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Jackie Chan: “Triads Fired Bullets at Me!”

By on December 15, 2012

Jackie Chan: “Triads Fired Bullets at Me!” thumbnail

Promoting his new movie, CZ12 <十二生肖>, Jackie Chan (成龍) has spoken extensively about his marriage, his controversial family  views, and even about his illegitimate daughter, Etta.  As the undisputed “Big Brother” of Hong Kong films, Jackie proudly revealed how he combated triads forces in order to protect artists in the entertainment industry. He also formed the Hong Kong Performing Artist Guild to prevent artists from suffering any unfair treatment.

Jackie does not recall exactly when people started calling him “Big Brother”. It started because he likes to become involved into everyone’s business. Jackie was unhappy with the unfair treatment of Hong Kong artists, who were bullied by triads in the 1980s and 1990s. ” There will be no more bullying from the triads. I was the first one to speak up. I am the only one who has the guts to single-handedly fight against the triads!”

Triads: An Oppressive Force in Hong Kong Cinema

In the past, triads had forced artists to film projects at gunpoint, in which Andy Lau (劉德華) was also one of the victims. The situation became very grave as triads used scare tatctics to severely underpay artists. For example, artists may be promised $100,000 HKD for a movie, but their paycheck would end up with only $2,000 HKD instead.

On one occasion, Jackie was hunted down by triads, forcing him  to hide in the United States. ” The moment after I got off the plane, bullets were fired at me. I had to carry guns with me everyday. Back in Hong Kong, when I went to a restaurant for dinner, I was surrounded by two dozen triad members armed with large knives. I showed them my gun and had two more hidden inside my jacket. I told them that I wasn’t going to take it anymore.”

From then on, Jackie started carrying guns around and sometimes even armed himself with grenades for protection.

Big Brother Fights the Triads

When the triads went after his contracted artists such as Maggie Cheung (張曼玉), Joey Wong (王祖賢), and Jacky Cheung (張學友), Jackie decided to fight the triads with money. He spent half a million dollars to hire some “guys” from the mainland to fight fire with fire. His guys would be there to assist him and left when they were done with their “assigned duties”.  If one of his guys was hurt, Jackie would support their families when needed.

Some people may wonder if Jackie was in the same league as the triads, but he clarified, “I wasn’t like them as I used money to take care of business. If I were a triad member, I wouldn’t get an MBE (Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) from the British.”

After the disputes were settled with the triads, Jackie initiated and formed the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild to protect the artists in the industry. He is very proud of his accomplishment and believes that strong leadership is needed in handling any problems.

Jackie is an idealist as he has three dreams: world peace, a universal brotherhood, and no poor people suffering in China. He said,” I want a perfect world, and I get upset for not being able to achieve one.”

Source: Sina.com

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  • Readers' Comments (51)

    1. miriamfanz says:

      Sounds more like a scene from his movies

    2. tam says:

      This news came out to put over a band aid over his recent news regarding his daughter?

      • RaySimpson says:

        He’s doing it to promote his crappy movie.

        • Applelim says:

          You are absolutely right!!!!

        • window says:

          he doesn’t need to promote his movies, he’s skillful in this particular action-comedy type of movies, think he just wants to share his experiences in life, some people should listen up cos people in this world are getting more wicked.. human trafficking, flesh trade, bank frauds, bribery, corruption, child/maid/spouse abuse, theft, robbery, murder, rape, torture, kidnap, drug abuse, child pronography, adult movies..

    3. skinnymocha says:

      “… no poor people suffering in China.” Good luck with that dream and carry on supporting that beloved government of yours…

      People talk about HK having a good police force, but do they just turn a blind eye to all the activities of the triads and/or are the artists are too scared to speak out? It sounds terrible working in the HK film industry back in the days, especially as you think back to Carina’s incident…

    4. dude says:

      joey wong was so pretty.What happened to her?

      • Funn Lim says:

        The leggy tall Taiwanese actress from Chinese Ghost Story fame? That one?

        I suppose you can say she grew old. I mean it happens you know, to everyone.

      • nomad 822 says:

        For a time, she was also supposedly a longtime 3rd party (among other starlets) in movie mogul Peter Lin’s marriage.

        She’s now supposedly closeted in some nunnery in Vancouver, or so urban legend goes.

        • Jack says:

          The third party thing was one reason why she left HK. Joey Wong did make a brief comeback around 10-12 years ago but Leslie died around that point and she didn’t want to continue making movies anymore.

          She’s living a normal life in Vancouver. But she’s not a nun according to urban legend. She had a friend/relative upload a picture of her sitting in the kitchen online.

        • irene says:

          Joey’s so pretty. She can get gd catch anytime. Wonder why her life turn out to be like that.

      • hongkong says:

        joey wong is the mother of 17 year old illegitimate daugther, the deaf and mute girl living in taipei and the foster mother a midwife, is confirming the claim, according to the report, joey had induced labor at 6-7 months and the baby was thought to have died but was saved in the incubator room, fu rui jiao received a call from the hospital and the baby girl was adopted by a woman, fu told her mom that the mother was a hongkong star, single and was involved in a sex scandal with andy lau, the woman asked, “it’s not joey wong is it?” and fu said, yes it was, fu rui jiao is serving maximum in jail the past 10 years in the largest baby trafficking case ever, fu sold more than 40 babies, many reported to be babies abandoned by those in the movie business.

        • Jack says:

          That’s just gossip.

        • daily says:

          if it’s just gossip, then it won’t be published it in the magazine, why risk being sued?

        • sweetly says:

          you know what they say.. there is a certain amount of thruth in gossips

        • hongkong says:

          andy lau had marital agreement with yu ke xin ( yu ke xin ), taiwanese actress yu ke hsin revealed that andy lau signed a marriage certificate with her in 1985, witnessed by her mother, andy lau hesitated when questioned by the media, but admitted that this was true, he said that he was not worried about yu producing the document, yu and lau dated for tree years in the 1980s and yu claims that they broke up after he met chu, yu said she was glad that he did not deny it, she also told hongkong pepers that she suffered 15 years of depression due to her break up with lau, would they sue lau for bigamy? yu and her mother said that there were no witnesses to the signing and the marriage was not legally registered, thay said the marriage certificate was only a promise so that yu would feel more secure about their love, and they kept it in a safe all these years

      • HeTieShou says:

        I just read recently that she is just living a normal life in Canada. No, she is NOT a nun like some thought… Just living a normal civilian life…I heard the death of her close friend Leslie Cheung really affected her so she never wanted to come back to the e world again..

    5. Funn Lim says:

      Grenades? Seriously? Like he’s gonna throw those grenades at them?

      A bit too dramatic. I swear he is a drama queen sometimes. BUT I do believe the triads were terrible in the past, so yes there was danger, urgency, threats BUT grenades?

      • RaySimpson says:

        I think the guy has problem separating real life from his fantasy world.

      • Djojs says:

        Exactly, like WTF… Isn’t carrying guns and grenades illegal in hk? Let alone admitting to it.

      • cloud9 says:

        He said:-
        ” The moment after I got off the plane, bullets were fired at me.”

        Could it be he mix up his movie and his real life. Could it be movie he referring- Police Story or Rush Hours ?

        Did the killers use “Rocket-Propelled Grenade” trying to kill him until the point he armed himself with grenades .

        If I ever see Jackie on the street, I better takes cover, dramatic warfare might start ?

    6. shu says:

      triads are still in the film/music industry but they are now singing a lower profile,they are operating in a legal way behind he stage now.there are a lot of stars and media magnate befriended with the triads and even works together,they dont need to bribe the stars but simply let the stars works for them in a legal way.

      • nomad 822 says:

        Precisely. And ‘legal way’ is subjective.

        And all the moneyed society people out there … when there’s dirt to be exorcised, there’re also triad connections or implicit threats involved. And triad heads have legit society fronts these days – their kids go to universities abroad. Different packaging, same deal.

        The dude’s high drama.
        I don’t believe triad influences are gone = it’s just they’ve found better ways of working and playing together.

    7. aptos says:

      Eric Tsang should know a few triad types…why else can he be so obnoxious to many and get away with it.

      • find says:

        yeah, eric tsang is a silly guy to get himself involved with triads, once you ask them for help, they would expect something in return

      • dd says:

        He doesn’t get away with it. Triads ordered a beating on him and they succeeded….he presented shows for a time with a bandana covering his head to mask the bruises/cuts.

    8. Victoria says:

      I don’t care what all of this news about him is for, but his image has definitely gone down for me.

    9. Critique says:

      The father of bastards, no respect for women and is now saying the hong kong police are useless. He has to take care of the triads himself with his few guns and grenades. Who the hell he thinks he is?

      • pansy says:

        Jackie actually used this “funny” story to promote his new movie.

        In real life, he’s not as man or as brave as many people thought of him to be.

        Since he’s being popularly viewed as a chauvinist b*stard, dont you think that it is abit insensible if he has any reason not to present himself as a b*stardless gentleman in a b*stardless story telling manner.?

      • Larry 3 says:

        Remember, Jackie Chan is very uneducated guy.

    10. Rookie fans says:

      Jackie use to be my action hero when I was much younger. Now I just don’t bother watching his film even if it is free. We can’t have fakes as role model wannabe to the unsuspecting public.
      As Funn took the words right out of my mouth “drama queen”.
      Shoot the 1st hand messenger too, if my suspicions is correct for the over-the-top reporting, that make senseless reading.

    11. YuFeng Yang says:

      “I carried guns and grenades on me” so what? It’s not like he used them or anything, this is the same as saying “I’ve got a mouthpiece and boxing gloves at home” who cares, that doesn’t prove anything, anyone can beat up a punching bag.
      Two dozens of triad members armed with big knives? What knives? A couple of plastic ones from toys r us? 2 dozen triad members are scared of one man? So what if he has an entire backpack of artillery, he only has two hands.
      I’d throw my boot at him, and he better polish it before he brings it back.

    12. Ric says:

      He should make a film with this plot. Sounds interesting enough. I would definitely watch that.

    13. Alice says:

      Tis fella got serious delusion…….someone please send him to the psychiatrist

    14. trini says:

      Look like jackie has problems seperating reel life from real life. He is diva, a dramam queen. The triads were brutal back in the day. They still are but they work different now, but still ruthless and cold. jackie story make me smile. he said he showed them guns. That would not stop them from taking him out. His guns could not stop triads. Too bad about Joey Wong, what a shame. andy lau in sex scandal, no I will not believe that. that man too good for that.

    15. dd says:

      This is what uneducated people do with their money. They’ve never experienced the real world and so they don’t have any perspective.

      And god forbid they start talking politics like Jackie Chan and Alan Tam.

    16. Alana says:

      such an IDIOT !!!!!

    17. Alice says:

      just read this from the newspapers. time for Jack to return to reality!
      HONG KONG action star Jackie Chan is being investigated for illegal possession of firearms after he boasted fighting off several gangsters with three pistols and six grenades.

      The superstar told a Chinese magazine that more than 20 dagger-wielding men cornered him once and he had to fend them off with the weapons, Nanyang Siang Pau and Guang Ming Daily reported.

      The Hong Kong police came by the newspaper report and decided to take action.

      If what the international celebrity said in the interview was true, he would have breached Hong Kong’s strict gun laws.

      Otherwise, he could be in trouble for spreading misleading information and sending a wrong message to the world, the reports said.

      Under Hong Kong gun laws, a licence is required to carry a weapon and it is illegal to carry firearms in public without a good reason.

      Anyone convicted faces a maximum punishment of HK$100,000 (RM39,000) and up to 14 years’ jail term.

      It is not known if Chan had ever been issued a firearm licence by the Hong Kong police.

    18. DannyK says:

      Jacky Chan in Big **** for Big Mouth. He deserve it

    19. Mightysnoopus says:

      For those post 2000, JACKIE CHAN IS THE TRIAD and the most stupid, hypocrite in HK.

    20. drunken master says:

      I don`t care what people said about JC, JC is the greatest Actor of all time !

      He`s a Brave man better than those Hollywood Gay Club members (Stallone, Norris & Brad Pitt)

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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