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Him Law and Toby Leung Discuss Their Love Partners

By on February 13, 2013

Him Law and Toby Leung Discuss Their Love Partners thumbnail

TVB drama, Season of Love <戀愛季節>, is currently airing during the opportune Valentine’s Day holiday. Him Law (羅仲謙) and Toby Leung (梁靖琪), who portray a bickering couple in one of the short stories in the series, were taken by the romantic air and spoke about the quirks in their real life relationships.

Him Reveals What He Looks for in a Partner

Last September, Him Law and Tavia Yeung’s (楊怡) relationship was publicly exposed when Him was spotted driving a drunk Tavia home. Since then, the couple has attempted to downplay their romance, but they are often teased about their relationship.

Him hinted that he may be most attracted to Tavia due to her maturity. “A couple’s time together not only involves sweetness, but also mutual understanding as there will no doubt be high and low points in a relationship.” Is Him fortunate to have Tavia to share his burdens? Him laughed and did not know what to say.

Aside from filming The Hippocratic Crush 2 <On Call 36小時 II>, Him will also venture into the mainland China market this year.

Toby’s Husband is Unromantic

In Season of Love, Toby portrays Him’s chauffeur, while Him plays an famous actor in the series. Toby is known for her warm personality and does not shy away from having fun with her male costars despite her marital status. Since Toby and Him had already partnered in 2011’s Wax and Wane <團圓>, they often played pranks on each other and were not awkward in sharing an onscreen kiss together. Him even regarded the tomboyish Toby as a guy friend.

“I’m very compatible with Him. Aside from work, we can share our problems as friends. I told him there is no need to care too much about what others think, as long as he is happy. It’s impossible to convince the world,” Toby advised based on her own personal experience with negative rumors, which had involved Ron Ng (吳卓羲) and Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) last year.

Toby’s husband, Aaron Wong (黃敏豪), is supportive of her career and will even read the script together with her and appreciate her onscreen performances. Although Aaron is not a romantic man, Toby loved his honesty. “I will sometimes play along, pretending to be surprised and not know about his carefully constructed plans to make him happy.”

The couple has been married for one year and does not have plans to have children yet. Toby will film one or two dramas this year, while managing her apparel business. When the time is ready to start a family, Toby will be well prepared as she will benefit from being Angela Tong’s (湯盈盈) daughter’s godmother.

Source: Ming Pao

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  • Readers' Comments (42)

    1. SY says:

      Toby isn’t pretty at all. and her acting is nothing to shout about. In fact I find her annoying. The pairing in Season of Love sucks. And Kenneth Mah expression in that few time he appeared was weird.

      • Jayne says:

        I just caught the third episode of “Season of Love”. The script for the episode was a bit cliche. Him Law looks the part of a big star and Toby Leung looks like an overworked assistant, but they look more like siblings than budding lovers. Don’t feel the romantic chemistry at all.

        Maybe Kenneth was trying to appear mysterious or have a little fun portraying his role a bit differently, since he doesn’t really have extended screen time yet.

        • SY says:

          Jayne I agree wth you about the zero chemistry between Toby and Him Law. As for Kenneth, he came across as a weirdo more than mysterious. Haha

        • CL says:

          yea…i watched two episode and stop watching it…don’t feel interested at all…yea..Him might be handsome (in a lot of people’s eye) but I don’t see his acting improve…i don’t see chemical between him and Toby…sigh…just wait for the next drama…

        • Agnes Tan says:

          I dont feel any chemistry between them neither. Haiz. .

      • Nelly says:

        Her dad is producer? She appeared out of nowhere and was supporting actress in this drama I can’t remember so I already guessed there was connections. And the intimacy she shown in the pool with Ron and other guys was too much for a married woman IMO.

        • MT says:

          So what if celebrities use connections to get popular. Raymond Lam did. So did Kelly Chan. I say GO TOBY! Btw, you’re a bit conservative. A married woman can have fun too. It’s not like she’s sleeping with all the guys or anything.

        • Cherry says:

          MT, so you’d be okay with you significant other hugging and being all over another person in a pool, where everybody is scantily clad? It’s no longer a matter of having fun, but actually a matter of respect for herself and her husband. She knows she’s a public figure, so she should watch her actions and think of the consequences.

        • dd says:

          I think intimacy is totally OK if it’s for film.

        • dd says:

          What are you gonna have them do, have a couple not kiss on-screen because the actors in real-life are married?

        • onearth says:

          Yeah, i heard her dad is a higher up in showbiz or else how does she gets all these roles all of a sudden. Yes, cant believe she is married and acting like shes still living the single life in a pool w/a bunch of dudes. Never like her anyway…

      • gold says:

        are you suggesting that toby join the clan of surgical enchanced actresses like cecilia chung, sammi cheng, kenix kwok etc?

      • Ribb says:

        Yea, Toby is not pretty and lousy. It’s a pain to see her on screen.

    2. Karen says:

      Sounds like Him and Tavia’s relationship has gone past the honeymoon stage.

    3. smileyy says:

      toby leung cant act. she probably has a chance at acting because her dad is a producer. her voice is annoying . natalie tong is way better!!

    4. Mlove says:

      Another Him Law character falling for a tomboy again.

      • onearth says:

        I know, Him Lam and Mandy pair up is so boring too and yet ppl love them. I think all his characters are boring and all the same.

      • CL says:

        yes…i see no different…Him is just show handsome in this drama again…same as the last one Him with Mandy…so it is kind of boring…and with Toby…double the boring!

        • onearth says:

          exactly, TVB really needs to work on its casting as well as scriptwritings and all that. all these series’ are just so predictable and boring.

      • Ms Tan says:

        totally agree but at least mandy had chemistry with him whereas with toby ….. need I say more?

    5. hcfoo says:

      Mandy would have done well with this role.

    6. Stephanie says:

      Ive been watching “Season Of Love” and I personally think Mandy Wong should have been Him’s partner because they have had so much chemistry with each other in other TVB dramas.

    7. Funn Lim says:

      Never liked Toby Leung. She is not pretty for leading roles, and sadly doesn’t have the acting chops in lieu of pretty looks. So why is she front row? We all know the answer.

      As for the series, is this like K-romance series Oh My Lady except a less cuter young not so pretty leading lady?

      I am not watching. I hope TVB gives Him Law a creepy boyfriend from hell role, no no not Diva In Distress which is essentially a creepy boyfriend from hell but supposedly romantic. I saw a horror movie where he was this murderous boyfriend and he was very good as the evil dude. Why can’t he be a baddie?

    8. CL says:

      i stop watching this already

    9. ebbie says:

      TVB needs to pair Him Law with more suitable partners soon !!! But who???
      Dont like him with Mandy either.

    10. aptos says:

      Toby has a disappointing on screen persona, her acting skills does not merit a co-star standing. As a chauffeur and assistant meddling in her boss’s business is too overstated and unrealistic. Each employee is generally given a duty description and a list of responsibilities to follow prior to their first day on the job. But what I see is OJT which is not the standard in the entertainment business especially with a high profile star. Toby trying to single handedly beat back reporters at the hospital rushing to interview Him was too phony. Like other viewers have stated, wrong person casted pulling down the ratings. A female with a stronger personality would better fit this role, possibly Sharon Chan or Nikki Chow…

      • Jayne says:

        The unrealistic behavior in Toby’s character is the fault of the script and not necessarily Toby as an actress. What I find faulty in her acting is how she alternates between being a tough tomboy to a shy, smiling girl when feelings towards Him Law develop. The swings in expression are out-of-character and a more capable actress would have been more subtle.

        Appearance wise, Toby fits the character of the unglamorous assistant. Sharon Chan and Niki Chow look too glamorous for such a role. This character is a “Plain Jane” type of character, meant to be an ordinary girl who falls in love with a big star and possibly gets her dreams fulfilled.

        Some fans mentioned Mandy Wong, who would have nailed the role. I guess Natalie Tong would have been another good choice (if forced to cut her hair or dressed in bulky t-shirts).

    11. Star says:

      Doesn’t Toby role is Season of Love resembles Mandy Wong’s Kwai Yi Hei in diva in distress???
      The only difference is Mandy’s character is more sweet n endearing while Toby is super annoying! Mandy n Him have better chemistry. !

      Dun like Toby. Quickly start another story/season!

    12. Annabelle says:

      In fact, I think Mandy should replace Toby’s role in this series.

    13. dd says:

      TV drama scripts are often predictable and repetitive because the truly talented writers are working on movies and actually getting paid.

      • dd says:

        And this is especially true for HK Dramas, where they need to put out a new drama along with a new idea every 4 weeks.

        Add onto this that they need to use the same actors over and over again, it’s really stressful.

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