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Grace Chan’s Pre-pageant Photos Surface

By on September 12, 2013

Grace Chan’s Pre-pageant Photos Surface thumbnail

With her sharp features but warm smile, 2013 Miss Hong Kong winner Grace Chan (陳凱琳) has been tagged as one of Hong Kong’s most outstanding pageant winners in the last several years. Faced with plastic surgery allegations, Grace uploaded many of her childhood photos online as proof of her natural beauty.

Indeed, not much of Grace’s face has changed. Other than straighter teeth and paler skin, Grace has retained the slim jaw and large eyes from childhood.

Grace’s elder sister Joyce Chan (陳凱晴), however, looks completely different from Grace. Joyce admitted that she felt the pressure in having a beautiful Miss Hong Kong winner as a sister, and in a Facebook status she wrote yesterday, she expressed that this pressure has been around since their childhood days.

She wrote, “How was I able to face a sister with such outstanding looks? Jealousy? Inferiority?”

She added that her mother’s constant words of encouragement did not help. She also explained that her friends and family would always praise her looks, but according to Joyce, these compliments only made her more uncomfortable. “It cast a shadow in my childhood,” she concluded.

Source: Apple Daily

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  • Readers' Comments (67)

    1. Hannahh says:

      Hot Chick! BeautifuL sMILE!

    2. sandcherry says:

      I don’t know what would Grace Chan look like if she did not have her terrible teeth straightened!

    3. pssst says:

      Thank goodness for braces!

    4. irene says:

      She looks like like she has peranakan blood in her.

      She don’t look entirely 100% chinese to me.

      • Truly Asian says:

        OMG, what a misnormer “as one of Hong Kong’s most outstanding pageant winners in the last several years. ”

        I think she is one of the worst, she doesn’t look Chinese at all, she looks like Miss Bollywood.

        Hello, is she really HongKong? Her ancestors must have south indian blood!

        I won’t vote her, I think HK people have weird taste. All 3 winners are not up to par, the other contestants are more beautiful.

        No wonder Ms HK never wins Ms Universe. Should learn a thing or two from Miss China.

        • Chen says:

          I find your comment extremely rude to people who are from Hong Kong but not 100% Chinese.

        • HeTieShou says:

          Me too and this person sounds like this other poster who goes on and on about not allowing his kids to marry non Chinese. I find that SO stupid and close minded.

          I really wonder how people feel about Michelle Reis since her dad is Portuguese and yet many praise her as the most beautiful Ms. Hk ever?? I have a feeling that she is mixed somewhere down the line but we just do not know where. I think even she does not know that. But it is not like it matters at all. It should take much more than just physical appearance to win a true beauty pageant.

        • Truly Asian says:

          There, you see, Chen and Hie comments, you know for a fact that Honkie are weird! and awfully tasteless.


        • kolo says:

          whats wrong that she does looks like miss bollywood? indian girls are supposed to be the most beautiful girls of the world. many miss universe are from india. so maybe this time hk will be the miss universe haha.

        • Chen says:

          I would like to clarify to you that this is not a matter of whether she is good looking or not. What I find insulting is that you clearly believe that people of non-Chinese heritage cannot be Miss Hong Kong. As HeTieShou already mentioned what about Michelle Reis? What about Joyce Mina Godenzi? Are they not fit to be Miss Hong Kong? And the many other 1st, 2nd Runner Ups as well as contestants.

          Winning a national pageant should not be about one’s ethnicity it should be solely one’s nationality. You have no right to disregard another person’s claim to be Miss Hong Kong if she is legally entitled to compete.

          And please do not label people when you don’t even know who they are.

        • Funn Lim says:

          One question.

          Can sayyyy an Indian who speaks fluent chinese in any dialect join Miss Chinese International Pageant or something like that?

          Many will say no since Chinese is race but I might agree yes because Chinese can be about command of the language.

          As for Miss HK it is clearer. As long as you are HK citizen and etc etc, why not? You can be white and still be a Hk-er? Or black and still be from Tim Tsa Tsui?

        • Terminator says:

          Does HK even grant citizenship? I thought all they do is to grant permanent residency which is not based on Chinese origin.

          A very prominent HK family are the Kadoories, who own the famous Pennisula Hotel and the HK public utility. The Baghadian Jewish family have lived in HK for 4 generations now, much longer than most Chinese who are living there.

        • Selena says:

          Grace has clarified this issue: She’s not mixed.

        • irene says:

          Actually I do find her looks outstanding.

          The sharp nose and very well defined eyes.

        • Truly Asian says:

          Whether she looks indian is secondary, but it is stil fact. HK people have awful taste.

          She clearly doe snot have the looks of a beautiful girl, and I say all three don’t have that quality. The other contestants have more character and beauty than the top 3. Yet, te people voted them, that’s why they are tasteless.

          Honkie just admired those that are more exotic, after seeing the same oval shaped, smooth fair skin, tinier eyes and
          ‘flatter’ nose, but no, she is not beautiful in my book.

          This He and Chen is just trying to be morally righteous, but they ar enot even from HK, no right to even comment like thay are the judges.

        • HeTieShou says:

          @Truly Asian,
          Do we even need to be from HK to state our comments?? If that is the case, then what gives you that right to judge and comment???

        • Chen says:


          I have not stated anywhere that I support Grace Chan because that is not where my issue with your comment lies. I am fine with you saying that Grace is not a good choice I just find your reasoning that she doesn’t look Chinese so shouldn’t win Miss Hong Kong distasteful.

          But must I add Grace was the clear favourite to people not from Hong Kong or not Chinese. Many people on different pageant forums predicted her to win.

      • Chen says:

        I think there is a distinct difference between Miss Hong Kong and Miss Chinese International, to what I understand. Miss Chinese International is distinctly marketed as an international search for a winner of Chinese heritage thus it would be wrong for a non-Chinese to win. That’s why technically if a female of non-Chinese heritage wins Miss Hong Kong I would argue whether she’d be able to participate in Miss Chinese International since competitions from other cities would explicitly state that only girls of Chinese heritage can participate. There are many pageants in the world that do this as well.

        To Truly Asian
        6.4% of Hong Kong citizens are classified as none ethnic Chinese, can they not participate in Miss Hong Kong then? Do not utter crap like Hong Kong being an ethnically homogenous region and therefore should crown a 100% Chinese winner. Finland has a comparable population classified as Finns but they recently crowned a girl of Moroccan and Finnish descent.

      • HeTieShou says:

        I heard from somewhere a long time ago that you had to be at least 25% Chinese by blood in order to enter MS. Hk. Not sure about other pageants though which was why Christy Chung(who is suspected to not be Chinese at all)’s race/ethnicity was questioned since she won that one pageant(which I suddenly forgot the name of).

    5. Jack says:

      Grace is beautiful. But I do have sympathy for her sister. I knew a girl who was pretty good looking in her own right but her mother was obnoxious when it came to praising her elder daughter (who was indeed beautiful and a nice girl) being the future Miss HK and a big movie star to anybody who was within her radius.

    6. 000 says:

      She kinda looks like Karena Ng in the first pic!!

    7. Bubblez says:

      Grace and her sister Joyce Chan is beautiful in her own way! (:

      And I’m glad that Joyce doesn’t let her jealousy affect her relationship with her younger sister. It’s a pity where the elder sibling holds a grudge on the younger sibling.. :$

      • yeung4life says:

        i really want to see a pic of her sister though – and her twin brother.

        From what i think, grace and her twin bro were adopted, and graces “sister” is the biological daughter of her parents.

      • HeTieShou says:

        Michelle Reis and her sister did not look alike at all either. But they seem to be close and get along well.

        • Bubblez says:

          I’m not commenting on that HTS but there are some sisters who do not look alike, but due to their relatives’ preferences, the other sister gets spoiled while the other one gets blamed for things.

          And when that happens in a sister-relationship, it’s hard to fix especially when both of the sisters are in their early adulthood stages. This is what bought me to my comment ” It’s a pity where the elder sibling holds a grudge on the younger sibling.. :$”.
          I was reflecting on my own relationship with my sister and it is a blessing to see that although Joyce is jealous of her younger sister, she doesn’t let her jealousy/grudge to take over herself and let that affect her relationship with her sister..

        • HeTieShou says:

          I know that but I guess I don’t understand as well as you do because I have all brothers. I always hoped for a sister but of course that cannot happen for me in this lifetime.

      • Kaboom says:

        That is so true bubblez. Everyone has beauty in their own way. They just need to let it shine through.

    8. bebe says:

      Grace Chan looks a little like Natalie Tong.

    9. LeilaFan says:

      Her pre-pageant photo is same to me, same pointy nose, same smile, same double eyelids. Just no make up.
      Her beauty certainly is natural, no plastic at all.

    10. Funn Lim says:

      The only thing she has done is her teeth. Other than that looks the same. She is pretty but I don’t think of her as beautiful.

      • kolo says:

        from the pic above i think she has also done her eyebrows,it looks a bit longer and the positioning looks different.

      • vivien says:

        Funn, your observation is very blunt and your judgment is very very poor. But it’s excusable due to your untrained eyes for natural beauty vs PS.

        Besides her teeth, look at the shape
        of her mouth, lips, nose and her pair eyes. To me, They are totally different and very SHARP! Losing baby face is not like this.

        This shows that there is a tremendously supreme values to perform PS which cannot be traceable by 99% of average naked eyes of human beings.

        • kolo says:

          i think its just the make up that make the difference.dont agree with you that she looks totally different.i saw her photo when she was a child,she already possess that sharp face.

        • Funn Lim says:

          People’s face do change a little as they grow older due to a lot of reason. I find her looking quite the same. Make up can do wonders. All these can make the lips, nose, eyes either bigger, sharper, smaller. But her structure is still the same. I don’t see any obvious PS. Maybe we like to believe just because a person looks different between childhood, make up and no make up and we immediately think of PS. Sometimes it isn’t. If she did do PS then it must have been the best surgeon. O can even see the PS on Tavia, Myolie, Raymond and gang but her? Not quite, except for the teeth and a bit of growing up. Again I don’t consider single to double eyelid PS.

        • UNI says:

          I’m sorry but braces and certain routines CAN really change a person’s face. Several friends of mine had such a circular face prior to their dental alterations. Now their faces have become so long and their chins are much sharper. People’s bone structure can change dramatically if they know how to.

          Honestly this isn’t a before and after picture of someone who did plastic surgery but called growing up. It’s sad people just jump to conclusions and can no longer “differentiate” what’s actually natural.

      • HeTieShou says:

        I really hope that Grace does not get PS down the line after she enters the circle.

    11. jc says:

      Saw Grace’s mum pic she definitely is her biological daughter cos she has a pointed nose and same mouth like her mum as for dad I don’t think is biological dad either one is biological mum or dad definitely not both. I have a friend she married an indian man her daughter looked mixed like Grace then divorced married a Chinese man again so now she has a pure Chinese look son but her daughter look mixed like Grace; which I think Grace mum is the same like my friend it could be her second or third marriage with another man.

      • sandcherry says:

        Based on Grace’s look, she does not look 100% Chinese to me either. She looks like a mix with Indian and Chinese features, actually more Indian than Chinese.

        • Funn Lim says:

          She looks like her mom, but I don’t see the dad in her. I believe the mother must be mixed perhaps? Or somewhere down her line she has some mixed blood with someone of darker skin origin?

    12. Yum says:

      She is what my grandma calls “ugly duckling to beautiful swan”. Her sister and her have the same tan skin. But they seriously don’t look related. I don’t believe that Grace is 100 percent Chinese. They must have had foreign blood somewhere in their family line. if not in the last four generations at least earlier. Then again, family records mostly have been destroyed.

      • HeTieShou says:

        I really how many generations down the line does her mixed blood have to be and still be shown?? Is 3 or 4 generations down the line too far ago?? Or can it be further along? I used to have a former friend that looked a bit mixed but looked more Asian. Later on, I found out that she had a bit of French blood somewhere down the line so she looked a bit Eurasian.However, both of her parents looked purely Asian. I wonder if that is the case with Grace??

    13. Yum says:

      Does anyone have Grace Chan’s brother’s picture, as well as her parents?!

    14. kathy says:

      Call me shallow, but her body is so unappealing. She has a nice face, but it is sad how a MHK look sick (as in illness sick). It is such an unhealthy image. As a whole package, I don’t find her attractive. There are better looking candidate. This is beauty pageant after all and look does go hand in hand with wit. It is also quit sad how beauty is determined by how pretty your face is with makeup. Her pre makeup face is very ordinary. No wonder why MHK doesn’t make it far in the pageant industry.

    15. windy says:

      She is actually quite cute when younger. Teeth is what ppl called imperfect but i sometimes like a bit of imperfections? haaha…lol..

    16. Trini says:

      I have to agree with Funn Lim. Apart from her teeth, Grace Chan has not done anything else to her facial structure.

      @Koko, you are right, makeup can add sharp angles to a lady’s face, alter her face drastically.
      Great comments HeTieShou and Chen. Grace was born in Hong Kong and I see no reason why she cannot represent the land of her birth.

    17. Star says:

      Other than her teeth, she looks exactly the same. Her face looks dull and fatigue in the first picture but that is obviously because she’s not wearing any make-up. Even in the second picture, the make-up only enhanced and lightened up her face. And if you compare her to other current tvb actresses such as Tavia for instance, at least Grace looks recognizable even without makeup. On the other hand, Tavia looks completely different, not ugly, but almost like another person.

    18. Maria says:

      Anyone can look better today with plenty of money for a good stylist, doctor and photoshopper.

    19. bubbles says:

      I agree with some comments, she actually looks VERY Indian because of the large eyes and sharp chin. If she had darker skin, I would totally mistake her for a South Asian. BTW the first runner up is indeed not pretty. I mean, you can tell from her parents’ features.

    20. Kaboom says:

      Everone ranting bout how the poor girl too skinny. She skinny but that is her natural slimness. She got good skinn. There is a big difference between being naturally slim, and starving your body to get and stay skinny. That is when these women look anorexic with unhealthy bad skin. Being a pageant winner is more than a pretty face and two watermelon breast. Grace shows that she has the style and class to wear the crown. Beauty is more than skin deep. There seem to be a few here who were brought up with values to be not fickle and superficial. Good luck to Grace. I really love what HTS, chen, Crystal,

    21. Kaboom says:

      As I was saying, commentsby HTS, crystal, Chen, Leilafan, Kolo Bubblez and Funn are great. Good comments by Trini too.

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