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Hollywood Picks Up Lesbian Heiress’ Love Story

By on October 11, 2012

Hollywood Picks Up Lesbian Heiress’ Love Story thumbnail

Above: Sean Yeung and Gigi Chao’s love story to be made into Hollywood film.

The love story of Hong Kong heiress, Gigi Chao (趙式芝) and her lesbian partner, Sean Yeung (楊如芯) will be made into a Hollywood movie, entitled The Lesbian.

After Gigi and Sean made their marriage announcement in September, Gigi’s playboy billionaire father, Cecil Chao (趙世曾) did not accept their relationship. Cecil even made a public announcement that he is willing to pay $500 million dollars to find a potential husband for her daughter. The “marriage bounty” attracted 20,000 worldwide applicants who wanted a chance to become Gigi’s future husband.

Since Cecil Chao’s outrageous announcement, American Broadcasting Company (ABC), sent a TV crew and cameraman to film a daily chronicle of his life. In addition, an American film company also expressed interest to turn the wealthy family’s love drama into a movie.

Last night, Cecil attended a Hong Kong premiere of the detective movie, The Mousetrap, and many members of the ABC TV and production crew were also present at the function. Cecil and his two beautiful foreign companions arrived at the premiere in his open top convertible sports car, and many reporters were there to take photos causing a huge traffic jam. Cecil got out of the car, and told the media that he only has time for a 15-minute interview.

Cecil revealed that ABC’s 20/20 is doing a special segment on his life in Hong Kong, and the TV crew has been following him all over town. He also mentioned that the two beautiful women are friends of his daughter, and they were to accompany him to attend different functions such as yachting and dining at restaurants. Cecil’s new girlfriend, Lena, was busy and not present at the premiere.

Cecil was asked whether he was angry that Hollyood movie, The Lesbian, will be based upon his daughter’s love story. He said, “I am not angry. Honestly, it’s Gigi’s choice, but Chinese people will not agree with her decision.”

As for using $500 million HKD in an attempt to attract a man to change his daughter’s sex orientation,Cecil said, “I think my daughter is very straight.” When ask whether the story is becoming the talk of the town, Cecil said he never thought it would become big news throughout the world.

Gigi wrote on her blog,”Why can the Chinese society accept a man having 5 wives, but criticize a woman not choosing a man to be her husband?” This statement appears to jab at her playboy father, who once proclaimed he had bedded 10,000 women and married none.

Cecil Chao pointed out,” It’s not the question of acceptance, it’s the moral thinking. It’s her business to choose what she wants to do, but I want to give her a few different options to choose from. I hope to find her a ‘Prince Charming’. If she decides to accept a man courting her, then it’s her decision.”

Cecil also pointed out and wanted to clarify that many men had courted her. As it is his daughter’s life, he cannot make a decision for her. When prodded about Gigi’s lesbian partner, Sean Yeung, Cecil appeared upset, and insisted that he has never met her and will not accept being the father-in-law. Cecil stood firm and said, ” I don’t know this person and I have a right not to meet her.” Sean’s existence has not affect Cecil’s relationship with Gigi.

Asked about his marriage bounty of half a billion dollars, Cecil said it is also for supporting his daughter financially in the future. ” Just in case the son-in-law has no money, this will help him to invest and buy a house.” As for throwing in a pot of gold with his daughter, He said he is preparing for her daughter’s future, and believes that most of the applicants are not doing it for the money.

“The advertisement for a potential son-in-law is to give a chance for Gigi to meet more men, but most importantly, for the right man to win her heart. Otherwise, spending so much money is useless.” When asked if any of the applicants are from the entertainment business, Cecil said honestly, “So far none. I only looked at 100 applications, and most of them look decent with the exception of one or two who said they lost money in their investments and need financial help.”

Source: Singpao

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  • Readers' Comments (55)

    1. lana says:

      ”Why can the Chinese society accept a man having 5 wives, but criticize a woman not choosing a man to be her husband?”


      • nomad 822 says:

        ”Why can the Chinese society accept a man having 5 wives, but criticize a woman not choosing a man to be her husband?”

        Exacto – my supposition for some of the reasoning behind Gigi’s preference/ orientation (it’s psychologically logical, whether it’s subconscious or otherwise).

        And an idea which someone else found “preposterous”.

      • dsfdsfds says:

        i don’t see chinese society accepting a man having 5 wives now a days

        • Yuyu says:

          First of all back then wives were not of same meaning as now. They were basically sex toys and child bearing or child rearing machines. Women were nothing then. Though the saying was 5 wives, it was more like one wife and 4 mistresses. Nowadays wives stand higher grounds. Does polygamy exist in HK? I mean official like one person can get 5 marriage licenses at the same time.

        • Josie says:

          No, polygamy is illegal in Hk.

          Chinese society still accept many “wives” if u are a tycoon like Stanley Ho.

        • Funn Lim says:

          But nothing to stop having 1 wife and the rest mistresses. Just don’t try to marry the others.

      • oh says:

        head in your butt? being gay is natural cause people are born that way.
        its not a “choice”.
        why would people “choose” to be gay to be “tolerated” as you said?

      • KL says:

        Agree with oh.

      • Michael says:

        Butt Lim@

        It does really show that you lack of knowledge if you think being gay is abnormal or a choice. Do you know what is sexual orientation?

        “Why is polygamy accepted in the past?”

        Do bear in mind that homosexuality already existed in the past too but people in the past didn’t do many research on sexuality (both heterosexuality and homosexuality) and that’s why they didn’t declare it as natural. Look at ancient china for example. It did exist in china those era but they didn’t have evidence to support it as their science couldn’t go that far. Not only they didn’t know about homosexuality but they didn’t know about heterosexuality either. As science is becoming better and better, more and more things are being discovered. Homosexuality is not something that only happens nowadays like you claimed nor it is a trend. Homosexuality does exist too in animal kingdom. Mind you explain it to me why you think it is abnormality?

        By the way, I think you are a man based on ‘just like a teapot will have several cups and not vice versa’. So we can’t be a teapot and have several cups?

      • sunshine says:

        “I will not condemn it, but it something most of do not feel comfortable with.”

        As a straight girl myself, I’m very comfortable with it. So I don’t think I fit your group.

        “they behave in ‘natural’ way too.”

        Many white friends of mine said that they didn’t feel comfortable around colored races because of certain behaviour despite colored races are born that way. Are we unnatural?

      • Cleo says:

        Remember the female opera couple who got the cover of Ming Pao every year? They were accepted and admired for their devotion and good characters. I think character will protect someone with an unorthodox private life.

        But this whole thing with Cecil Chao and Gigi feels messy.

      • thuy says:

        Over 2000 species of animals have mixed sexual orientation and to say they are abnormal is ridiculous. In some animals there are actually 3 types of sexes and not just male and female. We can’t all like the same things. Many past kings/emperors were also bisexual and there were documentation.

    2. Anon says:

      This hairstyle looks better on Gigi Chao than the curly hairstyle before :D

    3. Hannah says:

      Hah! I’m interested in who will film this if the movie comes through. Should be a controversial topic in the U.S.

    4. Anon says:

      After reading another version of interview from Gigi Chao, she revealed that she has dated both men and women and has opened up about dating girls since she was 16 to her mom who disapproved.


      • Cleo says:

        Isn’t that suspicious despite so many WOMEN claiming to be bisexual – most men are either all gay or all straight.

    5. nomad 822 says:

      Very ironically, all this interest in her-their story is going to high profile the lesbianism that her father is so highly in denial about! :)

    6. aptos says:

      I think this movie probably have a better plot than the talked about new Young and the Dangerous sequel with Him Law and friends.

    7. Funn Lim says:

      I read about this. A movie by Mr Borat himself. So you can imagine how it will be.

      • Josie says:

        So will SBC play the lesbian or the lover or the dad?

        Btw, I saw the old man on the news. He’s funny. I wonder if he and Patrick tse yin are friends.

    8. Flower says:

      If the father slept with 10,000 women than what’s happening now is karma…hahah don’t agree with gay marriage btw. They need serious help.

    9. Flower says:

      Regarding men having five wives being acceptable in the pass was not true…no women will accept it truely inside but since women has no right back then they have no choice but to force themselves to act like they accept it and understand it.

    10. Hannahh says:

      Oh i can’t wait for the movie! Looking forward to it!

    11. aptos says:

      Hey, I would rather be Gigi’s paper husband than compete for Mr. Hong Kong. The cash bonus would be nice but not necessary as Gigi looks and acts decent enough assuming that she does not have a “little princess” snobbish attitude and behavior. If Gigi is actually bisexual and decides to turn “straight” after her relationship with Sean, that is an extra bonus to me. I can wait on her if that is the case as I have my own family and my job to keep me busy in the interim. I can imagine over 20K suitors have applied and I will be at the end of the line without a chance…nice dream while it lasted.

    12. sky says:

      what a nice title, i can’t think of it myself hahahah

    13. kiki says:

      This heiress is actually pretty good looking hahah no that she cant be a lesbian haha…the movie should be interesting; one pretty feminine and the other one totally looks like a man ..still ppl watching anything these days so haha…

    14. gwen says:

      lesbians cant help being lebians and gays are gays..my issue is why make a big fuss of over it…to accept it is not the norm and we cant do anything about it ..just put up with it and they on the other hand should accept they are not the norm and dont go round blowing the whole issue up let everybody live the life they choose..even if it is not the norm.

    15. Hannah says:

      Is Gigi his only child?

      • larry 3 says:

        He has another daughter and a son with previous wives. I believe they are straight except Gigi.

        • nomad 822 says:

          It hurts dad’s ego and ‘virility’ …. to think he spawned a ‘gay child.

          That same macho dude in denial. This dude who can openly boast that he bedded 10,000 women, without marrying any. Has he ever thought what message he was sending to Gigi back then, as a girl growing up?

          While sexual preference and orientation is genetic; I also believe psychology/the environment (ie nature ++ nurture/upbringing/reactions to exposure)plays an important role too to shape anyone.

          So far, this is all escalated ‘drama’ caused by dad’s vehement denial. The poor daughter, and the other side (ie her partner) has no choice but to be dragged into the limelight too.

          Idiotic dad. He should just butt out of his adult daughter’s life and stick to finding his 10, 0000nth gf(s) to bed.

          And IF finally the idiot does concede grudgingly that Gigi indeed prefers females only … I am 99% sure he’s the Big-Ego type of dude who will blame the genes entirely all on her mother (ex-wife actress Yao Wei).

        • Kit says:

          Gigi is his eldest and only daughter. He has 2 other sons, all three by different women. Never married.

        • Pork Chop says:

          Psychology/the environment actually do not play a role from scientific point of view.

    16. apple says:

      So Gigi also a bisexual just like Angelina Jolie.

    17. sau says:

      i dont know what the fuss is about, the lady can love anyone she loves as long as she is happy.. sod the father, im not surprised she is turned off by men if her father has bed 10,000 women. seeing herself in a childhood that dad is always bringing different women, must have made her have no interest in men!!!!

    18. Jim says:

      I think its Karma (not saying lesbian is bad)… but his dad was sucha playboy and now his daugher is a lesbian and loves woman as well. While the dad is against it… LOL they can share courting woman tips.

    19. H says:

      This is kind of embarrassing to Hong Kong…

      • H says:

        for* Hong Kong

      • msxie says:

        The womanizing old dad is embarassing to Hong Kong.

        • Cleo says:

          It was very disturbing to see a youtube video of a September traipse through HK nightlife with someone younger than HALF his age – he was groping her kind of. He’s really unlike his contemporaries who are respectable and have values even though his speech patterns are of that traditional past.

    20. apple says:

      Loving the same gender is easy, loving the opporsite gender is harder so why not choose the easy one..either lesbi…or gay…

    21. Yadi says:

      I I were Gigi, I would feel tremendously offended if my dad put a marriage bounty. It’s a big disrespect to see that he’ll use any means to prevail his own interests over his daughter’s. Let her go Cecil. She’s big enough to make her own decisions. Let her be happy.

    22. Trang says:

      Sad!!! A father attempts to turn his daughter straight is a slap in the daughter’s face. Whether he does it for love or not doesn’t excuse him from making such a public arena at the expense of his daughter. Now the world know she’s a lesbian, not that it matters, but i am sure she would rather not have it public announced. She’s an adult, and it’s not like she wants to turn lesbian, let her chose to live her life how she sees fit. Why do 99.9% of Chinese/Asian parents want to interfere, control and manipulation their children’s choices in life?

    23. Cleo says:

      I think that the 20/20 interview actually saved his daughter from Cecil Chao’s well-known brutal vindictiveness when displeased or disobeyed or just whatever. He is so clearly in a bubble of wealth and Hong Kong style superiority because he gets propped up in Hong Kong and when faced by a foreigner especially American or English interest, he puts on his best “impeccable manners” when his comments over the decades are definitely not that of a civilized human being.

      He would have no problem disinheriting her or punishing her in some way and I think she would even consider marrying someone he wanted if not for the international coverage that Sasha Baron Cohen has promised to cement with his movie.

      Cecil Chao won’t want to be the bad guy in the news with internet comments about him if he does anything to his daughter now.

      He’s really not strong, not that influential and definitely not socialy respected. He’s just rich.

    24. darren says:

      Gay marriage is nowadays seems normal and accepting. What stops say 50 years from now incest isn’t allowed? Are they going to come up with defense like it’s a taboo not normal? Well what does people say about gay marriage before it allowed? Humanity has definitely going down a slipper slope. Once we allow something we perceive not natural, the rest follow suits. Marriage with animals wont’ be long from now.

      • Kidd says:

        Lets deal with the incest and marriage with animals when we come to the issue. Separate the issues instead of always using the reason ‘we should disallow this to prevent that in the future’ to go against gay marriage.

        If using this reasoning, interracial marriage should not have been allowed too in the first place.

        “See? Now that we allowed interracial marriage, they ask for gay marriage.”

        “But, that’s different. Interracial marriage is still natural”.

        “They mix the genes of different races instead of leaving it pure. How is that natural?”

        See the argument above? Anything can be argued to be not natural and a taboo.

        Gay marriage and incest is different. Gay marriage and marriage with animal is also different. Just like interracial marriage and gay marriage is different. Deal with the issues separately.

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