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Jacqueline Law Remembered at Memorial Service

By on July 13, 2012

Jacqueline Law Remembered at Memorial Service thumbnail

A memorial service was held for deceased actress, Jacqueline Law (羅慧娟) on July 12, 2012 in the EFCC Tung Fook Church in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Jacqueline had passed away on June 30th, after a 2-year struggle with pancreatic cancer. Jacqueline’s body was cremated in Singapore, in which her husband, Lau Chi Man (劉志敏) took her ashes to Hong Kong for a memorial service.

Jacqueline’s good friends, Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文), Dicky Cheung (張衛健), Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯), Ada Choi (蔡少芬) and her husband Max Zhang (張晉), Louie Castro (賈思樂), Monica Chan (陳法蓉), and Ben Wong (黃智賢) were among the guests that turned up on Thursday night to pay their last respects to Jacqueline.

Other well-known celebrities including Lau Ching Wan (劉青雲) and his wife Amy Kwok (郭藹明), Margie Tsang (曾華倩), Bowie Lam (林保怡), and Frederick Ma (馬時亨) sent in flower baskets, which were lavishly displayed at the front entrance. However, Stephen Chow (周星馳), who had dated Jacqueline for three years in the 1990s, did not send a basket.

Sammi Cheng arrived at half an hour before the memorial service began. Wearing large sunglasses and a thin black shirt, Sammi was bombarded by reporters after stepping out of her car. Sammi did not respond to any of the reporters’ questions and quietly entered the church. Jacqueline’s mother arrived soon afterwards. Looking noticeably weak and somber, Jacqueline’s mother had to have someone support her.

Jacqueline Law Fondly Remembered by Friends

The memorial was a tearful and heartfelt ceremony. Jacqueline’s friends sang her favorite gospel song, Going Home <回家>. Sheren Tang, who delivered the eulogy speech, said that despite Jacqueline’s sickness, she had always been cheerful and maintained an optimistic view of life. Jacqueline’s last wish was to hope everyone will believe in God. Jacqueline’s courage and fearless trust in God moved Sheren to tears.

Noel Leung (梁小冰) and her daughter also attended the memorial service. Noel said that Jacqueline’s passing taught her to cherish the family and friends around her. Noel said her most unforgettable memory of Jacqueline was when they attended an evangelical service with other female friends, where they spent the whole night together.

Dicky Cheung expressed that everything he wanted to say was already said at Jacqueline’s funeral in Singapore. Asked if he took part in Jacqueline’s memorial video slide show, he admitted that he talked about his past experiences and memories with Jacqueline. He also said that Jacqueline was one of his closest friends in the circle.

After the memorial ended, the press approached Jacqueline’s husband, Lau Chi Man, and asked if he had donated $200,000 HKD to the church. Mr. Lau replied, “This is not important anymore!” He thanked the press for their concerns, while mourning for Jacqueline’s death.

Sources: On.cc, Sina.com.tw, Wenweipo.com

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  • Readers' Comments (46)

    1. sandcherry says:

      Does anyone have the link to watch the service in Hong Kong on YouTube? Would appreciate it if some one could help.

    2. HeTieShou says:

      So touching to know that so many of close friends came to the memorial service in HK as well. I did not know that Cheung Wai kin was a close friend of Jacqueline. They made a few series together and were sweet when they paired up. Those memories will remain in our hearts forever. She will forever be remembered.

      • sandcherry says:

        I did not know that Cheung Wai Kin was a close friend of Jacqueline either. It was good that he went to Jacqueline’s funeral service in Singapore.

        However, it was a shame (and no class) that Stephen Chow did not even send Jacqueline a basket. Any close friend would do it, just some kind of condolence or respect to Jacqueline and her family.

        • HeTieShou says:

          Once again, we do not know for sure if he has or not so I do not think it is fair to say for sure that he did not. Also, since he was an EX and since she was married and all, it would make it very awkward for him to even send a basket of flowers. I can totally imagine what the press would write if he did. Stephen is also someone very low profile about these things so who said that he had to announce his sorrow to the world??? I read another report saying how he was alone and thin on the day of Jacqueline’s funeral which to me shows that he has been really sad.

        • sandcherry says:

          No, HeTieShou, I don’t agree with you. It was okay if he did not send a basket to Jacqueline’s funeral service in Singapore, but he should have sent one to her service in Hong Kong. It was just some kind of courtesy. Any good old friend would do it.

        • HeTieShou says:

          He was not just any old friend, he was an Ex boyfriend. If he was an old friend, there would not be any awkwardness at all. But like I have said, each to their own… Also, who knows if they even remained friends after they broke up?? Once you have dated and have broken up, there will always be that awkwardness, especially after your ex is married. Just because he did not send a basket of flowers does not mean that he was not sad or was not mourning her loss.

        • sandcherry says:

          I hope Stephen Chow did mourn Jacqueline a little bit privately!

        • Veejay says:

          I do agree with sandcherry that Stephen Chow should atleast send flowers to Jacqueline’s funural since that’s the only and last time he could do “something” for her atleast from an EX. And I also agree with HTS that it would be ackward for Jacqueline’s family to received flowers from her EX..but then again.. If I were STephen, I’d send the flowers because it would be my final respect to Jacqueline..

        • exoidus says:

          Lost all my respect for that imbecile Stephen Chow.

          Flowers is something one could expect from him. Guess he just doesn’t care whatsoever.

        • Veejay says:

          I guess Stephen isn’t someone as “friendly” as he seems to be in his movies..

        • Funn Lim says:

          He must have his reasons. He surely can’t be that heartless. I like to think he has his own reasons then that we will never know until he opens up one day.

        • exoidus says:

          Guess so just find his action or the lack of it really repulsive.

        • exoidus says:


          Ofcouse he has his reasons for doing nothing. Most likely reason is that he is a cold-blooded being who doens’t feel empathy, pain etc.

          Don’t think the reason will be “he regretted hurting Jacq and have “no face to see her” and is still in shock etc.

        • Larry 3 says:

          I dont know why is he hiding from the public. If he keeps this ‘silence’ presence up, it maybe a PR nightmare for him for the future. The paparazzi will hound the guy.


        • sandcherry says:

          Larry 3

          Thank you for your link. Here is an extract from the posted article:

          “Stephen, 50, has neither expressed his condolences nor sent a wreath. He also rejected all questions regarding the late actress. When asked for comment, Jacqueline’s sister sarcastically commented, “This good friend has never been very expressive.

          “The two reportedly met on the set of The Final Combat, where their reel relationship became real. Jacqueline had once commented on the five-year relationship, calling herself a fool for love who eventually split from the actor reluctantly.”

          We all thought that they only had a 3-year relationship, but it was a 5-year. My goodness, and he did not even bother to send her a wreath at her funeral service in Hong Kong. I have no respect on him.

        • Larry 3 says:

          Actually, it maybe as high as 6 years together in one of TVB reports in early moments from her death coverage.

        • HeTieShou says:

          I also do not feel that Stephen is that heartless. He has his personal reasons that we just do not know about. I think if he were the average citizen that no one knows then he most likely would have sent flowers, however, he is someone from the circle and anything he does will be scrutinized and blown out if proportion. I agree that if I were him, I would send flowers as well. However, I am a nobody that no one knows but if I were a known person in the e circle, I honestly do question would I do so or not??? It is easy for outsiders like us to blast him but we aren’t him so I do not think it is 100% right of us to criticize his actions without knowing for sure how he is feeling or thinking. Silence speaks a thousand words and more than what meets the eye.

        • sandcherry says:

          Larry 3

          Thanks for your video link on YouTube.

      • Jayne says:

        I also found Stephen’s lack of sending flowers to be disrespectful, especially that they had dated for 3 years and not 3 months.

        • Larry 3 says:


        • sandcherry says:

          I think Stephen Chow is very a cold-blooded person. He didn’t have to attend Jacqueline’s funeral service in person, but a basket of flowers would be some kind of courtesy to show his respect.

    3. Larry 3 says:

      There is a 40 min (DVD) video posted now on youtube…..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D96ymI3Kq88

      I am watching it right now.

    4. Larry 3 says:

      First couple seconds… she says when you see this video “I am in heaven”.

    5. Larry 3 says:

      In 2010, when she finds out she has cancer. Jacqueline says “I am really happy”.

      I am really not making this up.

      • Larry 3 says:

        She knew her time was up.

      • HeTieShou says:

        Thanks for all the info Larry! I really admire Jacqueline’s courage, strength and optimism. Maybe death is not as bad as we think as long as we were good people while we lived?? I hope she is in a better place now.

        • Funn Lim says:

          “Maybe death is not as bad as we think as long as we were good people while we lived??”

          What you think is different from judgment day so to speak. The one good thing about Christianity (not catholics) is that if you accept Jesus as the son of god, you repent and confess your sins, basically you’re forgiven and heaven awaits you. Catholics must of course do something to repent, like good deeds to earn points for the after life. In a way Christianity is a more forgiving religion and sits well with a lot of people. It is also easier to practice. If Christians are right, she is I believe in heaven now.

          If you do not believe in god, then what lies after death is nothing. Not comforting at all but at least better than eternal punishment like how Chinese believes, generally.

          Muslims same thing like Christians. So for these 2, who then will be in hell? everyone else.

        • HeTieShou says:

          Thanks for great message Funn. I personally do not really believe in religion as much as I used to anymore. My family are Buddhists and I still believe in the philosophy and all, but not as much as I used to. I recently lost one of my best friends due to cancer as well. He faced it with courage and strength just like Jacqueline did. He was Catholic but had a ver open mind about it so we always discussed religion freely. We talked about death and what would happen after we died since I think my friend knew that his time was coming as well. I personally believe that you do not know where you will truly go or what really happens until we die ourselves. I often argue with my family members and others who believe in religion so much that they allow it to get to their head. I get upset when people tell me just because I do not believe in certain religion that I will go to hell or suffer. Sorry but that is nonsense to me. I believe that as long as you are a good person, treat your parents and family well as well as friends and everyone, do good deeds out of the goodness of your heart, etc… then you should be fine. I do not think that if you committed bad deeds that any religion can erase or save you from them. You do bad things then you will pay for it eventually. I still believe in Karma but not as much as I used to. Life just seems so unfair because great people die so young it tragically while not so great people live a long and happy life. My mom always throws out the reincarnation cycle theory saying that it is due to the deeds in their past life. I used to really believe that but not anymore because it is becoming nonsense to me as well. Basically, we all do not know what will happen until we reach the other side ourselves… Religion is just theory…

        • Jayne says:

          Just read news about Jacqueline’s DVD clip. As most devout followers of a certain religion are, Jacqueline hopes to share her own suffering and experiences with other people, to enrich their lives.

          She suffered, but she mentioned that she finally understood what it felt like to be a person with a broken spirit. However, belief and her encounter with God gave her strength. She saw death as moving on to Heaven and eternal existence.

          Through her DVD, she hoped to persuade people to maintain a strong spirit and believe in God. With her days numbered, she spoke about many heavy topics, such as suffering while alive, the different forms of existence, and life after death. In spirit, she will live on.

          You may say that Jacqueline had died in happiness and she wished to share her knowledge, which she now saw as her mission. It is not simply comforting her friends and family who will miss her, but to help relieve people’s fears in life, physical and emotional pain.

          The DVD clip sends many powerful messages. Her husband, Mr. Lau, also appears to love Jacqueline very much, as the grand funeral and the presence of the media (which some readers criticized his motives) were likely discussed with Jacqueline while she was alive. I’m sure he took into account her wishes to hold a funeral and memorial service to spread her spirit and positive messages among as many people as possible.

        • Jayne says:

          Funn, HeTieShou
          “If you do not believe in god, then what lies after death is nothing. Not comforting at all but at least better than eternal punishment like how Chinese believes, generally.”

          I find religious theories on existence after death to be the most difficult aspect to accept. I find truth and assurance in some guiding principles which you can apply, such as suffering allowing you to have greater gratitude in life, to be very meaningful and useful.

          I do not find death to be as scary as I once considered. As Jacqueline said, if one has lived a full life, then one will die with no regrets and no fears. There is nothing that we can hold on forever and it is already a blessing to have the time and chances to pursue a life, hopefully driven mainly by self-will.

          With this in mind, the physical suffering will pass.

          Religion is used as a moral compass to guide people through life. Theories of after life are a form of encouragement to pursue a desired path. After life is projected as a “consequence,” which is why there are elaborate theories of after life. And sometimes the soul needs something greater, beyond our physical existence, a higher goal to work towards.

      • Larry 3 says:

        She mention TeeVeeBee ! :D

      • Larry 3 says:

        So, she loves Jesus, God, and her religion. Rest In Peace.

    6. Funn Lim says:

      Saw an interview of her on TV recently, way back just some years ago. Hard to believe within 10 years she is dead. She sounded so cheerful and happy. I guess in a way her religious belief comforted her and take away the fear of death, therefor giving her strength and courage and also a sense of hope of life beyond death. I am sure she was in pain due to treatment. I am rather saddened how good people always die young.

      • Funn Lim says:

        What I find courageous about her is when she was dealt with such horrible blows in life, where most would have just given up and killed themselves (and some do for more trivial matters), she marched on and got stronger and accepted whatever happened as part of her fate and perhaps a test on her faith. Youngsters these days who does not hesitate to jump off the building just because their girl or boy dumped them should learn from her courage. It should take more than just that to give up on life. Of course you may say when she accepted her death sentence she gave up on hope perhaps but I feel the fact that she accepted her impending death, and she made arrangements so that even her friends may be comforted when she is gone shows to me she was a person with foresight and by that she gave hope to her family and friends. The fact that she said she will be ok was comfort to her friends and family eventhough from her constant smiles I see a sense of hesitation and even a bit of fear which is normal. We all fear the unknown but I feel she faced her death with dignity and grace and that is why I am upset why such a courageous person who had faced so much sh*t in life had her life taken away so suddenly and such young age. Life is not fair, and it never has been fair.

        • Funn Lim says:

          In fact my feeling after watching the video is that she did what she did more for her friends and family than for herself. After all she will soon die and all consciousness gone or off to a better place but those she loved and who loved her left behind would mourn for her until they die or when they do meet again. So all these strength and messages were her way of comforting her family and friends and her last good bye. Classy lady in life, classy lady in death. I wish I will have that courage when I face my impending death.

    7. iampheng says:

      I think a part of me is still in denial.


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