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Him Law Shopping For Roses And Ring For Tavia Yeung?

By on March 7, 2012

Him Law Shopping For Roses And Ring For Tavia Yeung? thumbnail

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Since the filming of TVB drama, The Hippocratic Crush < On Call 36小時> last year, Tavia Yeung (楊怡) and Him Law’s (羅仲謙) romantic rumors have not stopped. Tavia and Him admitted that they were good friends that met each other outside of work, sharing good conversations together. As reported by Face Magazine, the pair may have been dating for 9 months! With Him spotted shopping for a ring and buying red roses, was it possible that the recipient was Tavia?

On March 5th, after attending the promotional event for The Hippocratic Crush with Tavia, Him bought two dozen pink roses at an agnes b. flower shop, spending $1,680 HKD on the bouquet. When Him left the floral shop, his eyes remained fixed on the bouquet and he smiled widely. It was apparent that the expensive bouquet was meant for a special lady!

Afterward, Him passed by a jewelry shop and was riveted by the diamond rings on display, paying particular interest to high quality gems valued over $100,000 HKD! At Producer Poon Ka Tak’s (潘嘉德) dinner later that night, Him was asked by the press whether he intended to give a diamond ring to Tavia. Him replied, “No, No! I was only looking!” before quickly stepping away.

Allegedly, Him wished to keep the romance low-profile due to his bad break up experience with ex-girlfriend, Theresa Fu (傅穎). Since Tavia was often busy filming, they did not wish to go outside in their free time together, thus it was very difficult to take photos of the pair while on dates.

The source revealed, “Fortunately, his company was not against Him dating Tavia Yeung. Him was very protective of this relationship and only told his close friends about it. Tavia did not wish her boyfriend to be accused of generating publicity, thus the pair made sure that their responses to the press matched, while denying their dating status!”

Image sources: Face Magazine

Jayne: Him’s gesture of buying roses and looking at rings are habits that a man in a dating relationship will do. The other possibility is that these photos were a publicity stunt, to fan the rumors that he was dating Tavia even stronger.


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  • Readers' Comments (37)

    1. someone says:

      Of course the flowers are not for Tavia ONLY. After he goes home, he will seperate them and give 1 rose to each of his secret girls.

      I do not think Him and Tavia want to be low-profile, they have been going very high now.

      • Veejay says:


        or maybe the flowers are for his mom?

        • Janelle says:


        • Veejay says:

          Maybe is the assistant or “friend”? doubt Him will make friends with chubby girls like her.. he seems like someone who prefer to hang around with pretty girls.

        • Vivien says:

          I will love Him more if he dont mind his gf fat! How many cute guys will accept fat gf but i think thats just an assistant.

        • lol says:

          The flowers is for his mum. Him sounds like a good son who loves his mum. This add to his adorable traits and maybe this is why many girls running towards him.

        • josie says:

          Maybe he got a chubby assistant b/c he always has very jealous gf’s (theresa and tavia).

        • HeTieShou says:

          She may be just a good friend. I think when it comes to friendship, you should not mind how they look.

      • Fox says:

        He needs to buy 13 roses! Such an unlucky number.

    2. Funn Lim says:

      “Fortunately, His company was not against Him dating Tavia Yeung. ”

      Of course, as it diverts attention from his previous scandal involving a different lady!

      • Veejay says:


        This reminds me of our NFC case, someone is diverting the attention from the public!!

    3. fez says:

      lol wow shopping for ring and flowers? that’s very high-profile… i wonder if its true… there’s so many articles about Him & Tavia rumors lately…..

      and lol why is him looking at the flowers and laughing??? he’s sooo cute! i just want to pinch his cheeks! =)

      • Janelle says:


      • Vivien says:

        ROFL agreed. That pic of him laughing at the flowers is great picture. He look so adorable laughing like that LOL

        • lol says:

          Yes good picture. This paparazzi is nicer than most other paparazzis out there. He takes good and cute pictures of Him. Maybe the paparazzi is Him’s fan too :P

    4. kixbaby says:

      is he the asian chris Brown? i didn’t follow his scandal. damn, he so hot.

    5. Po says:

      Nah man the roses are for the lady in the 1st pic, he wanted to buy the ring for her :) :P why not?

      Anyways…. lol
      Im not usually the one to believe the whole “dating publicity” stunt thing but…
      Tavia + Him = Publicity Stunt.
      They are TOO open about it.

      I think its to help Him regain his image after the Theresa thing and Tavia is considered to have the good girl image so… why not?

      • Fox says:

        Clap clap*. They saw the successful of 2 Chan couple and maybe, they want to have a try. It helps Him to regain the image and helps TY to have some news other than her nose. Ppl will focus on the rumour and won’t concern on Him’s past and the nose anymore.

      • lol says:

        This is latest news from Tavia’s mouth about her and Him:

        HKchannel: http://www.weibo.com/1686300145/y8Pnae5Vr

        oncc: http://news.on.cc/cnt/entertainment/20120307/bkn-20120307193228888-0307_00862_001.html


    6. Vivien says:

      Flowers and ring and Him him smiling at the flowers? Too cute! Can he be any cuter? Really a girl’s dream guy LOL

    7. Kidd says:

      Maybe the flower is for the fat girl.

    8. 4sian Linners says:

      I’m glad he does not dress like a clown like some of his peers. Good to see him walk around with anyone, not just cute, or attractive girl.

    9. TVBFanatic says:

      I still think they are just trying to fan the flames to push ratings.

    10. AbbyC. says:

      Nice! :D Whatever it is. Love the pics and buying flowers and ring for his love one seem typical!
      But remember!
      Don’t hit people, Him Law. LOL Go admit that you guys are dating nao. LOL

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