K replied:


          “I always thought Gaile Lok look better than this, this recent pic make her look bad.”

          Maybe it’s due to gain of 5 kilos of weight as Gaile said and perhaps bad angle of taking photos from the chin and up, may not be due to pregnancy? I also don’t know haha!


          You may be right too cause the forteus might not have stabilized as yet until the third trimester? Certain things are usually unexplainable even through science, like how the late Egyptians managed to build such a steady infrastructure as the pyramid (some said it was the work of aliens) and whether the Bermuda Triangle really existed.


          Haha, you are talking to one now! For me, it’s more of a case of to be safe than sorry, heehee! I believe that knowledge inherited from our early ancestors might not entirely be wrong like for example, the belief of not bathing for a month after childbirth, some celebrities (I can’t prove exactly who as this was a long time ago but I remember reading about it) have mentioned that they did not heed this folk wisdom after their pregnancy and are feeling the side effects of it as they get older (re: headaches, aches and pains all over) and this could be proven to be more true than false as according to Western practitioners, infection could occur if the wound touches water because directly after birth, some time is needed to allow the wound to “close up” despite the stitches.

          Ah anyway, I think I going way too OTT already, shall stop here! Thanks for all your comments in reply to mine though! 😀

          Login or Register before you can reply to Ah K
        • LeilaFan replied:

          Ah K, I am 27, I born in 1984. I have a newborn son who born this year 2011. I met my husband back then in school, for Chinese married at age 27 isn’t that young, LOL!!
          As for QQ, I use QQ to chat with my friends from my hometown Xian. You be amaze that emany people QQ in China, from young to old. QQ is very popular in China, everyone uses it.
          So Ah K, may I ask are you Chinese too? Hong Kong, Cantonese? I’m a native Madarin speaker, so maybe you can be my Cantonese teacher, Hehe.
          Most Chinese girls here living in USA, they don’t believe in supertition, those born and grew up here in USA are very Americanize, the second generation American born Chinese, LOL!
          Some supertition is alright to follow, but some I find it to be ridiculous.

          Login or Register before you can reply to LeilaFan
        • Veejay replied:


          Me too have a baby last year, she’s turning 9 months soon. May I ask what method did you had your son? is it thru natural way or caesarean? I had my daughter thru Caesarean because the labour pain was really unbearable lol

          Login or Register before you can reply to Veejay
        • Ah K replied:


          Oh wow, for me, getting hitched at 27 years old is considered rather young already! Maybe because I’m abit Westernized in thinking (yeah but believes in traditional folk wisdom, oh the irony!), for me, I don’t mind getting married at 35 years old or later, that is to say if I meet the destined one at the right time lahs! Lol! Might also be because I’m more career-oriented heehee!

          Ah I see, QQ sounds amazing, it’s like the Chinese form of MSN right? Haha but my written Chinese is terrible so I don’t think I’m ready to step out of my comfort zone as yet thus I think I will stick to Twitter (for gathering my daily musings) and Weibo (for stalking Chinese celebrities) for the time being! Lol!

          Lol, *embarassed* so sorry to disappoint you LeilaFan cause I’m more of a bilingual English and Mandarin speaking individual but definitely not a fluent Cantonese speaker (I only understand abit of what the artistes are saying when they are speaking in cantonese in Hong Kong dramas but I don’t know how to speak although my parents are moderate Cantonese speakers)

          Ah I agree, haha, probably we follow wisdom folks but we modernize it like for example I would probably heed the advice not to bathe immediately after giving birth but I don’t think I can stand not bathing for a month, will probably bathe immediately after two weeks at most lol!

          Haha since you are such a Leila Tong fan, maybe I will translate some of Leila Tong’s news soon for your enjoyment lol! 😀

          Login or Register before you can reply to Ah K
        • Ah K replied:

          *Oops I meant folk wisdoms not wisdoms folk

          Login or Register before you can reply to Ah K
        • LeilaFan replied:

          Veejay, I understand how you feel.
          I give birth naturally to my son. My labor was 19 hours, to be exact almost 20 hours. I’m not that old, I’m only 27, I thought my labor should be faster, LOL! But usually first baby take the longest labor time.
          You right, the pain was terrible, the longer the labor, the more pain I experienced. But I have my husband with me during so that is a big supporting for me, helps me went through. Since I give birth naturally, I had stiches too.
          I did not want Caesarean, once you have Caesarean, you cannot have naturally delivery anymore, true right?
          Giving birth is one heck of an experience, I don’t think I can forget especially this is my first tiem give birth. But it is all worth it when you see your baby. Now being a mother, I can understand my mother better now.
          Is your daughter your first baby too? She must be very cute, congrads to you.

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        • Chriselle replied:

          @Ah K,

          “Might also be because I’m more career-oriented heehee!”

          Hahaha ~ you definitely sound like that type and I’m not surprised to know! 😀 From your comments and posts, you sound like a friendly, upbeat, ambitious person who knows what you want in life! Your opinions and comments are always so nicely-worded and it makes your point very clear and articulate. Surprised you don’t have your own blog!

          Login or Register before you can reply to Chriselle
        • Chriselle replied:

          @Ah K,

          Ahhh, forgot to ask, may I know what major or profession you are in? That is, if you don’t mind telling! 😀

          Login or Register before you can reply to Chriselle
        • Veejay replied:


          yeah, my daughter is my first child lol.. Can’t describe the happiness after i had her, she’s my everything now. and Wow, you’re really strong, I had mine from caesarean, the pain was really unbearable even for 3 hours! I was really in pain by the time my waterbag leaked out, my husband was there too accompany me but he didn’t enter the surgery room though to watch the whole delivery process lol.

          Congrats to you too! I’m a bit older than you, i’m 30 lol and i also think as an asian woman myself is a bit too late to my first bb. Btw, do you have enough of sleep when your bb was only 1st-3rd months old? I tell you my bb didnt like to sleep much during the night hours and it made me really exhausted taking care of her everyday with little sleep time.. even she’s 8 months+ now, she is still very naughty LOL

          Login or Register before you can reply to Veejay
        • LeilaFan replied:

          Hehe Veejay, Chinese in China think our age 27 and 30 give birth to first baby is old. That is true, people in my hometown Xian thinks I was old when I birth my son at age 27, I was like screw you I am in USA, I don’t need follow China rules, LOL!!!
          I do not have enough sleep, even 6 months still can cries. Did you feed your baby every 2 hours when she newborn? That was tiring, endless crying at night, wake me and my husband both up at night. Sorry,personal question, may I ask did you breastfeed your newborn? I breastfeed my son as much as I can.
          A friend of mine have birth via Cesarean like you, and she say even a cough or sneeze after Cesarean can be so painful. For me beside the pain from natural birth is the stiches. Pretty much all women who have natural birth will have stiches at some degree.
          So Veejay, do you plan to have another baby? We Chinese likes a girl and boy, make the word “hao”, LOL! Chinese like boys, my mother in law was happy I have a boy, but I myself want a girl, I like to have a daughter.

          Login or Register before you can reply to LeilaFan
        • Veejay replied:


          I used to feed my bb every 2-3 hrs when she was 1-3rd month old and yeah it’s really tiring and exhausted for having little sleep at night. That’s why whenever she’s sleeping, I will take a short nap too hehe just to catch up and rejuvenate. I used to breastfeed her only for 1 month and i quit since I got addicted with coffee and i don’t want her to consume any caffeine from my coffee consumption lol. I must take coffee to awake and its definitely not because i like drinking coffee. Coffee really helps alot to make my brain active since my bb didnt know how to differ day and night when she was still young.

          I can finally get some decent sleeps now after she turns 8 months lol. The maximum hour of sleeping i could sometime get is 5 hours every night and i’m used to it already.. and no, i don’t plan to get a 2nd bb after I’ve experienced what I’ve been thru.. my pregnancy process wasn’t that smooth compare to other pregnant women, I had to vomit for 4 months straight and can’t consume anything at all not even porridge and i got too weak to work until i’ve to bedridden for 3 months at home..the whole process was really bad for me. What about you? how was your pregnancy process? I better its better than mine. 🙂

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        • Ah K replied:


          Haha you flatter me way too much Chriselle! Lol, I can assure you now that I’m hardly as articulate as I seem, in real life! In fact, my friends often teased me for my less than perfect pronunciation of some English words haha!

          But yes, you are right to gather that I am an upbeat person or rather I would say I am indeed one of the more optimistic persons around lol! Haha I’m more shy than friendly lahs, I do not dare to make small talks with strangers lol!

          Ambitious, I guess I am, I used to be a workaholic in my ex workplace and haha if you count fantasizing of a promotion when I step out to the workforce again (after completing my studies) then yes I am ambitious heehee! Also maybe due to my Scorpio traits at work, I guess!

          Lol, of course I don’t mind telling if you have the interest to know! I’m just an extremely normal student majoring in Banking and Finance (Financial Trading aka specializing in stocks and futures options) lahs! Haha actually you can find out more about me (although warning, boring details about me) at the “About Us” tab over here ( 😀

          Login or Register before you can reply to Ah K
      • Kidd replied:

        Gaile will be harder to ditch than Shu Qi since she’s legally married to Leon. Divorce is pretty troublesome. 😀

        Login or Register before you can reply to Kidd
    2. miss1001 says:

      I think she absolutely pregnant …!

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    3. bloom says:

      Agree she puts on quite a bit of weight, if she’s pregnant then congrats to her!

      Login or Register before you can reply to bloom
    4. bloom says:

      I read the link someone posted, I admire Gaile’s truthfulness when she doesn’t mind admitting that she had breast implant. A lot of artists did it but didn’t want to admit it.

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    5. cinsin says:

      Wow if that’s a bulging stomach, I must be well on the way to giving birth.

      It just looks like they caught her at a bad angle when she was laughing causing her to have a double chin.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if she was trying to concieve. Nothing wrong with that, at least she’s married and planning unlike many artistes who generally get knocked up and then get married and say they went into early labour 6 months later….

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    6. gwen says:

      i don’t known who this girl gayk lik is but that pic is so ordinary can’t believe she is a model and have a hunk of a man for a hubby lucky girl

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    7. le says:

      She has such a baby face to be paired with Leon. Leon could be her father, so father-figure love with this two.

      Login or Register before you can reply to le
    8. P says:

      she looks like joyce cheng in that pic

      Login or Register before you can reply to P
    9. Darren says:

      She looks hella cute in that old picture and this new one just uhhh totally turn off

      Login or Register before you can reply to Darren
    10. sau says:

      i agree to P: she does look like joyce cheng..

      Login or Register before you can reply to sau
    11. loungegirl says:

      Never thought she looked that good anyway – big bones, pig’s nose, fat lips – some people still look good with some fat but she’s not one of those people. (I’m referring to just the face not the body).

      Login or Register before you can reply to loungegirl
    12. loungegirl says:

      She and Leon is such an odd-looking couple… but I’m not crazy about either one of them so whatever…

      Login or Register before you can reply to loungegirl