Gangnam Style, Wilson Chin Stars in Hong Kong Version

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Korean phenom  Psy’s “Gangnam Style” is a global sensation. It has inspired countless parodies on Youtube. The Hong Kong spin-off version, featuring William Chin (錢國偉) in “Hong Kong Style” was a huge hit online and generated hearty laughter.

Psy’s Gangnam Style has already reached more than 400 million hits. His signature “horse dance” style has many followers all over the world. It was during a chat that Ekin Cheng (鄭伊健) and Leo Ku (古巨基) suddenly developed this idea of having William Chin portray the Hong Kong version of Psy due to their close resemblance and to fulfill Wilson’s dream to act before the camera.

The trio directed the parody “Hong Kong Style”  flavoring it with local elements. The Hong Kong version of Gangnam Style features William Chin in Psy’s trademark dance. This video was shot all over Hong Kong, including scenes on a tram, in a  marketplace, on the MTR, and in the Hong Kong Jockey Club betting center.

Leo, Ekin and Wilson’s friends joined their ambitious project by making special guest appearances. Eric Tsang (曾志偉), JJ Jia (賈曉晨), Chin Kar Lok (錢嘉樂), Jerry Lamb (林曉峰)  perform in the video. William looks almost identical to Psy, so even if his dance moves are not as smooth, the video is  still receiving a lot of acclaim.

Support From Many Friends

During a telephone interview yesterday, Leo was asked why they decided to produce “Hong Kong Style”. While he was at the gym with Ekin, Leo saw Psy on TV. They immediately noticed that Psy looks like their friend, William Chin. Leo and Ekin vowed to cast William as Psy in a Hong Kong parody. Ekin revealed that before William became a producer, he wished to be an actor, and this video will fulfill his dream. William was then recruited, and the snowball kept on rolling.

While making  this video for fun with basically a minuscule budget, Leo, Ekin, and William sought help from Eric Tsang, Jerry Lamb, a choreographer, lighting professionals, mechanics, and special effects professionals. Only a small amount of money was spent, but the end results resembled a big production. The entire project–from its first conception to its completion–took only two weeks. Both Leo and Eric wanted to thank all people for their time spent on the project.

Leo Ku also joked about how they roughed up William during the shooting. He said, “As a producer, William is usually the one who yells and screams at the sets. Now it’s time for him to have a taste of his own medicine. Ekin and I were yelled at him viciously   His dance moves were bad, and he has close to zero acting experience, so he should be focused on his acting. Yet, he spent most of the time trying bug other people’s jobs, and made Ekin and I so upset at him. He deserves it, but everyone watching said he was funny!”

When asked why he and Ekin has such limited screen time in the music video, Leo said, “Originally, we did not have any plans to appear in the video, but William needed support and was asked us to be in it. I injured my waist in the past and was risking it when I did the dance move.”

A Wedding Gift for Ekin?

Trying to deny the notion Ekin and Leo were trying to fulfill his dreams of acting, William “Hong Kong Psy” Chin said it was the other way around — he was trying to help Ekin and Leo to fulfill their dreams of directing! William said, “I was just trying to show off my singer side,” although he did not actually have to sing.

When he was told Leo said he danced like a robot, William said it was all gimmicks. He did not even practice his dance moves. He also mentioned his friends helped him out. Eric Tsang sacrificed his day at the golf course, JJ Jia spent two days out of her busy schedule to help out, and Kar Lok participated although he needed to spend his time taking care of his upcoming November wedding.

William was asked if he would perform his “horse riding” move during a charity show, he said he will have to think about that since he may not remember the move. And as to the rumor of the whether the project was a gift for Ekin’s wedding, William denies it, saying if it was for a gift, it would be for Chin Kar Lok instead of Ekin.

Talented JJ Learned the Moves On the Fly

In the video, JJ Jia portrays Hyuna, a member of the Korean girl group, 4Minute. JJ was worried that she did not do a good job without the time needed for practice. She said she learned all the necessary moves during the day of shooting, and worried about the imperfection. However, as long as people find it funny, JJ will be satisfied. When asked if the MTR cleared the location to assist the filming, JJ said they did it without their permission, and shot the clips with many onlookers.

In addition, Willaim’s girlfriend, Calinda Chan (陳宛蔚) also performed in the video. Her status did not generate more screen time for her. Calinda said she asked to be placed at the back of all dancers since her dancing is not professional enough. When asked about the lack of screen time, she said “Fat Will” (William) is a really fair guy, and she is not upset. Watching Ekin and Leo switch their roles with Fat Will was funny enough, and a behind the scenes video releasing sometime in the future should be even more humourous.

Wilson Chin in Gangnam Style!

Compare to Psy’s Official MV of Gangnam Style


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66 comments to Gangnam Style, Wilson Chin Stars in Hong Kong Version

  1. Profile photo of jayne jayne says:

    Wilson Chin’s rendition is pretty hilarious and JJ is a talented dancer!

    • Clementine replied to Jayne

      Jayne..are you serious??? O_O!!
      Her dancing is pretty bad..she is not even dancing..she is stepping with her legs wide open.. D:

      • Michael replied to Clementine

        JJ is not a “talented dancer”. Come on now. In fact, people will all regard her as a bad dancer after this rendition.

    • M replied to Jayne

      The video was obviously made for the fun…whether or not she danced well, the overall effect was pretty good and pretty hilarious in my opinion. Just watch and enjoy the freaking video…

      • Michael replied to M

        JJ ruined it. She danced like a robot. The steps were not difficult and she couldn’t even do it properly.

    • Michael replied to Jayne

      JJ was so bad the other dancers had to dance worse just so she doesn’t look out of place. Go back and look at the dance scenes without her in it and compare.

    • Veejay replied to Jayne

      I haven’t watch the video clip yet but I can imagine that it will be hilarious and JJ will be very pretty since her long hair and pretty face will suit being in that character.

  2. EL says:

    I think the person that resembles the most with the original psy vid, besides william is kar lok. He is just so funny at the frnt, looks exactly like the kid. JJ needs to improve more on her moves tho. Bt she looks stunning :D

    • Nicole replied to EL

      Well, JJ learnt her moves on the same day of the shooting, so if she’s given more time to practice, I’m sure she will be amazing, as she’s already pretty good. And she does looks gorgeous.
      But the most awkward dancer is Ekin in the elevator. Look at the way he’s trying to gyrate his hips. It’s like LEFT.. RIGHT.. LEFT.. RIGHT.. LOL

    • Vivien replied to EL

      Yah JJ need to improve more but I think she doesn’t have time to practice too. She’s pretty though.

      • TVBFanatic replied to Vivien

        Yes. I thought JJ was pretty when I first saw her on Foodie Two Shoes (I think that’s the name of the show). When she started to become a star/recording her own music etc.. she became really thin and looked absolutely terrible – her face became very angular. It’s nice to see her start to gain some weight again, it’s returned the softness to her face.

        As to her dancing, there really isn’t much here to judge her on tbh… she does look good though :)

  3. deci says:

    haha I lost it when I saw Eric Tseng doing the pelvic thrust dance in elevator. X)

    • TVBFanatic replied to deci

      For me it was Chin Kar Lok! Love that guy!

  4. Peaches says:

    being a kpop fan i found it okay til JJ started dancing.. i couldnt bare to watch it any further… shes too stiff and awkward when dancing

  5. Y2 says:

    I hope this video shall have a cantonese or mandarin version ,it will be better if wilson sing in cantonese ,anyways it avgreat video made by ekin and leo .

    • loungegirl replied to Y2

      Oh please no copy cats!!

  6. cin says:

    ekin cheng was the best part lol

  7. Funn Lim says:

    Can never get the hype and can never finish any video or parody of this song.

    • Sand replied to Funn Lim

      Same here. I dont get this song. This hk one has the honour of being the only one i finished just cos i wanted to see which stars were featured..

    • clamine replied to Funn Lim

      I don’t get the hype either. I did finish both video, but still don’t get the hype.

      Have you heard of this one Chinese song 凰传奇-最炫民族风 that swept China by storm? Personally I think the song is more catchy than gangnam style and its melody goes with almost all kind of dancing. It’s a hoot to watch Indian, kpop, jpop, MJ,latin etc ‘dancing’ to the song.

    • skinnymocha replied to Funn Lim

      I can understand the hype, but I’m not part of it either… I’ve seen more crazy things in my life.

    • skinnymocha replied to Funn Lim

      I remember reading on article on how Psy isn’t as big in Japan (as well as alluding to the Korea/Japan conflict). I think it’s not making as much waves over there since Japan is practically the Land of Craziness anyway; this MV might not be as much of a refreshing concept to them.

    • shu replied to Funn Lim

      because you cant sense humor in the MV and maybe not your type of music?

    • Kidd replied to Funn Lim

      Why my sister first showed her the Gangnam video, I didn’t know the hype. I find the dance and video not funny at all. It felt it looks ugly. But, watching it the second time, it’s a bit funnier. But, also don’t get the hype.

      I did finish the Malaysia version and Ipoh version of the parody. I find them better, mostly because they sing abou familiar things.

    • nomad822 replied to Funn Lim

      I am ok with it, but cannot get the major global hype about it too. It’s over-hyped.

      PSY himself is talented in the first place, even before this video. For many other things.

      It’s a BIG shame his ‘never intended for international mkt’ video has made him famous for the horsey dance. The dude’s capable of way more.

      All Ellen Degeneres wanted (to the pt she couldn’t even remember her manners as host and had to be reminded by PSY himself that she forgot the intro – VERY GOOD FOR HIM!!) … is how to do that dance. Gimme a break.

      And HK now getting on the bandwagon to copy-cat this blindly …. seriously, where’s the joy in ORIGINALITY and CREATIVITY?

    • Lol replied to Funn Lim

      Thank god! Thought I was the only person on the planet that think this song/artist the entire thing is annoying!!! Don’t get it, don’t care for it.

    • skinnymocha replied to Funn Lim

      @nomad822: Agreed. I really like Psy and he’s done more in his career than just Gangnam Style. Even if he doesn’t reach the same heights again, I hope people don’t just lump him with the one hit wonders, because the man is far more capable than that. That MV was supposed to be poking fun at a certain group of people and Psy, himself, never intended for it to get this big. (I can list a whole host of k-pop idols who are clamouring to get a fraction of the attention he’s receiving…)

  8. loungegirl says:

    It was just ok.. not that amused or entertained by it. Would have been better if they changed it up a bit. The only remotely funny part was Ekin’s but it was more embarrassing (ie. please anyone but Ekin do the pelvic move) than funny. JJ was stiff and cannot dance. Even the background dancers were stiff. Hong Kong people just cannot dance!

    • loungegirl replied to loungegirl

      ok, except Aaron Kwok.

    • simplitee replied to loungegirl

      Even though it looks out of sync and stiff but given the amount of time they had to practice (1-2 days?), i think they were okay..

    • Secret replied to loungegirl

      Do people not understand that this is ‘parody’ aka JOKE? Shouldn’t be taken seriously? I dislike the Gangnam style crap that is going viral but in this case they are just doing a parody of it so why so serious?

      • Funn Lim replied to Secret

        I don’t see the parody. It was almost an exact copy.

      • Secret replied to Secret

        Parody doesn’t always have to be different. The whole point of parody is doing something similar or the same but your own style. Look it up if you don’t know the whole definition.

    • Mr.chow replied to loungegirl

      O yea cause…being able to dance is the be all and end all, gimme a break.

      I don’t get the hype of this ugly fat guy and his stupid song with the stupid dance moves, I can’t stand kpop, and krap (crap) just plain sucks.

      I’m just sad the poison has spread to Chins

  9. Dorothy says:

    despite how i hate whenever hk copies other ppl I LOVED THIS!
    i never watched the original before so i watched the hk one first and i cracked up since i knew the people in there.
    thumbs up hong kong!

    • Mr.chow replied to Dorothy

      U act like hk is the only one copying! Let me tell u, your beloved kpop is just a ripoff of american pop and r&b. And don’t forget about koreans obsession with plastic surgery

  10. Eunice says:

    This video here has more views and comments:

    Most people actually think JJ ruined it. Indeed she looked great, but her horse-dancing was really awkward.

  11. Monica says:

    I think JJ did a good job even though she was kind of stiff. Kate Tsui would definitely do a great job! :)

  12. Roxy says:

    This song is everywhere and it’s so annoying!

  13. shu says:

    its a bad remake,with all those professional artist you expect a lot more than this.btw jj is a very bad dancer.

  14. Primrose says:

    Couldn’t they get a better female dancer than JJ? Like Nancy Wu? Or that big eye girl who won the dance contest … Grace something …… ????

  15. Crap says:

    Watched it yesterday. JJ Jia’s pretty but her dance moves spoiled the whole video. I couldn’t watch further because of her awkward moves…something’s just very uncomfortable with the way she danced.

    Other areas are okay since they said it’s a rushed production, oh well.

  16. aptos says:

    The HK GN style parody was at best medicore…I am not sure how long they spent in prepping, shooting, producing and editing but it was very amateurish. The lip synch in many instances were not timed correctly. They could have shot more different scenes in HK to compensate for the average MV.

  17. Mtse says:

    People!!! It is a parody!!!!!
    No need to take it so seriously.

    Not sure what the hype is with the original version but this parody is funny coz of hk celebrity involvement. And actors wanting to take ‘revenge’ on Wilson.

    Deci, I agree that Eric tsang is funny and love the last bit calling Wilson ‘sei fei jai’.

  18. Abby says:

    I think Chapman To will make a good PSY lookalike too.. With the shades, suit and hair..

  19. Jack says:

    I thought the female dancers could be better but that didn’t stop me from enjoying this. Good parody!

  20. Larry 3 says:

    Gangnam Style is getting way too old. Stupid Justin Bieber management!

  21. skinnymocha says:

    I know it’s a parody, but either make it unique OR make it *so* bad that’s it’s good. This is almost like a carbon copy of the original, but… not as great… In JJ’s case, if the moves are going to be that stiff, why not go all out and make a parody out of the dance itself?

    JJ is very pretty though and the guests are a nice touch. All those hip thrusts^^

  22. TVBFanatic says:

    Want to watch real dancing??

    which include the “high step” dance move the angels from Chok Chok Chok tried to copy (and did so horribly :P)


  23. Ita says:

    Didn’t see a parody. It is just exact copy only diff ppl. The only thing that funny is chin lar lok. The rest is like watching the original clip with crappier and cheaper mv quality.

  24. aptos says:

    Like the majority of the previous bloggers said, definitely did not view it as a parody but a copycat. Go check out the Army, Navy or Air Force parody on the “GN style” to see what a parody is. They are definitely amateurs but better produced and edited.

  25. Hannahh says:

    Chin Ka Lor is the best in the clip haha JJ is hot but she can’t dance.

  26. TVBFanatic says:

    Is that Kibby among the dancers as well?

  27. Kidd says:

    A fun project to make among friends. I bet Ekin and gang are having a lot of fun making it.

  28. lol says:

    This is not a parody and more a copycat because they’re copying all the scenes and costumes and even casting a Psy lookalike and use the original song. Although it’s for fun it’s still a copycat.

    • lol replied to lol

      JJ is not talented in dancing. Looks? yes. Dancing? No.

  29. Mr.chow says:

    It’s a damn parody to all u idiots, they got a guy who looked exactly like the fat psy for the video, it’s no different to Saturday nite live.

    I give this stupid craze another 2 – 3 months before it can finally die. Seeing gweilos singing and dancing it, is just pitiful.

  30. bells says:

    Oppan Gangnam Style ~~

  31. happybi says:

    Chin Ka Lok and Eric was the best in the video! Laughed so hard when I saw them! JJ can’t dance if her life depends on it! She does look good though but her dancing was really bad. Actually, all the dancing was pretty bad as they weren’t in sync but it only took them 2 weeks to film it so can’t be help. Leo and Ekin part was funny too!

  32. violet says:

    I was drinking water while watching JJ’s part and when she started dancing I almost choked! Holy crap?!?! Didn’t anyone told her that SHE CAN’T DANCE EVEN IF HER LIFE DEPENDED ON IT? She was literally stomping her feet hard and her whole body was so stiff! Hyuna and PSY would be spitting out blood watching her dance!

    Minus JJ overall the video was alright I guess. The funny part is definitely the lift part with ekin,leo and eric! haha especially Ekin!

  33. ALovesFung says:

    Totally awesome parody! How did Wilson ever get Ekin, Leo AND Eric to participate!?!? The girls dancing need a lot more practice. LMAO

  34. Pvt. Joker says:

    What is the N Korean leader doing in this video?

    oh btw JJ —> heeeeeeyyy sexy lady

  35. Eric says:

    More practice!!

  36. Anna says:

    Eric Tsang looked like he was having so much fun doing it!! I thought it was hilarious to watch the usual held-back Leo do such a move in the elevator as well. Overall a good waste of my 5 minutes.

  37. Belinda says:

    hi, would like inquiry, how can I invite Wilson Chin to perform in a private event in Kuala Lumpur?