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Joyce Tang to Get Married; Marco Ngai Refuses to Send Blessings

By on September 13, 2012

Joyce Tang to Get Married; Marco Ngai Refuses to Send Blessings thumbnail

Joyce Tang (滕麗名) will be a 2013 bride! While skiing in New Zealand at the end of August, Joyce’s boyfriend took the opportunity to spring a marriage proposal on her! The 36-year-old TVB actress happily agreed!

Joyce’s road towards happiness was not without a bumpy ride. Dating 41-year-old Matthew Chu, who worked at Canon’s sales department, Joyce unknowingly became a third party last year when the media exposed that he already had a steady girlfriend for many years.

Loving Matthew deeply, Joyce forgave him and attentively waited for him to make his choice. Joyce even reportedly neglected discussing her management contract with TVB. Joyce’s focus on the relationship succeeded, as Matthew broke up with his girlfriend and chose Joyce.

Admitting that she was blissfully in love, Joyce stated that she has not thought about marriage in an interview in August. However, when Matthew asked her to marry him while vacationing in New Zealand, Joyce happily agreed.

Joyce’s ex-boyfriend, Marco Ngai (魏駿傑), whom she had dated for 9 years before breaking up in 2007, refused to send his blessings to the bride-to-be. With his weight ballooning and admitting financial pressure in paying his recent bills, Marco said bluntly, “I no longer wish to mention this person.”

Source: Sina.com

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  • Readers' Comments (53)

    1. icetea_td says:

      Why did he say as if she did cheat on him, actually it was the other way around.

    2. Mindy says:

      Can anyone inform me as to why Marco has such a strong dislike towards Joyce?

      It’s so surprising since they dated for such a long time.

    3. Funn Lim says:

      Finalyly eh?

      Hopefully she does get to live happily ever after. Younger man also.

    4. JJ says:

      Holy cow! What did the girl ever do to you, Marco?! Whatever it is, be a gentleman in public at least. What a jerk off!

      • kiki says:

        i know, usually it’s the women who hold grudges apparently this is the other way around. well, we never really know what happened since reports are just reports but to NOT EVEN fake being nice in the public eye is something else. hahaa fake it at least for your fans my god haha…

        • HeTieShou says:

          I agree and we truly did not know what really happened, but that regardless of whose fault it was, let bygones be bygones. If Marco did say that, geez that really shows what kind of character he is and how petty he is.

        • purpletinted says:

          I like your comment about, “fake it at least for your fans…” Great Tagline!! Every embittered celebrity should use this as a mantra.

        • Veejay says:

          I have never like marco ever since he broke up with Joyce for a younger “alot” chinese gf.. And with him saying such stuff to Joyce? he’s even more disgraceful human kind hehe

    5. AC says:

      Congrats Joyce!

      For those curious, she’ll be filming a series w/ Roger Kwok, Johnson Li, Sharon Chan, and Selena Li soon.

    6. sky says:

      got any pix of the new husband of her?

    7. Ice says:

      Gosh I do like her but I am not sure whether her husband to be is sincere, to have a girlfriend for many years and then cheat on her to go out with Joyce.. .. He could easily find himself a new model…

      I hope he is not after her money.

      She does deservce happiness.

      I used to like Marco….. but not anymore.

    8. sandcherry says:

      Good luck, Joyce. I hope this guy, Matthew Chu, really loves you and not your fame and money.

      • lu says:

        no sure about that as the guy Mathew had a g/f and lied to Joyce and now he breaks up with her and marries Joyce as she has more money so i really hope Joyce can get happiness but not sure with this guy though.

    9. sandcherry says:

      Marco Ngai is such a mean guy. He dumped Joyce in the first place for a 19-year student in Mainland China. Now he does not have the class to wish Joyce happiness in her marriage. What a jerk!

    10. HeTieShou says:

      Congrats to Joyce and hope that she has truly found happiness this time. It was a bit of a shock to me when I saw that she was going to get married… I thought it would be a lightning flash wedding.. Anyways, congrats to Joyce!!

    11. Maria says:

      I would like to congratulate to Joyce, but I am not sure if Matthew Chu is suitable for a spouse for her with such a history.

      • HeTieShou says:

        Time will tell and it is her choice… No one knows what will happen in the future…

        • kiddy says:

          Yes that’s true.

          If you’re destined to marry an old ugly guy, you’ve nobody to blame. It’s all fated whether you like it or not.

    12. Anna says:

      I am happy for Joyce and hope that she found her true love. Marco is such a jerk and loser!

    13. Hannahh says:

      Marco is jealous that she is more famous than him and has some1 who is better than him. Marco is such a Jerk

    14. purpletinted says:

      I believe if Joyce did not have a relationship with Marco for nine years long, she should be ‘Ah Jia’ in TVB now.

      • sandcherry says:

        Agree. Even Marco Ngai admitted that in one of his interviews. He was the one who ruined Joyce’s acting career.

    15. ping0 says:

      good luck to her, I honestly thought she was older then 36.

    16. Jen says:

      “With his weight ballooning..” haha!!

    17. Nathan says:

      If he has nothing nice to say, it’s best he say nothing. Whats the big deal?

    18. YQ says:

      Ha! He cheats then bites back at her saying he doesn’t want to ever mention her? The Chinese saying, “Ngok Yan Sin Gou Chong” comes in mind really.

      Shame on you, Marco Ngai!

    19. Aris says:

      I feel Marco thinks that it is Joyce that made his career flunked. Cause he was termed a jerk by the media for breaking up with her for a younger woman right?

    20. exoidus says:

      Is she pregnant or just want to put him beind bars? LOL

      Marco is a dochebag of the highest caliber and most have a extremely low EQ. His wife must have dumped him or will do it very soon.

      Joyce is certainly way better than many of the top fadans. Too bad she made the wrong bet and must now suffer the consequences.

      Anyway congrats…

    21. Jojo says:

      Marco dumped Joyce for a college kid and that’s his bad taste n character. Joyce was quite gracious during the breakup.

      With his current attitude towards Joyce’s good news, it just shows his bad character again n again. As for him losing his popularity, he DESERVES it !!!

      Joyce has great acting and I adore her series. Hope to see her act more and get more air time. She is much much better than current batch of new actresses that can’t even speak cantonese well n act like string puppets!!!

      go Joyce Tang go !

    22. 4sianLinMe says:

      Good Job Marco, you just let the world know what type of person you are. I’ll have an Olympic gold medal feeling when your love life, or your careet goes kaput.

    23. Grace says:

      Do you think perhaps it’s the media that’s twisting Marco’s words? I dont believe he’ll say such a thing (even if he feels that way…lol…). He’s in the business for a long time…. certain things just cannot be said & he knows it! Dont think he’ll risk his career further by these remarks.

    24. shoshotah says:

      i never like marco and even hate him more now. he’s ugly and now uglier. i wish joyce all the best of luck. she’s pretty and its about time for her to lead a series. Just give her a chance!!!! marco is pissed because he might not be satisfy in bed with joyce. jk

    25. Linnh says:

      I actually find Joyce Tang more pretty than his wife. It may be my eyes though, or just because I didn’t find his wife pretty in that one pic I saw.

    26. lady gaga says:

      Marcos’ answer is only to attract more public hatred against him! Be a gnetleman! ppl arent going to write anything that bad (as what it is now) if u ever send your blessings! You were the one cheated on the 9 yrs relationship! boo~~!!!

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