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Him Law Remembers His Love Lessons

By on January 3, 2013

Him Law Remembers His Love Lessons thumbnail

“I feel so lucky that I can still sit here to do more interviews!” cried Him Law (羅仲謙) as he proceeded to do his first sit-in interview of 2013. “I’ve never tried hitting the headlines before, and I definitely was not expecting their effects to be that powerful. I have never gotten hurt, so I never knew how serious the pain can be. I’ve experienced it now, yet I am not afraid of getting hurt. What I am afraid of is that I would forget the pain. We must not forget our lessons of the past.”

Lesson #1: Theresa Fu

In 2005, Him signed with Filmko Entertainment and debuted in the film Mob Sister <阿嫂>. For the next few years, Him was virtually unknown until after joining TVB in 2008. Soon afterwards, Him found himself hitting the headlines for the first time after portraying the muscular “Ken” in 2010’s Suspects in Love <搜下留情>.

“I really liked the attention at first. To step into the streets and have people recognize me and praise me for the first time… It was an amazing feeling and I really enjoyed it.” Him sighed, “That is the life of a celebrity; the recognition and appraisals slowly progress to the kind where you feel like you’re being watched all the time, like you’re a circus monkey, allowing people to stare at you and snap photos of you at every moment. When two people have problems with each other, you have to explain it to the whole world. The hardest part of being a celebrity is that you have to bear all kinds of criticism. This is the life of a public figure. You may earn higher income than others, but you also sacrifice more than others. You have to take in all the good and bad things.”

Him’s first major “pain” in the industry was when his ex-girlfriend, Theresa Fu (傅穎), reportedly called him a “woman beater” and accused him for cheating and physical abuse. Theresa claimed that she consistently confronted Him about his cheating with other women during their former relationship, and in a violent break up argument, Theresa was beaten by Him.

Him explained over and over again that the reports were exaggerated. Him especially found the cheating accusations horrendous. “No! Absolutely not true!  First, I don’t have that kind of ability. Second, I believe in retribution. If you are not dedicated to someone, then others will not take you seriously either.”

Him learned many things after the Him vs. Theresa fiasco broke out, but his biggest lesson learnt was that a celebrity should never be too high-profile. “There are some things that should be kept hidden. You can’t control your feelings, but next time, I would try my best to not date a colleague from the same company.”

Lesson #2: Tavia Yeung

When Tavia Yeung’s (楊怡) name was announced from the stage as the winner of the TVB award for Best Actress of 2012, Him burst into tears. The media teased Him for having a sensitive heart.

“I also cried when Koo Ming Wah (古明華) and Oscar Leung (梁烈唯) won!” explained Him. “No one said anything about that!”

Him and Tavia’s dating rumors began after filming The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時> in late 2011. From catching a plane together to South Korea, to sneaking car rides together to each other’s homes, Him and Tavia could not seem to avoid getting caught by the paparazzi. Regardless of the intensity of their rumors, both Him and Tavia insisted that they were just very close friends, even after their car-shaking incident was exposed.

Him grimaced whenever the words “car” and “shaking” were uttered at him. “I’ve learned a valuable lesson out of it,” he said, “that I should always prepare myself for the worse whenever I go out. As a public figure, you should never doubt that you are being followed.”

Now that Him and Tavia’s relationship have become an open secret, why is Him still not admitting their relationship? “Because at this stage, there is nothing to admit to,” Him said. “I believe that if a man doesn’t have his career or his accomplishments, it is better for him to keep his mouth shut. If he doesn’t have a career foundation, he is dating for nothing. My parents separated when I was very young. They started a family when they were barely into adulthood and not yet emotionally mature. They were not economically stable, so naturally, there would be arguments. Because of them, I’ve learned to hope for a complete family, my own complete family, and I want to be with someone who is willing to walk with me to the end.”

As 2012’s TV Queen, Tavia is not just older than Him, but also much more successful than Him. Tabloids describe Him and Tavia’s relationship as “woman on top.”

“I may be five years younger, but that doesn’t mean I am immature and naïve,” said Him. “I don’t feel inferior, and I can’t see why I should feel that. This industry makes you grow older much faster. I am not who I used to be.

Still Sowing the Plants

Currently actively doing promotional tours for his new film, Young and Dangerous: Reloaded <古惑仔:江湖新秩序>, Him had no time for rest during the Christmas and New Year holidays. The film will have its red carpet premiere in Hong Kong on January 8.

When the poster of the Young and Dangerous: Reloaded was released, the online community criticized the movie for looking “gay.” Male leads Him and Oscar Leung were also blasted for looking like gigolos.

Him explained, “We wanted the film to be closer to the comics. The original characters were all very muscular! The times have changed now. When the original came out, no one thought Ekin Cheng (鄭伊健) and Jordan Chan (陳小春) looked like gangsters, but they created a classic. A classic will always be a classic. We are not challenging the classic, nor are we trying to replace it. We just want everyone to give these young actors a chance!”

Although not a managed artist, TVB treats Him as one, such as casting him in major blockbuster productions like Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲宵II>. However, Him still considers himself be in the “sowing” period of his career.

“I knew that the competition was ultimately between Oscar and me,” Him said as he recalled his nomination for TVB’s Most Improved Actor last year. “When I watched Oscar’s dying scene in The Confidant <大太監>, I knew I lost. I was so happy when he won. It was well-deserved. The next thing I knew, I was tearing up.

“I know how hard it must have been. I knew it had been a difficult road for all of us. We are all worked liked farmers. I know how it feels to film day and night, nonstop for three months. By the time you’re done, you are left with no soul. We all need rest. We all need to have enough time to let go of our previous roles to accept another so we can perfect our performances. This is not a game. It took tears and sweats to get to where we are today, and we all need some awards for encouragement.”

Source: Face Magazine #293 via ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (99)

    1. Ec says:

      women beater,great pretended,his famous crocodile tears when Tavia get the awards

    2. sandcherry says:

      Personally I think Him Law is too young and too good looking for Tavia Yeung. We should find out more in the next few years if Him Law is a devoted boyfriend.

      • hcfoo says:

        lol… what kinda reason is that? That he is too good looking for Tavia?

        • sandcherry says:

          It is extremely hard to keep a good looking boyfriend/husband away from other girls, and Him Law is a handsome guy. Tavia Yeung is a few years older than Him Law, and a woman ages easily after 35.

        • shu says:

          good looking on the outside isnt everything you also need to be good looking on the inside espesially your heart.

      • CL says:

        I am with you on this! I don’t like them together. But of course, it is none of my business! If they really make it, o well. If no, yea!

      • Raina says:

        I am mind beeped after this comment.

    3. 5 fadans says:

      hope they are together. Dont break up like Bosco & Myolie

    4. tika says:

      I’d jump his bones anytime =P

    5. LyNN says:

      Him is handsome & young & muscular. Generally, public won’t support the sister-brother like relationship since Tavia has a matured image. But oh well, relationship is really something very personal between the 2 of them, only time will tell if they are really meant for one another…

    6. AC says:

      It sucks for Theresa that she got hit and cheated on and Him manages to continue on with his career while she is basically frozen.

      I don’t really believe a lot of what he says since he’s a known liar, especially being caught lying in that nude scandal with that rich guy.

      • 5 fadans says:

        Is that the reason he is dating Tavia?

        Cuz no ones believe what he said and explained at that time 2011. While filming On Call 36hrs, Tavia really supported and believed Him.

        • AC says:

          Well, he probably knows that dating her is good for his image. Before, he was known as a liar and a cheat and now his image is a devoted boyfriend who cried when she won an award.

        • yell says:

          yeah, come to think of it, travia has always maintained a clean image

      • Eunice says:

        I think the same way as you :)

    7. Janelle says:

      i guess jaynestar should not put on him’s news as no 1 like him.. hahaha..

      but actually i do feel that he and tavia is quite a match couple. and tavia seems to get happiness from him.. anyway is none of our business.. just wish them stay happy and support each other.

    8. AL says:

      They does not look good together in most people’s eyes. But I think they will make it…Since Tavia want handsome guy and Him want mature woman who can trust him. I think Him should tired with young/pretty girl like Theresa who gave him so much trouble.

    9. AL says:

      Him is as handsome as Leslie! (I am not his fans) Let’s see if he will be as famous as Leslie-a super star!

      • shu says:

        what are you kidding?!?! lolllll, in no thousand lightyears man!!!! there is no one star in hongkong now that cant be compared with leslie cheung,even not andy lau! leslie cheung ranks number 3 in CNN’s idol-toplist of the world even above elvis presly and madonna,only michael jackson and the beatles are above him,he is the pride of asians like bruce lee.

        • skinnymocha says:

          Haha, yeah. Comparing Him to Leslie is completely out of the blue. Even well-established stars can’t measure up to Gor Gor.

          And looks-wise, Him is just cute, but average. Although I don’t like the guy, he does have some slight potential in acting compared to the current batch of TVB artists.

        • AL says:

          oh! don’t jump on me…I am not Him’s fans…again I said that just because I thought I lot of people like him and thinking that he is handsome…I am not his fans…on the other hand…I grow up with Leslie’s music and is Leslie’s fans.

      • observer says:

        why does everybody say that Him is handsome and good looking? he looks normal to me, lots of college/university students have the same level of look with Him

      • Ling says:

        Please dont compare him to Leslie Chung . Such a disgrace .

        • Lol says:

          I don’t know about the disgrace part, but definitely do not compare him to the legendary Leslie, he was the best & still is in my book. Leslie had true passion, raw talent & conviction in everything he did…something you don’t see to often. miss you Leslie!

        • fan says:

          Well said Lol! There is no other like Leslie Cheung! He is a true legend!

      • Jack says:

        Leslie? I wouldm’t call myself a fan although I do admire him but Leslie was more than just handsome. He was genuine, passionate, loyal to his friends and he had that air of nobility about him. He has that je ne sais quois that only superstars, not mere celebrities or actors, possess.

    10. Pyro says:

      I don’t see why ppl hate him for his personal life that’s a hypocritical judgement I find him to be a pretty talented actor, he’ll go far with his career as for his relationship with Tavia not my business to comment much but wish them luck.

      • LyNN says:

        Very well said :)

      • asdfjkl; says:

        I think many times his acting is brushed off to the side because most people focus on his face/body. He has a bright future… just don’t get embroiled in ron-like scandals haha!

        • LyNN says:

          True enough. Viewers tend to pick on her muscular body & criticize his r’ship (past & present). Funny eh viewers tend to ignore his acting instead?

      • momo says:

        Agree~ :)

      • AC says:

        I don’t find him to be a very good actor either though.

        • TL says:

          Yea. don’t find him has very good actor…with his look (handsome look)…he might not good to act in ancient drama neither…but TVB has the magic to promote a people!

      • fan says:

        I agree wholeheartedly with you Pyro! Him Law is a talented actor. I find his acting skills to be above some of the current generation of actors who are more well established or popular. Him certainly has great potential as an actor. I reckon his career can go up to the next level if his new movie ‘Young and Dangerous Reloaded’ is a runaway success when it is released on Jan 10th. Whatever he does with his personal life is secondary although I do wish him and Tavia every happiness in their relationship.

      • Rowwww says:

        Yes! I can’t agree more with you!! IT’S HOW I FEEL EXACTLY. In his pretty short time in the industry, I think he has done pretty well! I’m hoping to see him in some villian character… Might be a breakthrough for him! :)

    11. sign says:

      don’t think i’ll grow to like Him esp when he mentioned that he cried when Oscar kelefe won an award.. not into bootlikers

    12. momo says:

      Thanks so much for translating this article! Been wondering what it was about :D

    13. Pop says:

      Don’t look good together. Tavia should go with Kenneth but anyways none of my business. Wish them the best!

    14. Clementine says:

      Dont care whether or not others ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ them as a couple. It’s their own buisness as the relationship is between them only. Just wish them all the best!

    15. CHo says:

      it is so cute how he tears up so easily….it’s nice to get to see the celebrity open up about his problems with the press..i really like how he is muscular but otherwise, he also seems to be very kind, nice and cute!!!!

    16. DL says:

      I never like him, but i think he can easy be a popular, famous artist with his outlook and TVB’s help!

      • apple says:

        Me too never like him, I used to like Tavia but now when they are together I don’t really like her anymore.

        • chantilly says:

          i know, ill taste of her hahha….
          but what can we say, she seems to like the handsome younger ones? hahaa..a cougar alright n its the trend right now it seems esp HK ppl… they love to go w/the trend is…

    17. Jj says:

      If young and dangerous does well he may probably be more popular than tavia. Agree?

      • TL says:

        yea…i guess so, in the 90s Ekin Cheng Yee Kin become popular after this movie…now we have to see if HK people like this new look and image!

      • Sel_fi_wu says:

        agree. young and dangerous franchises make ekin a superstar before. him can go places and will be more popular. tavia on the other hand only receives invitation for supporting roles in mainland and has to be strapped to tvb for life.

    18. JayneStarsReader says:

      I think that Him is just using Tavia to change his negative image. Him’s only fans are young girls that are oblivious to his abusive nature.

      • Funn Lim says:

        The last I checked, Tavia’s nose looks undamaged so perhaps all those abusive nature may be a bit OTT reporting.

        • Josie says:


          Maybe HimHim is smarter than he looks. Last time he knew to only bruise Theresa where the sun don’t shine.

    19. Sel_fi_wu says:

      him is too good for tavia, it’s evident that he loves tavia more since he cried when she won the award. glad that the camera remembered to show his reaction. tavia is too lucky. she should treasure him. he can do better since he’s young and now has potential to jump from tvb to movie deals with the young and dangerous franchises but is willing enough to stick with older and less potential tavia.

      • Raina says:

        Less potential? Too good for Tavia?

      • momo says:

        We are not anyone to judge who is better than who. Even TY is with other actors, I believe there will be negative news too. We should look beyond the surface. I believe TY has her good virtues too.

    20. Lol says:

      He’s going to have a bright future. His acting is quite natural & he’s better than most. And more importantly he seem to know how to handle himself with the press. Who knows what really happened with him & Teresa, maybe we should give him the benefit of doubt, he was young & made some rather poor decisions…hopefully he really learn from his mistake. Again, celebs are not saints.

      • fan says:

        Well said! I concur with your thoughts. Celebs are humans too. You live and learn all the time; definitely learn from one’s mistakes in life. I support Him Law. He is going to go places in future in the entertainment industry. I wish him all the best of luck in both his career and love.

    21. SoundBoss says:

      Him can’t even act. It’s like he’s reading a book out loud word for word in every scene. His tears are so fake. It’s obvious that he just wanted the publicity. This is how a “dai kelefe” gets publicity, by “dating” the TV Queen.

      • Sel_fi_wu says:

        so is tavia who’s worse and acts as tavia in every series. sharon overshadowed her in friendly fire. him has been with tavia before she won tv queen and endured the car incident together with her and always praise her a lot. what has tavia done for him? she doesn’t even want to thank the poor boy who shed his tears for her live in front of millions of audience. feel bad for him. he’s a great and loving boyfriend but tavia is one cold older girlfriend.

        • big 5 says:


          Sammy, Micheal, & Tavia are most attractive to viewers. especially Michael & Tavia chemistry. I am getting used to Sharon’s acting. She is getting better in this series. But not that bright.

        • SoundBoss says:

          So Tavia won TV Queen because she’s a terrible actress? Wow.

          Like I said, it’s all for publicity. They aren’t actually dating. They both benefit from the rumors, but the difference is that since Tavia has been in the business for longer; Him can take advantage of Tavia’s popularity to make people acknowledge him. To be honest, I didn’t even know this guy’s name was until I read all of these rumors.

          Even the “car shaking incident”, although seemingly negative, is also beneficial to them because it generates discussion in the media. Just look at how many times it’s been posted or talked about on JayneStars alone.

        • Raina says:

          Him still needs a lot of improvement with his acting whereas tavia needs to improve small bits here and there.

          Whether they are dating or not, please just leave them be. If its a front for publicity, well theyre successful. If theyre for real, wish them both luck.

        • RAYLEILAFAN says:

          I don’t like both of Him or Tavia’s acting yet and both has room for improvement but I think Tavia is a better actress while Him is a better eye candy. Sometimes Tavia acts good but she’s not that pretty to look at. While Him is still a mediore actor, sometimes his cute face can override his weakness if he’s given a good character.

        • RAYLEILAFAN says:

          If Him and Tavia love each other, why not wish them can last forever?

    22. big 5 says:

      He acts really well in On Call 36 hours and Divas in Distress.

      • big 5 says:

        Tiger Cubs too.

      • LyNN says:

        My family agreed that Him delivered great acting skill in On Call 36. Among the uprising stars, he is one that is really outshining. Anyway, should put him in more test by casting him in more versatile roles & can judge his skills from there. He has been portraying kinda similar roles that earned him fame last year – hot headed, high confidence, arrogant etc.

        On the other hand, Oscar is such a versatile actor.

        • sandcherry says:

          But Oscar Leung does not have a handsome face, like Him Law.

        • Abigail says:

          Not a fan of both, but objectively speaking between these two ‘uprising’ artistes, Him has more advantage than Oscar because of his face.

        • sandcherry says:

          Him Law can easily lead a drama series when he is ready with his acting, but I have doubts in Oscar Leung.

        • LyNN says:

          And Oscar has involved himself in the never ending infamous news with Kenny Wee… Not a good way to end 2012 & to begin 2013.

        • sandcherry says:

          Oscar seemed to have a big mouth or he wanted to kiss Eric Tsang’s big axs He did not have to get involved in this case.

        • LyNN says:

          Completely agree with you, sandcherry!

        • RAYLEILAFAN says:

          I agree too. Him still need more improvements on his acting and versatility since the more I watch his series, the more weakness I realized but between Him and Oscar I think Him is more good looking and will lead series faster than Oscar. Oscar is brought down by negative news and unclever remarks and his looks is not as good as Him.

        • LyNN says:

          Very well said RAYLEILAFAN.

    23. cloud9 says:

      May I know names such as “HIM LAW” and “POWER CHAN” christian names or nicknames ??

    24. Mark Lim says:

      My theory on why TY and Him Law haven’t revealed anything yet is because of TY’s recent crowning of TV Queen, where her image is very important and on the bottom line of her career. A lot of people, especially in the Asian culture, still sees an older female and a younger male couple as something that’s not traditional, and unacceptable. Although I have no issue with it, her image of an older sister and a younger brother with Him Law hurts her, at least in the eyes of elders. I also have a feeling Him Law and TY won’t last long, even if they were a couple.

    25. RAYLEILAFAN says:

      Older women and younger men are not unusual nowadays. Maybe only more traditional chinese mindset that keep calling the women leftover or cougar. That’s sad and inconsiderate. I know one senior of mine who is pretty, nice, good at cooking and has a stable career and is looking for a marriage but is unlucky in love hence still single now.

      • LyNN says:

        Society is always stereotyping – something we can’t change. Just hope that if they’re serious lovers, they will be able to overcome all the obstacles ahead. Not an easy road.

        • Raina says:

          Society, outside the celebrity world is a lot more accepting with older women younger men relationships. But it cant be helped since celebrities, no matter what they do or say, will almost always get backlashed even when their words meant no harm.

          I actually dont think 5 years is that big of a gap.

    26. RAYLEILAFAN says:

      Thanks Lynn. After Wong Jing’s YND released, we’ll found out who will shine more since they have equal promotion for this drama. Is it Him or is it Oscar?

    27. june says:

      Undoubtedly a very good-looking man and a very good catch to the lucky lady.

      Not gonna comment about his relationship with Tavia at this stage, because it’s kinda early (as far as real relationships go). Because from experience I know that success can change people. Who knows how they’ll fare with Him’s rise to superstardom. Not to mention Tavia’s wants and needs as she becomes more mature. I’m not saying they won’t last because they don’t look good together (because a strong relationship can overcome such trivial things), but I’m saying how their priorities will change. Some couples grow apart because they feel they aren’t so compatible anymore as years go by, that they aren’t seeking the same things they want from their partners, that they find themselves unable to sacrifice certain things in their life for their partners. Because that’s a very critical thing, sacrifice. Not necessarily dramatic, but simple matters of give and take.

      But kudos to them if they continue to stay by each other and get married. It’ll be a show of strength in their characters.

    28. ebbie says:

      I hope they get marry & have babies & prove everyone wrong…lol……

      By the way who’s his love interest in Triumph in the Skies 2 ???

      • LyNN says:

        Nancy Wu. I saw their wedding photo in TITS2 and even Nancy appeared too matured for Him in the photo and they don’t match at all.

    29. notasaint says:

      I would encourage those who can read chinese to read the ORIGINAL article NOT this English translation as there are a few mistakes and missing bits and the flow is different. The translator has jumbled many sections together and mis-translated several bits.

      • sandcherry says:

        Yeah. I relied totally on the English translation until very recently. I then realized that there’s a source of the article in Chinese.

      • notasaint says:

        There’s actually a more accurate and better translation by aZnangel posted on asianuniverse or asianfanatics.

        It’s a full, direct translation word for word, not just a ‘summary’. Him Law mentioned Kenneth Ma as well in the original article which you can see was totally ignored in this translation. And also some more of Him’s views on marriage and his relationships.

        It’s actually a pretty good read. Just letting those who want to read the whole thing coz I think its kind of a shame for those who can’t read Chinese are not getting the full correct translation.

      • Jayne says:

        “there are a few mistakes and missing bits and the flow is different.”

        This article is not meant to be a word-for-word translation of the Chinese source. As it is not a literal translation, the narrative is written by our writer. We would gladly correct any factual mistakes if there are any.

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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