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JayneStars Partners With SingTel in NewsLoop App

By on November 16, 2012

JayneStars Partners With SingTel in NewsLoop App thumbnail

JayneStars has partnered with Singapore Telecommunications Ltd (SingTel) in providing the hottest Chinese entertainment news, for news app, NewsLoop, which is currently available for iPhone and iPad users.

NewsLoop brings together the latest news and lifestyle stories from more than 230 media sources and blogs, including JayneStars, E! Online, Bloomberg, Sports Illustrated, and others to serve every reader interest.

NewsLoop renders articles in an easy-to-read visual format, allowing users to customize the categories and news sources to suit their needs:

  • NewsLoop  differentiates itself from other news apps by aiming to cater content to localized interests.
  • NewsLoop recognizes reading preferences over time and will recommend news content that interest you the most.
  • “Hot Topics” in NewsLoop feature popular trending stories for preview which are continuously updated.

NewsLoop for iPhone

NewsLoop is optimized for iPhone 5, allowing mobile users to quickly navigate their favorite content without any clutter in one simple-to-use app. Never miss updates on your favorite topics, including JayneStars’ news!

NewsLoop for iPad

NewsLoop e-Reader app for iPad tablets allows users to follow their favorite news in a magazine-style format. Stories and images can be accessed with a few quick swipes. Readers no longer have to scan through long lists of posts typically found in most news aggregators.

Download NewsLoop for Free

NewsLoop for iPhone and iPad is currently available for free download from the Apple App Store.

A NewsLoop version for other smart phones, including Android, are expected in the near future. For more information regarding NewsLoop, please see SingTel’s press release.

Screenshots from iPhone and iPad NewsLoop App


NewsLoop for iPhone Video 


NewsLoop for iPad Video


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  • Readers' Comments (40)

    1. Veejay says:

      Congrats to Jayne with the collaboration with NewLoop.. and too bad, I dont use iPhone.. cuz Im using Samsung device ;)

      • E says:

        :) Me too. Samsung Rocks ass, in my opinion \(^_^)/

        • Josie says:

          I like android phones too but why do they have to be so big now? I used to love my small HTC but had to switch to iPhone 5 b/c HTC one and Samsung galaxy s3 feel like I’m carrying a brick in my hand. They don’t even fit in the phone pocket in your purse.

    2. Cloud says:

      Congrats to Jaynestars.

    3. Funn Lim says:

      Congrats but me too, not iphone.

    4. hcfoo says:

      Congrats! Hope they will expand to Android users.

    5. dd says:

      What will you buy with this new income stream Jayne?

    6. Gar says:

      Congrats to Jaynestars on the partnership!

    7. ppearl says:

      congratz to Jaynestars. :)

    8. TVBFanatic says:

      Grats Jayne :)

    9. Jayne says:

      Thanks everyone for your support throughout the years! We’ll continue to do our best for more expansive coverage of Chinese entertainment content!

      New features to come, such as weekly Box Office results. If you have any suggestions to improve our site, or new features you’ll like to see, let us know!

    10. Mito says:

      How about upcoming drama other than tvb? Congrats.

      • Jayne says:

        We’ve been featuring CTI dramas and mainland Chinese dramas. Which type of dramas are you interested in?

        • cchiki says:

          i actually like that this site cover many tvb/chinese dramas. as i have seen, not many sites offer detailed interviews on chinese entertainment. most of them are focused on kdrama/jdramas.

        • E says:

          Korea and Thaialand drama :)

        • Cloud says:

          If anyone wants to read more about Kdrama news, you can do so at Allkpop. I feel that this site needs to just stick with Chinese dramas since there’s so many out there that can already keep Jaynestars more than busy.

        • Linnh says:

          Taiwanese drama Jayne :D

        • Mito says:

          Nice. But CTI not getting any news lately?

          Off topic, hope we can get to vote Jayne awards for TV, something like sexist woman alive in China?

        • Jayne says:

          We will be holding a year-end TVB-drama themed poll. More details to come.

          Everyone gets a chance to pick their own TV King & Queen!

        • E says:

          @Cloud it’s true that there is a lot of Korea website, but it does not talk about acting and dramas much, but more on the KPOP area which I’m not into that much. I would like a website that talk about good dramas and etc.. I do not see much of that OR Thailand/Taiwan much either :(

          Allkpop website is not that good in my opinion, >> I like EatMyKimchi websites ^^

        • Josie says:

          It’ll be fun if the jaynestars poll runs simultaneously as tvb’s awards period. Can compare the results afterwards.

        • Jayne says:

          That’s a fun idea and we’ll see whether we can prep the poll in time for the voting to coincide on the same day at TVB Anniversary Awards.

          I’ll like our poll to run at least 2 to 3 weeks, to allow users enough time to vote.

    11. Kelly says:

      Congrats to Jaynestars!

    12. aptos says:

      Wishing Jaynestars the best in the win-win partnership.

    13. Michelle says:

      I’d like to see translation of some magazine headlines and articles!

      • Cloud says:

        Yes, that’s a great idea. I’ve started reading some magazine interviews of different celebs and they gave me a very different perspective about them compared to reading from a second or third-hand source.

    14. P. Tan says:

      Congratulations, Jayne. Well done.

    15. E says:


      So Happy For You, Jayne. Best Wishes :)

      Off Topic: Tell us about yourself Jayne. I don’t see a about me on this website :)

    16. Sds says:

      Expanding the jaynestars empire! You’ll need to give them a few tips such as, android app hint hint, being singtel I’m sure they can manage it.

    17. Jayne says:

      Apps for the Android and other phones are in the works. Not sure about the timing for release though.

      Glad to see you on tonight. Miss your witty reviews.

      • Sds says:

        Thanx. Ive been skippin a few of the series lately and only watching bits and pieces of others in passing. The recent tvb roster hasnt been too inspiring., hopefully things pick up next year. Im dying to see the anniversary awards and what a farce thats gonna be though :)

        • Jayne says:

          I’ve felt the urge to press the fast-forward button through certain series for some time now. Next year, I’m looking forward to Wong Jing’s series and Andy Lau’s return, but those series may not be produced in time to release in 2013.

          Farce or not, the TVB Anniversary Awards always get tongues wagging, so they are already successful in being such a hotly discussed event. TVB Anniversary Awards seem to capture more of the masses’ appeal and media attention than even HKFA in Hong Kong.

    18. Melody says:

      Congrats JaynestarS!

    19. Gia says:

      Jayne congrats !

      Your hard work is paying off.
      Maybe you can add a bio about how you first
      started Jayne Stars.

      I really enjoy your site and I hope better
      things are yet to come for you !

      • Jayne says:

        Gia, E
        Thanks, our story is not too different from other hard working bloggers online who write about HK entertainment topics. We all grew up watching TVB dramas with our families and after watching certain artists for XX years, you can’t help but starting to care about them as people and wondering what they are like in real life.

        JayneStars is born out of a love for HK entertainment and now with the stars migrating to other places like China, film, and Taiwan, we’re following them. Our writers write with a passion because we are truly fans and love what we do at heart.

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