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Hawick Lau: “I Am Dating Yang Mi!”

By on January 9, 2012

Hawick Lau: “I Am Dating Yang Mi!” thumbnail

TVB actor, Lau Dan’s (劉丹) son, Hawick Lau (劉愷威) focused his acting career in mainland China in recent years. Last year, 37-year-old Hawick met mainland actress,25-year-old Yang Mi (楊冪), while filming drama, Wishful <如意> and the pair started an underground relationship. Yesterday afternoon, Hawick revealed his romance with Yang Mi on his blog, “Finally, I ​​can loudly proclaim that I have a girlfriend! Little Mi is a very insecure little girl; please take good care of her  and support for her!”

Yang Mi also acknowledged dating Hawick Lau. Yang Mi replied, “Yes, I am currently in love. I’m sorry that I only possessed the courage right now to tell the people who are concerned about me.”

The Oriental Daily contacted Yang Mi’s manager, Xi Xi, yesterday, who confirmed, “Hawick Lau and Yang Mi have been dating for approximately two months.” (Will they get married?) “Not yet, since they have been dating for only a short time.” (Have they met each others’ parents?) “Both their parents know that they dating.”

Allegedly, Hawick Lau was discovered to have spent the night at Yang Mi’s house earlier, thus prompting the lovers to admit their relationship publicly.


Source: Oriental Daily

Jayne: It’s refreshing to have Hawick and Yang Mi admit their relationship so openly! Hawick looks great for a 37-year-old!

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  • Readers' Comments (105)

    1. Azi says:

      Omg! R they just promoting their new drama!

      • here says:

        yes, it certainly sounds like it. he was never famous in HK i think and it wasnt until sealed with a kiss i started to think hey he looks familiar where did i see him b4. he is certainly very maturely attractive in that series n hv to admit he acts really well in that role i think that was the series that he was getting noticed and on fire now b/c of this announcement. so now they have a new drama together which isnt aired yet but heard will be soon and he is openly declaring their relationship now? phewww, i think YES they are probably in love at the moment BUT also using it as publicity at the same time. celebs who knows what’s true or not b/c a few months ago they were still denying it and now announching to the whole on chinese facebook. plzzz…smart move really LOL…the girl doesnt look that attractive here actually. She looks young in above pic she looks much more matured in her other pics and i also wonder if she has plastic surgery actually ahhaa..LOL… i mean she is pretty but kind of not the natural beauty kind.

        • anonymous says:

          Oh gosh, what a shocking news. I know it’s been a while since they go public with their relationship. But i’m still in the process of digesting the fact that hawick and yang mi are actually dating. Feel somehow disappointed though…Not that I have anything against Yang Mi. Just feel that it’s a bit strange. It’s on the news today that they are back in HK now to meet the parents. I guess they are pretty serious about the whole thing.

    2. Vivien says:

      congrats to their love. Hawick look a bit like LF in this pic

    3. malmal says:

      LF’s long lost brother

    4. Evergreen says:

      Congratulations to their love! Very matching couple. Looking forward to watch “Wishful” series.

    5. Veejay says:

      lol, it seems that plastic dolls are pretty famous nowadays.

    6. dai si jie says:

      I did not recognize Hawick in the photo. He seems more suave and good looking than in his TVB days!

    7. Cloud says:

      Hawick is handsome. He looks really hot in the drama series “Sealed with a Kiss.” This is one good looking couple.

    8. Sulksight says:

      What’s new? It is just another HK actor dating another one of those insecure plastic dolls from Mainland. It is such a popular trend right now! I wondered who is next?

      • Veejay says:

        Insecure is part of the reason why they opted for Plastic surgery..women like yang mi also aimed for fame and plenty of wealth..

      • Nicole says:

        What do you know about Yang Mi? Just because she’s from China, you lump her in with PSS and Viann?
        Unlike those two, YM is not plastic and has been acting since she was 4 years old, She’s a really hardworking actress and more popular than Hawick in fact.

        Please do not compare her to people like PSS or Viann.

        • Veejay says:

          hello ms. nicole, who compare Yang Mi with PSS and Viann?? Did me or sulksight mentioned PSS and Viann in our statement?

        • Nicole says:

          @Veejay I wasn’t not replying to your comment but Sulksight, who said she’s one of those “insecure plastic dolls from mainland”.
          Who else will you call “insecure plastic doll from mainland” besides those two, esp Viann?

        • Nicole says:

          @Veejay please note what he/she said
          “just another HK actor dating another one of those insecure plastic dolls from Mainland. It is such a popular trend right now! ”
          The instigation that he/she is comparing YM to PSS/Viann is pretty obvious, unless you can name me some other plastic doll from mainland china who dated/dates a HK actor.

        • Veejay says:

          oh ok, sorry for mistaken your comment was towards to my reply.

          btw, are you a Yang Mi’s fan?

        • josie says:

          Well, can we compare their boobs then?

          U are sure her face is not plastic, but do u have any teenage pics of her so we can know if her chest suddenly grew or not?

        • Veejay says:

          Ok nicole,

          Even “if” sulksight was comparing Yang mi with PSS and Viann, what’s wrong with that?

          I thought we’re entitled to view our thought? btw, you sound angry lol. I agree with you that I feel Yang Mi is more famous than Hawick too. IN hk, hawick is only known as lau dan’s son, nothing else.. He’s not that famous in hk imo,.

        • josie says:


          In hk, he is also known as the guy bernice dumped for Moses. In hindsight, bernice should’ve stayed w/ hawick. And now it’s too late to “eat return grass” b/c he’s got a better catch.

        • Nicole says:

          @Veejay The thing is that Sulksight is calling her just another plastic doll from mainland. Will you lump actresses like Zhang Ziyi, Zhao Wei, Tang Wei, etc. “another insecure plastic doll from china”? No, because they are recognised for their work internationally. But many less well-known mainland actresses are not like PSS and Viann. It’s just the ignorance that all of them is a “insecure plastic doll from mainland” that is irritating.

          @josie Actually I don’t know about her boobs, but there’s always something called push up bra. It’s easy for B/C to become D/DD with some 1-inch thick gel padding.

        • Veejay says:


          Despite Yang Mi’s plastic rumours, she still looks better than Bernice who has a larger body frame which guys with normal body built can hardly match with it. Hawick’s young looks can actually fool ppl that he’s in late 20s rather than 37. I guess Yang Mi can considered as a hot catch since she seems popular among the ppl in China, hk and etc while hawick is only famous in China, seldom heard his news in taiwan or in hk.

        • Nicole says:

          @Veejay There are also reverse mainland/HK relationships. Like HXM and Angelababy. Where a Mainland actor dates an insecure plastic doll from HK! Is there a need to imply the area of residence, when plastic dolls are everywhere?

        • Nicole says:

          @Veejay Bernice looks amazing though. It’s just that usually actors on TV are much scrawnier in RL than they appear on screen. Actually Linda has quite a “normal-person” build compared to most actresses’ diminutive figures, just look at her shoulders, but she’s really skinny.

        • Veejay says:

          Bernice is amazing in a sexy way, to some ppl maybe westerners, bernice has the correct and curvy body while skinny actresses like ty, linda, fala, kate and etc, westerners may not see them as sexy but close to anorexia..it’s just that bernice’s body frame is larger to many asian actors but that doesnt means she’s not sexy. As you can see, asian guys often seek cute girls as gf rather than sexy ones with broad shoulder.

        • Nicole says:

          But skinny actresses are also dubbed as sexy in HK. Bernice and Sharon attended an event together recently, despite how boney Sharon looks, just look at those arms, yet all HK media call her sexy. I think she looks more like a famine victim.
          http://ww4.sinaimg.cn/large/7e68e6b6gw1don8a1z7vxj.jpg Scroll down for the difference between Bernice and Sharon.

        • Vivien says:

          HXM is plastic himself so him and angelababy are made for each other

        • HeTieShou says:

          Well, whether or not some actresses got plastic surgery or not is more questionable than others, while with some of them(like with Viann and PSS) it is sooo obvious. Yang Mi may have gotten some but it may have been really minor(if she did anyways) so we would not really notice it. People can say that it is due to make up, she has matured,etc… You can believe what you want to..But of course, we should not stereotype that all actresses from China get plastic surgery since I know that many from HK do as well…

        • Fox says:

          Are you sure that Bernice, TY, Linda, etc. didn’t fix anything in their body? I saw Linda’s teenage pix (in her baidu and dun tell me to post because I dun save) and she looks 1000% different to her now.

        • Nicole says:

          Bernice – idk
          Tavia – obviously that nose. looks ridiculous now.
          Linda – i dont think she did.
          This is the photo u r talking about?
          Frankly if I’m linda and i want to fix something, I’ll fix the small eyes and big nose, but they are all still there.

        • Fox says:

          Not this one. The one when she was 13-14 and in normal clothes.

    9. Lucia says:

      Hawick looks more handsome nowadays. He also looks younger than his age.

      • Hw says:

        Hawick had plastic surgery done to his eyes. He had small single-eyelid eyes when he acted in ‘At The Threshold Of An Era’ way back in 1999.

        • Cloud says:

          I’m looking at the picture on this news article right now, and his eyes are still single-lidded and small. I don’t see anything different other than the fact that his face looks slimmer than before.

        • Emma says:

          People have said he’s botoxed his forehead. Watch sealed with a kiss and you’ll notice it.

        • pearl says:

          hmm….it seems like he did a chin job. i re-watch ATE and compare with the series Happy mother-in-law and now Seal with a kiss, the chin is pretty long. a tad too long. other than that, i tink he looks alright.

        • HeTieShou says:

          I think Hawick has had some plastic surgery done because we have seen many of his older photos and he looks really different… Since he looks younger and all, he may have even used botox.. Of course, he and many other artists would not straight out admit it which I find sad. If they feel so ashamed of it that they are scared to admit it, then why even do it in the first place?? That is so contradictory…

    10. Funn Lim says:

      He looks better now than he did before. And I don’t think she is plastic. I believe she looked quite the same as she was younger?

    11. HeTieShou says:

      WOW, a big surprise to me but am very happy for them and good for them to be so open and honest about it… That is a good thing. I thought that Yang Mi was dating another China actor(whom I forgot the name of..)?? I guess those were just rumours. Hope that they will be happy together and that their relationship may advance to marriage….

    12. Addy says:

      Congratulations! :D I’m very happy for them!

    13. SDS says:

      Wonder how many fans did this news upset… Lol something in the hundreds to the thousand who thought she was forever with whats his face.

    14. ita says:

      surprise that yang mi dating hawick lau. She’s very popular in china. Yang mi looks quite natural.

    15. Khanh says:

      Awwwww cute couple :)
      Love them both!

    16. exoidus says:

      isn’t he also a little plastic? either way good for them to announce their relationship instead of couples pretending to be friends thinking the general public are idiots!

      • lol says:

        Plastic or not doesn’t matter. At leat Yang Mi is a real extremely popular actress in mainland and not some 36D breast flaunting model turn actress

    17. lol says:

      I’m happy for them. Hawick gets a great catch of the day. Yang Mi is extremely popular in mainland.

      I also salute them for willing to be open about their relationship when countless other artistes are still hiding under friendship guises.

      • HeTieShou says:

        Totally agree with you and I get really really sick of the same old excuse “we are just really good friends”(Yea right!!)

    18. Bridget says:

      Congrats to this couple. Don’t follow Mainland series but I do know that Yang Mi is extremely popular there… whereas I never knew Hawick was still in the biz.

      • lol says:

        Yes Hawick is still active in mainland.

      • Funn Lim says:

        Actually Hawick is exceedingly popular in China thanks to his sadistic violent rich dude role, which of course fans call loving gentle and so so so giving.

        Yamg Mi thanks to that urghhhhh Gong.

        • Vivien says:

          ROFL whether you like or not Gong and Yang Mi are indeed huge hits in china :P

        • HeTieShou says:

          No, Yang Mi was NOT popular only because of Gong. I think she first got known due to her role as Guo Xiang in mainland’s version of Return of the COndor Heroes. Then she played Xue Jian in Xian Jian(Chinese Paladin 3) and other series too so it isn’t only Gong…

        • Vivien says:


          but you should be aware too that she had a great popularity jump only after Gong together with FSF. It’s how Kevin got his big popularity jump aftee BBJX

        • HeTieShou says:

          Maybe she did get a jump due to Gong, but she was not only popular due to Gong. SHe was already known after Xian Jian 3…

        • Fox says:

          Yang Mi thanks firstly to ROCH, then Gong.

    19. mito says:

      Err, Yang Mi boob is big? I searched online, pretty normal, nothing like a boob job. May be I am looking at the wrong timed photo.

      Good luck to the couple. What happened to the Hawick Lau dude,seems super young in photo

    20. Jerome Reynolds says:

      Wasn’t Yang Mi dating some fat guy from the US or whatever?

    21. yina says:

      he is like the most gorgeous man out there. he’s got GREAT skin!!!! anyone’s noticed that? no wrinkles or anything…that I’ve seen anyway. i’m so surprised to know that he is 37! i got a huge crush on him. i just saw him on that drama called ‘tian shan’? where he plays this vindictive cruel person on revenge. i hate the drama but he plays the character well.

    22. ping0 says:

      Holy man I am so far behind on Celeb gossip! The last think I read/heard was that Yang Mi was dating Feng Shao Feng? Or was that just a rumor? The one that played the 4th prince in Gong.

      • HeTieShou says:

        I think that it was just a rumour since they paired up in that series so many fans hoped for them to be together in real life.However, I am don’t think they truly dated(but even if they did, we would not really know since they did not reveal it), but I can be wrong…. Even if they did, it is the past now…

      • Funn Lim says:

        He was 8th prince.

      • Fox says:

        FSF is dating Fan Bing Bing, lol. Rumour is so.

    23. munkimui says:

      he look good for 37…geez lucky azz…he got ray lam’s eyes. for some reason he sort of look like samul chan in that picture.

    24. Funn Lim says:

      I gotta admit Hawick’s pic at the top is very irresistable. A very well taken picture. Some photoshoots in China magazines are very beautiful taken actually. Plus the photoshop but the concept is very good.

    25. Charbydis says:

      Happy for them that they have come out with the announcement that they are dating. I am pretty neutral about their pairing, if they last then they will last, if not, then it is probabaly just promotion for their series “Ru Yi”

      Hmm. this frees up FSF to date Ady! Hahaha!

      As for the plastic surgery, not so sure about YM but Hawick looks obviously different from his TVB/ATV days.

    26. tamborine says:

      Nah, Harwick looks nothing like LF. Disagree. Poor Hawick, with his good looks he should have had more Star power!

    27. me says:

      I like this couple.. very match each other.. handsome and beautiful.. and btw, I like Hawick’s look much much better than LF’s… :)

      • kiki says:

        i agree. Who dares to compare him to Raymond Lam? Hawick whether older days or now he always cuter than LF i am sorry. when LF first debuted he actually looks cute but now for some reason hes not even cute anymore let alone handsome.
        37 for hawick right now cute and handsome hands down ahahah.. lol…

    28. lol says:

      There’s another Hawick story today about his resemblance with Raymond Lam and his work and love life.

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