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Him Law Helps Tavia Yeung Deal With Biggest Blow in Career

By on November 23, 2012

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After the “car-shaking” incident involving Tavia Yeung (楊怡) and Him Law (羅仲謙), the couple became the main target of the Hong Kong paparazzi. Tabloids even suggested that the couple was intimate in the car. With their relationship only strengthening after the scandal, Tavia spoke about her true feelings for Him and what he means to her.

Biggest Blow in Career

Tavia has worked in the entertainment business for 13 years, and the wild suggestions implied by the paparazzi in the “car-shaking” scandal were the biggest blow in her career. She is enraged that the media has no conscience and has totally distorted the facts from the incident. Tavia said, “All of these negative rumors have scarred me. I have been following the rules in handling every situation. However, the media has blatantly falsified the stories, and caused me to be very angry inside.”

Tavia said her memories of the car-shaking incident are actually a bit blurry. Drunk that night, Tavia remembers that the reporters were taking many photos of her, so she naturally raised her head and told herself to keep it up until she got home. Afterward, Tavia did not think this incident was a big deal and believed that the media would likely write that Him Law drove her home that evening.

However, it turned out the media had overblown the incident into a sex scandal instead. Tavia was shocked and enraged by the vicious lies. She said, “I was first very afraid. I thought I had a good relationship with the reporters, so I don’t understand why they they had to make me look so cheap. I am very disappointed with them.” Tavia feels this kind of sex scandal will hurt a woman’s reputation and she finds these accusations rather disgusting.

Once the media released the photos of Tavia’s head on Him’s lap, they immediately held a press conference to refute accusations of the intimate act. Tavia mentioned that was the longest day of her life. At that moment, she was very furious and wanted to get justice from the ordeal.

Several of Tavia’s friends told her that there is no need to hold a press conference to clarify herself, and that the rumor will clear itself if she is not guilty.  However, Tavia felt it was important for her to explain because she did not want the car-shaking incident to be included in everyone’s dinner conversation. Most importantly, Tavia wanted to let her parents know that their daughter has not done anything humiliating. She wants to be able to stand in front of everyone and feel no shame.

Him Law Shows Calm and Mature Side

Tavia revealed that she and Him agreed to clarify themselves in front of the press, fully supporting each other during the ordeal. Although Tavia was quite upset, but Him remained calm and mature.  He analyzed the scenario and even helped her to find the best way to handle this difficult situation. Also, Him had experience in dealing with scandals before while this was the first time Tavia had been involved in any scandal.

After the “car-shaking” scandal, Tavia and Him finally admitted that they had a “trusting” relationship with opportunities for further advancement. The two learned to stick together in any difficult situation.

“He is like a big kid, but he also has a very mature side. He has a very mature mentality, a bit old-fashioned!” Tavia added that Him is a calm and cheerful person able to handle any situation.  “If you don’t know him well, he is slow to warm up. He is afraid to say the wrong thing to offend others.”

Tavia believed that fate had drawn Him and her together. “I never thought that I would meet such a cute person!” Working together on The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>, Tavia’s initial impression of Him was that he is extremely handsome, but she had never watched his acting before.

Getting along very comfortably with Him, Tavia will let fate determine the direction of their relationship. Tavia said, “If I found the perfect guy who is rich, honest and good looking but have nothing to talk about with me, I don’t see how I can be with that guy.” She stressed that she and Him are very happy and comfortable with each other.

Asked to describe their exact relationship, Tavia said, “We will not intentionally clarify or reveal, but we will continue the way we are. Work is still most important!”

Source: East Weekly #482 via Kuangaitvb.com

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  • Readers' Comments (24)

    1. aptos says:

      That is a mark of a true BF.

    2. momo says:

      Him and Tavia seem pretty compatible with each other. I wish this couple the best :)

    3. Ice says:

      Come on, why are we still talking about the same story?

      • Eden says:

        Because they are still denying it. Why are TY and HL still cannot accept that the people (us) are not 3yo ?

    4. Lee says:

      ICWUDT With the title :P lol

    5. Veejay says:

      Tavia feels HIM was extremely handsome during filming THC, so is it TY who pursue HIM agressively first?

      • Yuyu says:

        I’m not surprised that TY went after HL. When you are an old female and no one has been after you then you need to switch gears. Only you know when your market value has gone down and when you need to be on clearance.

        • opium says:

          To me, love is not about age! What is the matter if she is older than Him? I will support her all the way because she is brave enough to continue to pursue her love in this cruel industry!!!! She is a human and she has the right to go after her love!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch the Last Step!!!!!!!!!! Geezzz!

        • Donal says:

          I guess you must be speaking from experience.

        • 939393 says:

          how is being 33 old?

        • ebbie says:

          33 is not old at all, unless of course you are very young, so to you 33 is old.
          But remember you will get there one day, so …..

    6. advo says:

      BIGGEST BLOW? Come on, it made her relevant! After all, people are still talking about it.

    7. raysimpson says:

      He he… Blow…

    8. Crystal says:

      Well the paparazzi thinks that the celebrities aren’t like us normal humans. They think that people like TY can handle all this at once, if I was TY, I would break down crying at home everyday. The reporters need to start treating the a but more like normal people. They have their own lives too.

    9. vroom says:

      why was the car shaking? no earthquake on that night right? if they were naughty, just admit it and get married

    10. Funn Lim says:

      “Him Law Helps Tavia Yeung Deal With Biggest Blow in Career”

      Pun intended?

    11. yinnie says:

      Him law is quite cute!!!! Never noticed his looks much before as I’ve been caught up in kdramas and watching the sexy looking Korean actor Lee Min Ho….lol

    12. TVBFanatic says:

      I’m sure there were many men out there willing to help Tavia deal with the “biggest blow” of her career. *wink wink*

    13. HL says:

      i really don’t want them to go together…Him is too handsome for Tavia…o -well..of course…it is not up to me…whatever…hope Him can find a better one!

    14. myra-belle says:

      Different people have different tastes. To me, Him isn’t extremly handsome. But if it turns out that the first glimpse of attraction let to rich love, I wish both all the best.

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