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Gallen Lo and Sophie Su Expecting Baby

By on October 21, 2012

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Gallen Lo (羅嘉良) married Sophie Su (蘇岩 ) in 2009 and has found happiness in his second marriage. The couple has a soft spot for little children. After trying for 3 years, there is finally news of Sophie’s pregnancy. Currently in Beijing, Gallen confirmed the good news. He said, “Sophie is 3 months pregnant, and I have spent most of my time with her after I finished my work in Suzhou.”

On her Weibo a couple nights ago, Sophie wrote that she saw the fetus the first time that day. She also posted a fairy tale picture and heart. Gallen reposted her post, and added, “Yes, we both saw you,” hinting that they have seen the little one through ultrasound.

Since getting married three years ago, the couple was extremely busy, but still managed to take time off whenever they could to travel to Europe and other countries for romantic vacations. When Gallen was back in Hong Kong last June to attend his son’s elementary school graduation ceremony, he was hurried by friends and relatives to have a baby.

Recently, Gallen turned away work projects to spend more time with Sophie in her first few months of her pregnancy. After completing Woman’s Weapon <女人的武器> in Suzhou, Gallen took a vacation with Sophie. That was when he found out that his wife is pregnant. He said, “I stayed and accompanied her during the first few months of the pregnancy, and it seems like she is doing well enough that I can start working again. However, I would prefer to film in Beijing, to be around when she needs me.”

When asked if he had Sophie follow some of the traditional customs (or Chinese old wives’ tales) to avoid any complications in pregnancy, Gallen said, “Definitely, as soon as we found out about the baby, she stopped wearing high heels. I tried to be there for her when she walked up and down the stairs. Also, no lifting and no reaching up for objects; all her favorite fruits are off the refrigerator, and they have to be served at room temperature.”

Asked if he tries to accommodate his wife’s needs lately, Gallen said, “Sure, but she doesn’t have any noticeable mood changes. Maybe her eating habits have changed. She’s hungry all the time. Once she woke up in the middle of the night, tossed and turned but failed to wake me up, and ended up eating a piece of bread.”

Usually a man with few words, Gallen now projects happiness in every sentence he said. The couple has not made up their mind on whether to give birth in China or Hong Kong. One thing for sure, Gallen will be at the maternity ward to witness the delivery of the baby.

Source: Sina.com

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  • Readers' Comments (76)

    1. HeTieShou says:

      Congrats to them! However, I felt a bit sad for his first wife and his son. I really wondered if he was that happy when he knew that his first wife was pregnant with his son?? If he cannot even be a good father to his first son, I really wonder about this coming child??

      • pandamao says:

        Nothing to congrats on. I will send him my blessings and pray that he will treat the new baby better than his first marriage.

        • kiki says:

          exactly, hell the first wive also had a kid w/him and she stayed w/him while he was on the down n below and after some recognition they always seem to dump their first partners. you thought he can be different one of those responsible n nice kind phewwwww….. n on interview, he does not seem to be that close to his son… how damn sad is that for any kid.

        • misssy says:

          It is pretty obvious he only married his first wife out of guilt and to maintian his image, since she was by his side during his career low.

      • lol says:

        Good to him, but as what has always happened, the new baby will surely put an extra invisible dent between Gallen and the first son, and since the son is in school, he will be old to feel this. Good luck.

      • sylvia says:

        You heart is not good, HTS. Don’t say ppl doesnt know how to be good father.

        • 939393 says:

          Based on what Gallen has done to his first wife, I think his heart is more ‘not good’

        • HeTieShou says:

          Sorry but what makes you think that?? In case you have not noticed, many others are saying it too but in a more harsh way then me. But sadly, you and some others just pick on me.

        • sandcherry says:

          Don’t worry. We are just being too honest. We say whatever we think or feel and most of them are facts. I don’t think you (or I) were rude to any artistes. Some people are being just tooooooooooo nice to criticize anything or any persons.

        • HeTieShou says:

          Thanks Sandcherry! I try not to go over the top with some critiques either because i know that there are limits since we don’t know the whole story…

      • sandcherry says:

        I don’t think Gallen Lo is a good father to his son from his first marriage either. He does not really support them financially (don’t even mention about caring for his son).

        I used to like Gallen Lo, but not any more. He does not seem to be a responsible person to me.

        • vtechbaby88 says:

          When Gallen and his first wife divorced Gallen gave all of his money to his first wife, it was around 30M Hong Kong Dollars. Is that what you call “does not really support them financially”?

        • Sally says:

          He may have supported them financially but what the child needs most is love and care!!!! I’m sure his son would rather have a father that cares about him ie take him out, visit him from time to time to see how he’s getting on rather than just a lump of money. Money may be important but never as important as family relationships. Just my opinion.

        • sandcherry says:

          I read in the media news that Gallen Lo did give a beautiful and luxurious mansion (or apartment) to his first wife after divorce, but that mansion was bought with a small downpayment (something like 10 to 20% of the full price). How could his wife afford to pay for the huge monthly mortgage if she only had a job with a small salary, plus she had to take care of their young son. His first wife did not even complain and say anything bad about Gallen’s financial arrangements. What a good woman she was!

        • Veejay says:

          This happen.. when a local artist went to Mainland filming and surrounded by pretty seducisive Mainland plastic.. Just look how many hk male artists got lured into their dens..lol

    2. EL says:

      I have always thought Gallen can do so much better than his first wife, appearance wise. But yeah, Im glad he found happiness now. All the best!

      • lol says:

        There is much more to a woman than appearance alone. Please.

      • Funn Lim says:

        Difference between 1st wife and 2nd wife? 1st wife is the one who stick through thick and thin only to be dumped when man finds success and 1st wife is no longer attractive. 2nd wife is the one who gets the man when he is successful and will stick with him to maintain a level of lifestyle until such level of lifestyle is gone.

        Generally of course.

        For Gallen, it was a matter of responsibility and duty. He looked pretty happy on his wedding day until they spent time apart and he realised “Sh*t! I shouldn’t have married at the peak of my career” and hence his mid life crisis.

        I am not sure so if anyone can confirm, did he meet this wife first and then divorce the 1st wife or divorced the 1st wife and then met this 2nd wife?

        • sandcherry says:

          Gallen Lo met his first wife before he entered entertainment industry. They were evening school classmates. However, they lived together for about 10 whole years before he decided to marry her in Vancouver. They had a big wedding (probably sponsored by TVB with TVB’s photographers and later itwas airing on TVB). I was quite surprised when I saw his wife in photos. She’s not pretty at all. I thoughtly highly of him for his dedication to his “not so pretty” wife, but I was wrong.

          Gallen never seemed to be a loyal husband. He always fell in love with his female co-stars, one after another, during his 1st marriage.

          He had many rumours with his female co-stars, such as Jessica Husan and many others. His 1st wife always remained so calm and elegant and never said a single word bad about Gallen. She just supported him wholeheartedly throughout their marriage.

          Eventually Gallen flew to China to start his new life, a new career and a new marriage.

      • Lee says:

        WOW. That’s all I can say.

      • Gia says:

        I know we live in a superficial world but there history
        together should surpass that !

      • Hannahh says:

        Looks is not all important as good personality.

    3. Funn Lim says:

      They love children? Don’t Gallen have a son already? No love for that son?

      Interesting that the 1st sentence of this article made it sound as if he was miserable in his 1st marriage. I know maybe the 1st wife is not as simple as she looks but you know, maybe he himself forgotten he is already a father. But at least he is still involved in his 1st child’s life.

      • Jayne says:

        The impression I have of Gallen’s first marriage is that he married his ex-wife out of responsibility. His ex-wife previously worked at i-Cable and supported him when his TVB career failed to take off for many years.

        Perhaps Gallen’s feelings towards his ex-wife are similar to what Wayne Lai admitted regarding his first marriage.

        In his second marriage to Sophie Su, Gallen seems to have more spark. He often posts photos of Sophie and himself on Weibo.

        • HeTieShou says:

          Wayne’s current marriage is not his first???

        • HeTieShou says:

          If Gallen did marry his first wife out of responsibility then it sort of tells us why it did not last. It is sad.

        • sandcherry says:

          Julia is Wayne’s second wife. Wayne dated his first wife while he was quite young (early 20s). He married for a while and then he met his current wife when he was filming a movie. Julia went after him and she got pregnant. Eventually Wayne divorced his first wife and married Julia. That is why Julia is very careful and always keeps an eye on Wayne closely. She does not want to have a similar incident happened again to Wayne Lai.

        • Funn Lim says:

          Yes Wayne’s current marriage is 2nd marriage.

        • Funn Lim says:

          To be fair to Julia, she stuck with him all these years and from what I can see he loves her very much. 1st marriage was a mistake, 2nd marriage was love.

        • Funn Lim says:

          Jayne, I always thought Gallen at the time of his 1st marriage crumbling down, was having a mid life crisis.

        • HeTieShou says:

          Thanks for the info guys! I did not know that this is Wayne’s second marriage.

        • 939393 says:

          Holy, i did not know that Wayne was married twice!

      • lol says:

        This makes me more worried for the first wife’s child. It’s inevitable to feel more love and connection to the child with the woman you love than with a child just connected by ‘responsibility’.

        • Funn Lim says:

          I think he does love his 1st child like in John Lennon’s case but of course the 2nd one is the one he will spend most time with and came about the time he realises family is important. I won’t question the 1st wife and his relationship or whether he was a responsible father. For all I know the 1st wife may not encourage communication and such. But he does seem to be so terribly happy with his 2nd wife.

        • lol says:

          I actually know a case around me like this. The man and the first wife dated and married since young and have 2 cute boys. The wife was pretty too and was a model when she met the man who was struggling to make ends meets.

          Needless to say, when the man becomes better financially, he met another woman who is less pretty than the first wife but has more money and the other woman helped him to open a business. Later the man and the first wife divorced and the wife took the kids with her, and the man married the wealthy woman.

          The man has another two kids with wealthy second wife and didn’t care anymore for his previous kids, and one day when interviewed by magazines since their business have been expanding, the man nonchalantly said he feels blessed with his current wealth, wife and TWO kids. He already forgot about his other two kids from the first wife. It must be sad for his first two children who not only has to grow up without a father’s care but also seems to be disowned by him.

        • sandcherry says:

          I know love is very important in a marriage. It is quite okay to have divorces if the couples don’t have any children. It is the child(ren) who suffers in a marriage breakup. Very sad to be the children ……

      • advo says:

        Regardless of how he feels/felt about the first wife, those feelings shouldn’t effect how he feels about his first son.

        Reading this article, I didn’t know that Gallen already had a son! Because it sounds like he’s very desperate to have a child. Of course, I can understand if he loves his wife so much that he want to share a child with her. However, from the comments it does not sound like he’s very involved in the caretaking of his son from the previous marriage. Which is very sad.

        • Funn Lim says:

          Reality check; everyone plays favouritism. He may love his son but to us it may not feel enough. He may have tried to spend more time but to us it may not be enough. Point is it is a matter of perspective to which we as outsiders will never know. Maybe the 1st wife didn’t encourage communication, maybe the 2nd wife didn’t let him, maybe he himself felt it is better he walked away rather than appear in the child’s life which can be more disruptive than helpful. It could be anything. They’re divorced and living in 2 different places. There is no way he can care for the child in close proximity. Anyone ever asks maybe he wanted to take the child to stay with him for a couple of days and does the 1st wife agree?

          I have met a man who loves his child very much and wanted the child to stay a few days with him in the country he is working in and the now ex wife refuses stating she will miss her child. If one is unwilling to let go however willing the other there is no way to go around it. It takes 2 to tango.

        • advo says:

          Everyone does play favouritism but that doesn’t make it right. I disagree about it taking two to tango. OK, I don’t in the literal sense, but I don’t think it’s that cut and dry. Yes, there’s definitely the chance that the 1st wife is a guilty party too. However, I do question if Gallen really wanted to spend time with his son how exactly could she possibly prevent that? Of course, we are outsiders so I cannot say for sure that he doesn’t spend enough time with his son. I’m just going on what the general public in here seems to believe – that he is neglectful.

        • kiki says:

          i agree. anyone who divorces the other shouldnt interfere their relationships w/the kids. kids need parents the most when they are young and giving them $$$ and feeding them is crucial but the parents and kid bond can never be replaced and reconnect after youv’ve grown into more of an adult. just b/c he has no LOVE towards your 1st wive does not mean u lost that love w/ur son.

    4. sandcherry says:

      Gallen Lo was dating his first wife for around 10 years before they got married. I feel sorry for his first wife. After 10 years of dating, his first wife would no longer look pretty and young. Then he dumped her for a younger and prettier woman in China. I heard that Gallen was not a responsible father of his son, and his first wife had to take care of their son, physically, mentally and financially.

      I hope Gallen would realize more of his responsibilities after he comes a father again.

      • lol says:

        It will be harder actually, because now he has another child together with the woman he’s full in love.

      • sandcherry says:

        It is always nice to have a young and pretty wife. However, if Gallen did not marry his first wife, at least his first wife would be better off financially now. She would not have to make her ends meet and at the same time take care of their son.

        I don’t think Gallen Lo is a responsible person at all. He is too self-centred. Once he was more established, he looked for someone else and dumped his 1st wife. At least he should have been more honest to himself and called off the marriage.

    5. momo says:

      Congratz Gallen! :D


      Wow~ just realized his child is gonna be half a century younger than him o__o

    6. sandcherry says:

      I found the above message from a post on TVB Forum after the airing of “The Last Steep Ascent”. It is rather interesting.

      If it is true, there will not be any divorces.

      • goddessofkrw says:

        Easier being said than done when you are facing so many temptations these day. You are surrounded by the media and internet it’s hard not to fall for younger, hotter females/males. Passion and excitement is what many people are looking for.

    7. Jen says:

      So typical of men to dump their old wives and marry someone younger and prettier once they earn more money. Gallen’s first wife is probably in her 50s now and looking really old and auntie. He should be ashamed of himself.

      • Cloud says:

        I hope Andy Lau will not kick his wife to the curb and will love her wholeheartedly despite of younger, hotter women surrounding him.

        • HeTieShou says:

          I do m

        • HeTieShou says:

          I do not think Andy would do that. He is and has been constantly surrounded by younger and hotter girls than his wife but he still remains faithful to her. Not to mention all of the fans that dream of being with him too.

        • Lee says:

          @ HTS, we don’t know for a fact that he doesn’t cheat on his wife. Do you think a woman who was basically willing to be kept hidden for decades would leave him for being unfaithful? Yeah, he’s never been caught as far as I know, but we don’t really know what goes on in the entertainment circle. This isn’t meant to bash Andy Lau or suggest that he’s a cheater without evidence… just a thought. Something about their relationship strikes me as odd even though I should applaud him for wanting to ‘protect’ her.

        • HeTieShou says:

          Oh yea, that is true but I guess for now I will give him the benefit of the doubt since there is no hardcore evidence that he did. But yea, it is true that we do not know for sure.

    8. Jen says:

      the biggest victim in this case is gallen’s son from his first marriage. imagine not having a father around for yourself and having to read gossip mags and newspapers on how your father is over the moon about having a new baby.

    9. E says:

      Congrats Gallen, I hope it’s a girl :) I believe you will be a great father in the previous and current marriage after you see the new baby. A man will melt after he sees his child born, and I hope it’s a girl so the daughter and son can play together and no favorite if two sons. :)

      May your family (previous and current) fight the wave, and may the family find that island to live in harmony.

    10. Gia says:

      Relationships are so complex, this type of situation is happening all over
      the world. My brother is in similar circumstances, I’m so p.ss with him.
      But men can just move on easily.

    11. Rene says:

      I used to like watching Gallen Lo dramas until after he divorced his first wife.
      Hate guys that divorced their wife after they got famous!
      Think of all the years she wasted on him.

    12. Jadedreams says:

      I have lost respect for Gallen after his 2nd marriage and reading that he is not keeping in touch with his son. I feel that he’s always flaunting his happiness with this 2nd marriage and in doing so, is being insensitive to his ex-wife and son. It’s great that you’re happy and all, but you’re kind of famous and your news is going to be seen by your son and affect him since you neglected him.

      Even though I have read before that Gallen actually met the 2nd wife years after the divorce, somehow I don’t think she’s that great…

    13. clamine says:

      Jadedreams:From google:

      Gallen and ex-wife were separated in 2007, officially divorced in July 2008. Sophie also divorced ex-husband in late 2008. In 2009 Jan 30 Gallen and Sophie got engaged.

      Sophie was accused of being a ‘xiao san’ for 10 years in her ex-husband’s previous marriage before they finally got married in 2003. And again as ‘xiao san’ in Gallen’s previous marriage. And Gallen himself was accused as the ‘xiao san’ breaking up Sophie’s previous marriage.

      Though both Gallen’s and Sophie’s respective marriages were rocky, they did not seek divorce until they fell in love with each. Thus they were accused of being ‘the 3rd party’ in each other previous marriage.

      Gallen and Sophie started their romance in late 2007 when they collaborated as loving husband and wife in tv series, 《完美结局》.

      Interestingly, Sophie prefers much older men: her ex-husband is 17 years older then her while Gallen is 12 years older than her.



    14. Kacey says:

      From personal experience, once a man found another woman (family), his mind/ heart quickly moves on…very hard and sad for first wives to witness the heartaches and hurts that the children goes through….

    15. Ric says:

      Congrats to Gallen and Sophie. Surely none of us truly grasp the ralationship Gallen had with his first wife and son. It’s just wrong for anyone to judge another on their romantic lives. Better to end things when you know it’s wrong than to drag it out and cause more pain.

    16. oh says:

      he can do it to his first wife, he can do it to the second as well.
      that is all.

    17. Hannahh says:

      wow i always love Gallen as an actor but just found out he’s a jerk lolz bit late.

    18. jolli says:

      hmmmmm… its always the man who will marry another woman whilst the wife after 10-15 years of marriage the market ( in asia ) would not be so valuable… sigh… the young one suffers….

    19. LO says:

      He wished to have a little girl.

    20. smile says:

      Isn’t this the same situation w/Adam Cheng?

      • HeTieShou says:

        There are some similarities but some differences too. But becareful about what you say since some Adam fans may come and blast this place.

        • smile says:

          So, it’s okay for one artist to do this and not the other because they have more clout. :P That’s the entertainment circle for you.

        • HeTieShou says:

          Yea, that is the circle for you. But not only in the circle. This happens on life and happens on any field.

        • sandcherry says:

          It is very true. It depends on a person’s mentality and self-control. There is temptation everywhere, and there are more in the entertainment circles as too many beautiful girls are available.

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