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Jessica Hsuan to Invite Louis Koo and Gallen Lo for “Tiger Cubs” Sequel

By on August 10, 2012

Jessica Hsuan to Invite Louis Koo and Gallen Lo for “Tiger Cubs” Sequel thumbnail

Although airing in a new weekend time slot, Tiger Cubs <飛虎> has pulled in high ratings and even dampening TVB’s rival station, ATV’s program ratings. Yesterday, Joe Ma (馬德鐘), Jessica Hsuan (宣萱), Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪), William Chak (翟威廉), and Kayi Cheung (張嘉兒) had a party on the yacht to celebrate the good ratings. Everyone came in swim wear and was having fun on the yacht. Compared to Kayi who was dressed in a bikini wear, Jessica was more conservative in a tube dress. Jessica then revealed that she just visited a Chinese physician and should abstain from swimming for the time being.

Other than Jessica, the rest of the cast members had fun with the water sports, and went wakeboarding and a banana boat ride. Dressed in a tight fitting singlet, Joe was having a good time. He even jokingly said that he would go topless if Tiger Cubs’ ratings hit 40 points! 

Jessica Plans to Invite Old Friends in “Tiger Cubs” Sequel

With such good ratings, it is very likely that TVB will film a Tiger Cubs sequel. Joe and Jessica hoped that they will collaborate again, given that they already built their chemistry. Jessica also revealed that she would like to use her “friendship card” to invite her former colleagues, Louis Koo (古天樂), Nick Cheung (張家輝), Gallen Lo (羅嘉良), and Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華) to participate in the sequel.

When asked if she had finalized her contractual arrangement with TVB, Jessica revealed that she has not been a managed artist with TVB for quite some time. However, she will continue to sign a per series contract with TVB and will prioritize the filming of the Tiger Cubs sequel. 

“Tiger Cubs” Brings Filming Opportunities for Joe Ma

Playing a SDU team leader in Tiger Cubs, Joe Ma has received many filming opportunities afterward. At a charity premier of The Bourne Legacy, Joe admitted that due to the role, he was asked to star in similar action-packed movies. Joe was also keen to bring his acting to the big screen. There was news earlier that TVB had plans to film a Tiger Cubs movie. Joe said, “It’s not confirmed yet. We did speak about the sequel, but I won’t comment too much. I will leave it to the company.”

Source: Ming Pao via ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (41)

    1. anoninhk says:

      wow, would definitely like to see all of jess’ good friends guest star in the sequel. even better, make them all baddies.

    2. TorTor says:

      omg… i would LOVE to see LOUIS KOO and GALLEN LO!!! I miss them in TVB series.

    3. Joe says:

      Damnnnnnn! I will definitely tune in for the sequel if jessica can get those big names to do a guest appearance. Make them all baddies!

    4. pearl says:

      oh wow….definitely wanna see Gallen. ;)

    5. gold4canada says:

      it would so good to have a sequel!

    6. Daniel says:

      That’s a power cast. Would love to see Jessica’s acting once again. Gambattehhh

    7. JavaJunkie says:

      YES! Invite all the good ones back!

    8. Katie says:

      OMG louis and gallen; love them. it would be so awesome if they were able to film in it.

    9. Hannah says:

      Gallen, Nick and Louis are very convincing as villains. Will def look forward to the sequel!

      • Hannah says:

        Jess might be able to get Louis to return since he still has episodes left to fulfill.

      • Gar says:

        Yes, they would be perfect as villains. As for Bobby, not a good idea as I would burst out laughing as I cannot picture him being a murderer or on the dark side.

        • Larry 3 says:

          Bobby should bring back Chan Sui San (陳小生) from Armed Reaction :)

        • Hannah says:

          lol, Bobby started out playing baddies back in the 80s. It was the trend back then. You get noticed portraying the villain. We’re just not used to it because he’s been typecast in comedies.

    10. DC says:

      Tiger Cubs 2 will probably be more interesting if Louis, Gallen and Bobby are in it :D … but, we will have to see about the storyline in TC2, too. Hope they will put more thoughts in it.

      ALL the SDU members has to be in it!!!! Except for Savio… he’s in CTI now =[

    11. Gf says:

      Bring back Gallen Lo!

    12. Carmen says:

      Hope filming a sequel will happen as loved this series especially all the cast! Bringing Louis Koo and Nick Cheung into it would be good, especially Louis who would portray a good SDU memeber with his well built shape and muscles! ^_^

    13. Littlegalpal says:

      I find it strange Jessica have a reputation as difficult to work with yet she very friendly Louis Koo, Nick Cheung, Gallen Lo and Bobby Au Yeung.; I remembered she also close with Wong Hei. Perhaps her Westernize personality fit better with Asian men than women.

      • Hannah says:

        Sometimes women get along better with men.

      • Nicole says:

        It’s not so much she’s difficult to work with, as in having a diva personality, but she’s disciplined and will not allow herself to be pushed around.
        To some co-workers, they may find her being difficult compared to obedient actresses who are more accommodating.

      • HeTieShou says:

        Isn’t that how everyone is?? There are people who you get along well with while there are some that you just cannot stand. That is just how it is because no one can be liked by everyone.

    14. Roxy says:

      OMG please invite Louis Koo plzzzzzz!!! I need me some Louis Koo, cant get enough of him in movies…Hotness~

    15. ping0 says:

      :D please invite some good old lady friends too

    16. elin says:

      agreed.. in asia thy tend to want u to be meek n mild manered.. as we all know she is nt tht.. jessica do pls use friendship card cnvce thm to cme shoot ths drama… would live c nick ,gallen n louis… thy r great actors cum gorgeous… if u cn get esther kwan tht wpuld be purfect

    17. RLF Lover says:

      Louis Koo and Gallen Lo. ENOUGH SAID. Can the sequel just magically start next weekend already?!

    18. Edie says:

      Only need Louis. Galen is old :-) can’t act in action drama as Louis Koo

    19. skinnymocha says:

      Wow. Now wouldn’t that be nice.

      People seem to be all over Jess+Louis, but I actually much preferred Jess+Nick instead. However, this would be a great chance for Louis to get the TVB contract off his back.

    20. Hazel says:

      Can we PLEASE NOT have Jessica Hsuan back for Tiger Cubs sequel? She is freaking annoyingly irritating in her role of Madam & in Epi 12, totally, completely COULD NOT tolerate her AT ALL. Was hoping that someone could slap her to wake her up! What is wrong with her????? Can’t she speak properly? Why the need to shout every freaking 2minutes?! I truly hope she does not return to Tiger Cubs sequel. The drama is good, without her.

      • clamine says:

        I don’t mind Jess. Thought so far she did fine in performance. It is Christine Kuo’s performance that I can’t stand.

        • Hannahh says:

          Is good even tho her character is not that stand out. I hope they can get rid of Christine character if there is a sequel.

    21. Gf says:

      Gallen Lo is the best!

    22. Larry 3 says:

      Bring back Micheal Tao as well.

    23. Aznlaydee says:

      Joe’s acting is mundane. I prefer Louis to lead the sequel.

      • Tvbmaniac says:

        I prefer Joe & Jess pairing . They match up really good . Louis would be great as 1 of the hot terrorist who mess around with the police force

    24. Suetsuet says:

      Oh my gosh if Jessica and get Louis to come back then I can see them together on screen. Detective Investigation IV reunion – Queen and Ah Fai. I hope it will come true

    25. Hannahh says:

      Sequel with Nick, Louis and Bobby will be AWESOME! Hope Jessica can use her friendship card to take them in.

    26. SweetPinkx says:

      I love Tiger Cubs. If they’re really going to film a sequel, it will be so great!! I like Jessica Hsuan. She’s a great actress. And Kenneth Ma did a great job acting as the main villain. I sure hope he’ll also be part of the sequel but too bad, he’s dead.

    27. Thomas says:

      Tvb should bring Louis back to pair with Jessica.

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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