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Jay Chou Secretly Married 18-Year-Old Model While Vacationing In France

By on October 18, 2011

Jay Chou Secretly Married 18-Year-Old Model While Vacationing In France thumbnail

On October 18th, an entertainment tabloid exposed that Jay Chou (周杰伦) got married with model, Hannah Quinlivan (昆凌) of mixed heritage, in Europe. While on an extended vacation with his 18-year-old girlfriend and his mother in Marseille, France, Jay was photographed by Chinese tourists, thus exposing his romance. Regarding Jay’s secret wedding, his music company claimed they possessed no knowledge of the situation.

After his vacation photos in France surfaced, Jay did not directly admit his new union. On his blog, Jay commented, “Next time, post a full-frontal photo!”  While on vacation in Europe over the last ten days, Jay allegedly got married with Hannah, who was spotted smiling broadly while wearing a white wedding dress. The tabloid also published a photo of Jay wearing sunglasses and a suit and claimed he got married in this attire, “To respect the occasion, President Chou especially wore a suit. He proudly took photos for memories, while celebrating the farewell bid to his bachelorhood.”

At a concert performance in Singapore earlier, Jay allegedly dropped hints about his marriage intentions. The tabloid reported, “Perhaps under the teaching of Hannah’s sweet words, President Chou became glib at his concert in Singapore. He praised that ‘there were many beautiful women in Singapore’ and noted ‘I will remember your enthusiasm in my heart.’ When concluding his concert, Jay suddenly blurted out, ‘Regardless of the circulating gossip, if I were to get married, you will still listen to my songs, right?’”

An insider revealed to the entertainment tabloid, “Although Hannah was still young, she was very sensible and well-behaved. Jay said that she understood him more than any of his past girlfriends, while she pleased his mother greatly as well. Originally, they did not possess marriage intentions at the outset of their European vacation. Swayed by the exotic romantic setting, Jay and Hannah decided to obtain their marriage registration there with the approval of his mother. Afterwards, President Chou acknowledged that he acted on impulse, but he wanted to hold onto Hannah and marriage would become an issue sooner or later. Currently, Jay was looking for the right opportunity to announce his pleasant surprise to everyone.”

After “vaccinating” his fans [regarding his marital status], President Chou took his new bride on a honeymoon to Japan. Taking a formal honeymoon, Jay did not forget about his mother after getting married. Thus, Jay brought his mother along on the honeymoon with Hannah. A fan spotted the trio vacationing in Tokyo, Japan.


Source: Sohu.com

Jayne: So Jay decided to take the two Mrs. Chou’s on his honeymoon together? Hannah is very pretty; she resembles Angelababy quite a bit. 

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  • Readers' Comments (79)

    1. Darren says:

      18 years old? Nice Jay. With great money comes great responsibility. Babysitting this girl should be a full time job for Jay.

      • Hello World says:

        Nicely-said. ^_^ 18 years-old, he will have lot of fun. Wonder if she was a virgin when he married her.

        • darren says:

          today’s morality is no longer uphold so it won’t be surprised if she lost it to her previous bf

      • sandalls says:

        I think he wants to marry her to get her in bed!! Hahaha good luck to the couple but really? mature at 18?? I dunno..

        • WhoAmI says:

          Physcially: NO. Her secrect parts are not fully developed.

          Mentally: Maybe. It depends on how she grew up. For an 18 boy, I would say no.p

        • miki says:

          but these days you don’t need to get married just to get someone into your bed…

    2. Funn Lim says:

      Wow, better start them young isn’t it? May I be the cynic because this is obvious case; 3 years. I give them 3 years, even if she ended up pregnant and he will have to pay through the roof for alimony. Unless she is great with his mom, so I give them 5 years tops.

    3. Bridget says:

      Holy sh-t, is this true? I believed in the dating rumours but marriage is way too fast for Hannah.

      I remember Hannah from when she was on Taiwanese variety show Wo Ai Hei Se Bang Bang Tang. She was only 14 then so when news of her and Jay dating broke out, I was kind of creeped out due to the age difference, especially since she doesn’t strike me as particularly mature and/or bright. I’m sure she’s obedient and she is a sweet girl though.

      • advo says:

        I adore Jay and his music. But from what he’s said about his ideal match, Hannah sounds exactly like his type. *face palm* I don’t think his maturity level is particularly high to be honest, and I’m wondering how he went from Patty to this???

        • Hello World says:

          Because he has LOT of ♥ MONEY ♥ so he can try as many different types as he can ^_☻

        • Kidd says:

          What is the type he likes?

        • advo says:

          What Bridget said about Hannah…

          Obedient. That’s like the no. 1 quality Jay has spoken about wanting in his ideal woman.

          @ Hello World, yes I suppose so. I was just wondering what how someone like Patty could attract him when he’s evidently into women like Hannah too. They are like complete opposites. While I’m no fan of Patty, she seemed smart, mature and independent, like I said, completely opposite to Hannah.

      • Funn Lim says:

        Dear lord! 14 when they started dating? Is something wrong with Jay? Isn’t there a legal age for sex in Taiwan?

        • Lily says:

          No they’ve only been dating for a little while. The commenter meant she was just 14 when she ‘debuted’ into the entertainment business so it seems odd that now that she’s just 4 years older she’s dating someone Jay’s age.

        • Bridget says:

          No no, as in she debuted at 14. I’m curious to read what her parents think about this whole thing, her dad had made an appearance on the variety show that she was on 3 years ago and they seemed like any other normal family.

          I remember the dating news being busted basically right after Hannah turned 18, and articles have said that they were dating for 10 months at that point. So that means they started dating when she was barely 17. Eeeps.

          If obedient is the #1 quality Jay is looking for, then Hannah is the one. He strikes me as a control freak (most talented artists are) and I wouldn’t be surprised if he took this personality trait to his relationships as well. It’s probably why it didn’t work out between him and Patty Hou, who is independent, mature, and quite an intelligent woman (and has since married).

    4. Kas says:

      I guess this is not true…? Don’t most Europe countries require like two weeks of residency to get marry or something like that?

      Anyway, I wish them good luck if this is true… but I don’t think the marriage will work though. With a 14 years age difference, especially she is only 18 now… How long have they known each other? Problems will arise and especially the age difference will show personality wise.

      She being “great” with his mom… C’mon, this is what? like only the first few months of a relationship, of course one will be “obedient: with one’s bf/gf’s parent(in most circumstances, and at least show the “good side” of them during these first few months)?

      If this is true… all I can say is, Jay is … stupid… I don’t want to use this word … but when it comes to reality, he now have to share his wealth with this girl for that act of impulse! Hope if they are indeed marry, give some time, at least one or two years before having children. Don’t ruin a child’s life please!

      • WhoAmI says:

        It depends. some requires proof of single status, some just require some basic goverment documents, and Vegas – whatever. However, they might just have the wedding but not obtain marriage cerification.

    5. Joan says:

      I guess it’ll be a trio lifestyle, hope all 3 of them will live happily ever after..LMAO

    6. Cynthia says:

      It’s cute that Jay brought his mom along but I feel sorry for Hannah.

      • WhoAmI says:

        Gain and lost are not easy to dertermine. Maybe, she loves him due to his talents. Maybe, she loves his money. So losing her “virginity” to Jay might not a lost.

        • apple says:

          agree with you

        • Cloud says:

          Losing her virginity to Jay is definitely not a loss. I have a feeling that she idolized him from a young age and what she’s going through currently is just infatuation and not love. Well…time will tell.

    7. Addy says:

      He’s probably not going to baby sit her for too long.

    8. Kate says:

      Hannah is very pretty. She really reminds me of Tiffany Hsu.

    9. The Cig Girl says:

      Why must some of the celebrity tried to hide their marriage?? Just look at Karen Mok and Gigi Leung, everyone wishing them all the happiness..they should not have hide their relationship and keep denied it until some “solid” evidence proven..

      • WhoAmI says:

        Losing fans is probably the main one. Protect the partner from the madia might be also reason

      • Fox says:

        But they hide the relationship before that – Karen and Gigi. Only when they got married, they revealed.

        There are many reasons:
        1. The media – look at wat they are doing to Liu Tao’s husband now.
        2. Losing fans (happen to young guys and girls)
        3. Own private mind.

        • Kidd says:

          What did media do to Liu Tao’s husband? I didn’t follow Chinese news, but, I know who Liu Tao is (watch her in DGSD and Da Ren Wu), so, I’m curious.

        • Fox says:

          Fabricate that he isn’t a rich man and Liu Tao got married with wrong man. Follow him 24/7 and even leaked his telephone conversation. He is a businessman, not an artist.

        • HeTieShou says:

          I just heard that Liu Tao’s husband is a very rich businessman that is 2 years younger than her.What are they doing to him??I have not followed her news for a long time since she got married and sort of just retired. The last that I heard was that she had a son in the US and that was it.

        • Canto says:

          In this aspect, I don’t see the western celebrities hiding their marriages or who they are dating…etc…

          In fact they are very open about it and still are desirable after being attached or married e.g. Brad Pitt, Angeline Jolie, Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Alba, etc…

          I don’t really see a need to hide like our asian celebrities do.

        • Fox says:

          You don’t follow Hollywood stars tight enough, hehe. Not very long, Brenda Song and Miley Cyrus’s brother hide their relationship :P. Selena Gomez and Justin Bierber also hide their relationship for a long while until the reporters found them too close to each other. So actually the western/US stars also hide.

          But you have to consider the different between Asian culture and western culture. In western culture, kiss in public areas of a girl and a guy is kinda normal, but in asian, a kiss in the public areas are still bashed.

      • HeTieShou says:

        Yea, I think it is sad that celebs are still hiding their marriage because people will find out sooner or later. With Karen and Gigi, I guess it is because they are quite a bit older while in this case, Hannah is so young and Jay is quite a bit older than her. ALso, female fans are a lot crazier than male fans in general. Therefore, it seems that the female celebs don’t hide their marriages quite as much as male celebs but it still depends on the person.

    10. Fox says:

      Maybe I have a lot of friends who got married in the age of 18 and still be happy now so I think it isn’t a matter for a 18-year-old girl to become a wife, if she really wants that.

    11. apple says:

      With Jay’s talent and Hannah’s beauty; they will make beautiful and talented babies! Wish them happily ever after. Congratulations!

    12. Veejay says:

      She got the looks and value and jay got is MONEY $$$$$ so why he cares? he has enough for his entire life even if he’s to divorce, paying little alimony is no biggie.

    13. sushiroll says:

      he’s so overrated. like if i saw him walking in the streets i wouldn’t even spread my legs out.

      • Veejay says:

        lol, new and young generation just like overrated stuff. Who isn’t overrated in the showbiz especially those who claimed “popular”?

      • Fox says:

        But he really has talents, so his popularity is explained.

        • HeTieShou says:

          I agree that Jay is more talented and doesn’t really have the looks. However, I admire that instead of those people who only have looks and no talent at all.

        • NX says:

          I think that every famous artist has talents, at least they can act natural in front of cameras (hundreds of them) and can attract others, that’s what a lot of us can not do!

      • Kidd says:

        So, if you see someone hot walking on the streets, you would spread you legs out?

        I believe he’s popular not because of his look but because of his music.

      • WhoAmI says:

        Only kind of being overrated when people call him King of Chinese pop. I do not listen to his music as I do not know Chinese but I see lot of positive comments on his performance and his voice sounds

        • Fox says:

          He dun sing pop so it’s obvious it’s overrated when ppl call him King of pop. His music is R&B.

          His voice isn’t praised. Some ppl, even fans, think his voice is so-so and not clear enough, especially in live performance. But his composer ability is very highly valued.

        • RayIan says:

          So don’t sing,just compose and let better singer to sing it

        • Fox says:

          Hehe, but his voice isn’t too bad. Compose and sing at the same time will give him higher income.

        • RayIan says:

          All I want to say is,why not give other people chance,not like him all he want to be,although don’t have talent in it like what he did with Pandamen what so called he want to be a producer so much,turn out very bad

        • Kidd says:

          @ Raylan

          That was his first try in producing a series. If he didn’t try, how can he know what he can do and what he can’t? He direct ‘The Secret’ well as a first time producer.

      • HeTieShou says:

        Yea, many artists are overrated, especially the artists of today…

    14. Canto says:

      I guess the right thing to say would be “congratulations, and well wishes for the both of them”.

      She is so young… only 18. But I guess he is a good catch be’cos he is a superstar after all.

      I hope it works out well for them.

      • Fox says:

        18 is old enough to get married by laws :P. If she is 14 or 15, then it’s different. But she is 18. And the gap between them is just 14 years, not that much :). If he is 70 like Nic Tse’s father then it’s kinda weird, but 32-18? Ok.

        • HeTieShou says:

          I agree with you Fox. Their age gap is not that bad. I guess many are just making it a big deal because 18 is still young even though it is the legal adult age(in some countries anyways).

        • Fox says:

          They put 18 as legal marriage age with reasons. 18 is old enough to have marriage ability (fully developed) and understand the responsibilities of marriage. Physical and metal.

          Now some countries are considering of younger ages as the children are growing too fast. Before, 15-16 is the time they start to have marriage ability, now the age becomes 8-12. Scary? Yes.

        • HeTieShou says:

          Age is not the only factor that equates to maturity. I have a friend that is in her 30s but still acts like a little kid. I cannot even imagine her being a wife at all….

        • Fox says:

          Laws dun consider the specific cases, but in general.

          Your friend, if her metal ability is normal, she still can allow to get married.

        • HeTieShou says:

          Of course I know that.. My friend is normal for the most part but is anti male and is not girly enough for most guys. She just isn’t the type that is into marriage and all. But then again, who said that everyone had to get married??

      • NX says:

        For me, I don’t think having a superstar as your boyfriend/husband is that great.

    15. advo says:

      Not sure I believe the article though. I don’t think Jay is the type to hide his marriage. Dating, yes. But not his marriage.

    16. WhoAmI says:

      I am 25 and if I were asked to date an 18 years-old, I would feel weird but if asked to sleep with an 18, I might still feel weird but I would probably do it (In case I had no girlfriend).

      Anyway, at least they can have the fun either the fun of a true love or the fun of sex before they cannot longer stand each other.

    17. iawnaek says:

      Lame! Jay is like a dirty old man in this marriage.

    18. HeTieShou says:

      Only time will tell if they will have a long and lasting marriage or not if they really did get married.

    19. claimine says:

      Why is Jay Chou called President Chou?

    20. Michael says:

      hmmm, I’m quite disappointed… I expected better from Jay. 18 is way too young! no offense but that is like borderline pedophilia.

    21. Samche says:

      Good luck to the both of them. Hannah is pretty cute. What’s the age difference between them? How old is jay anyways? Let me go search him now.

    22. Sabrina says:

      It seems some of you are jealous?!
      I think you shouldn´t care how or to who he´s married. Really, it isn´tour buisness.
      As long as he will still make music everything will be alright! And now Jay, and of course Hannah: All the best to you!
      Greetz and best wishes from Germany. I hope that all of your friends will stay behind you! ^^

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