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Is Gillian Chung’s New Romance Only a Publicity Stunt?

By on December 10, 2012

Is Gillian Chung’s New Romance Only a Publicity Stunt? thumbnail

Thanks to a few photos captured by the paparazzi, Gillian Chung (鍾欣桐), with a new Korean boyfriend is once again in the limelight. The photos show the two wearing matching caps and having lunch, just like any ordinary couple in love. Even with the photos’ poor resolution, they failed to hide the tall and handsome man, the type that Gillian likes.

Information about her new found romance is hard to come by. While attending a “Christmas tree” lighting event in China, Gillian again declined to disclose additional information about her boyfriend, and exhibited her usual awkwardness in handling the press.

After Edison Chen’s (陳冠希) sex scandal a few years ago, where Gillian’s and a few other artists’ sexually explicit photos were upload on the internet, her squeaky-clean image was completely damaged. When the scandal surfaced in 2008, she responded that she was “very silly and naive” as the reason for agreeing to take the photos. Gillian’s response was ridiculed and her popularity plummeted.

Publicity Stunt?

Fast forward to 4 years later, Gillian is once again in the limelight after being caught dating a Korean man, known only as Mr. K. Gillian’s manager, Mani Fok (霍汶希), was well prepared to handle press questions and quickly confirmed that Gillian is indeed dating.

The timing of Gillian’s new romance coincided with the release of her new Mandarin music album and the promotion of her movie Love Retake <愛情不NG>. Photos of Gillian’s new love magically appeared out of nowhere; rumors suggest that Gillian’s “date” was intentionally leaked to the press. Was it a publicity stunt to coincide with all the recent happenings to promote Gillian, whose appearance and popularity in Hong Kong has declined dramatically? Or did the paparazzi simply get lucky?

Gillian maintained her secrecy over her boyfriend’s identity since her dating photos surfaced two weeks ago.  Instead of sitting down with the media and satisfying everyone’s curiosity, Gillian only disclosed a small bit of information about her newly found romance.

Reporters left no stones unturned in trying to figure out who Gillian’s new boyfriend is. By piecing various bits of information together, it is now reported that Mr. K is a businessman, not a resident of Hong Kong, and a frequent flier. Mr. K communicates with Gillian in English, and will be spending Christmas with his family instead of with her.

Cannot Handle the Media

During a promotional event in Guangzhou, Gillian was awkward in fielding questions from the press. She had to rely on her Public Relations colleague to deflect the questions. Gillian even told reporters to focus on the products of the events, instead of directing personal questions on herself. Gillian still has so much to learn in dealing with the media.

Source: Sina.com

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  • Readers' Comments (28)

    1. cloud9 says:

      She had drop down terribly 4 years ago ..she being trying to stand up again. Hope she succeed

    2. dd says:

      >The timing of Gillian’s new romance coincided with the release of her new Mandarin music album

      What? No. Oh god no.
      NO, NO, NO NO JESUS WHY!?!?!
      Her mandarin is terrible.

    3. rich says:

      she is so rich aldready, she slept with jackie chan and albert yeung to get to where she is now, not because of true talent

      • cloud9 says:

        really…than should not pity her

      • TVBfadan says:

        interesting, where’s the article or proof that she slept with them, especially jackie chan o_o

      • Cloud says:

        Does that mean Charlene also slept with Albert? Or does she have immunity?

        • Lol~ says:

          Don’t know about Charlene cause I read her dad works in the industry. She said in her bio that a few companies wanted to sign her but her dad didn’t have trust in them. It took a long time for EEG to win over Charlene’s dad trust and that’s how she ended up with EEG.

        • Terminator says:

          Charlene had to sleep with Ronald Cheng so she already had paid her dues and probably exempted from doing it with Yeung.

    4. Nat says:

      I hope everyone will give her a break. The sex scandal pretty much completely ruined her in Hong Kong but if the same thing were to happen in Hollywood, the actress would be more popular instead. I think Hong Kong people should give her a break because it’s really not that big of a deal. I mean what kind of sin did she commit? What kind of moral fine? She should only be frowned upon for being stupid for agreeing to take the pictures.

      • passerby says:

        The reason why she got bashed was because all this while, she tried to pass as an angelic innocent. If Hollywood actors get involved in such an incident, the public generally doesn’t care since they never claimed themselves innocent.

      • Terminator says:

        You should ask Charlie Sheen.

    5. Lol~ says:

      It’s a publicity stunt! Yesterday, she just told the reporters that the ring she was wearing was from her boyfriend. If she didn’t want to tell the reporter anything about her relationship like she says then why reveal about the ring yesterday? The media got tired of her going in circle so they didn’t bother her anymore but then she realize the news was dying down so now she is the one going to the media and telling them things about her relationship herself.

      • CHOI1991 says:

        she only reveal some “details”. the only thing that she dont wanna mention is where her boyfriend work, live and family. in that way hong kong reporter cannot disturbed her korean boyfriend a lot because she tell the reporter in one interview. that she is a artist in the entertaiment but her boyfriend no.

    6. munz says:

      Come on. Just stop pointing finger on her anymore.

    7. him says:

      IM glad she found her new love

      • CHOI1991 says:

        Agree too!!. we have to support her. she has and want to begin her own live. give gillian some space. everyone in the world can make mistakes or do wrong thing. if everybody dont give person the opportunity to change or to begin, what did you feel in her position…!!!

    8. real talk says:

      its most likely some attempt at PR… I remember reading an article where she didn’t even know her “boyfriend’s” surname..

    9. skinnymocha says:

      I don’t get why she said she was “silly and naive” to take those photos. People can do whatever they like in the bedroom. It’s not my kind of thing, but to have the girl apologise for their moment of kinkiness that has no effect WHATSOEVER on the rest of us?

      Anyway, this does reek of a PR stunt. If the paparazzi leave her alone, perhaps the identity of her boyfriend will eventually spill out without them even lifting a finger…

    10. Moon says:

      It wasn’t really her fault that everyone bought her angelic image because it was all planned by EEG and they went smooth for years. At least the incident made us know that there’s really no perfect person in this world. People who hate her are those who can’t accept that truth hurts. Who can guarantee those people who condemned her are not having their own scandals? Gillian is just unlucky in the sense that people expected too much out of her.

    11. Nelly says:

      The media just pissed that she refused to reveal anything about her boyfriend so now they’re trying to force the information out of her by claiming the whole boyfriend story is all a publicity stunt. She has a right to protect her boyfriend from all the negative attention she receive everyday. Also, its clearly obvious she not use to talking about any relationships in public. Even now after the scandal she still struggle to reveal her private life. They should leave her alone until she is ready to reveal the identity of her man.

    12. Cloud says:

      Gillian dated love cheat Edison for 5 years and not once did she talk about it in public. This is not a PR stunt planted by Gillian, but one that is planted by EEG.

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